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Angela Antoinette Coleman

This story is what started my “history” with (P) I became a reader after this baby died and years later would begin to write for this site. It’s taken me all these years to be able to write about little Angela Coleman. But with what would have been her 6th birthday coming up in about a week, I’ve finally found myself really wanting to write her story.

See, I knew baby Angela. And I knew her mom, Z. Z and I worked in the same building, she was a security guard here at my company.  I was at work when Z got the news that her 13-month old baby girl was being rushed to the ER. I was at work the next day when the news spread that little Angela had died at the hand’s of Z’s boyfriend. I went to Angela’s funeral and saw her tiny casket and the pain in her family’s eyes.  I saw her mother, my friend, in more pain than I’ve ever seen another human being in my life.  Her death changed my life forever. Her mother’s pain and to see her brothers in suits at her funeral is a memory that I will never be rid of.

Z’s boyfriend, Tywon Renwick, is who killed baby Angela – while Z was at work. Typical story here at BB, huh? We’ve heard it a thousand times. We get “trolls” coming here to tell us that we’ve got it all wrong, that their beloved brother, sister, wife, husband, lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, friend could never do such things. That we have our facts wrong and we believe too much media hype. Well, I know this story firsthand and I’ve gotten more details from my friend Z so that no one can ever say those things about this story.  I am writing this story with her permission.

Z was at work that fateful day in January 2006.  Her boyfriend, Tywon was watching her little girl. I don’t know if he was employed or not. I do know that Z trusted her only girl to this man, as he loved her as his own. I know that Z never saw any signs of abuse towards Angela and that him hurting her that day came completely out of the blue. If you research this story online, you’ll see that there is mention that little Angela had suffered a previous leg fracture and Z was investigated. She was never removed from her home and doctor’s found this injury consistent with her jumping up and down in a bouncer and landing incorrectly on her leg, causing the injury.

When EMT responded to Tywon’s 911 call, he claimed that Angela had fallen off of the bed and hit the floor. Boy if I had a dollar….  He obviously has the same excuse handbook that all the other murdering motherfucking boyfriends have that we’ve all read about. But, just like all our other stories, we know that those pesky doctors and Medical Examiners can see through the bullshit. Angela died of blunt force trauma to the head that was consistent with her being beaten in the head.  Tywon was promptly arrested and charged with murder. He did eventually admit to what he did. He’s serving a 25 years to life sentence in Maryland. I sincerely hope from the bottom of my soul that he never sees the light of day again or knows what freedom and happiness feel like.

Z still suffers daily, missing her only girl. She’s got 3 sons that still ask where their sister is. Z has gone to counseling and she says its helped a little. She especially misses her during the holidays and the pain becomes unbearable around Angela’s birthday. But she’s trying to deal with it the best she can.  To quote Z, “Angela may be gone, but she will never be forgotten”.

Unearthing Angela’s story has made me so sad, all over again. I remember Z’s pregnancy and her excitement she she found out she was finally having a girl. Z is a tiny little thing, and she carried this big belly around with her like a champ. I brought her some leftover baby clothes from when my daughter was born, to help her out. I remember meeting Z’s beautiful little boys and how incredibly sweet and well-mannered they were. And how much they loved their baby sister. When I met Angela, I fell in love. She was the cutest and sweetest little thing.

My heart will always belong to Angela and Z in some way. I’ve never personally known a baby to die and certainly never thought I’d go to the funeral of a 13-month old. They are forever etched in my thoughts.

RIP Angela, you will never be forgotten.

Thank you all for allowing me to write and reading  this incredibly personal story.

Z and her boys





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  1. Nice write up for a story whose time had come. I too came here after having a personal connection to one of these horrible stories. That’s a cute picture of Z with her boys. I know it couldn’t have been easy moving on, but her boys look wonderful

    1. Angelacoleman1192006

      Thank u very much

      1. Angela, I am terribly sorry for your loss.  I hope you find it comforting that we all love your baby girl, even if we have never met her.  Danielle was the perfect voice for this one and her knowing you only added to her passion and love for your little angel. 

