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Rescued from Ethiopia only to die

Hana Williams

Skagit County couple charged with death of adopted child:

When someone adopts a child they are rescuing that child. Whether it be from an abusive situation or a future without parents or anything in between adoptive parents are rescuing that child, in most cases. In the case of Hana Williams she was rescued from one hell only to die in another.

13-year-old Hana was adopted by Larry and Carri Williams of Mt. Vernon, Washington. She was adopted back in 2008 from Ethiopia. In case you’ve been living under the proverbial rock for the past 30 years it’s no picnic in Ethiopia. Between poverty, drought, famine and disease Ethiopia is a child’s living nightmare. When she first stepped on to American soil she must have felt like the most blessed person on Earth. That was until she actually started living with the Williamses.

Hana was allegedly beaten with a plastic stick, had food withheld from her, forced to take cold showers, made to sleep outside and couldn’t use the indoor bathroom among other ‘punishments’. The Williamses gave the usual excuses of that Hana was ‘rebellious’ and ‘stole food’. Whatever excuses they gave couldn’t stop them for being arrested last week after Hana was found dead in their backyard back in May. That’s not even scratching the surface with this story. There was so much abuse that this would be the longest post in (P)BB history. I urge you to read the entire arrest warrant (PDF file) if you can stomach it. I read the whole thing.

More than one witness said that Carri Williams was disappointed that Hana was so ‘old’ when she arrived and that she thought she was getting a baby or a much younger child.

This is even worse than the people who adopt or foster just for the money. To allow a child to die, a child who should have thrived in this country, to be treated worse than probably she would have been treated in her own country is unforgivable.

‘They’ should take Larry and Carri Williams and dump them in a prison of whatever 3rd world shithole is the worst country in the world and see how well they’d be treated by the locals.

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  1. That effing “mother” puke makes me want to beat the crap out of her, and force mud down her throat.  Reported as a “suicide?”  She may have been suicidal, considering what the bitch did to her. 

    Some days I just want to cry.

  2. When I read sories like this tears come to my eyes………this poor little girl was in hell from the moment she was given life. ………i hope you have some peace now baby girl because you are finally safe.  now with that being said….i hope they both get life and that everyday you are beat to almost death. i would whoop your ass everyday….never again would you ever have a moment of peace. i would make you want to kill yourselves which is what you should’ve done in the first place.

  3. I live in Skagit county, its a shock to hear a story such as this come from anywhere but more so from where you live, I feel so sorry for this little girl, I dont understand how someone can harm a innocent child that knows nothing of this world. I will never forget me & my 4yr old were at the store and she was talking to this little girl, so I asked the mom how old she was she was 4 months younger than my daughter but looked about two, her two front teeth were rotted out and her hair was in a rats nest, I regert not getting their number and trying to help that little girl. I know for sure if I eversee them again I will. I really wish there was something more communities could do to help these children.

  4. Ann sent me the following e-mail. I didn’t want to get into the whole book thing but it does need to be stated…

    The parents used a book called To Train Up A Child by Michael and Debi Pearl. These fuckwads (and I use the term loosely) are connected to at least 2 other children’s deaths in the country ( Sean Paddock and Lydia Schatz). The Pearls advocate hitting children as young as 3 months with a piece of flexible plumbing line to make them obey, yeah 3 months.
    The NY Times is currently seeking contact from anyone who has been abused by the techniques advocated by the Pearls or from parents who realized what a deception these people are putting forth. Lots of the people who use the Pearls technique are evangelical Christians who distrust the government, who homeschool, which is a good way to hide your kids beatings, adopt children from overseas and don’t understand RAD, and consider that their children rather than not being able to adjust in the parent’s time frame, are filled with Satan and the sins must be beaten out of them.

    Google anti quiverfull and you’ll find some mind opening blogs.

    Just wanted to share with you.

    1. The article I read this in last night talked about that book.  In it it teaches biting a baby as discipline as well as many other torturous ways to make children fear you… 

      As far as I’m concerned the book needs to be pulled from circulation and the Amish fanatic that wrote it should be prosecuted as an accessory or accomplice  in each murder!! 

      1. omg biting also..i read a link online to the book and excerpts from it and it horrified me.

      2. I have read the book.

        It actually says that when a nursing infant bites the  nipple, the mother should pull the baby’s hair hard to show it pain back. And then even details, “what if the child is baldheaded still?”.

        Sick, sick people.

      3. Why don’t you actually read their books before you spread disinformation? “I read in an article”… well then golly! It MUST be true…

    2. I hope these horrible wastes of space, rot in JAIL! OR better yet just sentence to death by leathal injection or just let a bunch of people who actually give a shit beat the crap out of them till they die!!!! I really wish something could be done with our CPS system, I understand that they are overworked and underpaid (at least) in WA but maybe they could get volunteers, something needs to be done here &  everywhere. I  admit my own kids get under my skin but they are toddlers and they dont know any better they just want my attention yeah its annoying at times but never would I lay my hands on my girls.

