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"He never got to open his presents…"


Mom and boyfriend charged in death of toddler, Christopher Valdez died on his 4th birthday 

Murder charges filed against mother of slain 4-year-old-boy, that died on his birthday 

Mom’s boyfriend charged with murder in death of 4-year-old 

Christopher Valdez 4- year-old, killed on his birthday 

Mom and boyfriend charged in death of boy killed on his birthday  

** Get the Kleenex ready ladies and gentlemen, you are going to need them.**

For those of us on here who are parents, what do you for your kids for their birthdays?  Personally, I go overboard.  I figure it’s their day; I love them and am grateful daily that I was blessed with them, so I do it up on their birthdays.  We get presents, a cake of their choice, make loot bags for the guest and invite all the friends and family we can.  It’s a big hoopla. I spend the whole day catering to my babies’ every want.  It’s all about them!

Sadly, for Christopher Valdez, his fourth birthday would be his last; in fact, he didn’t even make through the day.  Christopher’s birthday was November 25th and it was also the day his aunt and uncle would find his cold body wrapped in a blanket in the home he shared with his mother, her boyfriend and his siblings.  Christopher’s mother Crystal Valdez and her boyfriend Cesar Ruiz hadn’t planned a party for Christopher, they hadn’t bought him any gifts what they did do for Christopher was beat him to death. How’s that for a birthday gift?

Crystal’s family hadn’t seen her and the kids on Thanksgiving so they didn’t know of the black-eye Christopher was sporting for the holiday until the morning of his birthday.  Ruiz’s aunt had called Crystal’s sister-in-law to inform her that she paid the family a visit Thanksgiving morning and that Crystal had Christopher in the corner for several hours, so long that he had fallen asleep.  Also, when they arrived at her home later for dinner the baby was sporting a black-eye, wearing a hoodie that he was not allowed to remove from his head and his mother kept him close to her the entire day.  She was concerned for the lil’ man since his mother was convicted only 34 days prior for abusing him.  She admitted that in July she had punched him so hard for crying he had to he hospitalized.  Ummm…what??  Anyhow, the aunt and uncle made a call to police to do a welfare check on Christopher and when police arrived, the couple didn’t answer the door.  Not willing to risk it, the aunt and uncle decided to head down to see the lil’ man under the guise of taking him his gift; a Spiderman remote control car. What they would find after entering the house is something I am quite sure will NEVER leave their memories.

The following is a statement from the aunt that was posted in comments of one the news articles:

