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Teens praised for putting baby’s safety ahead of own interests

Teen Describes Finding Emaciated Baby

Parents of ‘Holocaust Baby’ Charged 


Justin and Brittany Alston of Texas decided to throw a partyFriday night while 3 of their children were in the house. Thank whatever Deity you have that Caleb Fuller, 15, and his cousin Magon Rutledge, 17 also attended this party.

Magon told Justin that she heard his baby crying. Did he rush to the baby to comfort him? NO!! He told her “He’ll go back to sleep. He’ll go back to sleep.” No one moved to take care of the little guy,so Magon decided that she would. When she opened the door to the room that little eight-month-old Riley Alston was inshe was horrified and enraged. Riley was a mere skeleton. He had no fat or muscle left on his little bones. Riley was lying on the obligatory filthy mattress wearing a dirty diaper and socks that were so dirty they appeared to mesh with the baby’s skin.

Magon then motioned to her cousin Caleb to come into the room and told him to call his father who has been a paramedic for the last 20 years. Caleb called his father and told him that he needed to come quick. Did either of these teenagers worry that they were going to be in trouble for partying at a place I am sure their parents would have a fit about? NO!! Their only concern was this poor defenseless baby that was on the verge of dying.

“I was furious and I was shaking and I was breathing hardand I was trying to be as gentle as I could with this baby because I felt like if I just moved a certain way this baby would break. He was so fragile and little,” Magon said. “He had these big blue eyes and they were so bright but the rest of him was just like he was gone.” OMG my heart is breaking for Riley and these heroic teens that witnessed what the dregs of the Earth do to our precious babies.

Caleb’s father, Paul Fuller, rushed to the house and uponseeing the 8 month old baby that weighed a mere 9 pounds, told the receptacle and dispenser that the baby needed immediate medical attention. Their response was that they were having aparty and they would take him to the hospital sometime next week. (WTF??!! The baby is literally dying and they want to wait until next week??) The paramedic insisted that the baby needed to go now! They then told him to “go ahead and take him”. I guess they still had some important drinking to do and couldn’t be bothered….better to let a complete stranger take your baby to the emergency room.

Fuller took Riley to Lake Granbury Medical Center wherepersonnel called Hood County deputies shortly before 8:30 p.m. Riley was airlifted to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth that night where hewas listed in critical condition.

On Saturday, Child Protective Services officials took custody of two other children, an 18-month-old and a 4-year-old. The older child was placed in the custody of the child’s father, and the 18-month-old is in foster care. There is no mention of these 2 children’s condition that I could find.

The child’s parents, Justin and Brittany Alston, both 21,were arrested Saturday and remained in the Hood County Jail in Granbury on Monday facing charges of injury to a child and abandoning or endangering a child. Bail was set at $160,000 each.

Those feculent organisms that are breathing my air need tobe sent to someone like Josef Mengele since they felt that their precious angel should look like a Holocaust survivor. Wonder where I could find such a Dr. these days?

I know that Magon, Caleb and Paul do not feel like they were heroic but trust me when I say that you are amazing people. Magon said that she did what anyone elsewould have done. I’m sorry to tell you that these pages are filled with people who not only DON’T do what you did for that baby but can’t even be bothered to make an anonymous phone call. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! “Whoever saves one life, saves the worldentire.”


Thanks go to everyone who sent this one in.

***Special thanks to MOTD 2U for writing this one!***

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  1. These kids deserve some kind of award, if not for them that baby would be dead. They need to start giving out cash to those who think enough of a childs life to not care about themselves just for a second. They need to start giving out death to breeders. Death, I say.

    1. Well, maybe their prisonmates will learn why they’re in there and decide it’s a good idea to withhold food…

      1. Gawd wouldn’t that be sweet.

  2. Oh, and my son was 8.4 pounds at birth, I cant imagine how an 8 month old weighing 9 pounds could even still be alive.

  3. I agree maybe like cash for reports on crimes against cops what about cash rewards that go to anyone that is proven to have abused their child

    1. I meant to the people reporting the abuse of course bless these two kids, i had dyfs remove my sisters 6 month old that weighed 9lbs 2oz, she was adopted by her foster family and is doing very well 22 yrs old

      1. Bravo, I know how hard it is to report family, I once had to report my cousin/best friend for abuse and neglect after completely uprooting my life and moving thousands of miles to “help” her. They were taken from her and she hates me now.