  2. Danielle, thanks so much for sharing. SO painful and truly heartbreaking for her Mom, who seems to have lived for her children. I’ve been a reader of BB for many years and, almost two years ago, had a child that I knew murdered at the hands of his father’s girlfriend. To this day, which will be two years in March, this evil, baby murdering, waste of air is free on bail, awaiting her punishment for brutally beating this child, allowibg him to bleed out for days, and then dumping his body before reporting him missing. I attend this c***s hearings every month (which hasnt gone ANYWHERE) and it’s all I can do not to jump on her, deliver a lil ass whoopin from a grown ass woman. I pray for the day this little guy gets SOME kind of justice and you guys can tell his story. RIP Julian. Again Danelle, and ALL you writers at BB, THANK YOU!!!

  3. Beautiful write up Danielle. I’ve been reading here for 6 years or so now. I too have had a personal relation to a couple of stories on here. I’m glad you were able to finally write for this girl, and I hope it helps you in your journey of healing and mourning. (:

  4. What a beautiful write up.  You did a really nice job with such a sad topic.  I hope that this helps in your healing a little bit.  Thank you for sharing.

    I  have never known any of the children in any of these stories personally, but a lot of them have touched my soul  and I think of them sometimes when I look into the faces of my children.  My children have definitely been on the recieving end of extra hugs and kisses, after I have read stories on here. 

  5. Thank you so much for writing this, Danielle.  It really brought the focus on the survivors and the victims in this horrible story and away from the waste of space that caused so much pain to this family.  I’m from MD and remember this case…

  6. “consistent with her jumping up and down in a bouncer and landing incorrectly on her leg, causing the injury.”
    I searched the internet and found nothing that would verify this…unless the jumper fell off its frame but that was not the case or it was omitted. Also, there is nothing on how long the mother and boyfriend were together. Lets get something straight-if one woman will be condemned for leaving her child with her “vag-filler” then they all must be condemned for it. Yes, I am a bitch, the kind that would not leave my babies alone with my c*ck. Lots of mothers grieve over the loss of thier child at the hands of their cum dispensers – remind me why this one is the exception again…I didn’t find it in the write up aside from someone here knows her. Isn’t that what the people who write in on behalf of all of the grieving mothers are trying to do? Talk about hypocracy. I AM sorry for the mother, but no more sorry for her than any of the others who put their need for a f*ck ahead of thier children.

    1. Wow… thank you for tainting my story with your bullshit you tw*t.  Z told me that the jumper came off of its hinges and collapsed, causing the injury. 

      I don’t know how long my friend was with this guy, if it was his very 1st time babysitting her baby or the 20th. I can certainly find out. Not that I have to answer any of your fucking questions.  Don’t assume that she was leaving her little girl alone with “c*ck”. 

      Fuck you. 

      1. they’re all tainted with bullshit and the babies are all left alone with c*ck-you’d know that if you read any of the other stories on here. Z is innocent because you worked with her. W/E.

        1. Oh yes, you’ve got me pinned. I’ve never read any of the other stories on here and have no idea what I’m talking about.  Z isn’t innocent because I worked with her, she’s innocent because I know the entire story and I was right there when it happened and we were friends. Not every other story gets to become so personal b/c we’re always writing about strangers. 

          You’re an asshole. 

          1. I may be an asshole and a tw*t and a bitch. I’m not stupid enough to believe your coworker is any less responsible for her childs death than any of the other mothers who go off to work with dick babysitting and that clearly pisses you off. You didn’t see it coming? Z is the only innocent one on here I guess because Danielle works with her. Now that’s stupid.

          2. You’re right, you’re exactly right.  But you’re also a c*** who needs to learn some tact.  Danielle isn’t some random “supporter” dropping onto the site to defend the indefensible and you would have been better off using a little bit of your brain.