 I had to share this with you. It was only after the news coverage being wrong for peace of mind and for Christopher’s story to be told truthfully I had to share and putting unanswered questions to rest. This was our statement to detectives…..this was the true events of today regarding Christopher’s beating death. My husband & I went to the house because I received a call this morning from a neighbor in front MaryLou who had spent Thanksgiving with them. She said earlier in the day when she was at Crystal’s house Crystal had him in the corner for over an hour where Christopher fell asleep standing up. They later came to her house for dinner. She said the little boy was seen with a black eye and a hood sweater he couldn’t remove from his head because Crystal wouldn’t let him. Crystal made him sit close to her at all times at the table. I immediately called to have a child welfare check done at the home immediately after her call to me today for the first time. They didn’t open the doors for the detective when he got there. My husband & I unsure of the outcome from that call we went down to the house with his birthday gift I bought him several days before today. When we arrived we knocked, banged, even opened a screen window/door. But soon seen the dog come over. We were calling out for the mother by her name still no answer. When my husband tried being friendly with the dog he noticed his sister now walking over to the door. She answered saying she was asleep stretching out her arms in the air. I tried to gain access but she stayed in front of me. I asked about the children she told me they were with her boyfriends parents. I asked what she did for Thanksgiving she told me she was at her boyfriends parents house. Because of the call I received much earlier I knew immediately she was lying about where she spent Thanksgiving dinner. Therefore, I used my body to kind of walk forward into the home calling my husband to follow behind me. Crystal asked what did I have in my hand I told her Christopher’s birthday gift. We proceeded to go into the home forcefully. I asked where was everyone and she said I told you the kids are with my boyfriends mom. I said and Cesar she said don’t bother him he’s asleep taking a nap. I seen two gymshoes hanging over the bed. I asked oh yeah as I walked closer to the room. Cesar then came out pretending he was sleeping also now. Trying to make small talk to my husband. I then seen my niece on the bed fully clothed even with a purple winter jacket on her and shoes. Christine was lying on a lump of covers it looked like…..Joe was off asking Cesar questions. As I went toward the room Crystal kept her arms stretched out across the door way of the room. Christine said, Tia and jumped off the bed over to me going underneath her mothers arms that were stretched across the doorway. I physically picked up Crystal’s hand moving it forcefully out of my way and walked into the room. I noticed the lump in the covers and when I grapped unto it it had a weight feeling. I yanked it over and Christopher was smoothed wrapped in a thick mexican bedcover. I immediately began screaming calling for Joe to come in the room. When he came in he hit his sister knocking her to the floor. She pointed saying he did it (her boyfriend). The boyfriend said so did you. They pointed back and forth yelling. Joe grabbed him beating him into the wall punching him over and over until he began choking him. I seen he was going to kill him and grabbed my husband away from him standing between them both. My husband called 911. I called Mary told her to come immediately she was at Kmart, I was crying scared and in disbelief. I called Tom told him to please come to Crystal’s house it’s Christopher. I had by then pulled Christophers lifeless body by his feet to the end of the bed. I tried CPR but, he was very stiff and extremely cold blue in all his face. I blew in and out……and the air came back out. I kept crying and trying to compose myself…..but there is nothing that prepares you for such a tragic event. My husband was on the 911 call repeating to me what they were saying to him. Joe then called his dad once more to see where he was and if he was near the house yet. Both Crystal and her boyfriend were arguing… crying at this time until she heard me say he’s dead Joe, he’s dead……..moments the police, paramedics, were all inside. Joe and I watched as they picked up Christophers lifeless body into their arms out of the house. Christopher never got to unwrap his remote control car of Spiderman we bought him for his birthday. I can’t sleep…..I see him the moment my eyes close. We will never be the same my husband and I. The craziest thing is before we left our home…..we were talking about the call I got…..I said let go down there with his gift Joe what do you think? The windchimes on my front porch where we were stopped quiet for a short time……real strange for us. But, it was enough for us to get spooked and go. But, nothing prepares you for a day like today. Our son Tommy was real close with him……he couldn’t say Christopher’s name well…….He would always say, Where’s Clifford at? He will be missed greatly by our family. Pray for our family…..pray for JUSTICE FOR CHRISTOPHER.

When paramedics arrived Christopher’s body was cold and the bruises had been covered with make-up.  I should note here that mommy also used make-up back in July to cover the bruises.  A creature of habit, I suppose.

Cook County M.E. has ruled Christopher’s death a child abuse homicide by blunt force trauma.  According to the aunt who found his body, Christopher was completely beaten from head to toe.  Oh my gawd… my heart is broken for him.

Monday in court, facing murder charges, Crystal sobbed and claimed her innocence. Next to her, Ruiz stood emotionless.  According to the Cook County State’s Attorney, both Ruiz and Valdez made videotaped confessions. Valdez admitted to spanking Christopher twice the week before he died and witnessing Ruiz beating the baby on Thanksgiving and again on Friday; kneeing and hitting him in he stomach, before applying the make-up to cover the bruises.  Ruiz admitted to spanking and hitting Christopher several times, then covering the bruises.

Mommy’s mouth piece is offering up excuses for her and they go something like this… poor Crystal she’s a mother of four with special educational needs due to childhood lead poisoning.  Well Boo-fucking-hoo for Crystal, to bad the lead poisoning didn’t kill her.