        1. I think I could live with the hate as long as the children are doing good. Don’t beat yourself up about reporting the abuse. Your cousin has to face the consequences of her actions. And always remember……….
          You CAN’T fix stupid.

  4. My Baby is almost 7 months and he was 21 pounds how can these people do that is horrible, my kids are a handful and I want to tear out my hair but doesn’t mean I am going to starve them geesh if you don’t want your kids put them up for adoption there’s a lot pf people who want children but unfortunate they can’t

  5. You know it is stories such as this that make me want to break my promise. Seriously my daughter was a month early and she weighed in at 7 1/2 pounds. The teens should get a reward of some type, even though they were mixing with the wrong crowd. Then again not being grounded by my parents would be more than enough for me.

    1. On the bright side, at least someone of “the good crowd” was mixing with that “bad crowd”, else that baby would be good as dead.

  6. Amazing write up! What wonderful teenagers too! I am so happy that these children get a second chance at a better life, and will hopefully never have to know suffering again! I hope these birth organisms get what’s coming to them.

    1. Thank you!  When I saw this one I knew it needed to be posted here.  I’m hoping that the Mayor of this city will give these teens an award that encourages other people to step up and do the right thing.  There’s nothing quite like positive reinforcement to save the babies of our world.

  7. I messaged Magon on Facebook thanking her for doing something about what she saw. Felt so good to be able to send an actual thank you to someone for saving three children’s lives.

    1. Me too.  She should know that we notice and care.
      @google-1e3f79c6a5cab8c9e0823fcc864be7e8:disqus  Stephen: maybe this’ll get their attention as to what the “wrong crowd” is.

      1. Me, three… I’ll bet she’s been inundated with messages, hopefully all positive (as we well know, there are always trolls who are more than happy to be the douches sticking up for their fellow douches.)

  8. Hopefully Magon, Caleb and Paul will find this link and read this story and these comments:  You have done an amazing thing!  So many of these stories have a sad ending.  You have saved a life and that is no small accomplishment!  I am so thankful that God put you at that party at the right time to help baby Riley and that you had the courage to ignore Riley’s parents and check on the baby AND call Paul to come and help.  THANK YOU!

  9. Considering where Dr. Mengele currently resides, I agree these two should be sent immediately to be with him.

    1. I was kind of hoping to find a living “Mengele” and then let them go to the dead one after a sufficient period of time of course.   😉

  10. How horrifying.  I feel so badly for that little baby.  I am so happy to hear of two responsible teenagers who cared more for that baby then their parents.  Bravo!
    I have no words for these two asshats.  I feel a little better that they are in Texas and Texas knows how to deal with people who mistreat children.
    My prayers go to this little guy for a full and speedy recovery.  I would love an update of him in a few months super fat and happy! 

  11. Those 2 teens are true heroes. Justice would be to starve the breeders that same way they starved that helpless baby

  12. It is horrible to know that even AFTER they were told their baby needs urgent medical care, they were STILL not willing to stop partying to do anything about. If it wasn’t obvious before, then that proved just how selfish and uncaring these assholes are. So sad! They should be starved until they are only 9 lbs and that still wouldn’t be enough of a punishment. I have to give props to those teens who stood up for that poor child. Most teens now days are more concerned with what color lipstick to wear and who their next party favor will be. The parents of those children deserve a medal as well for raising their children so admirably. I can only hope that when my children get older they do the right thing no matter what they may face because of it.

    1. It had to be obvious.  I’m sure the baby wouldn’t have been taken to the doctor next week either… if he lived that long.  What scumbags.  The parents of the teens should be so proud.

  13. Caleb and Magon…Kudos kudos kudos to you.

  14. Wait a minute…there were two other children living in the home as well? Dumbshit Mom had kid #1 when she was 17, kid #2 when she was 19, and kid#3 hard on the heels of kid #2? What the fuck…apparently  someone doesn’t know how to use birth control as well as how to feed her baby. If you can’t (or won’t) feed them, don’t breed them. What a spectacular moron. Partying was more important than tending to her baby. Ugh.

