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In the past few weeks we here at (P)BB have received more than one e-mail expressing disappointment at us for some of the more colorful language that we use here. The consensus of said e-mails seems to express that the creative terms we use for those featured on our pages somehow makes us look ‘unprofessional’. I guess once again I have to post what we’re all about.

WHAT WE’RE NOT: Journalists, paid, nuns, Amish, professionals.

WHAT WE ARE: Fathers, mothers, step-parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, survivors, cycle breakers and most of all human.

I’ll admit it, we often give in to our baser emotions here and this really is the place to do it rather than express that outrage physically in the real word. A cathartic outlet if you will. I will never ask the writers here to censor themselves.

In short, as we’ve said many times before, be more offended over the acts that so-called parents inflict on their children rather than the language that we choose to use.

You have every right to be offended if you so desire but I also have the right not to care if you are.

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Updated: September 6, 2011 — 5:39 pm


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  1. I think you forgot the part where they shouldn’t let the door hit them where the good lord split them.  It’s a very simple concept – If you DON’T like something, ignore it.  If this site, the writers, the comments that are posted, any of it at all, bothers you – move the fuck on.  Hit the ‘X’ at the top of the page.  Log on to  Or simply just fuck off.  There seem to be more people that don’t mind our language than those who do.  Or maybe it’s that the others that mind have enough sense to move on and no bitch about it. 

  2. Oh yeah!  There is always the option that those cry babies can head on over to WordPress and start their own blog if they don’t approve of this one.  That way it will be exactly how they want it.  But I would suggest to close the comments and not to ask for tips.  They may find out what it’s like when people don’t understand the purpose of a blog.

  3. Oh yeah!  There is always the option that those cry babies can head on over to WordPress and start their own blog if they don’t approve of this one.  That way it will be exactly how they want it.  But I would suggest to close the comments and not to ask for tips.  They may find out what it’s like when people don’t understand the purpose of a blog.

  4. I second what April said. I guess I just don’t understand why people are going to focus more on the language the writers here use than the actions of the so-called parents of these children. Blogs aren’t meant to be censored. They are meant to write out your own thoughts, articles, or whatever without the limitations of censorship. Now, if this were an actual news outlet, I could see their being appalled, but this isn’t so they can shut the fuck up.

    1. You said FUCK!!!  I’m telling on you too!!

      Fuck, shit, c***, tw*twaffle, cum dumpster, jizz burping gutter slut, FUUUUUUCCCCK!!!!!!!

      1. Somebody has Tourettes today. lol

        —– Original message —–

        1. Every day.  Fuck.

      2. Can’t lose the language! Hubby’s ex-wife’s name became cum dumpster after reading it on this site 🙂 I have to have someone to give the credit to. LOL

  5.  I don’t use a lot of bad language myself (though of course we all drop one occasionally) but I understand sometimes emotion can get the better of a writer or speaker and it will express itself through coarse language. In a “professional” situation, such as at work in most jobs, it is certainly inappropriate but this is obviously not that type of situation. As to the intelligence of the person using the language, one has to take into consideration the surrounding words. If it is otherwise a well written, logical, readable article I don’t think it necessarily indicates a lack of intellect; at worst, a limited vocabulary under pressure. I’d be a liar if I said I don’t prefer to read an article without profanity – on the other hand I challenge anyone to read most of these stories without wanting to scream, curse and do terrible violence to the perpetrators.

    I guess bottom line is you want to follow these stories without the cursing, google the articles from the original news sources and read those instead. You don’t have to read BB if it offends you that much.

    1. Plus I think it shows how intelligent the writers are with some of the more creative phrases they come up with.

      —– Original message —–

    2. hey!  I have written one (maybe two) without profanity.  That’s a chore, but It has been done.  Then there are some I can’t help myself.

  6. I confess, I’m not a huge fan of excessive swearing (though I often have to bite my tongue to not let something slip…^^), this is one of the few places where I am 100% okay with.
    The atricious things documented here are just not something where you should expect people to be “nice” and “not rude”.

    So… even though this probably doesn’t mean a lot: Swear away and let the world know how much we hate people who hurt the most vulnerable and most innocent.