          3. I know that Danielle is a veteran here and I AM a bitch, I laid that out in my first post, so when I have a passion about something controversial I EXPECT opposition-funny how others who are also bitches (and I mean that in the best possible way) dont ‘get’ that. I also know that the site is called bad BREEDERS, not bad boyfriends. PARENTING so bad its criminal. A select few of you are talented at name calling. I’m very impressed and I hope my kids never have to witness that kind of weak-minded defensive display in their lives. I love swearing-absolutely love it, (fucktard I learned here and is one of my favs) but I try to deliver my thoughts without using any bad language since it only replaces articulation with lazy attempts for shock value and we can all see how it just dumbs you down.

          4. Now… I’m queen bitch in these here parts and I thought I was actually nice to you. I see your point – and I agree. But, while criticizing Danielle, you could have commended you for what was obviously a very hard story to write. They are hard without knowing the babies… I can’t imagine writing about one I knew. I actually feel sick thinking about it.

          5. You should really take that stick out of your ass and bash yourself in the head with it, you pretentious idiot.   I was agreeing with the content of your arguments, and your response here is just more proof that you are a moron who’s only contribution to this discussion is to attempt to prove how intellegent you are, and failing badly.  “Lazy attempts for shock value and we can all see how it dumbs you down”.  Do you know how many times that’s stated (Well, not exactly, but the same sentiment) by someone who really has nothing to say?  Yep, I think we hit the nail square on the head with asshole.

          6. you are a moron who’s only contribution to this discussion is to attempt to prove how intellegent you are, and failing badly. (backatcha bitch)

          7. That’s the only thing you cared about in jj’s reply to you? You will likely say no, but it sure seems that way when it’s the only thing contained in your reply. You also obviously don’t try very hard with the “I try to deliver my thoughts without using any bad language since it only replaces articulation with lazy attempts for shock value and we can all see how it just dumbs you down.” 

          8. I don’t care at all about jj. I don’t care if he/she likes my posts, agrees with me or disagrees with me. I don’t come here to get affirmation or to have someone blow sunshine up my butt. He/she can think whatever he/she wants and my life will continue on…why? Should his/her comments keep me up at night? HA! Calling the badbreeders names is what we do here, I just think that calling other posters names is weak. I keep coming back to see what responses I get because I get a kick out of all of the feathers I ruffled. It is kind of entertaining and breaks up my day. We can keep going back and forth with this nonsense or we can move on…does that answer your question?

          9. Care was a poor choice of words. I don’t think it should keep you up at night blah blah blah. While, I don’t disagree that the name calling is most appropriate for the bad breeders featured here (for goodness sake I am a writer here and have been here for a while) it hasn’t just been done to them, even on your part. 

          10. I responded to you. I guess I wasn’t bitchy enough to warrant a response back.

            JJ is a regular. She’s also not one to bite her tongue. Obviously, neither are you. Why don’t we fight with people worth fighting with? Like the retards that defend baby killers?

          11. “I responded to you. I guess I wasn’t bitchy enough to warrant a response back.”
            No prob Bob! 

          12. Awww, you don”t care about me, boo hoo.

          13. In defense of Hedon…this story bothered me as well. Z’s guy was an already convicted criminal. That Z had living with her, her daughter and 3 beautiful boys. Convicted criminal. Now one might say that a carjacker does not make a baby killer…BUT why chance it? Z made a horrible, terrible mistake. And she paid way too big of a price. But calling the author out on this one wasn’t really a bad call. Perhaps if it was written at a different angle, proactively admitting she is like other young dumb girls…but. She screwed up. This is a great cautionary tale to those of us single moms that dig bad boys. Tough guys are one thing. Convicts, no matter how charming, need to be kept away from children.v

          14. “backatcha bitch”

            What an intellegent response

          15. you say this: 
            “I try to deliver my thoughts without using any bad language since it only replaces articulation with lazy attempts for shock value and we can all see how it just dumbs you down.”

            But you started this all with these words in your 1st post. 
            “”vag-filler,  bitch, c*ck, cum dispensers,  f*ck ahead of thier children.”

            Make up your mind sweetie.

