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911 call after toddler found unconscious released

Police investigate death of a 3-year-old girl

This is another one that is hard for me to get through folks. One reason, is my only daughter is the same age as the victim, this also happened in the city I have lived all my life, not more than two minutes from my home, and lastly the nature in which she died. This story has really rocked our city. Not one single person here doesn’t know her story. If you don’t have any tissues you may want to go get some.

On July 28, 2011, Leo Ackley, 25, would take Baylee Stenman, 3, to his mother’s home after he found her unconscious and unresponsive on the floor of her bedroom next to her bed and could not wake her up. He claims he drove her to his sister’s house because he did not have a phone. He was also watching Baylee’s six-year-old sister at the time because their mother, Erica Stenman, was at work. In the days following Baylee’s death CPS removed Baylee’s older sister and place her with her biological father.

Leo’s sister, who was at his mother’s when he got there, told him they needed to head to the hospital, so they headed off to Bronson Battle Creek. While en route his sister called 911. During the call she explains they are on their way to the hospital. The dispatcher asks what happened to the child. The sister explains that Baylee seemed to be “knocked out” the dispatcher then advises the two to pull over and wait for an ambulance, which they do. While on the phone waiting for Emergency Personnel to arrive you can hear on the recorded call Leo saying, “Was sleeping on the bed, she must have fell off and **** hit the chair.” The sister repeats this back to the dispatcher. The dispatcher does ask for more information about the boyfriend to which he says he was the one watching Baylee.

Once at the hospital police were called. Baylee’s death was immediately deemed suspicious based upon the extent of her injuries. She had severe bleeding behind the eyes, and her brain was swelling. In fact, her brain was so swollen it was coming out of the bottom of her skull. She also had bruising on her neck. There were two bruises on both sides, just below the jawline, and about halfway across her neck. She was placed on life support, and three days later, August 1, 2011, would be removed from life support surrounded by family and friends. Her organs would be donated the following day, and her funeral held on August 3, 2011.

It wasn’t until September 29, 2011 that Leo Ackley would have an arrest warrant issued for the murder of Baylee. He was arrested the same day by the State of Michigan’s Fifth District Fugitive Recovery Team at a relatives home in Delton, MI. The reason the arrest warrant took so long is after autopsy results, which revealed swelling of the brain stem and retinal hemorrhaging, was authorities were waiting results from two other specialists to determine how the case would move forward. They wanted a clear picture of when and how Baylee’s brain was injured that way they could determine who she was with at the time of her injuries that caused her death.

Leo Ackley has been arraigned on charges of open murder and first degree child abuse. His case has also been bonded over to Circuit Court as of November 22, 2011 at a preliminary hearing. That day in court had some very emotional testimony. One of the most heartbreaking being that of Erica Stenman, little Baylee’s mother. She is documented as having said, “I didn’t have much, I only had fifteen minutes to get out the door. She came up and sat on my bed, she said, ‘Mommy, what are you doing?’ and I said, ‘I’m in a hurry honey, I’m running late for work.’” She then goes on to say that he boyfriend called her crying and seemed really upset. She said, “He said he thinks Baylee is having seizures.” Erica then rushed to the hospital to see her daughter. She said that when she saw her daughter, that Baylee was not talking or moving.

Leo Ackley still maintains his innocence and that Baylee had to have struck her head on something from falling out of bed. It has also been noted that there has never been any evidence of Leo being violent to Erica or her two children until the incident with Baylee. He does have some defenders out there, and I’m sure we’ll see the likes of them sometime.

Baylee’s older sister is still at her biological father’s home, but a custody battle has ensued.

There is a support group on Facebook for Baylee and the justice she deserves. Baylee enjoyed riding her bike, riding in the truck, swimming, and her new puppy. She also enjoyed spending time with her family and friends.

   Rest in peace Baylee. Swim and ride bikes with the angels.

***Thanks go to me for the tip***

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  1. Save the tax payers money and put a bullet in his head. RIP little Baylee fly with the angels!!

    1. I sincerly agree.

  2. Speaking of “puppies,” why not throw his worthless carcass to some hungry pits and rots?

    1. Hyenas!

  3. Suzee your write up of this story broke my heart I could feel the pain in you Im so sorry that this story hit close to home 🙁 RIP Baylee and I will pray for everyone involved and affected by this (Well everyone but the asshole who did this)

    1. I’m sorry it broke your heart. I am glad that it moved you though. I just wish a story about her could have moved you in a different way. 

