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Ask the readers: How to save a molested child

One of the things that makes me realize that we’re doing something positive is that some people come to us for advice on how to save a child from a harmful situation. The thing is we’re only a bunch of everyday folk who care about children and not legal experts.

Another thing that makes me realize we’re doing something good is that some of our readers have had experience in these situations and are more than willing to help. This is one of those time.

I received the following e-mail from a reader who needs help in trying to get two children out of an allegedly horrible situation.

I have a tip on two bad breeders……and the law is continuing to let them off with warnings. My step children have suffered countless years of abuse at the hands of their mother and step father. Thank God we have custody of them now…..but there are still two children in the home. One is a six-year-old little girl with down syndrome. My step daughter told me last Thursday, that when she was 5 her step father began raping her in her bottom.

Allegations of inappropriate behavior had been filed over a year ago when we got custody of her and her brother. Nothing ever came of it and she clammed up. Her revelation came about out of the constant fear that now this may be happening to her little sister and there is no one there to protect her. She said she had tried to tell her mother on two previous occasions, but she did not believe her so she stopped trying. The authorities say that even if they can get her an appointment to be interviewed if there is no physical evidence, then they will not file charges against him. What can be done? and Can you help? Please we are desperate. Thank you for your time.

We filed the report in [redacted] County Georgia Sheriff’s Department as well as it has been filed in the [redacted] County DFCS office. But I do not have faith in them either……it took filing reports for three years about the abuse the children would tell us they suffered at the hands of their mother and step father. We also supplied pictures of the bruises. Please help us, so we can help them heal and move forward.

As always I have to give the disclaimer that neither the readers, the writers of BB nor myself are legal experts and all advice taken is done so at your own risk.

So Breeder Readers, is there anything that can be done to help these children?

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  1. Is there any way you could talk to a lawyer & get the kids a guardian ad litem (spell?).  Also if your children are in counsling & tell their therapsits about the abuse of the other children they are required to report it.  Sometimes complaints filed by ‘professionals’ are taken more seriously.  good luck

  2. First off, most likely there will not be charges. I work in CPS and it rarely happens. Their burden of proof is often too high and most prosecutors will do not feel a 5yo is a good witness, and honestly I would mostly agree. Although they are able to sit in front of you and verbally tell you what happened to them, sitting in court with attorneys and a judge that are strangers is very hard, even if they are granted the right to testify in closed chambers.

    As far as CPS goes, call the director of the agency and file a complaint. Keep making reports and threatening to go higher if necessary. Also, there should be a state office that oversees child protective service agencies. In NC, we have the Dept of Health and Human Services. Check that title to see if you have anything like that. All this information is public information on the internet. For instance, in NC you can look online and find the manual and forms we use for everything having to do with social services. Also, call your state representatives. They can and will get involved if they are harassed enough. If you can find an advocate for children with Down syndrome or children with disabilites, talk to them to see if they can offer any help or assistance. Keep making reports. Call your local media outlet as well. Let the director know you are going to the media if they do not get involved.

    There are also Child Advocacy Centers in some states. Check with these, not only for the children remaining in the home but for the services they can help you and your children with to overcome what has happened to them. There are trauma-based treatment services/counseling that have been proven very effective. Hope this helps and gives you some starting places. Good Luck!!!!

  3. Take the little girl to the doctor when you have her on visiting days.

  4. Ask for a rape kit then if possiable get her to talk to a psycholist and tell her story of what has happend to her and she is in fear for her sister the pscholigst has to reopt it.I wish u luck and commend u for the brave fight ur fighting for thses children

  5. Keep reporting, take the child to the doctor right after picking up, take pics literally before putting child in the car or home but don’t give up.

  6. Nanny-cam/audio recorder in a stuffed animal the girl is to give to her sister…. I wish I could offer better advice than that, but hands are tied for reasons other posters have already stated. I know the secret recording tactic has a lot of sticky legality issues attached to it, depending on what state you’re in… I’d almost chance facing some repercussion just to get the irrefutable evidence.

    It may be thrown out of court/inadmissible on grounds of how the evidence was procured, but that doesn’t mean you or someone you know can’t ‘leak’ it to news media and throw up a big outrage over the injustice committed against this child. If nothing else, it will draw the attention of more powerful/resourceful litigators who might take the case pro bono (for the prestige attached to a case in the limelight) and use every last one of their more extensive resources to fight for this child.

    It’s a huge gamble, and you might face some time for ‘illegally’ recording someone… but with what’s at stake, I would probably risk it. Only you can decide. I’m so sorry for you and your family and those babies suffering in all this. 🙁 No one should have to face something like this.

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