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Sick Fuck - James Brown

Subtilty has never really been one of my strong points, so when thinking of a title for this article – that is what I came up with. No sugar-coating over here at BB, in case you hadn’t noticed.

This story will turn your fucking stomach, so strap in.

Sisters, aged 12 and 13, were getting their hair braided by a neighbor. If you know about braiding hair, then you know that shit takes forever. Well, with hours in the process, this gives the hair braider and the hair braidee tons of time to chat.  

The sisters told their hair stylist that they wanted to cut their hair short and for her to dye it. The stylist told them that likely their mother wouldn’t want to do that considering how young they are and that she’d likely want to protect them and keep them in a little girl’s place so older men won’t be looking at them.

Well she never thought that that comment would open pandora’s box.  The young girl’s then asked their neighbor/stylist if it was ok that her mom had sex in front of them, because that had happened – a lot. The stylist was horrified and asked, “what!?”  and one of the girl’s replied, “‘Yeah. She has sex in front of me.'”

So the girls went on to tell her that they would go with their mother to visit her cousin in Wichita. While they were there, their mother would fuck her cousin. Oh, and she’d also let her cousin fuck her daughters. After he’d fucked the mother. What in the motherfuck? (no pun intended) Of all the sick and twisted shit I’ve heard in my life – that one ranks in the top 5. Gawddammit that’s disgusting. What a pair of pieces of shit these 2 are. How do you let a 47-year old man violate, rape, and sodimize your 2 little girls? The abuse had been going on for over 2 years.  This is a new level of fucked up in my book.

So this neighbor/hair braider did what most normal people would do, she helped the girls get far away from the gruesome twosome. She got them to provide her with a picture of the sonofabitch that had been raping them and told the girls to come to her house the next day after their monster of a mother had gone to work.  The girls were hesitant to turn their mother in, they didn’t want her to go to jail. But the neighbor was able to talk them into it, letting them though that this was not normal behavior and was not ok. Then she called in the po-po.

The 47-year old cousin (blech!) of the mother was arrested on charges of rape, sodomy, kidnapping, child trafficing and various other charges, a total over 82 charges to be exact (wooooo hoooo!). But this wasn’t his 1st rodeo.  He has a prior conviction related to lewd and lascivious behavior with a 12-year old. 

The police are still searching for the mother. The girls are in police protective custody. Just where they belong, from these 2.

Thanks to AJ for the tip.

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  1. I am like totally gagging about this one.   

  2. *gag* there goes my lunch!

  3. *gag* there goes my lunch!

  4. Ugh sexual abuse cases for some reason never cease to sicken me the most.  These men (and women in many cases) ruin these innocent little girls forever. 

  5. Good thing I skipped lunch today. And he looks like he’s so proud of what he did too! Sick fucker!

    Kudos to the neighbor/stylist for helping the girls and how brave of them to confess such a thing.

  6. I was considering getting a snack. Well i needed to lose a few pounds anyway. FYI I never ever wanna hear another word about inbred hillbillies. Now i am going to go clear my head and consider what I can do to these 2.

  7. I’d like to gather every sick,twisted pervert in the country and let them have at these two,as long and as many times as they wanted. No holds barred.

  8. sick fucks…just sick…

    looking into it there’s been a second person charged…biobitch maybe? they’re releasing no names:

    kudos to the neighbor in this story…my HEROINE  🙂

    1. Hmmmm.  I hope it was the mother.  Fuckin’ whore.  She needs to have her ass kick and her snatch sewn shut – not necessarily in that order.

      1. You forgot to mention that she also needs a pre-frontal lobotomy.And the pervert cousin pictured above needs to be castrated!

        1. I’d like to castrate him with the lid from a can of vegetables.  Then sterilize his fresh wound with rubbng alcohol and rock salt.

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