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25-Year Old Hides her Pregnancy, Then Kills Her Twin Boys

Autopsy results on murdered twins expected within weeks
Police: Mom killed newborn twins, hid them in laundry basket

Lindsay Lowe - baby killer x 2

 Lindsay Lowe of Hendersonville, TN is a bad, bad breeder. That’s a super nice way of saying that she’s a baby-killing, selfish, low-life tw*t of a “mother”. She was only a mother for a few minutes before she snuffed out the lives of her brand new twin little boys by suffocating them. Evil has a name folks, and its Lindsay Lowe.

The 25-year old lived at home with her parents and hid her pregnancy from them the whole time. How do people do that? I was a big as a buffalo when I was pregnant both times with singletons. After 10 weeks,  I couldn’t hide it from my boss because she noticed. How the hell do you hide twins? Also, at 25 why are you hiding your pregnancy? You’re a grown ass woman!

She gave birth to the 1st boy around 9:30pm and when he started to cry, she placed her hand over his face to muffle the sounds. She didn’t want her parents to hear him.  She admitted to holding her hand over his mouth and nose until he became quiet and died.  Same story for baby boy #2. She gave birth to him, placed her hand over his mouth, the baby died.

So she did what any other murderer would do. She placed her dead twin babies in her laundry basket and covered them with clothes, then went on about her life. Her dad discovered the babies’ bodies 2 days later and called the cops. Lindsay was arrested at work later that night, where she admitted to the whole thing. She also admitted that she didn’t see a doctor once during her pregnancy.

No word on who the father is and if he has been notified.  PS – Lindsay, the Tennessee’s Safe Haven Law was enacted on July 1, 2001. This amazing law allows mothers of newborns to surrender unharmed babies to designated medical facilities within 72 hours of birth without fear of being prosecuted. As long as the baby is unharmed and the mother acts within 72 hours of birth, she will not be prosecuted and is assured of complete confidentiality. Her baby and her secret will be safe.  This was an option and alternative for you — why couldn’t you have done this for those little boys? No one would’ve ever known.

RIP little boys.  I bet you both were so beautiful. Fly with the angels together forever.

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  1. What a useless sack of human garbage.  Cremation, dismemberment, hanging, evisceration, and shooting are all too quick and too good for her.  We need a new, more torturous means of disposal for this kind of trash.

  2. Damn.  Did she forget that they were in the clothes basket?  And how fucked up for her father to have to find out that way that he was a) A grandfather, and b) The father of a selfish c*** of a murderer.  How long until she starts screaming that she was abused, molested and just all around mental.  Casey Anthony, anyone?

  3. You can tell that that piece of fucking garbage in the picture above, 1) Is a spoiled bitch, and 2) Needs a proper ass whopping! 

    Having one baby is a total blessing, having two?  OMG!  It is a fucking miracle to create two healthy little human beings.  This bitch was blessed with them, but was too fucking selfish to give them up for adoption! 

    UGH!  My head hurts from all the evil things that I want to write right now…

    RIP little angel babies! 

  4. R.I.P. Angels. I am so sorry that your mom didn’t love you or give a chance to feel love ever in your life.

    So many people would have loved these boys like this mother couldn’t. Why did she have to be so selfish and just kill them? There were several options before birth and even after if she didn’t want them. Birth control, abortion, adoption, save haven; heck if she suspected a potential for pregnancy she could have done EC and still possibly prevented pregnancy.

    1. As sad as this is, I keep thinking how tragic that we don’t even know their names.  Did they even have names?  Guh….

  5. How effed up was it that she put them in the laundry, and LEFT them there?  Obviously, she never intended to use the Safe Haven laws, as that would have meant she’d have to admit that she was pregnant. 

    Hate some people.

