Camden Hughes gets Justice!

Texas mom pleads guilty in death of son 

Some of you, if not all of you, will remember the story Cynical Me wrote about Camden Hughes.  6-year-old Camden’s body was found on May 14th inMaine and led to a nationwide effort to identify his body and locate his killer.

I can assume that you have realized if it was featured here the killer was one or both of his parents.  In Camden’s case it was his mother, Julianne McCrery (42).

On November 4th, Julianne pleaded guilty to second-degree murder per her plea agreement with prosecution.

According to the prosecution Julianne smothered Camden with motel room pillows after drugging him up with Nyquil.  Camden would fight for his little life, a struggle that lasted “about three minutes.”  She then wrapped his little body a green blanket, drove from New Hampshire to Maine and dumped his body on the side of a dirt road.

She will return to court on January 13, 2012 for sentencing and is expected to get 45 years to life in prison.

Thanks to Marcy for the update.

  Now you can Rest In Peace, Camden. 


  • Nicole
    • Malevolent April

      She should have been given the same sentence she gave her son. Cunt.

      • Nicole

        Of course we all want that! I happy they didn’t give her a plea deal or lessen her sentence for mental issues, etc.

        • DodiaFae

          Isn’t it sad when you feel like you have to get excited, even when you know they deserve far worse than they’re getting, because you know they could easily have gotten far less?

          • Nicole

            Yeah, it is sad.

            Subject: [badbreeders] Re: Camden Hughes gets Justice!

  • CynicalMe

    Callous bitch still should have gotten death…

    Here’s hoping she never steps a foot outside a prison again and the inmates come up with new and inventive ways to torture her daily!!

  • Anonymous

    Let her future roommates know the whole story of how she killed her son – maybe it will give them an idea of a good use for prison pillows.

  • MamaD4

    I hope that Shelby Dasher gets a sentence just as harsh…!!

  • DodiaFae

    That picture of him just breaks my heart… that could be my son, complete with the huge grin while showing off the beautiful artwork done on the drawing tablet (he even has that same toy.)

    So happy he’s finally getting some justice, though I wholeheartedly agree with BadKitty, she deserves the chair, hanging, bullet to the back of the head, whatever, but she doesn’t deserve to be breathing.

    • jj

      Oh yeah, she sure does deserve to die, and as painfully as possible, but I recall there being a question about her mental health, so 45 years to life surrounded by women who miss and love their children and don’t take too kindly to a mother that would kill her child sounds a LOT better than “not guilty by reason of insanity”.

      • KathyK

        In my mind there is no question about the mental health of a woman who kills her own child.  She must be fucked-up.  I don’t care; I still think she should be executed.  She clearly knew what she was doing was wrong, and that is why she dumped the body clear across the country from her Texas home.  It may even be why she left Texas to do it.  She’d be much more likely to be executed there.  But, like you said 45-to-life is better than not guilty.

  • BadKitty

    I just reread Camden’s story that was first written earlier this year to refresh my memory. That fucking selfish twat deserves the death penalty and nothing less. How she got 2nd degree murder is beyond me, didn’t she admit to taking that baby’s life at the truck stop??  This was no murder suicide I believe she wanted to kill little Camden dump his body far away and get back to Texas without anyone knowing. So when the body was found she can say” well I was here all along”. She is a fucking loser ass coward twat that needs to be killed the way that poor baby was. Better yet have her fucking face bashed in with a hammer. RIP Camden may you be with the angels.