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Overzealous Father Punches Son for Losing

Angry dad arrested for ‘punching his eighth-grade son after he lost basketball tournament’
Man arrested for punching son at youth basketball tournament

Plenty of parents have disturbed many by their actions at their child’s sporting events. Parents have heckled children at sporting events, fought with referees, and even dooked it out with each other for some of the most ridiculous of reasons. Please, for all the parents out there with children in sports, it is supposed to be a fun activity. Yes, we expect there to be competition, but if you want your kids to have fun and learn from their sport, don’t embarrass them by being unsportsmanlike and down right  barbaric.

A Minnesota father, 52-year-old Steven Wilson, took his sons recent loss at a basketball tournament hard. He was more upset than anyone at the event. In fact, he was so upset that he did something parents and coaches had never seen before. He held his 14-year-old son, who hasn’t been identified, down with one hand and then repeatedly punched him in the face when they had been walking down a hallway together after the sons loss.

Several parents had to physically intervene and separate the two, but not before the father had hit the boy several times. While parents fought to remove the man from the boy others called police to the scene. Wilson was arrested on the scene and charged with fifth degree domestic assault. He spent the night in jail and posted a $10,000 bond without conditions. If convicted he faces up to a $3,000 fine, 90 days in jail, and also a no-contact order.

Child protective workers were notified by police to check on the boys well-being. The Eagan Athletic Association is also looking into further penalizing Wilson by banning him from future basketball games.

The only positive note is the boy did not need any medical attention outside of being looked over, and we have no dead kids to report.

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  1. Ugh, this guy.  I’m sure his unhealthy interest in his son’s games are compensation for his own “shortcomings” if you know what I mean.

    1. If he was willing to do this in public I just wonder what aberrant acts he has perpetrated on the boy in private? I’d very much like to have at the POS with a broom handle,WAIT! my rake has an aluminum handle, that would be better.

  2. This is a fine example of parents living through their children.   I live in an area where children youth sports are big and I can’t even tell you how pathetic some parents are. I can’t stand that shit, let the kids have fun and enjoy themselves.

    As for that fat hog up there someone should of gotten a bat and beat the shit out of him. My God holding your son down and punching him repeatedly in the face for losing?? Was it the world series??  Get over yourself Pig Man!!

  3. I recently accompanied a friend to her 9-year-old cousin’s baseball game. Both teams played hard, but his team lost. The parents went crazy!! They were screaming at the coaches and belittling the kids on the other team and their parents while their own children just stood by and watched in shock. I even heard some kids telling their parents to calm down and that everything was okay. The parents didn’t even listen to them. The police had to be called to settle things down.

    I actually asked my friend if this is typical and she said, in the most deadpan voice possible, “Yeah, it’s no surprise.” I looked at her like she was crazy, but I knew she wasn’t lying. Whatever happened to just letting the kids have fun and being a good sport?

    Regarding this guy, I would love to see his son teach him a lesson in a couple of years.

  4. Nice one, Suzee! What you said about  not embarrassing the kids is right. One of the top factors in suicidal behavior is public embarrassment. This dad needs to be kept out of the events if only for that reason. While i’m happy the child wasn’t physically seriously injured, there are other injuries that don’t show.

  5. Why were there no conditions on his release?  He should have at least had a condition of “no physical or verbal abuse” as well as “no harassment”  of his son!  Who knows what shit this kid is having to put up with in the meantime!!
    WTF was the judge and DA thinking?

    1. It is typical for the judicial system. They should have taken custody of the child until they could be sure that he will be going home to a safe environment. At the very least, they should’ve put a condition on the father’s bond preventing him from going back home until he completed some type anger management or parenting classes. The fact that they didn’t, is alot of the reason that children end up severely beaten or worse. I think that, in part, our system is the reason that so many children end up like they do!

      1. It seems that too many parents are either beating the chit out of their kids or totally ignoring them, leaving them to raise themselves.  :-/

        1. I know, it is horrible to think that children are left all alone to fend for themselves. There are so many responsible adults looking for children to love. If we took every abused child away from their parents, then noone that wanted children and couldn’t have them would never be childless again.

  6. Do you guys have anyone to edit these stories?  Seriously.  I enjoy the stories but they’re especially long, drawn-out, littered with misspellings and grammatical errors, and well, just not very well written.  I’ll stick with DreaminDemon from now on.  This site it just irritating.  I’ll stop trolling now.

