Junkie Parents Shoot up with Their 3 Kids in the Car

SAPD: Parents Used Heroin With Kids In Car 

Heroin Junikes - Christopher and Monica

I fucking hate all drugs, but heroin has got to be the worst drug ever known to man. It is the destroyer of lives and the taker of souls. I know because my best friend is a heroin addict and I’ve watched that drug steal her very spirit and almost claim her life so many times. One thing that I am so thankful for is that she does not have any children that she is harming.

Christopher Murrell, 24, and Monica DeLeon, 22 are also heroin junkies. However, unlike my best friend, they have 3 children. They were arrested last week and charged with child endangerment when passersby in a San Antonio mall parking lot saw them doing heroin in their car with their 3 babies in the back seat. What makes matters worse is that there were needles all over the car, one of which was in the back seat with the kids. Also, there were baby bottles in the car filled with water that these motherfuckers were using to clean out their syringes. Heroin, in any amount, can be deadly if ingested in any way by a child.

Cops showed up and hauled their sorry asses to jail and the kids are in the custody of realtives.

No dead babies, there’s the silver lining.

Thanks to Aimee for the tip.



    • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

      I think I know a fucktard when I see one. As if your actions weren’t telling enough, posting here with your tard caps on certainly proved what a brainless twat you are.

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  • Shadyhellyeah

    I sure hope school is a part of these changes


    wow!!! well just so you kno yall all have the damn facts wrong!!! if i could only say what i want and riverlover if your part of my sons life then who are you talking about me!! im not here to say who did what but unless you kno what its like to be in a addiction yougot no room to talk!! ive owned up to my shit so back the fuck up!! i make no excuses for my actions! and i kno tht ur daughter would shoot up coke all the time trust me i knooo!! dont be trying to fool ppl shelly and i kno all about how you would go to different dr.s to get ur pills n incase you didnt kno thts fucking illegal!!! also it was a gift from god to go to rehab and im paying back what i did! my children are safe thts all tht matters!!! and i kno for a fact tht ur daughter doesnt even like watching the kids she would just use them to hold over chris’s head!! idc if yall think tht im a fuck up!! cuz i kno me better than anyone else!! i dnt really appreciate youppl talking about me and my daughters dad like were pieces of shit!! addiction is a disease and it turns ppl into things they never thought they would become!! i am still clean and doing what i got to do to be a better person! ur right i gave my rights to my daughter away but it was whats best for her! but as far as a fkn confession idk where yougot tht from…me and chris both did wrong tht day and actually i have my damn reports saying chris said something completely different…so get yalls damn facts straight b4 putting shit on the internet!!! as a matter of fact fkn ask the damn monster you think i am!! ppl like yall make me sick especially ppl like you shelly!! yall try and look so picture fkn perfect but your not no one is and its ok not to be!! ive made tons of mistakes and im working thru them today!! i dnt act fake i act like myself!! i dnt got shit to hide anymore!! and frakly i dnt care either! this whole thing is fkn ridiculous if you ask me!! yall are all fkn nuts!! keep my fuckin name out yalls fucking mouths and if you got something to say say it to me not be making up shit tht yall dont got the facts on and for you shelly and kristian i never once hurt those children!! and if yall dnt care about christopher anymore then quit lookin his shit up and leave him be!!  

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    • http://twitter.com/SareaSnow Sarea Snow ♠ ♡ ♦ ♧

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    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rochell-Arnold/100000587657456 Rochell Arnold

      Addiction is not a disease, it is a choice. I know I was there (not drug addiction) and it is a goddamned choice. I get so tired of people saying boohoo its a disease. No the fuck it isn’t. YOU made the choice to endanger and hurt your kids. Now what do you want. Mother of the year award?!?! Yeah I don’t see that shit in your near future considering the atrocity you vomited here.

  • Shadyhellyeah

    OOh shit she’s serious, she got her caps lock on!