    3. Omigosh, stop with the Christian bashing. I am one. I am familiar with the Pearls, have read their books and while I do not advocate everything they teach they have not advocated hitting infants. You should do research before spreading your bigotry. And no I am not quiverfull, was not raised quiverfull, actually believe in contraception and my kids are not abused and as you know since I have been commenting her for a while I hate HATE child abuse but I do believe in the Bible and can’t stand Christian bashing. 

      1. If your talking to Trench, you are a moron.  He IS a Christian.  (eyeroll)

      2. Where in that comment did he bash Christians?

  5. Well, I read the arrest warrant in it’s entirety. I wish I hadn’t. Where do people like this get their ideas for punishment? I have a rebellious child and I have never forced him to take a cold shower or keep food from him or sit outside in any kind of whether (with the exception of a beautiful day and making both my kids play outside and get away from the tv, computer, and video games). I HAVE tried a contract with specific logical rules with specific punishments for each one. I HAVE tried spanking him. I HAVE taken away privileges of the obvious like tv and games and going to friend’s houses. I HAVE tried time out and standing in the corner. You know all the usual stuff. Now I’m trying to reward good behavior as well as punishing bad behavior. Here’s the thing though. I know I’m not a perfect parent and in knowing that, I know my children can’t be perfect either. To rebel is normal for most kids especially at 13. And the disabled boy being punished for something he can’t even control is flat out ludacris. I hope these parents rot in prison before spending eternity burning in the hell they were so hell bent on keeping their children from. Bastards.

  6. This is why some good people do not get the chance 2 adopt. I hope these 2 get what’s coming 2 them. How dare they treated that little girl like that. I’m adopted, I’m so grateful 4 my parents. Im sure I threw fits, however they never beat or withheld food from me. Rip Angel

  7. IMO If you’re THICK enough to need a crock of shit book such as “How to Train Up A Child” in order to parent effectively, then you OBVIOUSLY are not blessed with any ennate parenting abilities and as such, should never be allowed within a five- metre radius of anyone under 18. Ever.
    How are people like this ever even considered as prospective parents?

  8. What the fuck?

  9. how do people do these things? i am betting if she attended family therapy with this child that in time it could have been a wonderful thing for all involved..instead she hated her from day one and the thought of a child being accused of “stealing” food???What the  hell…that’s so upsetting

  10. omg i read halfway through and i couldn’t read anymore..those poor be treated this way is very very upsetting…why do people bother? why didn’t this woman the one who reported this call someone in 2009 when she first noticed this treatment..i’m sorry but i am a strong believer in the law that states is you see this going on you need to report it..we all have a responsibility to those weaker than us…even if you are is better to be safe than sorry

  11. How sad.  RIP angel.

  12. Good old fashioned Christian parenting. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Too bad no one in her knitting circle spoke up before she starved the child to death.

  13. Let me just throw out there…this is NOT christian parenting and I am offended that it has even been inferred as such!

    This is two dumb fuck twits who listened to two more dumb fuck twits that think they know everything there is to know about parenting. (Debi and Michael Pearl).

    Personally, I feel that just the books that these two idiots write where they openly and in detail name a ton of things that are abusive, physically and mentally should be used as evidence against them in court!

    Spare the rod, spoil the child is not in the bible. It is from a 17th century poet named Samuel Butler. There is  mention in the proverbs on a rod and that it should be used to guide your children. BUT NO WHERE does it say that we should beat our children. Rods were symbols of authority and a way to GUIDE the sheep. The only thing remotely said in the bible about this goes something like this in layman’s terms” If you love your children, guide them. By not showing them the way, it shows hatred.”

    I am quite sure that what was done to this poor kid showed her NOTHING. If she would have survived into adulthood, she would not have known how to love anyone properly, not have known how to properly clean herself, or even engage in holiday celebrations, she would not have known how to mother her own children, she would not have known how to even eat properly and nutritiously.

    My personal belief is that we are parents to SHOW our children how to be adults. One day, they will leave us and need to know how to fend for themselves. Every interaction with your child is an opportunity to teach even if you didn’t know it. Like, bedtime rituals for example. You think it doesn’t teach them anything? It does. It teaches them how to self soothe, love, kindness, patience, reading (if a book is involved), and much much more.

    Take everything they did to this child and try to picture Jesus as a father. You think He’d do these things??? I don’t think so!

