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Ame Deal died in white trash Phoenix hell because of a popsicle

The desert has eyes. (John Allen, Samantha Allen, Cynthia Stoltzmann, Judith Deal)

Phoenix PD: 4 family members arrested in girl’s death:

Phoenix police: Dead girl in footlocker tortured; 4 arrested:

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard of the death of 10-year-old Ame Deal of Phoenix, Arizona. If you’re not familiar with the story she was padlocked in a foot locker overnight for stealing a popsicle from her ‘family’. Judging by the mugshots I use the term family in the Manson sense. Ame died of suffocation and since the foot locker was kept outside I’m sure the Phoenix heat didn’t help matters.

From there on the story gets very confusing. I joke sometimes here in BB about West Virginia being a state full of inbred hicks but if this group of losers is representative of Arizona then they have West Virginia beat hands down. I’ll try to explain what happened to the best of my ability.

Those who were charged in Ame’s death are 62-year-old Judith Deal who was Ame’s grandmother. Then there is 44-year-old Cynthia Stoltzmann who was Ame’s aunt. Lastly there was 23-year-old Samantha Allen and her 23-year-old husband John Allen who were Ame’s aunt and uncle. At last report the birth organism is not in the picture which is even more confusing but we’ll get to that later. Stoltzmann was allegedly Ame’s legal guardian. Got that so far?

According to reports dozens people lived at the ‘home’ including some members of the family who were living in the backyard in tents. Ame was supposedly ‘home schooled’. I use the sarcasm quotes there because in this instance I’m sure it was to hide the signs of abuse. When Ame lived in Utah her teachers constantly complained about the signs of abuse to CPS but the family left the state shortly afterwards. Ame was forced to sleep on the floor of a shower stall allegedly because of a bed wetting problem. Stoltzmann allegedly forced Ame to eat dog feces because AMe did not pick up all the dog crap in the yard. Samantha Allen is said to have confessed to making Ame eat hot sauce as a form of punishment. A witness also has said that Ame was placed in the foot locker at least 6 times in the months leading up to her death. They even tried to tell police that Ame died while playing hide and seek.

Now getting back to the biological parents a man in Pennsylvania says that he is Ame’s biological father and has been trying to find her since she was 4. According to him the birth organism, Shirley Lecomte Deal, skipped town with her husband David Deal. Here’s where it gets even more disturbing. The 51-year-old David Deal was one of the people living in tents in the backyard at Casa de la Basura Blanca. So why was he not the legal guardian and how come this dipshit didn’t step in to do anything about his step-daughter being abused. Not to mention where in God’s name is Ame’s mother? Is she dead too? I feel so bad for Ame’s father since this is the way he had to find out about his daughter.

I just don’t get it. How could a community of trash like this develop all with the hive mind that this is how children should be disciplined. What they should do is first scorch the earth of the property where this happened and maybe warn the adults to get out since the children have already been placed with CPS. But it would be the most quiet warning ever given. To the accused they should padlock them in the Arizona heat in a box the same size and if they don’t fit start removing limbs with rusty yard tools and pour hot sauce on the wounds.

I wish there was a legal way we could start thinning out the herd of trash and parasites like this that offer no redeeming benefits to society.

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip.

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  1. While this story is very sad and happened in a neighborhood where some of my family live I feel it must be said that these people are in no way a representation of Arizona or South Phoenix for that matter. Things like this just don’t happen here and this event has rocked our community and outraged tons of people parents and non parents alike.

  2. Seriously! LOOK at these people. By looks it seems they are all interbred cretins. And there is no intelligence behind the eyes. If their IQs add up 350 between them I would be extremely surprised. And where were the neighbors? If asswipes like this put up a tent city in by neighborhoos there would be daily calls from me to the cops, city council and mayor until something was done. Unfucking believable! Once again (just like Amanda Lunsford) these perverted skanks moved out of state when CPS was notified and thereby continued to practice their filthy lifestyle. It just goes to show that we need more laws protecting children & loess law protecting parents/guardians. That poor child. The mother probably split or is also dead.

  3. Ame Deals Bio fmale parent was livign in, I believe, Wichita Ks. It was in the local paper Sunday. I’ll see if I can find the Joplin Globe article to quote it. Basically, she is all weepy over the loss of the little girl she CHOSE to abandon to these people…that life. I have ZERO sympathy to any adult in this mess except MAYBE her Bio father. Maybe! That poor, poor little girl!