          16. Like real nigga shit the mother know wat was going on she know tie ain’t kill that Lil girl he love them kids so nobody should had put shit in her head she knew wat she told tie the night b4 u told him to get the baby he said no u get up and get her she was standing up in her crib and u let her cry u was to lazy to get out of bed to get ur baby u left her crying then ur step father knock on the door and ask u do u want him to get her u said no and told tie u didn’t trust him and that u think he will do something to her that’s when tie jump up and grab his joint and u told him no don’t nothing at this time so if u gonna tell a story tell the truth h got that man lock up for nothing cause u lying god no that man didn’t

          17. Oh my god. Hood rat in the house!

          18. No grammar, no punctuation, rotten spelling.  Uneducated, ignorant, and (of course) defending the baby killer.  Yup, Hood Rat, in the worst possible way.

          19. I think it was “nigga” that got to me. That word, in any form, irks me.

          20. I can’t understand a fucking word of what you’ve said, my hood rat translator in on the frist. 

            But exactly how is “Tie” not responsible when Z was at work? I was fucking standing there when she got the call. How did she kill Angela then – please explain. 

          21. Doh. Who poked the bear?

          22. I’m done responding to you b/c you’ve made a really emotional day for me much worse.  I’ll admit that you got to me,  I’m a big girl.

             Z is my friend and I know personally what happened.  I have a fierce loyalty to all children and I am also always on the side of the child, no matter who the parent is. I would never in a million years choose to write about this story on here unless I stood behind the facts and felt as though Z were innocent, which I do. She’s not innocent b/c she’s my friend or b/c I worked with her. 

          23. Sorry, hon, I totally agree with the tw*t (although, the moron could have stated her opinion differently).  The mom was at work while her man, who was not the father of her child, was at home babysitting.  Man gets pissed and kills child.  The mother had NO BUSINESS leaving the child with her man.  PERIOD.  It’s different for you, because you knew/know her, but facts are facts, and she did the EXACT same thing that countless others are vilified for.

          24. I agree, she did leave her baby with her boyfriend – who wasn’t the father. And we CRUCIFY those women here. I’ve done it myself 1000 times before.  I haven’t asked her how long she was with him before this happened, but I do remember them being together since Angela was born  – he was there in her pregnancy when the bio-dad was not. 

            When I met my husband I  had a 5 year old.  He didn’t meet her until we’d been dating about 6 months — that was just when they met. At 8 months, he asked me to marry him and he moved in at 9 months. We’ve been married almost 4 years. You could say I’m the same dumb tw*t for moving in my boyfriend of 9 months. But I absolutely trusted him with every fiber of my being at that point. My daughter is #1 and I consider anyone who ever gets to meet her a lucky sonofabitch.  She’s my joy, my heart, and my everything. I would never ever ever put her in harm’s way or make a decision without putting her 1st. Period. 

            He would watch my daughter for me some nights when I go to the gym after work…. only after she was comfortable of course. He was dying to spend time with her so they could get to know each other without me around. I have no horrible end to my story… my husband is an amazing stepfather and father to our 2-year old.  

            The textbook case of “shoulda known better” doesn’t fit for every single story, that’s my point. After being with someone for what could possibly have been about a year and a half at this point and never seeing signs? Its possible. And Z worked the late shift here at my office, from 3 to 11 and I know her mother usually watched the baby.  Maybe her mother was sick that day and boyfriend just took over this once? I don’t know. 

            There was a story here recently about a guy who killed his girlfriend’s daughter in front of her twin sister. The mother attacked him, etc…. they were together for like 7 years or something. Every person involved in that story said that they would have never in a million years thought this guy would ever do anything like that. That he was a sweet and humble guy. 

            I can understand your judgement on Z, I really can b/c we’ve seen it all before.  I appreciate that you approached me with much more class than others chose to. 

          25. Sadly… She was a single mother with several children. She may have not been financially able to afford any other option. Now… I think we are all jaded from this site. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. Good because we may have learned from the mistakes these women have made, and bad because we trust NO ONE!!

      2. We can all see how investigators would find that story fishy. Then again… I fell out of bed in Vegas and broke my wrist. Everyone thought my husband, the sweetest person on the planet, beat me up. So… conclusions are easy to jump to. Don’t let this person get to you. You did a great job and we all have opinions about every story on here. She is as entitled to hers as we are to ours. We have been on that same side as her. The one where we aren’t buying anything stating that the mother wasn’t at fault. So don’t take it personally.