  6. I can’t fathom why teenagers scared of their parents do this type of thing but a GROWN 25 year old doing it makes me see red.  And how in the world did she manage this???  My twin boys were about the same size born at 35 weeks and I was HUGE and when I say that I mean that when I went to give birth it took TWO hospital gowns to cover me completely and I am a fairly normal sized woman.  So how she managed to hide this just blows my mind.  I would like to suggest she be sterilized with a rusty spoon.

  7. They would have been adopted together. So many families waiting to adopt… and to adopt a newborn sibling set… There would have been so many families jumping at the chance.  Precious little loves… I’m sorry you never felt the tenderness of a hug and the warmth of a soft blanket in your short lives. Glad that God promises retribution to those who harm children. But want some retribution this side of eternity too… Hope they turn her upside down and fill that useless gaping hole she calls a uterus with concrete. Then dump her over the Marianna trench and watch her sink.

    1. this is one of the most awesome things I’ve ever read in my life:

      “Hope they turn her upside down and fill that useless gaping hole she calls a uterus with concrete.”

      Bravo – I concur!

  8. What. The. Actual. Fuck?!?!?! This “woman” deserves nothing short of being dragged out back, tied up and having a 12g shoved up her gaping hole of a snatch! Those poor little boys, I weep for the lives that they never had a chance to live. Its bad enough when we hear about teenagers doing this because the are “scared” (I can tell you as someone who became a mother while still a teen, that excuse never flew with me anyway) but a 25 year old full grown woman? The death penalty is way too damn good for her…. I am thinking bring back the good old days, tar and feather her then string her up for people to throw stones at… shit… even that sounds like it would be letting her off lightly!! 

  9. Its bad enough when its a scared teenager but a 25 year old woman? She’s a fucking adult, I hope she gets everything she deserves which is to spend the rest of her life in misery for destroying the lives of 2 precious babies who did nothing to deserve death, except for being born.

  10. This story really hurt my heart and brought me to tears. These precious unsuspecting baby boy God bless your sweet little souls.

  11. i’m sorry but she needs to be in for life, they need to make the laws much tougher on women and girls that do this..they need to also advertise the SAFE HAVEN LAWS everywhere…it is so getting out of hand that people are doing this, not only the mothers but in PA there was a father that killed their baby with a cinderblock, there is a mother here in NJ that i am very familiar with that did this to her child..and she is working at the local shoprite..while they wait for’s disgusting..Keri Barry of Wayne, NJ .. anyone hiding a pregnancy and killing the baby should be in for LIFE!!! then maybe these piece of shit people would take advantage of the SAFE HAVEN LAWS

  12. i have said it before and i’ll say it again i feel this is a “SELFISH” crime…these girls/women would rather kill their child then give it up for adoption..and that to me is the only reason..not so much to hide it…obviously someone will find out…if they disappeared one day to sneak off to the hospital then they would never even be found out..but they are always .. well maybe always found out this way..

  13. She’s 25 years old, right? She’s not a teenager, afraid of her parents.  I don’t even think this can be blamed on fundamentalist religious beliefs.  I think she’s just a selfish spoiled bitch who didn’t want to be bothered by having children, so she did exactly what she wanted to do.  She killed them.  It was not a matter of not wanting them with her.  She didn’t want them to exist so she murdered them and then stuffed them in a basket.  Poof! Problem solved.  They didn’t exist anymore.

    She could still do her thing, live her life the way she wanted, still live with mom and dad and ride the gravy train.  I want justice to be served, but in this case, I would pay to see a little prison justice take place once she’s settled in her new permanent home.  Surely, some Big Bertha could personalize a shank or two for her, and if we’re really lucky, it will be a Bertha who’s in for a really long time and who misses her twin baby boys so much!