  15. I got a response from Magon.

    “thank you so much it means alot and thank you for the support 🙂 and i wish the best to you and your family.”

    I told her to not thank me, that she, Caleb, and Paul are the only ones who need thanking. I also pointed her this way so she can see the huge support she has here. She is truly an amazing teen.

  16. Here is a message from Magon!!  I’m so thrilled that maybe I can do this next write up without swearing too much….but maybe not……
    “Riley is doing SO much better!  He is holding down his food and even laughing and cooing!  All the nurses are just in love with him as we all are so he is being treated like the little angle he is. As for the so called parents brittany got bonded out sunday and then was out on the steets by monday but then i belive she was picked back up and now is in glen rose jail. Her mother bailed her out for $16,000”

    1. Wow. Riley is only doing well because of is heros.

      1. EXACTLY! I wrote to the City Manager of Grandbury, TX and also to the local newspaper about how these three individuals deserve some public recognition /award. I couldn’t stress enough how different this story would be if Magon had decided to just shut the door and walk away like so many ADULTS have done in the past. I also made a point of telling both of them that I was not a resident of that state writing to them, but in Michigan thousands of miles north of them. Those two kids, and then Caleb’s father saved many people from having to read about the tragedy of more innocent babies dying at the hands of their parents. I hope sometime in the future we can see a picture of a very healthy, chubby, smiling baby Riley. That would be so awesome!

        1. My Dad lives in Granbury. I onder if I can talk him into killing this bastard.

          1. Only if your Dad will kill the bastard s-l-o-w-l-y

          2. I think he’d enjoy killing the fucker.

          3. If he’s anything like you, it shouldn’t take much to convince him. 🙂

          4. He’s nothing like me. Not a damn thing.

          5. Ooooh.  Seems like I said something stupid.  Sorry if that offended you.

        2. YAY for you Suzee!!  I hope that they listen!  Magon is such a sweet girl. 

          1. Magon is a BEEEEEuTEEEFul young woman. I saw her. I know.

          2. I told Magon that she is OUR girl now  LOL

          3. She sure is. Loveing her oodles.

          4. I hope they do too! And thank you for the kudos.

    2. :::Tears of JOY!::: Isn’t it so amazing when one of these stories has a happy ending? Now all it needs is for that baby to be placed with a family who’s crazy about him and will keep treating him like the little angel he is, and for the “parents” both to rot in prison.

      1. Me me me me!!! I want him! Tell Magon to make them send him to me!!

        1. I want him too, but I still think it’d be amazing if Paul and the rest of them got him.

          1. NOOOO!!! ME ME ME ME !! MAgon can come live with me. Hell, she could totally be my daught……. um….. Younger sister.

      2. I have a feeling that Magon, Caleb and Paul are watching over little Riley to the best of their ability.  🙂

      3. No kidding.

        Found out that her cousin’s dad Paul is who she is living with. I honestly think it would be really awesome if the family that saved him were the ones to get him. They are already crazy about him, and by the looks of it visit him in the hospital. Who better to have him right? But that’s only in a perfect world.

    3. That is AWESOME!


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  17. Magon was just interviewed tonight and it should be on the news on Saturday.  Here is the link if anyone else is interested.

    She said that she will keep me updated with the case as well as any information she has on Riley.  🙂  Of course I will keep all of you updated!

  18.!/magon.rutledge  Megan the Hero’s Facebook. I sent a thank you to her for saving this babys life

  19. Does anyone else think Brittany is on her way to becoming a real-life Gollum?

    1. OMGs… I thought the same thing, but didn’t want to say anything. Goodness knows that baby doesn’t need to be reminded that’s half his DNA. (Though I believe that evil tends to manifest itself in one’s appearance, and is, in most cases, non-transferable via DNA.)

    2. OMG!!  Thanks for the laugh!!

    3. Certainly she’s in the same family

  20. God bless the kids who reported.  I have teenage twin daughters and would hope they would report ANYONE who would treat a child like that.  Kudos to you guys!