    1. So you “enjoy the stories”, and are more focused on the spelling
      and grammatical errors than the fact that the children are being abused/raped/murdered? Honey, you’re on the wrong site. GTFO.

      1. And don’t forget about how the stories are especially long and drawn-out. @@

    2. “I’ll stop trolling now.” Kthxbai

      1. Trench Reynolds needs to add a few commas in his post.  Just sayin’. 

        1. So you can take the time to comment on grammatical errors, but not on the actions of the parent featured, or the harm he’s done to his child?  Part of the problem is that too many people are so indifferent to the actions (or inactions) of some “parents” that their feathers get more ruffled over a spelling or grammatical error than over a “parent” beating their child.  Doesn’t take much to make one a useless, cold-hearted bitch (and, therefore, part of the problem), does it.

          Just sayin’.

          1. Thanks Dodia. I was going to reply to them, but decided not to. Besides, I already have corrected well-being, and last time I checked compound sentences need a comma. 🙂

          2. “Doesn’t take much to make one a useless, cold-hearted bitch, does it”.  Your sentence made no sense at all.  Maybe you should have written it as follows….

            Doesn’t take much to make one a useless, cold-hearted bitch and therefore, part of the problem.  Does it?

            Also, there should not be a commas after “errors”  and “featured” in your first sentence.

            Just sayin’

          3. Youre weird and your presence here is pointless

            I left all the punctuation out for you so you can have something to do with your sad empty life of ruffling feathers on a blog dedicated to exposing child abuse

          4. Now, you were ALMOST there but you needed to follow “out” with something else. Like, say…”I left all of the punctuation out of my reply”. Otherwise, it’s more correct to say “I left out all of the punctuation for you”.

            Thanks for playing.

          5. Aww it worked! You DID have something to do for a moment! Mission complete 😉

          6. That would make sense, except that it wasn’t meant as a question. It was a statement of fact. Now please go find some other pointless activity to fill that void in your worthless life.

          7. Then you’re just stupid.  Ending something with ‘does it’ yet claiming it’s a statement.  Wow. 

          8. Go find a dick to eat… best troll food ever.

          9. For fuck’s sake, if I had a dick to eat, I’d certainly wouldn’t be here.  

            Trolls don’t use their real names.

            Ya’ll are the worst.  Worst. Writers. Ever.  

          10. Then go find something more enjoyable to read… No one cares about your opinion unless it’s about how these kids deserve better parents than the ones they’ve been saddled with. And if this douche is your father, why the fuck aren’t you saying anything in support of your brother, instead of very childishly coming here just to edit people’s grammar and say “you’re stupid”? You haven’t said word one about either of the people discussed in this piece.

          11. She has to be one of those individuals whose personal life is such a bore that she has to bug the fuck out of people on the internet in order to obtain a small amount of amusement. She may also have a mental condition, or some type of psychosis. Who knows? I do know, however, she appears to be one fucked up, yet grammatically correct, bitch with absolutely no life. Didn’t she say she had children? GOD HELP US ALL! I hope their lives are influenced by more mentally stable friends or family!  

          12. DN, I’m fairly new to BB (discovered it in Sept) so I don’t know if your new or if you’ve been absent, but you freakin kick ass. Just sayin (no apostrophe on purpose)

          13. Did you say “your” instead of “you’re” on purpose, too?  

          14. I was posting as “repulsed” before. Even then, I didn’t post too many comments but I have been “stalking” the site for a couple of years now, lol!

          15. Wonder how long it’ll be before she’s featured on BB… that facebook mom comes to mind. You remember the one? She neglected her baby because she was too busy playing FB games.