  • Riverlover

    A friend showed this blog to me , and to pick up where she left off,,,,absolutely correct  -proud of them-and crafton hill- are the same person….her daughter kristian was an Iv drug user by the age of 15….and people sometimes there is alot more to the story !!!!. shelly hill and kristian  are both drug addicts also…I went to school with both kristian and monica De Leon …know them both all to well…both were drug addicts …to bad chris met either one of these 2. yet you do have to give monica credit…she did tell the da that it was her …that is why the charge of child endangerment was dropped against chris..while there are no excuses for anyones actions..I can tell you that chris would have never done this in front of his children….we all knoew kristiand mom as a crazy nut way back…..to much to go into …but both kristian and her shelly hill set out to destroy chris after he stopped begging for kristian to come back..dont let them when bro. your better than all 3 of these losers…kristian her mom shelly and monica…here is hoping you find your way back to the person we all know…


       That is the most rediculous pile of crap I have ever heard. I have never done a single drug in my entire life and yes my daughter sued IV drugs when HE introduced them to her and she stopped after 3 months and never touched again.  NO CHARGES WERE DROPPED AGAINST HIM!  CHECK IT OUT ON VINE LINK YOU MORON!  YOU ARE A NASTY LIAR>  GO VISIT MURRELL IN PRISON> THAT IS WHERE HE IS AND BELONGS.

      • http://talkinshitwithshannieandboo.blogspot.com/ BooKat

         I had no idea you could sue IV drugs…


       Here, you can check his COMAL county records, the reason he is in prison now, at Comal county web site fr criminal records.  They are all public information. You can also go to VineLink2.0 and look at RECORDS SEARCH. His Bexar county charges are all there. Or you can contact the DA in Bexar county and ASK them instead of listening to the lies of his family. The entire reason he is sick is because his FAMILY ENABLED HIM his ENTIRE LIFE AND WOULD SIT AND LIE FOR HIM. 


         Oh, and the crap about him arguing with Monica that he wanted to take kids home and he wasn’t shooting up????  Tell you what, I will post a copy of the police report on here that states Murrell had blood running down his arm where he had just released the syringe.   I have a copy of his signed confession and in reality HE IS THE ONE THAT TOLD THE POLICE IT WAS HIM NOT MONICA. THAT WAS ALSO A LIE, SHE WAS IN THE MOMENT OF SHOOTING AT THE TIME THE COP WALKED UP TO THE DOOR!  THE REASON SHE ONLY GOT TREATMENT WAS BECAUSE SHE VOLUNTARILY SIGNED HER KIDS OVER!  Yes, my son was charged for drugs, and I WAS THE ONE THAT HAD HIM ARRESTED SO THAT HE COULD GET HELP AND I REFUSED TO BAIL HIM OUT.  GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT.  OH AND YES, GOD IS GREAT BECAUSE HE IS NOW WHERE HE BELONGS! IN PRISON!

        • Riverlover

          funny there is a taped confession of monica taking saying that it was her and not christopher….and as far as monica voluntarily giving up her kids she did not ! she gave up the baby with christopher because the judge told her she was never getting the child back….she still has rights to the little boy …i should know, I’m part of the little boys family….and having met christophers family I can tell you that not one of them would have put up with the shit if they had known ….his mother especially …after being in court with her ..she doesnt put up with shit not even from her own kid…he was more afraid of what she would do than anyone else…and we know some of the same people that know your daughter and monica…your daughter was the one who was shooting up long before chris met her….there are plenty whoknow that…and your own daughter accused you of popping pills her whole life according to her late friends!!and police records SHOW THAT YOUR SON WAS CAUGHT WITH DRUGS YOU DIDNT HAVE HIM ARRESTED…your proplem is your a hipocrite in the true meaning of the word

          • Riverlover

            oh one more thing …to clarify monica gave her rights up to the baby in family court , just a few weeks ago her sentence was given last year and had nothing to do with giving up her rights to baby…and coming from monicas little boys side of the family and as I said having met chris family …yoru full of it he some of the kindest most loving good people in his family that I have ever met…..and I can tell you not one of them would have put up with it had they known what was going on….they are still apart of the little boys life …so that he can have contact with his baby sister and they treat him good….which is a hell of alot more than i can say for most of his bio family!!

        • Bellastar

          Shelly Crafton Hill. People who live in GLASS HOUSES shouldnt throw rocks ….THAT BEING YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER , you can lie all you want but your daughter was a drug addict long before Chris met her…I tried to warn his mom about your daughter when he started dating her , she didnt listen I bet she wishes now that she did !
          And as for you you had Chris out looking to score pills for you when he was with your daughter .Also you yourself was arrested in the court room during your divorce from your last husband (one of many)  for THEFT !!!!! So while Chris is paying for his mistakes you and yours belong in there right beside him becuase there are many things you are guilty of you just havent been caught for them  YET !!!
          And I dont think his family are the one out saying things about anyone THAT WOULD BE YOU AND YOURS 1
          We are all willing to testify about your daughter all his family has to do is ASK!!!