  21. Be prepared guys. Some bitch, and yes I mean bitch, named Kara says she was over at the home of Brittany and Justin EVERY DAY and is defending these pieces of shit and herself. She says that since it wasn’t her kid she didn’t need to do anything about it or care for the baby and alleges that they all did everything they possibly could for Riley, but he threw up everything they tried to feed him. @@

      1. Of all places it’s on Facebook. Justin has a brother named Dustin. He wanted to know why he had a dumb fuck for a brother and chick went off on him hard.

        1. Email me a link, please.

          1. Sent.

          2. Wow that Kara is one nasty little bitch. Did you see the “mom”s profile pic? What a skankasaurus rex!

      2. Of
        all places it’s on Facebook. Justin has a brother named Dustin. He
        wanted to know why he had a dumb fuck for a brother and chick went off
        on him and everyone else who had something to say. 

        1. Justin and Dustin?  Good Lord.  What’s their last name, Dumfuk?

          Bring on the white trash that wants to defend this cow and her penis.

          1. There’s Jeff, Justin, Dustin, and a fourth, I’m not 100% on there being a fourth brother though.

          2. Jeff is the father. There’s Justin, Dustin, Dalton, Dakota and Dylan.  I would assume Dalton and Dakota are twins since they are both 11 years old. But then again…what do I know?  LOL

          3. Thank you for clarifying!

          4. Yeah, please do because I am waiting to give them a piece of my mind!

          5. You changed your name!!

          6. I did, I did! I was wondering if you would notice or not!

          7. I notice everything.

  22. Seriosly folks, just look at the vacant eyes on this chick. Anyone think that if she even ever had a thought she would know what to do with it? I would guess by his pic that Justin is an arrogant prick! Oh, sorry…that’s arrogant, ignorant, self serving prick. Rant: If either one of them had spent half as much time feeding and caring for their son as they did breeding like rabbits and partying he would not have  starved. How does a parent starve a child? What, are they meth heads? Has anyone done labs? Pathetic wastes of skin. Both of them. Some people are too stupid and morally bankrupt to be allowed to breed. They should be permanently removed from the gene pool & never trusted with children again!!!

    1. So far we haven’t been able to gather what type of drugs they were using…only that there was alcohol at the party.  After looking at the FB pages it seems that Golub (that name cracks me up…sorry for stealing it)
      was only worried if her husband thought she was “hot”.  Never mind the fact that she had 2 children that were only 10 months apart. There was no mention on her FB about the children.  Justin claimed that Riley was his life when he was born and then he was put in an excrement lined bed (not even a crib) to waste away.  

      1. Yeah, I don’t have words to describe people like this except evil sub-humans. They are beyond disgusting, beyond apalling, beyond criminal. It’s monstrous.
        What they and others like them have done in starving & neglecting these babies is evil to the nth degree! I can’t stand it! I’m glad he was rescued by responsible human beings and is recovering. Hopefully he will never be at the mercy ( or lack thereof) of these two again.

        1. Oh…and hot? the only place that fugly, pastey, alien hybred will EVER be hot is HELL! I advise sending her directly there, no passing go, no collecting $200.

  23. This is one of the stories that will forever change you. I know that they all do really, but we rarely hear a sane person recounting the story firsthand and stepping in before it is too late. That alone changes the landscape enormously.  Just thinking of that tiny baby so alone and unloved…and crying his tiny heart out in starvation and agony while his parents were having a $%$% party…has kept me awake at night. I know I will probably never meet Magon, but in my heart I have already met her and thanked her and hugged her a million times. All of the children who are being hurt need angels like her. Whether we are 17 or 71, or anywhere in between, these are tiny, helpless beings who need someone stronger than they are to step in. They need us. Thank you, Magon! And, thank you to everyone on BB–April, Trench, Deena, and all of you– for raising the awareness flag! You guys rock! Love you, Robin

    1. Love you too hun!  Muaaahhh!!

  24. And Malevolent April and Suzee and MOTD…

  25. That’s a scary laugh! 🙂 Just watched one of Magon’s interviews. She is an amazing person. Odd to think that so many of the horrid “birth vessels” on this site are her age or just slightly older. It makes you stop and wonder…and cry for what should be.