          16. Dude, I said this dude is my daddy so I guess I’m featured by association.

          17. If this guy really is your daddy, too bad he didn’t take enough interest in you to smack you around a little bit.  Maybe if you were of any worth he would have took the time to teach you some manners, but he obviously realized what a waste of skin you are and decided it wasn’t worth his time to put any effort into a loser like you.  It must really suck to know that you are such a worthless piece of garbage that your “parents” washed their hands of you. 
            I pity your children.  Having a winner like you as a mother must be thrilling for them.  I’m betting welfare c***, each kid has a different dad, and you sitting all alone on Christmas listening to your children beg you to get your fat ass off of the computer and “celebrate” the holiday.  Not that there’s much celebrating going on in your trailer.  What was the Christmas feast this year?  Ramen and kool-aide?  Did your children even get a Merry Christmas from you, let alone a gift, since I’m sure your fast food addiction was more important than acknowledging your children with a lousy dollar store toy? 
            You keep on with all of the corrections, while we all live our lives with our happy children, loving spouses, and the knowledge that you have nothing else to live for than making comments about spelling and grammar.  Gee, I wish I could be you for a day.  I would LOVE to sit around in my own filth, trolling the internet, while my children beg me to love them, acknowledge them, feed them.  Yep, you are AWESOME!

          18. tl;dr.  I don’t understand why people spend so much time worrying about “trolls”.  You and your blind assumptions are awesome, JJ.  

          19. And actually, I’m an entitled, spoiled, grown-up, rich kid that lives off of a trust.  I’m set for life…as all of my children will be after I’m looong gone  thanks to some smart decisions by our family investor.  

            My nanny watches the kids while I troll the internet. 

          20. Since your knowledge of the English language is vast, I shouldn’t have to tell you that “welfare check” and “trust fund” are not synonymous, nor are “nanny” and “pit bull”. 

          21. JJ is my sister. Well… According to Facebook, anyhow.

          22. Which further explains why you’re such a c***. Congratulations!! You’re the first double c*** we’ve seen in quite some time. Let me see if Trench has any more of those Double Cunt trophies lying around here.

          23. She’s done. She will have to go find some more enjoyable reading now.

          24. “I’d certainly wouldn’t be here”

            Please, please, please tell me that you don’t see anything wrong with that sentence. For you to be such a grammar NAZI, you really butchered that sentence!

          25. ROFL  You’re awesome, DN.  <3

            My excuse for missing that one is that I've gotten about 4 hours of sleep in the last three days. 

          26. Completely understood! I like pointing out other people’s mistakes (when they deserve it)!

          27. AHA!  Touche, pussycat!  Sometimes it does bite you in the ass.  I’m usually more observant when I edit a sentence.  *headdesk*

          28. *headdesk*

            May I suggest *facegarbagedisposal* instead?

          29. Don’t you mean “Douche”?
            The acknowledgement of an accusation, or a point made by someone you consider to be a douche bag.
            Accented E: pronounced dew/shay

            Teacher: “It’s no wonder that we don’t communicate, when your grammar is incomprehensible.”

            Student: “Douché.”

          30. I’m don’e reading your trollish bullshit. You’re done here.

          31. There aren’t enough negative adjectives in the English language to describe a person such as yourself!

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            That explains why you’re such a c***, not what your’re doing here.

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          34. Yeah, I was starting to get a bit worried when she called me “dude”… 

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          36. I’d bet dollars to doNUTS that this winner is as pretty as Andrew’s father, so maybe they’d back door the bitch.  #justathought

          37. Maybe not. My guess is that she’s a yappy little c*** that NEVER shuts the fuck up. You know how much Andrew and Phil like to have the last word. That would never work for them.

          38. Another troll. Gotta love ’em.

    3. You couldn’t have e-mailed this to the sites administration?

      1. Eh, didn’t think about that or even this post until just now.  Really didn’t care to look up an administrator.  Sorry to ruffle your feathers.  I, too, am a stay-at-home-mom with 4 kids crawling all over me.

    4. Oh……lol……..I just LOVE people like you. You have so much to say about everything but all in all you do NOTHING!!!!! I assume that the people who right these stories are more concerned with the victim’s story then they are with their spelling. Maybe you should just hop the fuck over to the dreamin’ demon because your kind are not welcome here anyway. If you want shit to be done so grammatically correct, then maybe you should fucking offer to help out. That way maybe we could see what someone with an actual education could come up with! *sarcasm* I think we have had this conversation on another post already and came to the conclusion that we needed a button for bitches of your breed!!! Don’t hate….participate!! Or just VACATE!

      1. Excuse me……I found a typo……I meant WRITE, not right! My bad! I only have a college education after all!

        1. 20 lashes with a wet noodle for you!  LOL

          1. Lol, I know, I am so ashamed of myself!

    5. i’m pretty sure no one held a gun to your head and made you read the long, drawn-out, grammatically incorrect stories.  so don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    6. EveryVillainIsLemons

      If you enjoy reading stories like these, much less for their impeccable spelling and grammar, you’ve got some serious issues.