Valdez’s bail has been set at $750,000 and Ruiz at $2.5 million.  Her father is claiming she’s innocent; his friends are all over the news sites claiming his innocence.  You know what I think?  They both did this. They took turns and really it doesn’t matter who gave him the final blow, they both took part they are equally guilty.   Let’s not forget, family/friends, they both confessed!  Period!  There’s a special place in hell for these two.

I hope the defenders come here… bring it!  They haven’t seen anything like the BB readers.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the many tips on this one!

R.I.P. Sweet Angel! 


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  1. His pix tears my heart out. The look of hopelessness in his eyes and the way he is curled around himself looks as if he is trying to protect himself. This baby had no chance from day 1, what about his sister?  

    1. According to all the articles I have read, he actually has 3 siblings the 2 oldest are in the grandparents’ custody and the sibling living with them showed no signs of abuse and there was no history of abuse concerning her.  It appears he was singled out.

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      1. He was probably guilty of looking like his dad…

        1. Very possible, I read in one of the article that the dad and her did not get along and he was not involved in his life.

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          Sara Haaf wrote, in response to Deena:
          He was probably guilty of looking like his dad…
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  2. Crystal Valdez and Cesar Ruiz are cold-blooded murderers who don’t deserve to live.I hope they get death penalty as prison is really too good for them.In fact,I even think that lethal injection is too good for these two.Rather each of them should be shot dead with a gun touching each of their heads,as they deserve a gruesome death.After all,they killed Christopher in a gruesome way.

  3. I don’t want them to get the death penalty.  I want them in general population in prison, and the story of what they did to that baby given to every inmate.  Prison justice is swift and exact…..and hopefully will continue their entire sentence.  Long and drawn out. 

  4. Hey kids!  Here’s a fun suggestion for your next birthday party.  Cut open Crystal Valdez and Cesar Ruiz and stuff them full of candy.  Instant pinatas!  Hang them from a tree and beat them with a nice sturdy Aztec club until all that yummy candy comes pouring out.

    Fiesta time!

  5. I have been reading this site for quite some time and have been in the past taken back by the way people treat there most precious gifts.  I have NEVER posted a comment before this.  I am sitting here literally crying for this child.  What a shame.  This mother and her boyfriend should be taken into the woods and beaten beyond regognition.  I really feel like driving there and doing it myself.  God bless this baby’s soul.

    1. Well… thank you for commenting and please do again.

      Now to driving there and taking care of these two ourselves… I’ll pitch in on some gas money if you take me with you.

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    2. Welcome and awesome first comment. Keep ’em coming.

  6. Jesus wept. I do get a little bit of satisfaction knowing Christopher’s uncle punched his egg donor and her boyfriend though..RIP little man, sorry your mom would rather have you as a punching bag than give you to someone who loved him.

  7. I knew I wouldn’t be able to write this. Thank you Deena, it was a wonderful write up for such a tragedy. I don’t understand why the system keeps allowing people who have lost custody of their children, or been found guilty of child abuse, to have and keep more children or keep the ones they have abused before. Makes me ill. Those two deserve more than what our justice system will give them in terms of punishment. My only hope is that the inmates will dish out some justice of their own. 

    If Christpoher’s aunt or uncle ever read this here, it may not be much consolation, but thank you so much for doing the right thing. You got a phone call that didn’t make you feel right, and instead of ignoring your instincts you acted on them. Now, justice can be served for Christopher because you wouldn’t back down. Christopher, I know, thanks you for that. You did what you could after you heard from that caller. 
    Christopher, you’re in my thoughts always and I love you. Sending lots of spiritual hugs to you. Hope you are having the best birthday party ever in the heavens with the Spiderman remote control car. 