      • Riverlover

        a additional comment having been in family court about the kids ..I can tell you also that his family never made one damn excuse for him at all, never once in fact you should get your shit straight before pointing fingers ….if you really knew his family and especially the mom ….that woman loves nothing more than what she calls her babies, meaning her grandchildren that was her only concern in court nothing todo with the rights of monica and chris….no excuses for what they had done ..you can tell that her heart is so broken …chris and monicas family are in some ways victims of others actions also…and are not resposible for  actions of others. sometimes people do what they are going to do no matter how they were raised.


    UPDATE on the Update… Monica Deleon DID NOT get 5 yrs in prison.  That is what the DA’s office told me.  My daughter and I went to the court house and demanded to speak to the DA Michael De Leon after we received a VINE notice that she had been released.  According to PROSECUTING ATTORNEY Michael  De Leon (no relation) she was given 6 months in a treatment facility.  Plus 5 yrs probation.  We questioned where the “punishment” in there was, since 6 months of treatment is simply a gift, since that is something the average person could never afford.  We explained to the PROSECUTING ATTORNEY that my 4 yr old grand daughter walks around mimicking a “heroin nod” and says “I know Daddy wouldn’t be sick anymore if he could have his shots. ” Because she has seen him “sick” from heroin and watched him shoot up.  THE PROSECUTING ATTORNEY THEN LOOKED THE CHILD’S MOTHER (AND ME) STRAIGHT IN THE FACE AND SAID “I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR 4 YR OLD!”  I then said, “You do realize the 4 yr old is the victim in this case and you are the PROSECUTING attorney?”  He said, “I do not care about the victim”.  He then walked away.  GREAT HUH?

    • Godisgreat

      shelly hill your full of shit ….there are those who know exactly what you and your daughter are…..funny your son damien got a 6 month Gift in rehab forFELONY POSSESSIONOF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE>>>AND5 YEARS PROBATION..you yourself are a drug addict and convicted thief…your daughter is also a IV drug user….we knew her long before Chris met her….and while we cant stand monica you have to give her credit ….she was charged with the felony child endangerment because she admitted to the da that she not chris was the one sitting in the car shooting up and that he in fact came to the car and caught her and was arguing with her to take him and the kids to his sisters house when the cops showed up…the down fall of chris was meeting your daughter….while he is completly resposible for his actions …and there are no excuses you and your daughter helped put him where he is today….your daughter should be listed under the filth section …however you are both phsycho paths…..and are able to fool people …we know the truth ….as do members of your own family ….we are all hoping chris gets well …..and to all of you out there sometimes things arent what they seem…shelly hill and her daughter are the biggest fucking junkies out there….kristian remember there are those who know you for what you are..YOU BOTH SHOULDNT CAST THE FIRST STONE>>>FOR YOU ARE WORSE IN ALOT OF WAYS THAN THESE 2 Will EVER BE

  • Digchild

    I hope that these 2 die in prison,so that their kids won’t have to live with the humiliation of having junkie parents.


       I am their grand mother (on their mother’s side). NOT Monicas mother, she was just his girlfriend and the mother of the 4 month old in the car. We had battled for 2 yrs previous to stop visitations and even with a positive drug test in court for heroin, the judge still gave unsupervised. Now, we are STIll having to fight.  They were only given probation.  Nothing else!

      • Anonymous

        Proudofthem- thank you for the update. This situation must be incredibly hard for you. Do you have custody of the kids now? How are they doing?

        I’ve spent the last year of my life working with DCF involved children, so I know the system can be ridiculous. I have heard so many stories like this, where relatives are able to care, and want to care for children who would frankly be better off with them, getting bounced back to their breeders in the name of “family reunification”, usually way before they are ready and it ends up with the same cycle repeating. I believe that addiction can be overcome, but if you are still testing positive after having your babies taken away that indicates that your “rock bottom” might just be a bottomless pit, and you should not be allowed unsupervised access to any children, biologically yours or otherwise.

        • PROUDOFTHEM!

           My daughter has custody but they all have to live with me for safety reasons.  My daughter has never even had a traffic ticket.  Child Protective Services testified 3 different times that he should NEVER under any circumstances be in the presents of any children and the judge went against their recommendations every time.   They have already revoked Monica’s probation (after only 5 months) and she is now about to do 6 to 8 months in prison.  They have moved to revoke his probation but they don’t go to court for another month to see if  that goes through.  He is been to jail 6-8 times SINCE that arrest.  The saddest part???!!!!???/  I have a 4 yr old grand daughter that mimics perfectly what a “heroin nod” looks like.   They are dealing with it through therapy.  We have denied all visitation and will continue to do so. 