    2. I agree and I disagree. I would NEVER leave my child with my flavor of the week. Maybe because of all that I have read / written about on this site. That being said, my mother left me with my step father. LONG before the two were married. He never abuse me, raped me, neglected me, or otherwise. What sets Z apart from the whores we condemn is that the other women SAW signs and ignored them. Either that, or they defend the mother fucker who hurt their baby. Let’s keep that in mind before you jump the shit of one of our writers. She was obviously affected by this particular little girl. I imagine this was hard for her to write. I imagine it was even harder for her to ask the permission of a grieving mother. How about giving her kudos on a job well done.

  7. Danielle, thank you for sharing this very personal story.  I have never known a little baby that died from abuse, and it must be very painful.  My heart breaks reading these stories about children I don’t even know.  Angela was gorgeous.  May she rest in peace.  Hopefully, Z and her boys (such cuties) have begun the healing process and will have long, happy lives.  Thanks again. 

  8. I’m sorry for you and your friend. It’s hard as a 3rd party to go through this because you can’t help but put yourself in their shoes. I would like Z to know that I feel that even though this happened, that doesn’t change her status as a mother. She goes out and work to provide the best life for her children. It’s a double sacrifice. She’s still a good mom, and her children reflect that. She did nothing wrong, in my eyes.

  9. I hope after all she’s been through, Z can forgive herself for making a mistake just like I and millions of mothers have. I got lucky and my kids are fine. If men of God, teachers, police, and pediatricians will harm our children we are all guilty of leaving our kids with potential monsters. I wish Z still had her Angela. I really do.

    1. I’d be willing to bet that she will never forgive herself. I’m sure she wakes up every day and wishes she could trade places with her baby girl. I know I would.

  10. I know what it is like to know the truth and read comments about someone you know in the comments section of  a news story.

    Like others, I too first found this site because of a personal connection to a tragedy that was covered here.   When I read news coverage here locally of the tragedy, I remember the horror when people would imply that the victims in the case were victims because the mother somehow “failed” her child, when the truth was, CPS and the police and the system failed them both and she died protecting her child.  But yeah, people would make comments, and it would make me rage.

    Jaded and paranoid, yep, that’s me… but sometimes there are cases where no one saw it coming.  Where no one ever dreamed so and so would do “such a thing”.   It’s hard to forget that when we read over and over about what IS obviously a failure to protect on the part of one parent or another, but I don’t think that blood (or not) necessarily determines the outcome.   Like others here have said, my spouse and I have a blended family, and have been a family for 8 years now.  There is no “my kids/your kids” and there is no doubt, ever, that either of us wouldn’t protect each of these children regardless of  ‘blood’.  The kids know it too.

  11. That is so incredibly sad and my heart breaks for Z.  Her baby was so precious.  I’ll be praying for Z.

  12. I can not imagine how I’d feel if I were in Z’s shoes come time for another birthday without Angela. Geez! Thank God she has 3 cutey pie sons to help take off SOME of the grief, although I imagine they’re more of a distraction of the grief.

    I also agreed with Hedon’s sentiment. Sometimes I wonder if some of these mothers that have landed themselves on here were handled to harshley by BB readers. And I did see a similarity in how passionately Danielle talked about her knowledge with the others who stick up too. BUT! That being said, it doesn’t make me think Danielle is naively sticking up for Z, it makes me wonder if sometimes, maybe once in awhile, an innocent grieving mother isn’t being crucified on here.

    P.S. I’m not talking about the ones who have a boyfriend fresh out of prison, on a sex offender list, known drug users or a history of child abuse. So that cuts out a majority of the “innocent mothers” on here. Doesn’t seem like the case with Z but who knows.

    1. Well said and thank you!! 

      Thinking through the whole thing since yesterday, this story, Hedon’s statements, etc…. maybe I do jump to judge some of the other mothers, etc… on here without all my facts.  Speculation and assumptions b/c I’m so tainted by these stories and how much I research and read about child abuse. 