  14. You can tell from her stupid face that she is a selfish stupid bitch. There are tons of people out there that would love to adopt one little baby, much less two, and here, she manages to carry and deliver twins successfully with absolutely no medical care, and decides to snuff out their little precious lives. Sounds like she was in a state of denial about being pregnant until she had no chance, but it also sounds like some small part of her wanted to be caught, after all, why put them in the laundry basket and leave them. Unless people don’t do laundry often at her house, and then I have to say, gross.  And she may not have been aware of the Safe Haven law, since she never went to the doctor, I’m not sure how advertised it is outside of the usual places you go when you are pregnant and not selfish like this. Shoot, even some selfish chicks I know would still go in to get WIC and stuff, basically free food, would take someone seep in denial to pass that up.

    She does looks kind of heavy, so maybe she was able to convince everyone that she was just putting on weight. I am a little heavy, and was just starting to really look pregnant with each of my boys when they were born at 34 w 6 d for the oldest and 37 weeks for the youngest, so it’s not always noticeable, especially if you are already heavy, but hiding twins is a bit of a stretch, even to me.

  15. Every time I read one of these stories it is always my fervent hope that when she is sitting in jail or prison the rest of the population learns of her crime.  There is nothing more swift and brutal as inmate justice.  There are mothers serving time that would kill to be with their children, and here is a woman who killed her newborn twins for no reason but pure selfishness.  I try to have sympathy, but all I want is for the other women in her block to take her, put their hands over her mouth until she is quiet, and then stuff her in a laundry basket.  And her poor parents.  For her father to find his grandsons bodies like that must have devastated him.  She didnt just kill two innocent chilren, she destroyed her parents lives as well.  May God forgive her, because I cannot find the strength or will to.

  16. WHY?  Why do mothers do this?  Cripe, here in Kansas City, there is a chain of flippin GAS STATIONS that are part of the Safe Haven program!  That’s right, you can abandon your child/ren at a gas station here and they will take care of  your babies and find them proper care.  If there are hospitals and gas stations of all things that you can hand them over to with no repercussions, WHY NOT DO THAT?

  17. Who made YOU judge and jury!! Any second any one of us, including you who flap your mouth as almighty judge, life can step off in some nightmarish abyss. And then to be the target of unrelenting hate from people who don’t have a clue what they are talking about. This girl does not deserve your hateful comments. Just the facts that are already known show something is seriously wrong with her. Had she been rational and deliberate and that evil kind of person, she could have disposed of the bodies and no one would have ever known anything. Thank God HE is our judge and not you ruthless bullies!!

    1. actually, we can ALL have any opinion we want regarding this idiot, she killed not one but 2, two newborn babies, those are the facts.  God will also deal with her I’m sure. So if you are the type of person who likes and wants to defend ruthless killers then why are you here of all places?

    2. “Any second any one of us, including you who flap your mouth as almighty judge, life can step off in some nightmarish abyss.”

      There’s some truth to that, but that’s not what happened here. She wasn’t just in the wrong place at the wrong time. She CHOSE to hide her pregnancy and she CHOSE to kill her newborns. She made bad, selfish, evil moral CHOICES and she must pay the price for them.

      ” This girl does not deserve your hateful comments.”

      Right, she only murdered two newborns and stuffed their bodies under some dirty clothes.  How dare we criticize her?

      “Just the facts that are already known show something is seriously wrong with her.”

      Indeed: she has no conscience and a hole where a human heart should be.  Beyond that, I really don’t give a rat’s ass.  Whether she has supposed mental problems or allegedly was abused makes no difference to the fact that she murdered two children and is a menace to society.  A mad dog can’t help having rabies, but still needs put down.  The same applies here.

      “Thank God HE is our judge and not you ruthless bullies!!”

      I save my pity for the innocent, not for vile killers.  As for Him, He said it would be better to cast into the sea with a millstone than offend a little one.  I hope your murdering whore of a friend can hold her breath for a good long time.

      1. “Right, she only murdered two newborns and stuffed their bodies under some dirty clothes.  How dare we criticize her?”


    3. STFU you idiot… the undeniable fact of the matter is she admitted to placing her hand over the mouths of HER babies and suffocating the life out of them.  In my book that is the definition of evil!  So fuck off and have a nice day!


