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Boy, 4, Shoots Self with Gun – Mom and Boyfriend Behind Bars

Fayetteville couple charged with child neglect

Couple Charged In 4-Year-Old’s Shooting

On August 6, 2011, 26 year-old Qunisha, more like Cuntisha Edwards’, 4-year-old son shot himself in the hip with a gun. Police said they were notified of the bullet lodged in the poor boys hip on October 5, 2011, when the boy was taken to the hospital because of difficulty walking. Six weeks this boy was forced to walk with a bullet lodged inside of his hip. I can only imagine the pain the child felt everyday when he had to sit, walk, stand, or wanted to run but couldn’t.

The boy’s mother turner herself in to authorities. She is being charged with negligent child abuse resulting to serious bodily injury, failure to store firearm to protect minor and contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. Her bail was set at $100,000 secured. Her boyfriend, Vincent Massey, 25, also turned himself in to authorities. He is being charged with the same as Edwards, but also got charged with possession of a firearm by a felon. His bail was set at $185,000 secured.

Silver lining is the boy is alive, but his current condition is unknown, as are the effects of the bullet being inside his body for so long. Where the child is currently staying is also unknown.

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  1. Poor baby 🙁

  2. occupymyfootinurarse

    poor little boy, that’s awful.  i will never understand why so many kids are cursed with such stupid, careless parents.

    1. You have the best username ever. 

      1. I said that the firdst comment from that awesome newbie.

  3. Ummmm…. why is she smiling?

    1. Because she’s a whore.

    2. Is that a smile?  I thought she just didn’t have any teeth.

  4. these two need to be shot

  5. Shoot them both and let their sorry asses walk around for a couple of months with a bullet in them. How in the hell could a mother know her child had been shot and not take them to the hospital for 6 damned weeks? ? Hopefully the little boy is somewhere safe with people who will actually take care of him.

  6. Suzee, are you sure her name isn’t Cuntisha?  That poor little boy must have been in agony.  And then these 2 geniuses decide that they could just let the boy walk around like that.  What were they thinking – that he could go through his whole life with the bullet and maybe nobody would ever notice?

    1. Cuntisha sounds good to me for a name change! How do you like the editing of her name in the article?

      1. Love it!

  7. Poor litle boy. I can’t imagine how much pain he must’ve been in. I hate to say it, but I’d guess he’s in critical condition (I’m really hoping I’m wrong). I hope he recovers and is placed with much more responsible caregivers.

  8. who could ever leave their child in severe pain and never mind the risk of infection that shows that there is a whole different kind of people out there and it dosen’t matter race religion or economic standing it is just those who don’t care about anyone but themselves and those who love their kids more than their own life it is so sad how many people are on the side of just don’t care now that we have  established that there is another class they should be able to be treated differantly and the guidelines of cruel and unusual punishment should be always explored and used in the worst way possable when dealing with heartless breeders!

  9. I’m beyond surprised there has been no defenders, as I have noticed the dumber the name of the breeder, the more defenders come around…

  10. OMG!What an epic parenting failure.

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