    1. Love this comment.  Dammit!

      1. Thank you.

        I’m not a huge fan of kids, I admit it… but I could never, ever hurt a child. I can’t even say “No” to my little cousins, how can anyone think of -hurting- them? This site often makes me cry for all the poor “little ones” who never even had a chance.
        It’s disgusting what people can  and will do to children and expressing your outrage at that should never be judged.

        1. Thank you for being honest.  You don’t have to like kids to know when to walk away.  Abuse is never an option.  I have met some adults I’d like to slap the fuck out of, but my common sense keeps me from it.  Well, that and I’m super cute.  I’d totally be someones bitch in lock up.  I hate the thought…. *shudder*

          1. I’ve been a lurker for some time and was kind of scared of you guys at first^^ But then I saw that the only thing -everyone- on here hates are child abusers and that the rest isn’t that important… So that’s something we all have in common.

            Super-cuteness and jail don’t mix well… D:
            But that’s not a problem for most “people” featured on BB, I’m afraid…

          2. No more lurking.  And don’t be afraid of us.  We don’t bite unless you want us to.

  7. I love this site. You guys say the things that some people cant say.You guys are awsome dont change a thing.

  8. If u feel offended by the profanity used on this website then watch ur local news instead..those who post these stories are only expressing the feelings we all feel…

  9. Actually, there are times when I feel that  the language used here is not profane enough. It seems to me that anyone offended by the language should be browsing a different site, perhaps one where Mary Poppins cares for the children and there are never frowns or hurt feelings, let alone abused babies. But that’s just a thought. Keep up the good work, Trench and crew!

  10. Actually, there are times when I feel that  the language used here is not profane enough. It seems to me that anyone offended by the language should be browsing a different site, perhaps one where Mary Poppins cares for the children and there are never frowns or hurt feelings, let alone abused babies. But that’s just a thought. Keep up the good work, Trench and crew!

  11. 1. I am more offended by the crimes than the language you all use here.

    2. I think to the non-regular reader  your posts actually seem “stereotypical” and even “racists”… In all honesty I kind of was like “dannng” at first… You all seem to apply “certain words” to “certain people”. But when you read  the blog in it’s entirety (sp??) you realize that EVERYONE gets their fair of insults…

    Certain groups don’t like certain words being applied to them. “Why i gotta’ be GHETTO?” “Why I gotta be TRASH?”  Black people don’t like being called “ghetto”. White folks don’t like being called “trash”. 

    But if it applies it applies no matter what race the person is! And yall definitely go with it! This blog throws all politcal correctness out the window. Yall gonna call ghetto when you see it, yall gonna call trash when you see it. 

    God forbid you call a white man who rapes his daughter trash! God forbid you call a black woman who kills her daughter ghetto!

    The reality is different demographics use different words to describe things. I bet a group of black girls would describe a black girl acting like “trash” way different than a group of white girls calling a white girl “trash”. In fact I bet it would be harder for the group of black girls because it’s not a word that “is used”. They would probably say “ghetto” in their definition, so OBVIOUSLY it’s the same thing! I ain’t never heard anyone say it’s better to be one than the other, it’s the same thing!
    Kill me for recogniznig that black folks say “weave” and white folks say “extensions”. In this p.c. world I can only recognize the difference in regions, Northerners say “pop”, southerners say “soda”. NEVER EVER in ethnic demographics — “thats raccccciiissssttt”.

    1. We aren’t PC, but we aren’t racist either.  I think we hate them all equally.  Well, I think I h ate mothers that abuse more than I hate fathers.  But that is something for me to deal with.  As for race, political stance, religious beliefs or whatever – I  couldn’t give a fuck less.  They are all a bunch of shit stains to me and need to be exterminated.

  12. How in the world can some readers be offended by a few cuss words after reading about these monsters that do horrible things to kids? Not only, do I want to “cuss/curse” them out but I’d also like to put a bullet in most their heads!

    I’m a newbie to this site and I hope you all continue your style of writing.


    1. Welcome, newbie.  And thank you!

  13. If they don’t like the language, they don’t have to come to this site.
    Plain and simple.

  14. I just do not understand how the words here can offend but the stories and mental images they provoke do not. Babies, children, and animals deserve so much better than many get, and as a mother of 3, stepmother of 4, and grandmother of a 3 year old grandson and a grandson who will be born in January I personally think that all these sorry bitches on here should be dismembered while alive and very much aware. I believe that anyone who does not protect a child or animal, or who dares hurt one of these innocents, should have the same thing done to them.