      BUT — ditto on your PS. Not counting those people. 

      1. I know that I’m guilty of it, I just don’t care; better safe than sorry.  That being said, I’m going to put something personal about myself out here.

         My ex is not the biological father of my youngest child.  We split soon after our daughter turned 2 and I started seeing someone else.  That relationship didn’t last long, and I found out I was pregnant shortly after we broke up.  He was/is not the kind of man that I would choose to have around my child/ren, and he was not into the idea of being a father, so we decided it was for the best that he was not involved with the child.  Shortly after this, my ex and I started working on our relationship.  He moved back in when I was about 6 months pregnant.  While he wasn’t in the delivery room when I gave birth (he was with our older 2 children), and he really didn’t have a say when it came to his name (I bounced ideas off of him, but it was my decision), he was his father from the second he was born.  And I did not leave my child alone with him for the first 6 months of his life.  There was never any doubt in my mind that my baby was safe with him, but why chance it?  He was a patient and loving father to our older 2, but why chance it?  He never raised his hand to our older 2, but why chance it?  I had to get over my insecurities about a man that I KNEW would NEVER harm my baby, but I allowed myself the time to see them bond and let my unfounded worries go.  His family knows that he is not biologically related to them, and it means nothing to them as well.  They treat him the same as our older 2, and his relationship with my evil c*** of an ex-mother-in-law is very special to both of them. 

        I’ve also been engaged for almost two years to a man that I’ve been with for seven years, and while he does stay overnight VERY rarely while my children are home, we do not live together.  We see each other every day, we have dinner as a family almost every night, we do alot of things together as a family, and he almost NEVER misses one of the kids’ games or events, but he goes to his house every night.  Why?  Because while my children are still under 18 (my youngest is almost 11) I will not have a man that I am not married to living in the same house as my children.  Not because I don’t trust him, but because I CHOOSE to set a moral example for my children.  I also have rarely left him alone with my children, maybe 2 or 3 times over the past 5 years (we were together several years before I introduced him to my children), and they were old enough to tell me if there was an issue.  Once again, not because I don’t trust him, because I do.  I trust him with my life, but I will not take the chance, however miniscule, with my children.

        Does that mean that my stance makes me a hipocrite?  It’s a matter of opinion.

        End of novel.

        1. I am in the same “thought boat” as you…sorta! lol

          I have dated in the past with my daughter and never left her alone with them. D. was a great guy to her too. She loved him sooo much and he seemed to love her. He was a good father to his son and I knew that, and he was a great guy to my daughter (better than her own father actually). But this image kept popping into my head:

          One night while watching some educational bullshit on tv (there was nothing else on)…I saw a study on male animals and how they come in, kill baby animals and “rape” the woman animal. They do this on an instinctual level to make sure their “seed” is the winner in the end.

          I am not saying that this is the case with all men. There are some dudes who step up to the plate and raise children that don’t belong to them biologically…but JUST IN CASE…I never left her alone with him. Is it an unfounded fear (as you stated)? Yes, I think it really is in both of our cases…but also like you said, WHY chance it? I also wouldn’t give this dude access to my entire bank account, no holds barred “just in case” and which is more important? My kid or my money?

          And I also was weird about spending the night (mainly because I didn’t want my daughter seeing different men coming in and playing house, when we weren’t married). Several times I’d wake D. up about 6 am to sneak into the spare room before my daughter woke up. lol

  13. This was a touching story and it did make me realize that sometimes I do judge the moms on here too harshly when thinking they must have seen warning signs, maybe some didn’t. It’s all so tragic.

  14. I agree with hedon and JJ – I think Danielle is being a bit hypocritical defending a woman she would normally chastise.  Additionally, I see her “liking” posts from individuals who defend her by also defending another abuser (SherriDurham) when she usually would jump down the throats of such people (and rightfully so).  I’m just wondering why Danielle thinks it’s okay to judge when you don’t know the person, but takes the opposite approach with her friend? 

  15. In awful and very disappointing news, I learned that the baby murderer in this story is either getting out or already is out after only 6 years behind bars. Justice not served 🙁 

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