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Grand Rapids, MI – Infant shaken, dad faces 15 years

Father charged with shaking, newborn daughter

Let me start off saying this, I am a mom and I have gotten frustrated with all of my kids at some point in time. When that frustration hit I would either hand off my baby to my husband, or if that was not an option, I’d put my child some place safe and walk away to take time to recollect and come back. Never has the thought of harming my child or shaking them crossed my mind to solve the problem. This is not the case for 25- year- old Michael Suchodolski of Grand Rapids, MI.

Court records show that on October 5, 2011, Michael Suchodolski was caring for his 17-day-old-daughter Karmen Johnson. Karmen’s mom, Samantha Johnson, says that Karmen wouldn’t stop crying and Suchodolski got frustrated and shook her. It is unclear if the mother was home at the time of the incident, but my guess is that she wasn’t because Suchodolski is documented as having said that when he realized the girl was injured he took her to the hospital. No mention has been made of his explanation of why he was bringing the little girl in. Knowing how the grand majority of the breeders here work I’ll bet he tried to blame it on her falling off of a couch, a bed, or somehow slamming her head in the tub. Something ridiculous that we know medical staff can see right through to try and cover his ass.  Hospital staff immediately called authorities with their suspicions of abuse. What gets me is, 17 days this beautiful angel had been on this Earth, and Dip-shit McGee had to take matters into his own hands by trying to silence this girl forever!

After several tests and CT scans Karmen is documented as having a fractured skull, brain hemorrhaging, swelling of the brain, and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Facebook updates done by her mother show she was on a feeding tube and also wasn’t breathing on her own, but as the days have passed she has started to make a remarkable recovery. More recent updates by her mother show, she is still in intensive care, but the feeding tube and ventilator have since been removed, and baby Karmen has also began to move around and respond to sound. She is expected to survive, but it is still unclear how much, if any, permanent brain damage has been done.

Suchodolski is currently behind bars on a $20,000 bond. He is charged with 2 counts of 1st degree felony child abuse causing injury. If he is convicted he faces 15 years in prison. 15 years is too short if you ask me, but that’s why I’m not a judge in an actual courtroom.

 **Thanks to Suzee for the tip and write-up.**

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  1. Hopefully the other inmates will see to it he needs a feeding tube himself, or better yet a toe tag.

  2. I pray she has no brain damage remaining once she is fully recovered. Not even a month old and some selfish scumbag tried to end her life.

    I agree 15 years is not enough. At least, we can hope the inmates cause him some permanent brain damage. Though, I like the thought of him being shaken until his neck snaps off.

  3. Takes a big man…what a fucking turd!!!

    How about we all chip in and get one of those things that violently shake nuts from trees?  We can strap him in and just let it go until parts of him fly off. 

    I pray that she continues to make a miraculous recovery! 

  4. I would give him life in prison if I were the judge.
    I pray the baby girl will heal completely.

  5. life in prison ain’t even enough. i’m from grand rapids, michigan and i know a lot of people who wouldn’t mind seeing this bastard burned at the stake if they were to hear about this. but if he gets the fifteen years the other inmates will take care of him, since hes the lowest form of life even if you ask murderers, bank robbers, etc.

  6. I think he ought to get the death penalty,possibly death by lethal injection.Then America won’t have so many scumbags like him.

  7. I felt so sorry for the mom. Until, I read this comment she posted on her wall on Facebook in reference to people adding her for updates on the baby… “yeah i know but it just bugs me because they dont ask about how i am doing or anything i know its about karmen but its me and her brother too in this”

    I can’t imagine I would care if people cared how I was, while my baby was in ICU.