  4. my husband and friends always ask why? why do you read those stories of the beaten left forgotten or killed kids?  some think i am sick and to that i say screw you i am not sick it does not give me joy, it gives me an ache in my heart, a new ache for each and every child but it brings reality into life as it is  where the media will say one thing and then move on well these kids all deserve a lot more than just to be another 25 sec snipit on the evening news they need a voice and i have not figured out how but i am hoping to be able to give a voice to the abused and then i will be able to answer the whys? until then i will read and i cry and wish i could have stepped in on each and every one of those cases and loved saved and fixed things but until i find my caling i will stay informed and stay in the feelings that revolve around this pain and that will keep me pushing forward to make any differance i can call me a snitch and whatever all the ignorant want but i will never see a child hurt and not go to bat for them call the athourities and try to help it is our duty as humans not to stay”true to the bs people who don’3
    t do nothing in your life anyway” but to be a voice in any way possable

  5. She wouldn’t have had bleeding behind the eyes and a swollen brain from falling out of the bed and hitting something.  The liar!
    Rest in peace, beautiful girl.

  6. I too live in this town, have my whole life. little Baylee used to go to my son’s daycare. he talked about her all the time. We moved, he switched daycares end of story. NOT then I see this precious girls face on the news. absolutly heart breaking.

    Rest In Peace Baylee, know that the people of this town love you and miss you greatly.

  7. I knew this guy.He used to beat his ex girlfriend up. She is one of my daughters friends.. If I remember right she had a miscarriage because of him..He was always mean.. He would smack her and wouldnt care who was around!

  8. Small update. Trial has officially begun for Leo Ackley. Defense is working hard to get him off of all charges.

    “Three-year-old’s aren’t supposed to die.” Leo’s defense attorney. Well, no fucking shit dipwad. They aren’t supposed to die, but it doesn’t mean that your current client is not the one who killed Baylee.|newswell|text|Frontpage|s

  9. This just got posted minutes ago. Leo Ackley has been found guilty of ALL charges! He will die in prison in one manner or another! Way to go Michigan, we are two for three right now in huge child abuse cases! I am just hoping the Calhoun’s get the justice they deserve too.

  10. When I started reading I said Im not going to cry…..God Im at work dont let me cry……. Gosh Im crying…. This just vbreaks my heart…. RIP Baylee…. better yet REST IN JOY AND HAPPINESS…Ride your little bike with the angels!  ((((HUGS))) for her mommy and sister Im sure they are all heartbroken. Im thinking about the times Ive dropped mt kids off in a hurry…rush rush rush…ok honey Love you…have a Marv Monday or Wacky Wednesday…I say that with the expectation of seeing them alive and well at the end of our busy days…NEVER COULD I IMAGINE WHAT BAYLEE’S MOM FELT WHEN SHE ENTERED THE HOSPITAL! MY Prayer is for God to comfort her.

  11. Count me among his supporters.  

    The injuries described by the doctors are not indicative of abuse any more than accidental injury, but such a discussion is far beyond the scope of what I can type in a short paragraph.  Mr. Ackley passed 2 polygraph exams.  The 6 year-old was home at the time off the incident, while  Mr. Ackley was in the shower.  She gave a video-taped deposition describing what had happened, which was not used at trial.  Mr. Ackley had no defense experts at trial, as the court did not offer sufficient funds for his defense, even though the prosecution had paid an exorbitant amount for a “child-abuse expert” to come and testify.  His testimony did not come close to matching the known medical facts of the case.  I do not know Mr. Ackley, and have never met him in my life.  I am simply a concerned citizen who has done some research on this matter, and what I have found is appalling.  And I’m just getting started.   Feel free to rant against me, but I’m not going to respond.

    1.  No what is appalling is that you are defending a person who murdered a child.  I have  3 children and they are rough kids. They have fallen out of beds out of trees etc but the difference is my children never died. They area all alive and well. You say the facts of the case are appalling but under no circumstances should a child have died if she had fallen out of a bed and hit a chair. 

      1. I agree, my son at 9 months old rolled off of my bed and hit his head on a solid oak chest. he is 6 now and alive and well. In fact he sufferd no injury at all from the fall. I highly doubt that a 3 year old would suffer that extent of injury doing the exact same thing.

  12. If he was in the shower that rules out the bathtub as the culprit as well. If it wasn’t a chair, and it wasn’t the tub, then either the stairs have conspired against him, or he’s FUCKING GUILTY. Just like he was found to be in court. Derp.

  13. Curious if this will be updated as the truth becomes known…?

    1. The only truth that has recently become known is that he will be given a new trial. That’s it. We’ll have to wait to see the outcome of that trial.

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