    4. Not only am I judging her, but now I get the pleasure of judging you. Beauty!! She's a selfish whore and you're a moron. Go fuck yourself.

    5. I was going to quote the bible here, but honestly it is too good for you!

      I will instead quote one of my favorite movie lines, which I feel is very appropriate for you, you  tw*t waffle, “GO SELL CRAZY SOMEWHERE ELSE…WE ARE ALL STOCKED UP HERE!”

    6. I made me the judge and jury biotch! 

       Ruthless bully? I’d rather be called that than a baby killer defender you tw*t.

      You’re so right, my life could turn in a second. But I’ll tell you what I’d never do — kill my children b/c of it. Her life was turning for 9 months? Doesn’t seem like a split second decision to me.

      Go bump your bible elsewhere sweetie, “only God can judge!” is the same thing all the rest of you tards say. Borrrrrrrrrring.  I will judge THE FUCK out of a baby killer, and so should you.

    7. I can judge you a little more now that I’ve seen a picture of you.  You look like a shriveled up battle-axe who needs to get laid.  Stick you’re “holier-than-thou” bullshit up your ass, sweetheart.  That’s the closest you’ll get to sexual gratification, you old bag.

      1. Yeha, 63-YO wing bags should learn to STFU.

        1. Naw.  They never learn.  Perhaps she should sit on her bible and pray for us sinners.  maybe even set it on the washing machine and ride the spin cycle.  It may lighten her mood some.

          1. Naw that’s no fun. Whats great is when the load is not balanced and the machine starts rocking back and forth…………aaaahhhhhhhhhh good times….uh not like I would know personally……just making an observation that’s all…..  😉 

          2. Teeeheeeeeee.  Right-ee-ooo.  You’ve only heard rumors.  I heared it from the Maytag man that you have been on several machines.

          3. Hump…..tattle-tale and I thought I had paid him well. Oh well…….why do you think Maytag had to get a younger fella?  and then they retired him… sigh…so sad….

          4. Never trust the Maytag man.  I hear he has too much time on his hands.

            Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

    8. Comments like this are what is wrong with society.  She lost any right to pity from anyone the moment she took her newborn sons lives!!!  Yes I will agree there is something seriously wrong with her, she strikes me as a spoiled rotten brat who didn’t want her parents to know that she had gotten herself in trouble because they would probably have kicked her out and her free ride would have been over.  God can’t judge her until she dies and by then how many more newborns is she going to snuff out?  Until then society needs to be the judge and she committed a horrible crime. 

    9. i don’t know about you, but the God i worship kinda frowns upon murder.  really.  He told this guy Moses all about it.  any of this ringing a bell?  

      as for the comments on here…actually, yes, she does deserve most if not all of them.  if the comments and/or the language offend you, the door is
      ——–>     that way.  try not to let it hit you on the way out.

      1. So where was that so called “god” while this bitch was murdering her babies? Missing in action, as always!!!!!!

        1. He was getting good Christians in America good parking spaces and finding their lost puppies, duh!

    10. sorry didnt mean to loke your stupid comment. fuck you and her,that slampig who killed her twins. we are bullies? are you for real? im tearing out my hair right now. none of us killed our newborns and then hid them in a fucking basket!!!!!!!!!!! fuck you you evil tw*twaffle. you are just as bad as the slampig you are defending. i hope you get hit by a fucking bus.

      1. OT (because my feelings about this story have already been artfully expressed by so many others) you can reverse a like. Just double click the down arrow to switch your rate up to a rate down

  18. Your foul language and your ignorant comments speak loudly for the type people you are. What goes around comes around – none of us will escape judgement – this poor, wretched girl – nor the likes of you. Looking at your trash-mouth comments and responding wasted my time. You are an example of what has trashed our society.

    1. “You are an example of what has trashed our society.”