    1. LOL…..that was a kiss  😉

  26. Magon is a good friend of mines daughter and we could not be more proud of her. WAY TO GO MAGON!!!

  27. If any of you especially the person or persons who printed this had a clue about life you wouldn’t post crap like this these people are suffering enough and you aren’t making it any better if you really wanted to help you would back off!!!!! You don’t even have all your facts straight, that is one of the things wrong with this world you ALL OF YOU ARE NO BETTER than anyone you talk about especially when you have to hide behind a computer  

    1. Wow… really? Are you seriously coming in here and defending these worthless pieces of shit? They starved their child, very nearly to death, and thought their little party was more important than getting their child the medical care necessary to keep him alive. That is all I need to know about these worthless wastes of oxygen. I think I can safely say that the only good thing they’ve ever done in their lives was bringing this baby into the world. So if the thought of fucking yourself doesn’t appeal, kindly go find the nearest high bridge and step off it.

      I would love to be able to say that I can’t even believe anyone would defend the likes of these people, but I know better. You soulless fucking douche.

      1. Dustin and Justin A clearly cut from the same mold. Check out his FB page.

        1. Right. Where the fuck was he when his brother was starving his baby to death? Fucking worthless douche.

          1. He lives in another state. Not defending him, just sayin…. But why is he defending his brother HERE after he posted their mug shots on FB? Retarded much?

            Granbury is full of trailer trash. He should go back.

          2. Just going by his FB page, total trailer trash. The three of them.

          3. Methy trailer trash.

          4. He is in another state for school or something last I saw. He hasn’t been in Texas for a while.

          5. i live in new hampshire and i talk to cps all the time and thing are not as bad as people are saying you need to no the whole stor befor you talk shit

          6. Dustin, please feel free to give us the whole story.

            Let’s back up a minute. If you want to talk and make a case with us, try being adult and not mother fucking us for hating your brother. Read some stories on this site and tell me you don’t hate every fucking one of the assholes we write about. It’s easy to heate people who harm children. That being said, I offer you another chance to come here and post like an adult. If not, be prepared for our readers to get all kinds of pissed off and this battle can continue. So – what’s it going to be. Do you want to have an adult conversation? Or would you rather everyone pic you and your family apart because you want to come across like some wanna-be tough guy asshole? The choice is yours.

          7. The child was starving. Even if he were “only malnourished”, he still needed to be removed from that situation. What the fuck is wrong with you? How can you say that an 8 month old baby weighing 9 pounds “isn’t as bad as people are saying”??? My second son weighed almost that at birth… your nephew, at 8 months, should have weighed about twice that. Your brother and his babymama were starving him to death.

          8. Here’s the thing Dustin…infants should double their birth weight by three months and triple it in a year. Any parent who has had prenatal healthcare or taken their child to a pediatrician for well baby checks, as they should, knows this! That means that things ARE as bad as we think because their is NO excuse for your derelict brother and his trashionista to have not cared for their child to the point where he was in critical condition from starvation and filthy as well. Read the writing on the bathroom wall buddy, they are criminally negligent. Get a clue and stop defending them. As for CPS we read cases here all the time where CPS has been involved with cases of abuse and neglect, sometimes several times and guess what? The child dies anyway or is killed because they are blatantly incompetent.

        2. Remember what I said before about people giving their kids rhyming names.  It never ends well.

          1. Haaaaaahaaaaaaa. I totally remember. It was the twin whores that left the kids in the house and they all burned to death. So…. You think Justin and Dustin sit around and circle jerk while starving babies? It’s a possibility.They look like the circle jerk type. And inbred to boot.

      2. If you want to see a souless douche bag you need to look in the mirror obviously ypu have no morals… If you say the only good thing these people did was bring this child into this world then where are you coming from to think that anyone who didnt even lift a finger to help when they supposedly saw what was going on they are as much a souless douche bag as you are… lets see were you there and put your helping hand in…. Hmmmmmm

        1. You’re a fucking idiot, you say we need to shut up about your brother yet you blame those who didn’t step in and help the baby? The baby wouldn’t have needed help if your brother wasn’t neglecting him to death! Nice touch, asking a stranger on the internet where she was! Where were YOU?? Hmmmm?