    1. Oh Nice!!! How could we all forget about her?  She’s obviously an asshole!


    2.  I know both parties. And new or nothing ever get it right. They never told you she has been in trouble for abuse and neglect right. She also never ever let him out or talk to his family for friends. She had numerously threaten me and told me I was not aloud to talk to an old friend who had 2 girls besides this baby and a son and NEVER HURT them but they bother to say this. He has been gently with my son and was very crabby and he was great with him. She is not as innocent as everyone making her out to be all she wants is attention. He wanted out but did not want out because constantly threaten him if he left she would take them away. There was a statement made he wanted a boy if that was true why did he not do it to his other two daughter? But she wanted him gone cause he was going to leave her.  I wouldnt be surprised if she had done it because she hit her son before and hurt him and almost got him taken away if he took the blame for her before anyone judges get to know both sides before you talk and I agree.  With you she was upset because people cared about the baby and not her right there tells you something also wrong with her.

      1. If he is innocent and covering for her he is a piece of crap for leaving his defenseless daughter with an abuser. Unless English is your second language, you need to go back to middle school.

  8. There will always be two sides to any story, and we have to trust that anyone to blame (either by negligence or direct abuse) will be held accountable.

    Just because someone is good with your kid, doesn’t mean they are good with all kids. I personally sit out on outings when I know my sister is inviting my nephews friends along, just because I cannot stand some kids (not that I would beat them for being snotty, just a case and point lol). I’ve also seen even the most cool-headed of people lose it over something small, so just saying “well he’s a good guy” isn’t really good enough in my books.

  9.  To the response to everyone on here I think it is very sad.  I know the mothers of his other children. What I do not understand is why a women would be with a man that was convicted of being a sex offender? He was on the list although she stayed with him knowing her kids were at risk? I hope the children regardless the sides. He also had a violent past.

  10. This blog was just brought to my attention.I am not sticking up for him but there are alot of  things that need to be taken into account here. Michael is my daughter’s ex husband, they’ve been divorced approximately 4 years and have a 5 1/2 year old daughter. And no I never liked him. Yes, Michael was on the sor, the offense happened when he and the girl were both about 12 years old and he was taken off when the changes were made. I saw the transcripts of that and it looked like a case of 2 kids fooling around and her parents found out. The case of child abuse is horrible and most of the story never got out in the news, but its in the court transcript which is public. CPS in Kent County already had a case open on this family of  Michael, Samantha Johnson and their children Michael Jr and Karmen. In one of the first hearings the CPS worker stated Samantha admitted she had left bruises on Jr a year before and Cps was still involved, helping them become “good parents” when this happened. The CW also stated she knew Michael had total daily care of these children. And looking at Sam’s facebook page at this time she complained constantly about the kids crying, not minding and bothering her when she was watching tv or on the phone. Yes, 2 babies do those things, Right?  The news made it look like a 1 time thing, Mike beat this tiny baby on 4 different days with Samantha present in the home. In the court records he admitted to throwing her down, sitting her in a chair and hitting her in the stomach finally one day he lost control and he shook her, after awhile he realized something was wrong and took her to the hospital. Sam stated she was afraid of him, well if she was afraid of him why did she stay make him take care of both babies everyday? Her facebook entry’s before this happened  were all ” Poor Sam” no one feels sorry for her, she has to take care of 2 babies, no money, DHS made her take classes and got her a car as Mike was in an accident and had brain damage from that, he couldn’t work or drive for a long time. He did get a job and was working at the very last and still had daily care of the babies when he was home, with Sam in the home everyday. The whole situation is horrible Michigan’s CPS is not working when things like this happen. Now instead of them just putting both babies up for adoption to a family who would love them CPS has given Sam visitation and are giving her a chance to get the children back with her.  If she couldn’t care for them before how in the hell is she going to take care of  a toddler boy and a baby girl who has brain damage with a feeding tube, and I have heard she is blind with other developemental issues. Not only that, Sam moved back into her parents home and the judge stated she could not have the children there as her dad is a registered offender on her.Instead of Sam trying to do something to help with her babies when people gave her money for gas and what the kids needed while Karmen was in the hospital(oh yeah, she never told people she lost custody) she got a new cell phone and tatoo. She never thought to go to school and try to make a home for them or anything that made it look like she would do things different. This is just a little of what was said in court, Mike plead guilty on his own. But I really wonder how much more there is to the child abuse side.

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