    Too many angels are being tortured and murdered, while those who are supposed to love and protect them stand by or are the perpetrators. I can not bear to hear my grandson cry in frustration or because I leave, so I can not imagine hurting him. When my kids were small they received a fair share of spankings, but never to the level of abuse, bruises, broken bones, internal injuries, or anything like that. If I was frustrated I would walk away, and we all get frustrated. It is better to take a time out rather than react out of anger or frustration. There are days when I cry over the stories here, but I visit each day to say a prayer for all of the babies on here who never had a chance.

  15. Lol! 85% of the reason I read these stories is because of how they are written up! I love how all of you express yourselves!

    1. Thanks Love!



  16. I am totally fine with the language used in the posts and I also agree that folks should be getting angrier over the freakazoid parents that abuse the kids than at the kind people that take the time to keep us informed.

  17. The people offended by the language aren’t ACTUALLY offended by the language, of course.  They just need something additional to bitch about.


  18. What the fucking hell? Some dipshit fuck tarded assholes get their panties in a bunch over some fucking cussing? I sure as fuck hope they never enter a fucking high school locker room. Fucking seriously, quit being a stupid fucking douche and extract your head from your fucking ass. And don’t even fucking bother counting, I said fuck 10 times in this post…..fuck.(11 my bad)

  19. Wait a second. How else are you supposed to write about this horrifying shit?!? Bad words are meant for this sort of thing. Anyone who has a problem with that, who is offended by the words instead of the actions described, is missing the point.

    Rock on.

  20. We calls ’em as we sees ’em.  We don’t have “nice” topics to write about so why the fuck would we use “nice” language to tell the stories? 

    So, I’ll sum it up – fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck ’em if they don’t love us!!

  21. One of the many reasons I love this website is the way everyone chooses to express them selves. Who the fuck cares what others think!! Just do you and write whatever comes to mind. I can’t wait to see what new and clever names are yet to come!!

    1. Boner donor FTW.  (Thanks to Danielle)

  22. Wow people really complain about what you call these type of scumsucking baby killing pieces of shit? they should def be more offended that these asswipes breat the same air we normal people do

  23. I love learning new words!!!Keep up the great job!

  24. I am a survivor of child abuse and I cannot imagine any other words to describe these people.  Perhaps if more people expressed themselves with real words instead of flowery “pc” ones more could be done to prevent this outrage that happens on a daily basis.  These people that complain about the language, etc. are also the neighbours that close there eyes to abuse next door, because it would be impolite to interfere or the people that you here about that say we knew but….if everyone family, friends, and neighbours, co-workers, etc. paid attention and stood up the way the writers do on this site we might stop the hurting of innocent children.

  25. I love some of the phrases you guys come up with,too. Today it was ‘crotch bubble’ that had me snorting with laughter. Seriously,no one is being forced to read this blog,there’s other sites that deal with this situation,so if you don’t like it,go home. Some of these stories infuriate me so badly that I feel like I might blow a fuse if I don’t vent.

  26. Wow. What these people should be offended by are the losers
    that grace the pages of BB because they inflict horrific pain on their sweet children.
    I am pretty mellow by nature, but the idea of anyone hurting a child brings out
    the momma bear in me.
     I love the language and think it is quite fitting.
    Awesome writing. I sincerely appreciate that all of you take time out of your
    busy lives to call these abusive assholes out for their evil actions. If you
    are offended by the language then you aren’t reading closely enough…. What you
    should be ‘offended’ by is the constant parade of unfit parents that injure or
    kill their children.  Get your fucking
    priorities in order. These losers deserve all that is said and more.

  27. ??????
    People are offended by someone who beats a child TO DEATH being referred to as a cum dumpster? Well, I think calling a baby rapist or a child molester a c*** is not apt enough. Yes, I know, all the terrible words we have in the English language are insufficient to describe these wastes of skin. It irritates me, too, the way one can never fully express their outrage at these idiots who should have had their gonads ripped out before puberty struck. Tsk, tsk.

