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It’s October of 2009, Anna M. Riggs and her husband Brandon Riggs were so desperate for drugs and money they sold their 4-month-old baby boy to their drug dealers for $13,000 and some pills, allegedly. I only say “allegedly” because articles are conflicting, and because of statements made by Brandon Riggs.

I’m sure our readers here at BB are wondering, why are we just now hearing about this? Well, after some reading of quite a few articles I have the answer, but it will only break your hearts even more. According to authorities, the police found out after arresting another person on unrelated drug charges and told investigators what was going on. Yes, the “parents” of that sweet baby boy went through with the sale and left their child with their (alleged) drug dealers Stephen and Melissa Lynch.

It doesn’t end here however. See, there is a history with the Riggs couple. Apparently, investigators found another couple who said they cared for the child for about two months in 2009. The couple, Roberson said in the affidavit, “advised me that the Riggs had a serious problem with methadone and couldn’t care for the child. They watched the baby during these two months for approximately five out of the seven days in the week. They told me that if the child wasn’t with them, the Riggs were dumping the child onto someone else.” After months of caring for the baby, Anna Riggs showed up out of the blue and took him away from the family friends, and in their own words “broke their hearts.” They hadn’t seen the baby since.

It seems that shortly after taking her son away from the people who had been so lovingly caring for him is when she and her husband made the deal and made good on it with the Lynches. The Lynches physically got the baby in October of 2009 when the baby was 4-months-old, and that is where he has remained until the current investigation. The Lynches explanation for taking the baby was because they could not have children of their own, and the alleged sale was to ensure the Riggs wouldn’t back out of an adoption agreement.

In the probable cause affidavit, Howard County sheriff deputies accuse the Lynch couple of dealing drugs to the Riggses before and after receiving the Riggs’ infant son in 2009. “It is apparent through interviews with Melissa and Stephen Lynch that they were well aware that the Riggs were addicts and that it was obvious by keeping them supplied with illegal narcotics that the adoption would be completed,” the probable cause affidavit reads.  Investigators accuse the Lynches of providing the opiate drugs oxycodone and morphine to the Riggses, along with other controlled substances.

A neighbor of the Lynches, Jennifer Hatt says it was obvious to her the family was dealing drugs, “A lot of traffic going in and out.” When asked about the baby Hatt goes on to say, “I never even saw a baby. Never even saw a baby so it was shocking that there was a baby that lived there.” Yet another thing that helped keep the sale under wraps. If neighbors would have seen the baby, but could recall that Melissa was never pregnant or spoke about trying to adopt, then that would be a big red flag now wouldn’t it? So, being the “intelligent” scum they are the baby was kept out of sight. However, Melissa did have the baby listed as her son on Facebook. Nothing has been noted about if family or friends of Melissa and Stephen questioned their new son. It still leaves me to wonder, how did the people that were closest to the Lynches completely miss this, or are Melissa and Stephen just good liars?

Investigators said Brandon Riggs has admitted to taking “at least $10,000 in cash and or gifts,” and noted that the legal guardianship papers were notarized one week prior to his purchasing of a $3,531 used car. One week after the car purchase, the paperwork for the adoption process had been signed, investigators say. Brandon went on to say in a letter, “We thought we were doing everything right,” Brandon Riggs wrote in his letter. “We went to an attorney and signed legal documents for the adoption. After that, I don’t know where things stopped. I thought that’s why people used lawyers?”

Brandon has also accused the officer who investigated the case, Howard County deputy Matt Roberson, of attempting to “boost these accusations to full potential for his own career goals.”  Brandon has also gone on to defend his actions also because he and his wife “were in no way capable of caring for a newborn, let alone a newborn with medical complications.” He also says the Lynches “are good people and good parents.” Good people and good parents? Only something a drug addict would say about the drug dealers who bought their baby under the mask of a legal adoption process. Does anyone else think that this alleged sale went on just in case the adoption fell through? Criminal background checks and home studies are required for an adoption process. If no one could pass the background check or whatever else was needed, then the sale of a child was going to make everything concrete instead right? The Riggs can’t back out because they can’t pay the money and drugs, er I mean gifts, back. The Lynches wanted a child so badly that they would pay anything to make it happen just in case the courts said no. In the drug world I’m sure this makes perfectly logical sense.

The Riggses and the Lynches are all in custody. All are being charged with Class A felony charges of conspiracy to commit dealing in a narcotic and also Class D felony charges of conspiracy to commit child selling and profiting from an adoption.

The only silver lining here is there is not a dead child to report. I wish this baby boy the best of luck, and may he be placed with someone who will love and cherish him for the blessing and ray of sunshine he is. I can only imagine how confusing this whole ordeal has been for him, and I hope he hasn’t suffered any sort of trauma by the couple who, allegedly, bought him while he was in their care. I’m also preparing for family members or friends from either side of the sale to pop up here at some point to cry slander and tell us how wrong we are. Any bets on how long it will take?

Brandon Riggs Jr.

 ***Special thanks to Suzee for the write-up.***

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  1. This one was difficult to write. It pulled at my heartstrings for starters, and also because there is so much to the damned story it was hard to fit it all in a manner that made sense.  Also, Melissa Lynch tried to avoid prosecution for a period of time before her arrest. She officially turned herself in to Howard County Jail on October 19th, 2011.

  2. So if the parents had/have these serious drug problems and the loving family that took care of the boy for a couple months had their heart broken, how come they never went to authorities when the Riggs came and took the baby back?

    1. Good point!



    2. An extremely good point!

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