Trench addresses the grammar nazis

It takes a lot to piss me off. I’ve been dealing with trolls, school shooting fans and pedophiles online long before most of you posted your first cute kitten picture to your MySpace. Yet it only took an innocent typo to bring out all the grammar nazis to really get my goat.

For those of you who don’t know what happened one of the writers here, who does a damn good job here, mistakenly put the word ‘their’ in a title instead of the correct ‘they’re’. Not only did this bring out a smarmy grammar nazi in the comments of the post but it also brought out one on the (P)BB Facebook page and another person even ‘liked’ the comment that the grammar nazi made on FB. Are you people for real?

We post story after story after story about the children that are being abused in this country in some of the most horrible ways imaginable and you’re concerned about a typo? You don’t leave a comment about the atrocities that are perpetrated by some people who dare to call themselves parents yet you’ll leave a comment about this. I think I speak for all the current writers at this website when I say get the fuck over yourselves.

We know the difference between there, their and they’re. We know the difference between your and you’re. People make fucking mistakes. It seems like some of you just sit there like some kind of grammar vulture just waiting to swoop in on a simple mistake as soon as it’s posted on the internet. You’re worse than the people who criticize us for our fucking use of obscenities.

Get back to us when we start making blog posts in text-speak or use words like ‘irregardless ‘. Until then take your English degrees, polish those sumbitches up nice, turn them sideways and shove them straight up your collectives asses.

Sincerely go fuck yourselves,
Trench Reynolds

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  • Jason

    Holy Sh!t, the tard who made the meme couldn’t even spell TIME right.

  • risskia

    I’m a dreadful grammar nerd, but if you are not a professional writer, I try not to hold you to my standards. I do a lot of teeth gritting.

    • APV83

      I feel the same way. Elsewhere online I criticize spelling & grammar to no end. But Trench is so funny and his sense of humor is more important than the way he spells the words he writes.