    1. I believe it’s not too late to apply your commonsense solution to the problem.

  28. ??????
    People are offended by someone who beats a child TO DEATH being referred to as a cum dumpster? Well, I think calling a baby rapist or a child molester a c*** is not apt enough. Yes, I know, all the terrible words we have in the English language are insufficient to describe these wastes of skin. It irritates me, too, the way one can never fully express their outrage at these idiots who should have had their gonads ripped out before puberty struck. Tsk, tsk.

  29. In the words of the ‘old school’ rapper Too Short from back in the day…”motherfucking, shit, goddamn, asshole! cuss words just let them roll!” 🙂

    Oh my, I am a very intelligent white southern woman with a college education and ghetto booty (yes, ghetto! My black friends told me so!) straight out of the trailer park!  I am married to a big, bad ass biker and am here on BB quoting rap lyrics that entail cuss words. 

    I find it humorous and somewhat sad that the writers have to post disclaimers and explain a ‘blog’ at least once a week for the IGNORANT people that find this site offensive.  I almost fell out laughing when a previous commenter stated she found this site to be racist at first!  Never once have I thought “oh, why I gotta be trailer trash” or whatever your descriptive term is for the day!  I don’t take the terms personally because I KNOW THESE ARTICLES AREN’T ABOUT ME! 
    The only terms I have seen used that seemed to be directed at one race are ‘Methtard’ and ‘Herion Hillbilly’ and based on the mug shots of the offenders, the terms are quite fitting! 

    I am drawn to BB because of the bluntness and child abusing haters! I enjoy the escape from the political correctness of our society that BB offers.  I get so angry at the abusers, rapists, murderers and their defenders.  I have screamed, cussed and cried reading these articles.  I cheer Trench, April, Deena and the other writers on and speak as if I know them personally (‘Well Trench/April/Deena said such and such about so and so’).  I like the colorful, descriptive language the writers use for such dark topics.  I love ya’ll!!!  Keep up the awesome work!!!

    PS – I was born and raised in Alabama and the only time I hear ‘pop’ and ‘soda’ is when I am speaking to someone that isn’t from the south.  Here in my neck of the woods/hills/park, we southerners say ‘coke’. 
    As in “I’m fixing to go to the store and get a coke. Do you want something?”
    “Yes, get me a coke.”
    “Okay, what kind?”
    “Uhm, Mountain Dew.”

    LOL, just saying….

    1. Oh fuck. I think I'm in love.

    2. You Rock Ami!



    3. North Carolina must not do the Coke thing because I’ve never heard that here.

      —– Original message —–

    4. Here in WV maybe half the people say “coke” and half say “soda.”  I’ve never heard anyone call a carbonated beverage “pop” except on TV.

      (Don’t even get me started on “egg creams”…)

  30. Here in Ohio,it’s pop,but to my SIL in Georgia,it’s Coke. Fuck.:)

    1. In Georgia that’s understandable since that’s where Coke comes from.

      —– Original message —–

  31. I’m a regular reader to the site, and fully admit that the language does get to me at times.  However, that has not stopped me from reading and sending in tips. 

    I was raised with the belief that words can either elevate you, or drag you down.  I personally do not swear, and I do not allow it in my home.  This is a personal choice, as is the choice of every single person who posts and comments on this site.  I will not fault someone for using “bad” language when writing about something that they feel strongly about, as there are times when I cannot express the horror and anger I feel at some of these stories adequately. 

    Do I wish there were better ways of conveying it for the readers of the site?  Well, yes, sometimes.  Mostly because I fear our outrage and anger are sometimes sidelined and dismissed because of the language used.  Were it my choice alone I would use the wonderful english language, with all its nuances and subtleties, and lets just say it here it has some really great and underused words to get our point across.  But that is my opinion and mine alone.  Were I a writer for the site I am sure I could still get my horror across using perfectly “acceptable” language, as I am sure others could as well.  But I won’t censor someone else’s writings, whether I like them or not.

    So bottom line… bothers me.  Sometimes it bothers me a lot.  But I won’t be sending in letters complaining about it, and I won’t stop reading the site.  I just hope everyday that the words used don’t overshadow the issues raised on the site, and have that used against us by outsiders.

    1. Judging by the number of new names I see in this thread alone, I’d venture to say the language doesn’t overshadow the issue.

    2. Judging by the number of new names I see in this thread alone, I’d venture to say the language doesn’t overshadow the issue.

