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CPS and Mother Repeatedly Fail Two Children; Luckily They're Still Alive

Police: Man beat, whipped, starved girlfriend’s young children
Seattle man accused of forcing girlfriend’s son to panhandle

That is Vincent James Pierce. He has graced our pages here for charges of second-degree child assault-domestic violence, and two counts of third-degree child assault-domestic violence in King County Superior Court. He is being held in lieu of $300,000 bail.

According to police, they learned of Vincent on December 4 after he called 911 to report that his girlfriend’s oldest child a 10-year-old boy who has not been identified, was missing. He told police that the boy had gone out to play 90 minutes earlier, but had not returned. He then called police back 6 hours later to report that the boy had come back. Unconvinced the authorities came to the home to see for themselves if the boy had returned, only to find that he had not. The search for the boy continued for another two hours, when at 4:30 PM, the boy finally returned back home to his apartment.

When questioned by police, the boy told them that Pierce had sent him out to the Space Needle in downtown Seattle to panhandle. He says he was out for more than six hours begging for money and had not eaten anything at all that day. He also said he didn’t return sooner because he didn’t gather enough money. Video evidence at the apartment showed Pierce speaking to the boy at 9:30 AM and then leaving him.  It was also observed that the boy was only dressed in a pair of seat pants and two long-sleeved shirts on that cold December day while he was out.

Investigators would later learn of severe abuse this young boy endure, along with his 5-year-old sister. Three weeks prior to this incident, the boy had been beaten for stealing food. A Swedish Medical Center found an untreated broken wrist and rib, according to charging documents. They also found what appeared to be cigarette burns on the boys feet. His little sister was also found to have injuries. She is said to have two black eyes, as well as bruises to her forehead and marks on her back from a belt. She was also described as “grossly dehydrated and underweight.”

Speaking with police, the children’s mother said Pierce frequently beat her children. He will hit the children with a belt over 30 times, sometimes lasting over an hour. She also said Pierce would use his hands to slap the children across the face. She also told them that this was common practice and that she had lost track of how many times the children have been beaten by Pierce. She admitted, through tears, that she knew her sons wrist was broken, but didn’t take him to the doctor because Pierce told her not to. Pierce, allegedly, bent the boys fingers back so far that his wrist broke, in front of her, the consequence for being caught taking food. According to charging papers, Pierce also beat the boy with a cord until he bled, and he has scars from it. His little sister also reported repeated abuse at the hands of Pierce. Police also wrote the court saying, Pierce would force the children to sleep outside the tent they were staying in while homeless. He also has been said to have sat on the children.

Also, four days previous to the boy being reported missing, a nurse at the University of Washington Medical Center contacted authorities after examining Pierce’s girlfriend’s children. The girl’s face was bruised and puffy, and the boy had a black eye. Why weren’t the children taken into CPS custody then?

Apparently, the mother of these two children was afraid of Pierce. Every time she tried to intervene with his beatings of her children he would attack her. I’m sorry, I don’t care if he’d attack her. If it were me, I would have intervened the first time, let him attack me, give him back whatever he gave me until he was worn out, and when he was unconscious taken my children and ran for my life. This mother needs some kind of charges pressed against her in my opinion. Maybe if she’s given a second chance she will have learned from all of this, but we’ve seen how that works out all too often too.

This will get your blood boiling even more though. According to a spokeswoman for the area’s CPS, they had received repeated calls of concern for the children because they were homeless. CPS tried to keep tabs on the family because of this, but the spokesperson has said, “Being homeless does not constitute child abuse. If we have concerns about exposure [to the outside temperatures] or not eating ther’s more we can do.” However, CPS did investigate and found no indications of abuse, yet they now say they believe the boy is not enrolled in school. If the five-year-old girl was described by police as “grossly dehydrated and underweight” that took some time for her to get to that point. How could CPS have missed it? She had to have been showing signs of that, but I suppose if you cannot keep track of a homeless family you have a good excuse to them.To me, they don’t have a good excuse. These four were reported to have stayed in Nicklesville, a Seattle homeless camp last year, and lived homeless in other parts of King County as well. You would think that they’d have more frequent follow-ups for a family you get lots of calls about that are homeless. I’m not saying everyone who is homeless is guilty of abuse, but there were signs here that I don’t feel should have been missed. CPS has failed numerous times on this case, as has the children’s mother. Let’s hope that the ball doesn’t get dropped again even though Pierce is now being charged and is still in lock-up.

Good news is no dead kids.

*Special thanks to all who sent this in*

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  1. Lazy grifter trash, sending his kids out to panhandle for him.  I hope he gets his face rearranged in lockup.  Meanwhile, “Mom” better wise up before she and the kids end up DEAD.

  2. I have no sympathy for women who claim they can’t intervene because they, too, will be attacked.  1.  You should put your life over your child’s so you should be willing to get attacked to save him/her, that’s called being a parent and 2. she honestly expects me to believe this man never ventured away from their home/tent?  When he was gone, she should have grabbed the kids and left, but no, she CHOSE to stay, so she CHOSE for her kids to get beaten.

    Finally, if this kid really was panhandling, why didn’t any bystanders call police?  The article states he was only 10; he should not have been left unattended and begging, and so that’s definitely a situation that warrants some bystander intervention.  Perhaps if someone was a little nosy, this boy and girl would’ve been saved sooner. 

    1. I totally agree.  And even if the asshole didn’t leave, he had to sleep.  I also thought the same as you about the panhandling.  If I saw a kid begging, I would feed him and call 911.  But you have to wonder if it would have done any good since the CPS workers involved in this case failed horribly.  The mother should be arrested and the children taken away PERMANENTLY.  This write-up didn’t say anything about mom having 2 broken legs and 2 broken arms.  Someone would have to beat me until I was unconcious or dead before I sat by and watched them beat my child.  And she let it happen repeatedly.  She admitted she lost track of how many times!  I even think the CPS workers should be fired and charged if possible.

      1. Agreed. Even with broken arms and legs, even though she didn’t have any, I would still find a way to fight through that an get my kids to safety. That woman could have done so much more for her kids, and she should be charged too!

  3. I agree with all of you! She should’ve taken her children and left! She is lucky as hell that her children aren’t dead!

    I also feel CPS workers should also be held responsible for overlooking these children.

  4. Pierce is such an idiot.

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