          1. Right? Apparently he lived out of state, but I live across the fucking country. He’s a fucking douchetard.

          2. That and you’re a complete stranger and he’s the kid’s uncle! If he can somehow in his warped mind blame you, there’s no bounds to his foolishness.

        2. Why would she be there to help if she lives clear across the country? The only people who did right by your nephew were the ones that got him taken out of that situation. You should be thankful to them for saving his life. Seriously, Dustin? I thought you had some sense – but I was wrong.

        3. We agree that the people who were there and did nothing are just as guilty and soulless as the two “parents” who were supposed to be taking care of Riley and the other child. No one here is soulless that is appalled by what these two have done to Riley.

        4. I don’t know these freaks and live nowhere near them. But I don’t need to know them or live near them to realize that they were starving and neglecting their defenseless infant. So if caring more about this child than their parents apparently do makes me a soulless douchebag, I’ll gladly wear a ribbon sash stating as much. Until then, the only soulless douchebags I see are those people abusing their child (yes, starving and neglect are both forms of abuse) and the one here defending them.

    2. Dustin, Who’s suffering enough? You? Your brother? His skank? No. The one who suffered enough was the baby and that was thanks to your brother and his whore.

      I sort of liked you, now I think you’re just the same bredd of shit stain that your brother is. Eat a fucking dick, you ass backwards dick head.

      1. add me on facefook so i can talk to you

        1. Talk about what? I will gladly email you if you’d like to “talk”.

    3. Are you kidding me?!?  You need to get “a clue about life”!  There is NOTHING in life more important than the safety and well being of your child!! 

      These two should be forcibly sterilized at the very least and never allowed to so much as watch a child, even for someone to go to another room for 2 fucking minutes!!  Personally, I believe they should be starved and denied medical treatment!!

      You are a piece of shit for defending them, regardless of whether or not he’s your brother!! 

      As far as hiding behind a computer, just say the word and I’ll gladly give you my name and address!! 

      1. He’s a douche. Probably can’t fight his was out of a wet paper bag.

        Tell you what, I know someone in Granbury who loaths child abusers. How about we give you his name. He just got out of Huntsville and probably isn’t to worried about going back… for the right reason.

    4. Excuse me, fuckhead, but I am most certainly better than your piece of shit brother and his skanasaurus. I have a son, who weighed just a little less than your precious 8 month old nephew AT BIRTH. He has never gonw hungry, never been ignored and left in filth, and would never ever havve to be hospitalized because my husband and I have neglected him nearly to death! So yeah, I am way way better than your shitty brother, and even if I was “hiding behind” a thousand computers I would still be better. Same goes for all the posters here, we are better than child abusers, infinitely, and we can say whatever the fuck we want about them.

    5. No one here is hiding behind a computer. I understand that your family is suffering because of what happened, but don’t take it out on us. We posted what is known about your brother and sister-in-law when it comes to this case. Do you think they thought about Riley when his condition when he was found at 8 months old was filthy and a mere 9 lbs when he should have been clean, not hungry and closer to 16-20 lbs.

    6. First of all, I DO NOT believe you are Dustin Alston. The reason: whoever posted this can spell and speak english. But, if by some miracle, it is you then I want you to know just exactly how trashy you are. I mean, maybe you don’t realize it because that’s how you have always lived but hun, YOU ARE TRASH! The reason: you don’t have a brain cell one. Another reason: well, you know, I can’t think of ONE thing that makes you not trash. I mean come on, get a job, and education, some common sense, learn the English language and how to use it correctly, act like a decent person (which is probably a lost hope), and acquire a brain cell or two and we might….MIGHT….can move you up a notch from TRASH to GARBAGE! Asshole!

  28. Ok so how do I get on this fb stalking email list?? I mean hell I search for every jackass we write about however some times you guys do the dirty work already and can just past them on to me so I can get my stalk on waaaaay before normal 🙂

    1. Dustin Alston. He’s the first one that pops up. You can link the skank and his rock star “bro” from his page. All methy. All retarded. All worthless.

      1. Yeah Im on his page now, I amazed to see many of his “friends” telling him exactly what they feel about his brothers choices! AMAZING that he would even come here. I mean the usual supporter does, but come on man you have to know your brother is a douche? really I mean you do right? 