    3. Can I just point out that most of the so-called “four letter words” are simply the Old Saxon words for various bodily fuctions?  And the words that we consider “proper” – urinate, defecate, copulate – are derived from the French or Latin words for the exact same bodily functions?  It’s sheer snobbery to say (for example) “condemn” is proper and “damn” is not, because the first one comes from Latin and the second one comes from Old Saxon. 

      I admit I don’t swear at work, because that’s one of the terms of my employment, but that doesn’t mean I believe there’s anything “magically” wrong with a set of words just because the French-speaking Normans tried to suppress the Saxon language in England a thousand years ago.

  32. I Like it ! I love it ! I want some more of it ! THANK YOU !!!! For telling the world what this kind of people really are ? And not Bittersweet coding it ? Many time’s i wish i had your BALL”S to tell it like it is When I’m in court Being a voice for a child, But i would lose my Job ! And that would mean ? One less voice in court for a child ? Keep up the AWESOME Work ! I LOVE THIS SIT ! < ; )

    1. Thank YOU! We so often have people come in here complaining about how we “tell it” that it’s nice to get the compliments. And thank you for fighting for the children, and for being able to have to control necessary to continue to do so. 🙂

  33. It’s kinda sexy when Trench get’s all sticky up in this mother fucker.

    Jokes… I love that these are sticky now. 

    1. Just stuck another one.

      1. Sooooo excited. I like it when you stick stuff.

  34. No complaints from me on the language! You guys have to read about the most horrendous activities from … I can’t even call most of the ‘parents’ mentioned on this site people. You all take the time to make us aware of some of the worst atrocities that can happen to a child, and the language actually makes it seem more real because it shows that these stories are written by real people with real feelings. You write what we’re all thinking. 

    1. Why, Thank you, Darlin’!

  35. The language used here is no worse nor better than elementary school playground language.  They don’t like it?  Stick it in your (lets tone this down for the easily offended morons) large and cavernous anal cavity, hopefully with something along the lines of towels soaked in Icy Hot ©.  This including but not limited to forceful entry of said towels by a rather crudely shaped broomstick like object.

  36. The folks on this site are just saying exactly what we’re all thinking…….sometimes even better and more creative too!  Let’s me know that there are others out there that are soooo disgusted with both the perpetrators of abuse/neglect  and the court system that is completly disfunctional.   I wish there wasn’t a need for these sites or databases that list/record child, animal, domestic, or elder abuse…..but I’m glad they exist. It’s the only way we can see what’s actually happening out there and pressure the lazy lawmakers for changes.   

  37. I am “offended” at the aspersions you cast upon one half of my ancestry (the other half is Native American)!   The words “fuck”, “shit” et al, are, as one astute person has already pointed out, Anglo-Saxon and not French at all!  For shame,!  Swear all you like, but at least get the origins of the words right…  LOL  >^___^<

    Ok, I'll shut up, now.  :-p  I just found your page while searching for something else, and I've got to tell you: wow.  Thank you so much for putting this monster together, though to be specific, the real monsters are the pustules your report on in your entries.  Those creatures I can only call "breeders" (much like yourself) are so unbelievable, they make the abuse I went through look TAME!  How sad is that, I ask you?  Those poor kids, egad…   *shudders*

    I don't know if this will be bad for my mental health,  or not,  seeing as I'm still in therapy, but I'm following your blog, if you don't mind.  I've been building my own abuse-survivor blog over the last few days and I was wondering if I may put a link to yours on mine?  I think people like me who may not have discovered your page, yet, need to see it.

    Sometimes, the outpouring of sympathetic RAGE is validating and helps us know we can get these creeps.  We can survive.  We can STOP them.