    1.’re giving them too much credit.  there’s not even a collective I.Q. of 35 there, much less 350.

  4. Here is a link to an article about the Bio mother. I imagine my local paper carried this article, and it wasn’t a local writer.
    Phoenix girl’s death in footlocker horrifies mom
    “I read the newspaper, and it made me so upset,” she said, weeping and sobbing.
    Read more:

  5. I read the article with the bioMom. I really think she is cognitively delayed. In the regular way, not the depraved indifference way this crowd was.

  6. holy shit!  not only inbred but tweakers as well.  fuckers should be blinded and made deaf by use of popsicle sticks.

  7. They are much worse then inbred scum, they are TWEAKERS and there EVERYWHERE here in phoenix 🙁  you cant spit in phoenix with out hitting a low life tweaker, its really depressing.  This is all over the news here and its disgusting but what do you expect from methtards, that shit steals your soul. I just wish that poor little girl could have been saved from those dirty tw*ts before it was too late 🙁 
     Also I heard on the local news that they made her walk up and down the street barefoot as a form of punishment… those of you not from phoenix may not see the big deal in that, but here in phoenix you can actually grill meat on the blacktop during the hottest parts of the day in summer, its sick what they did to that poor little girl… it makes me embarrassed to live in phoenix and please dont take those pieces of trash as representatives of Arizona, I assure you we are all just as disgusted as you!!

  8. I blame the neighbors that watched all this shit happen too! The neighbors went on the news to report that they watched Ame walking barefoot!! Good grief people step up!

  9. Oh and MY ASS they were sleeping!!!! They put her in the box, got all twacked out lost track of time and  just forgot she was in there. I am sure that is a far more likely account of events. 

    1. I dont think they lost track of time. they intentionally left her in there based on the hatred and abuse those pigs John Allen and Sammantha Allen inflicted on that girl before. They didn’t give a damn about that child. Accident-my ass, this is why these two losers are in jail facing First Degree murder charges and then they lied about it after the child was found. These two sadistic shitheads don’t deserve any mercy and alot of is plan on writing the County Attorney and prosecutors to refuse any plea deals on this. I am in Az and will be keepin tabs on what happends with the inbred 4 white trash abusers.
      Over a fucking popsicle. Makes you sick.

      1. Oh I wasnt saying that they deserve mercy, and I am in 100% agreement that they put her in there on purpose and kept her in there, I am just stating that they are tweekers and run on tweeker time thus the “we were sleeping” line is a crock of shit. 

  10. The article at quotes one of the dipshit tent dwellers as saying they used the footlocker as punishment on a regular basis. He was able to give his name for the article, but not able to dial 911 for help? I am so fed up with people standing by and knowing it’s wrong, but choosing to do nothing! I don’t care if you’re a tweaker, you can still help someone in need! May karma strike every person who ever said “it wasn’t my business”!

    1. Ok, this article makes me think of three things. 

      A. Ame’s bio mom started living with the traveling freak show in Texas. That means they were in at least three states. WTF? Who lives like that and then travels from state to state, probably avoiding the cops.

      2. I call BS on part of bio-mom’s story. Anybody who is truly a mother would not have left their kids behind if their own life was in danger. And why wouldn’t she contact authorities to get her kids back?

      III. How the hell did the Aunt Tweaker get legal guardianship of Ame?

      1. I agree! I saw my mother beaten so badly that her boyfriend was charged with attempted murder, but the day he looked at any of us kids wrong, she risked her life to save us. I know many parents who would risk life and limb for their children, not leave them in what was known as a violent, abusive situation. And as far of aunty getting custody, I want to vomit. Here in Arizona, my mother-in-law jumped through every fiery hoop that CPS told her to jump through and was still refused custody of my niece. No criminal record, no CPS record, passed two psych evals and my niece was adopted out to a complete stranger. I would LOVE to know how that parasite got through the cracks!

        1. So disheartening that most of the time, the people who need to have their children taken don’t, and the people who don’t are the ones that do. Not to mention the purpose of CPS is to eventually reunite families in anyway possible if the child will benefit and not suffer, yet families who have relatives who will do what they need to and not abuse don’t get the child(ren) back or the parents who do truly better themselves, but the ones who are going to continue the cycle get their kids back every time it seems. Infuriates me too Erin.