        1. He posted somewhere that his brother was a fuck up. Is that still there? I can’t take any more stupid today, so I’m not going to look.

      2. And he was even kind enough to post his bro’s and SIL’s mugshots. ROFLMFAO!

        1. Right? Stoopid breeds stoopid.

          1. Hey, you callin’ their parents stupid? “Cause dat’s goin’ 2 far, yo.

            *snicker* Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I get so irritated when I’ve been reading “hood rat”.

          2. I’m sying they learned it somewhere.

            Jokes. I’m sure their parent are nice people. I’m just saying, you can’t fix stoopid.

          3. Well, so far their kids are two for two… I wasn’t saying I disagreed with you. 😉

          4. Yeah. I hate to bash people who we have no proof are FUBARed. but you may be right.

  29. Okay,  so after all the facebook talk, I looked them up. I am speechless at the amount of ignorance floating off their pages. They are a very uneducated lot….to the say least….the VERY least! But here is one for ya:
    Report/Mark as SpamBrittany Alston Needs a job rly badShare · November 12 at 1:55pm via mobile ·

    Nina Ross lakeside baptist preschool is hiring for the infant room, I think you would be great and you would get discount for daycare…. maybe even free…. check it out girl… I need a job too soooooooooooo know what you meanNovember 12 at 2:43pm_________________________________________________________
    THAT was a response to one of her wall posts! Can you really imagine her working in an infant room? Hell, she couldn’t even feed her own kid, I can only cringe at the thought of this bitch taking care of a child belonging to someone else. Oh Yeah, and DodiaFae, I totally get what you mean by “hoodrat”! He is a wannabe, plain and simple. He should just give it up…..he is and always will be TRASH……UNEDUCATED TRASH! Now, it is time for me to respond to the c*** who thinks that everyone is like her and her c*** friends!

    1. Yeah. We had a huge giggle about that one.

  30. You know…I got to thinking….maybe they just didn’t KNOW they were supposed to feed the baby!

    1. You may be onto something. Maybe they thought it was like a Furbie. If you leave it in a dark room, it’ll shut off.

      1. Love it!

    2. But didn’t they have other kids that didn’t starve to death? If they fed them the way they did this li’l guy, they’d all be dead.

      1. They did have other kids or maybe just one. How they survived no one will know.

      2. True, I dunno, it was a guess on my part because I can’t figure out why anyone would conciously fail to feed a baby!

  31. No child should be almost starved to death like that.

  32. No child should be almost starved to death like that.

  33. A 9lb 8 month old. That poor baby. I’m literally in tears. My daughter weighed 3 times that at 8 months. I’m so glad he was rescued. 

    1. My son was 9 lbs 6 oz at birth. By 8 months he was probably damn near 20 pounds.

  34. My daughter was 7.5lbs at birth and weighed 17lbs at 5 months. 95th percentile for both height and weight. Of course, I also wore her around in a sling, breastfed her on demand and coslept with her at night. I had 3 miscarriages before her and have never ever taken her for granted. 

  35. Thought I’d let you guys know that I found an update from December on Riley that said he is slowly but surely improving.

    1. Oh gods… those pictures made me cry. I can’t even imagine anyone doing that to their baby, and I’m so glad that those wastes of oxygen got the sentence they deserved. I sincerely hope they do not get out early “for good behavior” (well, obviously there aren’t any babies for them to starve in prison), and that some of the other inmates hear why they’re there and allow them just enough food to stay alive. Barely.

      I am so glad this baby is doing better. <3

  36. Now i want those cruel people to barely have food and see how Riley had to live like that. I have a 6 month old son and he’s 19 pounds now! How can somebody do that to their children? So devastating! Glad Riley is in good hands now and I do love Magon and Caleb! They are lifesavers forever and have good hearts! Brittany and Justin you two have a great 60 years in two deserve it! Ughhh

  37. Just for the record i believe these pieces of trash got 60 years. Not enough if you ask me but that little angel looks amazing now!

  38. There are at least 4 grandparents. Though they are not ultimately responsible, where were and are they ?

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