    1. Thank you! And, welcome!

  38. *Bows to the lovely Miss Malevolent* Thank you so much for the welcome!  >^_^<

    Off-topic, but the "Grammar Nazi" page had me howling…  xD  <3

  39. Lifestooshort1973

    This is why I love this site. You guys tell the news, on these horrible cases, the way it should be told! I hate how the regular media buttercups all the shitty things these waist of air animals do to their children. These babies suffer the worst kinds of lives, live in the worst kinds of filth, are born to the worlds worst kind of people and someone thinks the way in which these horrible people are reported on IS what’s OFFENSIVE! The world seriously needs to get a clue. If you want a buttercup, professional, half assed story on what these babies live, see, and feel everyday don’t get your news here. Turn on your TV and shut your fucking mouth. Nobody is MAKING you read this website. The shitty situations and the shitty people who make up the reports are being described in the way that they SHOULD be, HERE. I’m suspecting that it is probably one of the fuck tards family members or fellow low lives that are offended by the way in which the story is worded. God forbid someone tell it like it is and leave all the politically correct wording out, while writing reports on drug addicted baby killers! What were you guys thinking? (sarcasm)

    1. Thank you and welcome!

    2. I couldn’t agree more. My heart breaks every time I read a story here, and I am thankful for everyone at this site who puts their time and energy to shine a light on these poor children and the horrid situations they endure. It makes me sick that the “news” would rather report about Justin Bieber or Miley making fools of themselves than tell the stories of these little angels and the disgusting, cruel people who hurt them. Thank you, for telling these stories, for not sugar-coating them, and for standing up for those who don’t have anyone else in their corner. Keep up the great work. I would say “don’t change a thing”, but I would love nothing more than for you to change a lot of things – the first being that by bringing these stories to light you will cause people to recognize people in their own lives who have the potential to land on these pages and step in to help before a child is hurt or killed.

  40. Amen!

  41. Normally I’m offended by cussing. But considering the subject you’re writing on, ABUSIVE “PARENTS” I say, carry on.

  42. I think you want readers, no? that’s probably why you put up an entire website.  I have learned that in business, the failure rates of companies are highest when they don’t care about their customer base, clientele, readers, or whatever term you’d like to slip in there.  Take note of what you’re hearing from them, cause at some point, THEY just won’t care anymore.  Do as you do though and good luck.  Just a thought.  When I read “news” too, I want to just read it.  Not hear all this cuss words either.  But, I suppose this just wouldn’t be the site for me now would it? lol

    1. No, it’s certainly not the site for you ^_^

    2. Fuck, shit, damn, piss, whore, c***, slut, bitch, ass, dick, prick, pussy, tits, c*ck….
      They are all JUST words. 
      I don’t see how anyone can find them offensive, because they don’t physically harm anyone. I would feel more threatened by a kitten climbing up my leg. 
      Times have changed…and cussing only makes a person look ignorant to a person who would like to pretend such language doesn’t exist…just like  murder, violence, drugs, war, etc,…. 

    3. Considering this isn’t a news site this obviously isn’t the site for you. 

  43. The acts committed by these people to their own flesh and blood is horrific and angers anyone with a conscience. Your insistence on adding all the silly descriptions reduces the impact of what these “parents” did in my opinion. Now – I know you don’t care – I read the “We can use whatever foul language we like” post. But if you really do care about these victims – why not cut back on the “c***-occupier” type language and let the horror of what these scum did speak for itself?

    1. Because of the blog and blogs are for speaking your mind

    2. Most of the regulars appreciate that we don’t use flowery language here. Most of them like that we speak our minds and don’t hold anything back (well… that’s not entirely true. Believe it or not, sometimes we actually are holding back.)

      There are a lot of crime bloggers out there. They all have different writing styles. Some prefer to hold off on the blue language. Others let loose with an f-bomb here or there. We prefer to let it all hang out here. It helps us to get out some of the anger that we feel towards these individuals, because holding it in just isn’t healthy.

  44. Good for you!! As a New Yorker I have no problem expressing myself in a colorful way. It gets the point across. If the politically correct sensitive reader has a problem with colorful words, I shudder to think how they are handling the rest of our country’s shameful scandals. Carry on!!

  45. Your language never bothers me. I love-it 🙂 I often chuckle when reading these stories. The world is overpopulated and the only way it could ever no longer be overpopulated is for ALL human beings to stop reproducing for about 3 decades. After that, couples who are mentally stable, physically healthy, and middle to high income could harmlessly make a couple of babies each. If only unwanted children were treated the same way as unwanted pets – euthanized after a reasonable amount of time trying to find them a loving home where they’ll be well-cared-for – the tragedies in these posts would happen less, or maybe never happen at all.

    1. You’re as disgusting as the pieces of shit often posted about on this site. Euthanize children? Really? Please do the world a favor and step off a high cliff.

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