    The truth is, this evil couple expected a smaller child without Hep B, without medical problems, without being a few years away from puberty. They hated her (and her little brother) and punished them for it. They enjoyed every minute of it. They deserve to be SEVERELY punished and so do the authors of the book they read from!

    (Okay, off my soapbox now)

  14. I started to read some excerpts from that book. Truly disturbing. What a couple of whack jobs, they should be arrested right along with the “parents” who follow their advice!

  15. My friend’s friend adopted a little girl from Ethiopia and took flip flops and coloring books to the orphanage. You would have thought they won the lottery. They were so excited and crying and laughing with joy! These were kids who were bare foot, had no toys and probably never received a single gift in their lifetime. I am going to start crying now. I saw the video of this woman’s trip and it just touched me so much.

    My son has NEVER stolen food from the fridge or pantry and he has full access to it. You know why I think that is? Because I FEED HIM. I make sure he gets enough to eat during meals he doesn’t feel desperate to sneak food. He rarely asks for snacks. And if he does occasionally ask for a snack, I give it to him (if its not right before dinner) because I don’t want my child to be hungry. I enjoy feeding my child. 

    How can you take a poor child who has only known poverty her whole life and starve and beat her to death? 

  16. I am a Christian. I am a different denomination than the Pearls but I hate when people start bashing them without knowing anything. The Pearls are weird people, no doubt about it… skirts to the ground, long knotty hair, lace coverings on the head… the husband is an ass imo. But I have read their books and there is some good advice in there (especially the marriage one) and some not so good advice. Some of the things they say are kooky BUT I really wish people would do their OWN research before disseminating bad information about things. Thats all I’m going to say on that. 

    And I would guarantee if you came to my house you would find a very healthy kid and a very healthy fetus inside me.  So don’t make this a “Christian” thing because I assure you the majority of Christian parents are good parents like you all are. 

    1. They didn’t make this a Christian issue. Trench in no way pointed to Christianity. Another commenter did, and also Trench posted something up that came (I’m assuming) from an e-mail hence the italics. No one here is saying that Christians are child abusers or bad people.

      Now, I have read things from this couples book, and they have advocated striking infants. One instance in particular was a 6 month old who would get a switch struck to he rif she climbed the stairs, but when that wasn’t working after a while they placed the switch on the stairs and the child did not climb the stairs. How is that not striking an infant?

      P.S. The “like” wasn’t supposed to be a like. I meant to hit reply.

  17. People who generalize about any religion are ignorant. 

  18. Ok everybody. Trench says chill the fuck out. 

    I intentionally left religion out of this post because I didn’t want it turning into a fucking theology discussion. Now it has because one cowardly assclown who posted as ‘Guest’ had to come in here just to bash Christianity. If you have an issue with any religion take it somewhere else. I have no time for ignorance. 

    And yes I am a Christian and I’m damn proud of it and I would die defending my faith if I had to. However I’m also not some bible beating douchebag who doesn’t tolerate other faiths. Also having said that don’t anybody fucking dare go lumping me in with criminal scum like the Williamses. They may call themselves Christians but they are definitely not. Not to mention that zealots come in all forms, even people with no faith. 

    Now everybody kiss and make up and let’s go back to making sure that people know about these child abusers in our backyards. 

    Except for ‘Guest’ you can go fuck yourself. 

    I never said I was the best Christian. 

    1. No one’s perfect.   But I’m not kissing anyone here.

      1. Not even me? I think I'm hurt…. Really hurt.

        1. Well, okay, you.  But no “guest.” 

          1. Oh. You should have seen the happy dance I did. Mmmmmm.

  19. I read the entire arrest warrant which included interviews with the older siblings in the house. They have already been brainwashed by the parents and called the adopted kids’ behavior rebellion, etc. just like they learned from their sick parents. So now what happens to these kids?? They are obviously seriously damaged goods from all this.

    1. It’s not impossible for them to be ‘cured’ for lack of a better word.

      —– Original message —–

  20. I was gonna stay out of the drama, here. I need to know how Trench got turned into the asshole. As far as I can tell, he wasn’t weighing in on the whole debate until he had to.

    All hail King Trench.

    1. Hail to the king baby. 

  21. I am appalled by this story.  One need only look at Carri Williams photo to see that the woman is an emotionally sterile, stone-cold bitch.  Her home and bathroom may have been clean, but her soul is black and withered.   Who thought it would be a good idea to let her adopt two children with special needs?  Hana was a beautiful girl and deserved a home with warmth and affection.  Oh yeah, and meals, too.  I can only hope that our justice system will avenge her short and painful life.