  8. Another cun trades her child for a penis, what a damn shame that they gave this boy back to her after she was already a known abuser, rest in peace little man

  9. Hearing the story from someone that was actually there makes it more real. I could see mental the story unfolding as I read here statement. I saw his picture and stated to cry and part of my heart is broken. I don’t even want to imagine what he went through. How scared he was and how much pain he was in.  I have a four year old boy at home and he is my life  as well as my oldest son who is seven. Never never never would I stand by and let this go on. I would die for them no matter what!! Please God let  little Christopher be loved and protected in you arms.

     I’m tired of fucking stupid bitches not protecting there child from any and all dangers. Just because you think he is good in the sack doesn’t make him a good step-dad or babysitter. When these precious gifts are born they come first no matter what! Your needs second and what I mean about needs are food,water the basic essentials not filling your sloppy hole between your legs. You will not die by not having sex or if you need it that bad go get a damn vibrator. NO man should ever be more important than your kids. I don’t care once again if they are hung like Ron Jeremy!!

    All of these precious babies did not asked to be born!! Just because they came out of you does not mean you have the mother fucking right to abuse or kill them!! WTF is wrong with people??!!! I just so badly want to fucking torturer all the ass hole who abuse, rape, murder and torture babies!!!
    I say an eye for an eye!! Do the exact same thing to the useless walking shit stains that they did to those babies. Do it to them everyday until they beg to be killed but ignore there cries.

    1. Right on Sister!


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  10. This such a heartbreaking story!  Thank God the aunt & uncle cared enough to follow through!  There are so many kids that are being abused right under our noses and yet we don’t protect them, instead choosing to “mind our own”.  

    RIP Christopher, I will remember your birthday always!

  11. OMG.  Should have taken the warning about having a hankie before reading.  Poor baby, Poor aunt and uncle for having to see their nephew like that.  Good for the uncle beating the crap outta both of them.

  12. This story breaks my heart, I pray that Christopher finds the peace and love in heaven he was denied during his short time here on earth. RIP little man. My prayers also go out to the Aunt and Uncle who found their nephew and the poor sister who was there when her brother was murdered.

    It also makes me angry. When will women learn that no penis on the planet is worth letting some scumbag harm even one single hair on their child’s head!?  My grandson is 3, just a few months younger than Christopher. If anyone tried to hurt him I would be the one going to jail because I would tear them apart with my bare hands! Actually that is not a bad idea…I think they should lock the two of them up in a room alone with the Uncle………….

    1. Oh, I like you! Welcome!!

  13. All the stories on here are bad, but every once in a while there’s one that just hits me and stays with me forever. Ethan Stacy and now this one. That poor little boy. Being singled out for death, and then having his murderer helped by the one person whose main reson for living was to care and nurture him. There is no punishment great enough for those two wastes of oxygen, and after a hopefully long and painful life of incarceration, they suffer the most hideous deaths imaginable. And that will not even come close to retribution enough for the terror they put that innocent child through.

    To Christopher’s aunt and uncle, you saved him. Maybe not his life, you tried even when there was no hope, but you stopped those pieces of excrement from desecrating his body even more (who knows what those two were going to do), allowed his family to mourn him and celebrate his life, and made sure that those things that took his life are going to suffer for it. You saved him.

    1. Awwww… JJ, I’ve missed you!


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  14. Just heartbreaking 🙁

  15. What in the hell is wrong with these people?  My oldest son turned 5 just last Sunday and he had a pile of presents so high that he couldn’t reach the ones on top!  I would like to take these 2 pieces of garbage and put them in the oven at work (its huge, we can do them both at once and it even has a window, so we can watch them suffer and die), turn it on and leave them in there till there’s nothing but ashes left, then flush their ashes into the sewer where they belong.
    RIP beautiful baby boy, I wish you had been my baby.