      1. Ya know this is the second ass wipe in a week to use the words “enjoy” when referring to reading these stories.  WTF!

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        Sent: Monday, December 19, 2011 9:26 AM
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  7. I fixed the mistakes I could find with my kiddos climbing all over me. If you have a log-in and are able to edit further I would appreciate it. I just have to, ya know, tend to my life of being a SAHM and housewife by getting dinner started amongst many other things. Thanks!

    1. OMG!!  Don’t you realize that you are expected to drop everything and only work here?  Kiddo’s and their dinner are no excuse.  *sarcasm*
      Good thing the troll didn’t go to one of my write ups.  If any are long and drawn out it would be mine.  LOL

      1. I know I’m a terrible person for putting my kids, home, and marriage before this place. April or Trench can fire me if they want for that, I’d understand.

        Don’t worry dear, mine have been long and drawn out too, but it really depends on the story. Some of them have a lot of twists and turns to them. *muah*

        1. Oh yeah….I can easily see you getting fired!  LMAO  You are so loved here!  I’ve noticed that the trolls love to complain but they don’t offer any kind of help.  Diarrhea of the mouth with constipated brains IMHO. 

          1. You got that right!

    2. You missed one.  It should have been “boy’s well-being”  in that 2nd to the last paragraph.  Also, no comma is needed in that very last sentence.  

  8. LAKEVILLE, Minn. – Additional charges have been filed against an Eagan man who allegedly punched his son after a basketball tournament in Lakeville last week.
    Steven Wilson, 52, was originally charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic assault and booked into Dakota County jail following the altercation which took place at Lakeville Senior High School on December 10.
    On Monday, the Dakota County Attorney’s Office added one count of malicious punishment of a child and one count neglect of a child, which are both gross misdemeanors.
    “Violence against children under any circumstance is unacceptable,” Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said in a release. “It is particularly disturbing when it is associated with a youth sporting event as is alleged here.”
    According to the criminal complaint, Wilson admitted he got into a disagreement with his 14-year-old son after an 8th grade basketball game.
    The son told police that he father was yelling at him as they were walking down the hall and that his father pushed him into the wall.
    Witnesses told police the father slammed his son into the wall and began punching him totally unprovoked by the son, according to the complaint.
    Police say Wilson made several spontaneous statements using profanity. When an officer told the defendant to watch his language, Wilson leaned forward, looked the officer directly in the eye and used more profane language.
    The officer handcuffed Wilson based on his aggressiveness.   
    Another coach told officers there had been similar behavior by Wilson during other sporting events. The coach told police that Wilson was ejected from a different game because he was yelling and swearing profusely.

    1. Great way to set an example for you son!



      Disqus generic email template

    2. Thanks for the update! So sad to see there is a history of violence from this man.

  9. Steven Wilson is my father. 

  10. Oh, oh I spelled you’re wrong in my comment to DN! Oh my god I cannot go on.

    Anyone feel like we just had this grammar nazi conversation with another idiot on another thread? Oh yeah, Trench already addressed this issue..

    1. OH, you did catch it.  Trench has horrible grammar, as well.  

  11. Wierdest troll ever.

      1. Yeah she was certainly a big ol’ bitch. How was your holiday? I was wondering where you and jj were to shut this bitch up lol

        1. I didn’t shut her up, I shut her down. You start bad mouthing Trench and I’m fucking done. Besides him keeping this site up, which I think is awesome, he’s an amazing friend. One of my best, actually. And I’ll do whatever I have to in order to protect him. That goes for any of the writers here as well. And all of you regulars. If anyone wants to jump your shit, they’ll have to deal with me. And I’m a relentless bitch. This Traci c*** may think she’s all fucking that, but I’m all fucking that and more. DONE! Her only option now is to eat a dick.

          My holiday was grand. How was yours?

          1. Lmfao, and the poor bitch already announced she has no dick to eat!

            My holiday was the best one ever, my husband, my son and I got to celebrate our xmas in our own place for the first time! The last two we were living with relatives

          2. No dick… Except her own.

            That’s awesome for you. Congrats, doll!!

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