“I need more drugs!”

Ohio dad charged with drugging kids 

Trial delayed for man accused of giving pills to his children 

Dad charged with drugging kids 

Lawrence E. Kirk Jr., 30, Conneaut, Ohio, had a doctor that would prescribe oxycodone (oxycontin) for him. There was one little problem though….he had to submit a urine sample to be tested to make sure that he wasn’t using any street drugs. Hmmmm…..what could he do??  He came up with a brain dead plan apparently with his wife Sarah’s blessing. He crushed the pills, put them in water and made his children ages 6, 7, 9 and 10 drink it. Then he took their urine to be tested so he could continue getting the pills. It was reported that he was selling them.

One of the children were talking with a social worker and told her about the blue pills.  The children were immediately placed in foster care.

Kirk had been scheduled for a jury trial this week on charges that include four counts of corrupting another with drugs; endangering children, deception to obtain dangerous drugs (two counts) and aggravated trafficking in drugs.  However, the druggie is currently behind bars in a Crawford County, PA, jail on an unrelated incident.  They are trying to extradite him to stand trial. I can’t find anything on what the charges are in PA.

Wifey on the other hand, recently pleaded guilty to four counts of endangering children and is scheduled to be sentenced in Yost’s court on Feb. 2.  She had originally been charged with conspiracy to corrupt another with drugs, conspiracy to deception to obtain dangerous drugs and endangering children.

Oxycodone is a very highly addictive and strong narcotic. I take them on rare occasion for a back injury that I have (permanent nerve root damage) and they knock me out!  They work extremely well but my house could burn down around me and I wouldn’t have a clue.  So before I take one I have to be at the point where I am almost unable to walk. I can’t begin to imagine giving this dangerous drug to small children!  Maybe the stupid fuckers wanted the kids to follow in their footsteps and become addicted to the drug before they had a chance to make something of their lives.  How do you have babies and attempt to assure that they will not have a happy stable life??

The good news is….no dead or hospitalized babies.

**Thanks to MOTD for the write-up.**

  • Anonymous

    I believe “something” should be crushed and fed to him.

    I assume he was in fact using street drugs?  Because otherwise his scheme seems pretty senseless (not that this would be anything new for the dumbasses that appear on this site).

  • KathyK

    Oxycodone to a 6 year old???  It’s lucky he didn’t go to sleep and never wake up!