      What has trashed our society is a refusal by anybody to accept moral responsibility.  You perpetuate that by making excuses for a murderer.  This “girl” is not “poor” or “wretched” – adjectives that would be better applied to her helpless victims – she is a selfish, vicious killer.  Why not save your sympathy for those who deserve it, rather than murdering trash?

      But you’re right about wasting your time.  No one here wants to hear you play your violin for this baby smothering hambeast.  Just save it.

    2. You’re SO right our foul language is so much worse than the the crime this asshole committed against two babies.  You wanna know what type of people we are?? The kind of people that don’t kill innocent children or defend the ones that do, in my book BITCH that makes a whole hell of a lot better than you and the skank bitch you are defending.


    3. We may have foul mouths, but you are the only one here making ignorant comments. 

      You are the worst kind of person there is.  You are judging others for their judgement!  You are not better then anyone here!  You are far far worse. 

      If I am going to hell for my judgements, so be it…but by the time I get there, you will have already been there for an eternity! 

      Thank you for wasting my time…I could be praying or something. 

    4. Smothering newborn babies speaks loudly about the sort of c*** your friend is. I think I'd rather be a pity mouth than a murderer. Take your bible thumping BIL sit someplace else. No on here is buying it.

    5. Looking at these comments is wasting your time?!?!?!?! Do you honestly think that any one who reads/writes/comments on these articles enjoys it? Do you think we like knowing how many worthless pieces of shit there are that kill their children? I know I sure as hell don’t. I would much rather think the world is all sunshine, fairies, and rainbows, but the truth is, there is a lot of fucked up people in this world. Including your stupid cum dumpster c*** friend up there. I don’t remember her name, and frankly I don’t feel like “wasting my time” scrolling up to see what it is. I don’t give a flying fuck about her. I do care about those precious babies though. I do pray to God every day to protect those innocent children who need it most. Do I think I’m going to go to hell for my language. Nope. I think God would understand that that is how we sometimes have to express ourselves with the vile things that we see. If you don’t like what you’re reading here, there is a pretty red box in the upper right corner of your screen. It has an X in it. Feel free to click that X and get the fuck gone.

    6. What has trashed our society are bleeding heart fucks, much like yourself, that believe no matter what these freaks do they can all be redeemed or fixed!! 

      Wake The Fuck Up!! 

      The children are our future and you pricks are allowing these complete wastes of oxygen to rape, beat, torture, and murder them and then just want to slap their hands and say “Don’t do that again.  That’s a no-no..”   Fucking morons!!  You’re the reason there are repeat offenders on the street to molest, abuse, and murder another child!!

      Anyone that in anyway intentionally harms an innocent child or allows someone else too, should suffer what they put that baby thru 10 fold!

      An eye for an eye!!!

      BTW you’re a fucking hypocrite just like all the others!!  Judge not my ass!!

    7. well your little friend’s murdering ways speak volumes about her!!!!!! and you being friends with her lets me know you dont give a fuck that she held her grubby hand over their tiny mouthes till they stopped breathing!!!!!!!!!!! what is wrong with you??    i fucking hate you and your rotten uterus of a friend.

  19. Hey BB family: Well I have been sitting back and watching the fireworks and reading the comments concerning “Mother of the Year” up there. After catching up on everyone’s comments I have one simple question. WHY did she not get an abortion when she found out she was pregnant??? If abortion is against her religion or morale belief because she may consider it to be murder………. then what do you call giving birth to 2 (two) healthy boys and then killing them? I think it would have been better to have the abortion, that way no one would know she was EVER pregnant and it would be between her and her higher power. Instead she CHOSE to give birth and then kill her babies and now EVERYONE knows what she has done and is capable of doing. Are we really judging her? For the most part I would have to say No. Are we expressing our feelings, emotions and rage about what she did…..Hell yeah!!!!
    But again, there is another side to this drama. I would like to know where the sperm donor is. Did she go to a sperm bank to get pregnant? Did she have several one night stands and really has no clue as to the identity of the bio-father or was she raped and did not report it?? So many questions and at this time so few answers.
    But I digress. Bottom line is this: The folks here at BB will continue to rant, rave, belittle and curse at anyone who harms/kills a child. So if anyone wants to defend these baby raping, child beating and murdering assholes, and tell us how we are judging others etc…….go ahead, that is your right. But please remember it is OUR right to tell you what a moron you are for defending such a person. If we are wrong…bring us PROOF of innocence!! I don’t think there is anyone on this site who would not admit they may have “over-reacted”. Remember folks this is a BLOG!!!