    1. Omg… Your boys!

      I don’t generally go to tears about much anymore, no matter how much I hurt inside. I read the article, looked at the victim’s face, and read through the above comments without tearing up. Then I saw the pic of the two cutest little boys I have ever seen, and and my eyes watered. It hit me in the gut, that contrast between victim and boys happy and loved. That poor beaten boy SHOULD look like your happy babies, but didnt get to because of parental villainy. He could have had that in a better home…. All babies should have shining eyes and not look dead on the inside (pre beating, even) because all the joy of childhood and love was annihilated and supplanted with atrocious torture.

  16. How in the hell did she get custody back after she sent him to the hospital once? 

  17. My heart breaks for Christopher and the aunt and uncle who cared so much about him!

    I’m all for turning them into pinatas! Pinatas are my favorite part of birthday parties!

  18. Oh my God, this is the most heartbreaking story I’ve heard about in a while.  RIP little one, and I am so sorry you weren’t loved more.  This breaks my heart, and as someone who would love to have children I just can’t understand how human beings could do this to a child.

    Could you please post a link to where his aunt posted her statement?  Thanks

    1. You can try here… I was able to find in the comments from home but just now it said zero comments and that the connection failed.  good luck


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  19. Hello everyone,
    I read this story and like most of you it broke my heart.
    I read stuff  like this all the time but this one hit me hard.
    Christopher and I share the same birthday and I cant keep comparing the different celebrations we had on our day. I cant keep comparing all the wonderful things that I do for my son on his birthday… I feel guilty that he didnt have a joyous day like it did.

    I am so heart broken that I cannot comment on this bitch.
    But I am going to write to her directly.
    If any of you would like to do the same, please do. This is where she recieves mail.

    Valdez, Crystal
    P.O. Box 089002
    Chicago, Illinois 60608

    Rest in peace little angel.

    1. Oh… I fucking love this. Thank you.

  20. you know, as someone who sufferd from lead poisining as a child that excuse pisses me off. I would never never never never never treat my child or anyone elses like that. I’m going to hold my baby a little closer tonight and know that I will never allow anyone to treat him the way that some of these cum dumpsters allow their children to be treated.

  21. Why was he still with them after she abused him in July?!? String them up and light them on fire. Uncle should have just beat the guy to death and then done the same to the c***! 

  22. This story hit me particularly hard… I don’t know why poor boy wasn’t taken away from those monsters waay before it got that far. But I do have a tiny bit of satisfaction that the uncle beat the hell out of the dickhead.

  23. I just seen this blog for the very first time this moment. It brought me right back to that day. I’m with sudden tears. I am the Aunt of Christopher. The message that is left on this comment board was never sent to an open public article. It was specifically sent to a family member who asked me what had happened. I answered honestly. Apparently, they decided to share it now on this forum along with additional information this family member could have only learned being involved with all of us and decided to share it publically here with everyone (details). Regardless, lets remember hate/anger/violence is what killed Christopher. Many of you are reacting to do the same to both his mother & her boyfriend. This would not bring him back. It only shows how anger can be like a virus. At this very moment I still have a difficult time understanding why this happened to us and why from everyone to be called, “I was and it changed my life forever and my husbands.” There is nothing that could prepare anyone for the horrific scene my husband and I were faced. I could only share with all of you revenge will never be the answer nor, will it make things even or make us feel better. It’s all wrong. In fact, it’s the very feeling of hate/anger/violence that has taken our precious nephew to early. Therefore, I only say “thank you” for your those who have reached out to both my husband and I in your messages here. Again, this is the very first time I am seeing this blog. What a time to see this April, Child Abuse Awareness Month. Christopher will forever remain in my heart. But, please lets not share in the same paragraph when referring to his story another act of hurt/pain/anger/hate/violence. Even if it’s referring to his mother and her boyfriend. Let’s pray for justice to be served. And there will always be one bigger judge…………God. I pray for children all around the world to be heard when any type of abuse is involved. Let’s not silence their cries for help. SIGN CHRISTOPHER’S PETITION.
    “PUT CHILDREN IN SAFE HANDS! We love and miss you Christopher so very, very much. Your Tia

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