      2. I think it is safe to say bio mom is mentally challenged and that is the roughest looking 38 yr old Ive ever seen. Everyone is asking the same questions as to why she didnt call the police, a charity, whatever and why she didn’t bother trying to locate this family and get ame back. They could have been found. This child was doomed at conception and neither birth parent has five brain cells between them.

      3. Bio mom was forced to give up her parental rights. She was admitted to big spring mental hospital in Texas forattempted suicide and attempting to kill Ame and one of her other children. David deal ‘the so called father’ is a major druggie and couldnt keep a job or a house.

        Rest in peace Ame we love you

  11. Oh no.
    No no no no.
    These four creased faced mongoloids didn’t forget the baby was in the box.
    I am related to people like this.
    When I was younger…my siblings and I were all spanked “just so they got the right one”….stood for hours in a corner, not fed or allowed to get a drink untill they said…longest I spent was 8 hours.
    These people intentionally left her in there….
    I cry as I finish this post because I have a little girl who is 10… and she is more than welcome to all the popsicles her little heart desires…

    Why the fuck do people hurt children….

    Fuck….I…I…gotta go….

  12. I’m really confused, wouldn’t tents in the backyard with people living in them throw some kind of signal up to authorities somewhere that there is a major issue that needs to be addressed?? I don’t understand that at all, there had to be something they could have violated them on that would have given them access to the house, and in turn access to that child and maybe even possibly saved her life, because just looking at these inbred fugly looking I don’t know what, she never stood a chance, I’m thinking by the time everything is said and done a lot of people are going to be looking for jobs, and hopefully these bitches would have been sent to death(in a perfect world we would just look em’ in a locker cover there asses in honey, in the hottest season of the yeat and let the the heat, and insects have there way with them) but I’m left hoping they get stabbed in the neck by their celly. I have a five year old popsicle MONSTER! If I’d allow the child would live off them alone, and they cost maybe three bucks for a huge pack at walmart?? So these people had enough energy to torture and murdere that child but they were to lazy to even come up with half assed excuse?? RIP Ame at lest I know my little Nephew has a beautiful little girl to share popsicles and toe games with in heaven!

    1. Yeah, well, when the cops come to the door of a known sex offender when the neighbors report seeing children in the yard and the pervert gives them a story that the kid’s are his brothers and they buy it and leave rather than looking & finding the woman who’s been there for umpteen years & had two kids after being raped repeatedly by the hellhound who abducted her when she was twelve what’s left to say but that there are a LOT of lazy, gullible, incompetent people holding positions of public trust who I wouldn’t trust with a dog!

      1. So what is your point retard. The article is about this innocent child being killed by these freaks, not for your rant about the police.

        1. Disrespecting the regulars won't get you very far her. Just saying…. And clevo is far from a retard.

  13. Amazing, they let people sleep outside like dogs.  
    I’m sure some of the kids did as well for punishment.
    What is wrong with the world.  Eating dog feces? WTH!  She could contract a disease or parasitic worms.  my god
    I do sometimes wonder about people like this with so many unaccounted children who are allegedly home-schooled.  How many wind up abused and then dead, buried in a backyard somewhere.  I feel the same way about the FDLS mormons.  They sometimes waterboarded their children and if they made a mistake, the child would die, and they’d bury the body somewhere without anyone being the wiser.  I doubt they actually legalized these children with birth certificates.  They were probably birthed at home and some completely out of the system.  That’s just a concern I have, whether it carries any weight or not.

  14. Yes and even the grandmother looks like a meth addict imo.  Harshly stated but she looks decades older and insane.
    Unfortunately my bet is that the step-dad didn’t say a word because he knew his residence in the backyard would be jeopardized.  Who would live there if they had other options?  He didn’t want to be homeless I’m guessing and took the lowest most selfish possible road in just keeping his mouth shut.  I’m sure these people were not easy to live amongst!

  15. “Shirley Deal fled from what she described as an abusive household several years ago, only to learn Friday that the 10-year-old daughter she left behind perished in that same household.
    “A very good question is how could she leave without her daughter and how could she leave her daughter with abusers?  Apparently she was fearful for her life as well.  Maybe then she should have contacted the police.  