  22. I’ve been following this story on a forum.  The Williamses were all about this book called To Train Up A Child, by Mike and Debi Pearl.  The Pearls are the most horrible people to have ever lived- Larry and Carri Williams did not do a single thing that was not recommended by the Pearls.  And I’m sure you guys have heard of two other kids that died- Lydia Schatz was one of them, and there was a little boy named Sean but I can’t recall his last name.  Anyway, all three of these children were adopted by Christian fundamentalist child collectors who like to call themselves Quiverfull.   Lydia and her sister were from Liberia; the sister survived the horrid, horrid mistreatment but nearly died of kidney failure.  Turns out when you have the shit beaten out of you with motherfucking PLUMBING LINE (yes, the Pearls advocate hitting children with PLUMBING LINE) your body breaks down, gets into your bloodstream and clogs up your kidneys.  I’d elaborate more, but I hate writing long comments and this is something that requires a long blog post. 

    1. Sean Paddock



      1. That’s it.  But yeah, google Mike and Debi Pearl and see how sick they are.  They are truly sick fucks.  I’ve been put off by some of the more violent comments here on BB recently, but for the Pearls, go right fucking ahead.  They deserve every bit of it.  Hey, if they can dish it out to BABIES…. yes, fucking BABIES.  Sean Paddock was only four years old.  The Pearls’ daughter learned to crawl at four months (probably to escape her sick fuck parents) and when she got near the stairs- instead of being responsible parents and putting her in a bouncy seat or, you know, WATCHING THEIR FOUR MONTH OLD CHILD they beat her legs.  Yeah… I hope that if the justice system doesn’t get to them, an angry mob of BBers will.

        1. I did read some on them this morning, that is actually how I found out Sean’s last name.  His mother foster/adopted mother wrapped in blankets as punishment for wetting the bed I think and suffocated him.  They are freaks saying their discipline for breaking children is much the discipline used by farmers to break their horses and shit!  WTF!


          1. I followed that story awhile back. I believe that he kept getting out of his bed and wandering around the house at night.

            She says that she felt he was in danger so she tied him tightly to the bed with blankets and sheets. SOOOO tight that he couldn’t fill his lungs with air due to the pressure on his tiny chest. He suffocated.

            Somewhere in that police report he was also mentioned that she had done this to other children in her care as well. She also had put actual FURNITURE on top of them to keep them down also.

            I wish people discovered these things BEFORE these babies die. To be taken out of horrible unloving situations just to be put in something worse is what breaks my heart. They should have MORE love after what they endured from their biological parents, not to be abused and murdered.

          2. I think you are right, I read this morning she wrapped him tightly in blankets.  I couldn’t remember why!  She and her pal all freakin coo-coos if you ask me!  LOL


  23. I have heard the Williamses are out on bail.

  24. Do people think of children as puppies?  This woman’s mad because they didn’t get a baby??  Why, ’cause babies are cuter??  Sure, babies are beautiful but parenting is about nurturing and taking care of a child!  If *I* were adopting, I’d hope for a younger baby only to take care of them sooner and bond and try to be a positive presence in their lives not for my own jollies!  Not to feel like I got a better deal or whatever!  An older child is a precious opportunity to be kind and to nurture a person who really needs it!  Who’s seen hardship and already has heartbreak in their lives.  It would be a privilege to, gently, welcome them into my world and, in time, make them see that they can trust and be loved and that their parents will be there for them.  With the mentality of ‘she was too old’ this woman wasn’t ready to have ANY child let alone a baby!  Who no matter *how* cute would actually try your patience even more!  Seriously, a baby is not a car or a house, it’s not just another acquisition with which you get to identify!  They are their own person who requires gentle care!  Anyway, I’ve rambled.  I wish that those who didn’t want to be parents wouldn’t adopt and wouldn’t have babies, either.  Well, not ones they kept, anyway.

    There’s the affidavit, in its entirety.  It’s fucking horrible.  Not only do Larry and Carri need to be executed, the Pearls do too as well.  We can burn all of the Pearlites at the stake.  Or, you know, sit on their chests, beat them with plumbing line, throw them outside at night, deny them food and make them shower outside.  See how they fucking like it.  That’s not discipline, that’s fucking torture. 

    Also, here’s a copy of To Train Up A Child: fucking insanity.  

  26. Does anyone know who the adoption agencies involved were for Larry and Carrie Williams?  They had to have one in WA and then may have had one for the Ethiopian side of the adoption.  If you know where I can find this info, please let me know.

  27. how awful poor little child what is wrong with suck people are they really demons in human body?

  28. The trial has been going on for about three weeks now and is expected to continue into mid-September. Carri Williams’s attorney is abusing the adopted boy all over again, contending that he is lying so he can stay with his foster family. When he testifies to something damming to Carri, the attorney pretends he said the opposite and the boy has to keep correcting her. The attorney does not do the same thing to the bio children who are also testifying to Carri’s abuse. I am praying for justice for this poor boy and his murdered sister.

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