          • Craftonhill

             Just to update, Monica got 5 YEARS in prison when they revoked her probation for it.  Christopher goes to court on the 16 of this month for twice the charges, lets see what he gets!

  • http://profiles.google.com/biy1717 Bridget Young

    Thank God for that passerby. How many years could have gone by before those morons were caught and some kind of intervention happened for the kids is terrifying to imagine. 3 kids at 22 so they are all probably under 6 or so and very close in age. I’m sure the house is a palace as junkies (especially those with toddlers) are known to be excellent housekeepers.  These 2 are SO F-ING YOUNG to be on this path of destruction, God almighty. If they find a way to get clean NOW, they might have a prayer but the longer you use a drug, the harder it is to quit. I hope so hard that they don’t even see their kids until they are clean for a long time, like a year. But we’ll see how likely that is…

  • Deena

    I too am a hater of Heroin, I have watched it take my niece’s father and turn him from a loving responsible man to a theif and a liar.  He has O.D.’d not once but twice in front of her half-sister (just 5 at the time) had she not known her mother’s phone number to call for help he would have died and she would have been alone with him until my sister and niece arrived home from school.  He is a dispicable piece of filth that I depsise with every breath of my being, my niece at 10 years old has battled anxiety so bad that she would throw up every night at bed time, if she wasn’t with my sister.  My sister’s life has been turned upsaide down, she went from having a man that she loved and he loved her and a family to single mother struggling to protect my niece from the reality of what has become of her father.  As much as I hate to say it I pray that he O.D.’s and dies so my niece can grow up and not have to deal with the humiliation of her doped up father showing up at her school so wasted he can’t speak, stand or even open eyes and the police have to be called to remove him all while she watches from the her classroom or the lunchroom or him taking her to the father/daughter dance and leaving her to “go to the bathroom” and coming back so wasted she called my sister crying and asking her to come pick her up because he couldn’t maintain himself.  It has ruined not just his life but has damaged the lives of my sister and niece, whom I treasure.  He even has the NERVE to call her on my phone wasted out his mind and THINK for one second I would EVER allow him to talk to her… I say to him “are you fucked up? and thinking you will speak to her?  seriously do you do me AT ALL?… ain’t happening loser.” 

    Sorry for the long winded comment but heroin addiction and the effects it has on people and their families is a very, very touchy subject with me. 

    Basically the best thing these two fuckwads could do is go off together O.D. and let the kids go on to have better lives. 

    • Anonymous

      oh that is so sad .. how horrible to live with this addiction..i’ve seen freinds of my son’s lost to this shit and it kills me everytime another one is lost…our town likes to hide it and has been pretty much told where the main place is that deals it and has done nothing..they are a home for disabled adults .. it’s horrifying how it will steal the soul of a person…good luck to your niece..and i hope that whatever it takes for her to live in a good home happens for her sake

      • Deena

        Thank you… my niece is intelligent and kind and none of that can be attributed to her father… it’s all my sister and myself as myself and my husband have her a lot my sister is nurse so … due to her schedule my niece will sometimes be with us all weekend, we call her our red-headed step-child (she has the most beautiful red hair).

        Considering all that she has seen at 11 yrs old she is an amazing little girl.

    • Danielle

      Oh honey, I know what you’ve gone through. I have too many people in my life that have succumed to drugs – my best friend is only one of them. Tears came to my eyes as I read about ur niece. I’d kill for my niece like my own kids, so I can only imagine how much it kills you to see her go through an ounce of pain. Heroin is also a touchy subject with me that hits super close to home.

      Big hugs today and always <3

      • Deena

        It does kill me she deserves so much better than him for a father, she runs around trying to make excuses for him, she desperately wants us to like him.  I would never talk bad about him to her but…. I refuse to lie to her as well.  She came to me and talked to me about him and though I didn’t give her exact details I did tell her that her dad is sick and chooses to stay that way.  He told me before I like it, I won’t quit!  The M.F.er was in jail for 2 of her birthdays and …. showed up at the last one in April with his brother and BOTH OF THEM WERE FUCKED UP!  Can you believe that shit…. I literally had to physically restrain myself to prevent me from beating them to a pulp.  I was like how freakin dare you!  It’s her birthday for christ sake!