  16. Sorry to say it, but you said you wished there was a way to thin the herd out, sounds like they just did themselves. Poor child though. 

  17. This family had to have been the only caucasions on the block, the Mexican neighbors didn’t give a shit. 37th Ave/Broadway and that area is shantytown and the rent had to have been cheap or Section 8 tax payer paid. That child had no idea what it was like to live in a clean house, or have clean clothes for that matter. This family of inbreds had just moved here and they do not represent Phoenicians-hell fucking no. This crime has affected every one and the pieces of shit that lived there and did nothing are just as guilty. Atleast she is at peace now. This is a lesson learned for everyone who witnesses shit that aint right. When there’s kids involved, you call the police. Rest in peace Amy/

    1. Sometimes people think I call the cops too much, but I always do if I witness something that warrants the call. I did while at work once when I was at Cracker Barrel. There was this lady (who happened to be Grandma) smacking a one year old across the face for crying and doing what little ones do by playing the pick up game. She was removed from the restaurant, and the child was returned to mommy. What broke my heart the most was this child was a special needs baby, and he was he sweetest little one I had ever seen there. He was all smiles, happy, and flirted with everyone.

      Oh, BTW, I risked my job by calling the cops on her too. WTF?

  18. Not trying to take away from the seriousness of this story or that everyone in Ame’s life failed her…


    “Casa de la Basura Blanca” is the funniest thing u’ve ever written, Trench. I may steal that for a later date!

    1. My Espanol is muy malo so that was courtesy of Google Translate.

      1. Casa de la Basura Blanca?  you kill me Trench!  I don’t know which is a better insult!  Hmmmmm…… Pedowhale is still at the top of my list.  Keep ’em coming!

  19. Casa de la Basura Blanca?  you kill me Trench!  I don’t know which is a better insult!  Hmmmmm…… Pedowhale is still at the top of my list.  Keep ’em coming!

  20. I wish there was a legal way we could start thinning out the herd of trash and parasites like this that offer no redeeming benefits to society. ”

    I’ll say it again – Hunting season.  I would display those trophies PROUDLY!!

  21. Confusing and oh so sad! 

  22. I left Phoenix almost two years ago after living there for 14 years.  I moved there from San Francisco.  I never really adapted to the culture in Arizona.

  23. Corrections need to be made here: Judith Deal is not 62 years old, she is 71 years old. Sammantha, and John Allen are not Ame’s Aunt and Uncle, They are her cousins. This is a true fact. David Deal is the father on the birth certificate. 

    1. I’m sure David Deal is on the birth certificate but he shouldn’t be. This Kenneth guy is going to prove he is Ame’s bio father. David Deal was no father to Ame-sad but true. She would have been better off being raised by dogs as they care for their young better than this family did.

  24. the mother ABANDONED her fucking kids so she could go get more dick. she claims these same people abused her, yet she left her kids with them. the mother should also be charged in this case. if she had worried about someone other than HERSELF her daughter would be alive. fucking pig.

  25. Please…does anyone know what is happening with this case?  May they all rot in hell…

  26. Update:

    Grand total of 6 adults facing abuse charges for the torment and torture of this little girl, the final one being her supposed father who started it all.

    1.  He described this precious little girl as a ‘thing.’   I know what I would like to do to him.

    2. Thanks for the update, mama!

  27. First Samantha Allen is a cousin not an aunt and her Judith is 72 mot 62. I cant say I know much of the facts of the case since I havnt seen or wanted to see any of these people for over 10 years. I do however take offense to their being called inbred as I am related. We don’t need to dishoner poor ame by name calling we need to pray for justice. May my poor niece rest in peace.

  28. This is so sad. I once knew a white trash family that used to restrain a 5 year old to the couch with belts so she couldn’t get up. The grandmother said “she’s hyper and turns on stuff like the stove”I was horrified and immediately called the authorities. Its always one child who is usually singles out. I am so glad I did this.

    1. You may have helped save that child. That’s more than most people do.

    2. I knew Ame when she was little. The mom is not mentally able to care for her. I seen with my own two eyes. The mom had good intentions when Ame was little but really failed on correcting her or giving her boundries. This is so sad.

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