    1. She is engaged, but I am not sure if he is the father or not on the news last night they said he was at the court for her hearing but said he did not know of the pregnancy.  Hmmmm
      BTW… Great comment!



    2. Abortion aside, considering no one knew she was pregnant–and her knowing this–she could’ve used the safe haven opt out. Her cover would not have been blown; as an adult she could have insisted on 100% anonymity. I too, like you, have wondered how in the hell these people terrified for religious reasons find the sin of murder to be a worthy means of covering up “premarital sin”… Two wrongs do not make a right, god knows all, the truth always comes out, and so forth…. Right? >_<

  20. A……flippin’….men!!!! This beotch needs to rot in hell!!!

  21. Two words:  Death Penalty.

  22. I´ll never believe it to be possible to hide a pregnancy up to its very end!! To me the parents didn´t WANT to notice – shame on them, too!

    1. I used to think that.  A girl in my office gave birth at 34 weeks.  No one knew she was pregnant.  Including her.

      1. Werd! There us a whole show dedicated to this phenomena called “I didn’t know I was pregnant”. Now, I knew I was pregnant with my first, because I tested positive from the get-go (false negatives are not uncommon for many) but I could see being otherwise unaware. I was pretty asymptomatic, but what symptoms I did have, could’ve easily be rationalized away as a stomach bug, work-related stress, not eating right, etc.

        I was not a big girl… I was 150 at the time of delivery, and I was pretty athletic back then…. But most of my height is locked up in my torso. I have a very long torso, which allowed the baby to carry more vertically than horizontally. She was on the small side of normal at full gestation (6lbs), and I had a “virgin uterus” (ie, first baby, first expansion of the uterus) . I showed much more quickly and visible with my second, but with my first I just looked a little chubby in the middle till about 7mos or so.

        So I don’t think it’s necessarily some sort of negligent evil that others didnt recognize her pregnancy, especially since her atrocious actions show she wanted to cover it up, so she probably took purposeful measures to disguise the pregnancy. I’m not saying that her family is definitively innocent in all this, just saying its plausible they might have been.

  23. OMG! If she didn’t want the boys,she could have put them up for adoption,rather than depriving them of a chance to live.

  24. She is a baby killer just like every single other woman who kills her baby before birth.  A life is a life no matter how small.  Where is the anger and outrage when women kill their unborn babies.  Some women have abortion after abortion.  It is not just a one time “oops” or a case of rape. May women use abortion as a form of contraception.  Killing a baby is never OK people!

    1. Shut the fuck up.  Abortion is a LEGAL option in this country, and whether you agree with it or not, this is hardly the place to spout your personal views.  You want to start an abortion debate?  Take it to the OT, but don’t hijack a threat about the murder of two children (Which is totally different from obtaining a legal abortion, you fucking moron).

      1. Oh, you took the words away from my finger tips!

        1. There’s another one somewhere that posted about “post-birth abortion”, which advocates killing newborns because their brain isn’t formed yet and how awful it is, but she forgot to mention that it’s considered murder, and against the law.

    2. She should have had an abortion, then the bitch wouldn’t be in jail, her father wouldn’t be scarred for life from finding his precious grandbabies dead in the laundry, and maybe one more abortion would have given you an aneurysm and we wouldn’t have to read your bullshit.

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