Boyfriend Molests Kids, Mom Knew.

Mom charged with knowing about sex abuse of her children for two years

Iowan accused of ignoring molestation of daughters

Police: Mom knew children were being abused

Sick Fucks

God help any man (or woman) who would ever lay an inappropriate hand on either of my girls. It’d be the last fucking thing they’d do. Apparently, girlfriend of Jayme Souder, 25, of Davenport, Iowa, doesn’t feel the same way that most of us do when it comes to protecting our kids. She allowed and didn’t stop her live-in dick and baby-sitter from inappropriately touching her 3 daughters, ages 10, 7 and 8 for over 2 years (abuse started when they were ages 8, 6 and 5 respectively.) Mom’s name is being withheld to protect the identity of her daughters.

The girls finally had enough and one day the 10-year old refused to get on the bus from school because she didn’t want to go home to this molester. She got her sisters off the bus and spoke up. After alerting school personnel, the mother and boyfriend were reported and the mother admitted to knowing about the abuse and doing nothing to stop it.

The sisters are in the care of a relative.  Jayme, the sick fuck that was accused of molesting them is in jail. So is the mom, whose been charged with one count of child endangerment, which is an aggravated misdemeanor. Lame!

Thank God these girls are not with these heartless assholes anymore. And big huge kudos and hugs to the 10-year old for standing up for herself and her little sisters!

Thanks to my girl, Deena, for the tip.

  • jaladeca

    This one is a little more satisfying, but still no info on the mother’s charges. He gets 50 years. Woohoo, Bubba!

  • digchild

    Both of them are perverted sickos.They should burn in a furnace and have their remains thrown into an incinerator.

  • Bad Kitty

    I am so proud of the 10 year old for doing what she did and making sure her sisters were safe as well. Imagine the amount of courage it took for this little girl to stand up and tell people what was going on is truly amazing!!
      Being a victim myself it takes a lot to do that, I know how scared they were. However I did not tell my Mom because he said “No one will believe you” and “You will destroy the family.”  I finally told my Mom years later and she has stood by me and has given me the support that I needed. She said if she had known no one would of ever found his body.

    I don’t understand these women that need dick in there lives and places it above everything else. Thet both need the death penalty!  How can a mother stand by and know what the fucker is doing. I can’t wrap my mind around it!! I want the worst possible punishment done to them.

    With years of therapy and coming to terms with what has happen to me I am finally getting closure. Statue of limitations expired so I can only pray that God will handle it. I wish for those beautiful girls to get the help I did and know that it is not you fault.

  • Mikki

    For him, I am thinking a punishment that involves his obviously inadequate little weenis, a potato peeler and a bottle of sulfuric acid…

  • Spah3

    this makes me so sick.  i read a story about how people who killed a puppy were being charged with a felony and were being on 30,000 bond.  then you read about a mother who essentially was pimping her children out to her boyfriend, and she is charged with a misdemeanor.  GO JUSTICE. (sarcasm.)

    • DodiaFae

      That right there is the major problem I have with sites like Care2 (or, I should say, the majority of their members)… you see people commenting on stories like the dead puppy and people calling for the perpetrators to be executed (even in one story where 2 very young children were involved, obviously coaxed into doing so by their useless birth vessel), while on stories where children are sexually abused, the majority of people can be found calling for leniency. WTBFH??? Ass backwards. Our legal system is ass backwards, because so many of the voters are ass backwards and ignorant douches who either insist that things be handled this way (until it happens to them or theirs) or who refuse to speak up when their lawmakers make these decisions on their behalf.

  • Stephen Weiss

    Hmmm…For her I suggest 5 years in a formerly all male pen. For him….fuck it lets turn him loose in the same pen so they can hear each other screaming. After said sentence, should they survive, THEN we tell them if they can crossed Death Valley then they can go free.

  • KathyK

    She’s only charged with one misdemeanor!  WTF?  That is absurd.  Three girls were abused over a period of two years.  How about a charge for each child, each time she left them alone with him?  She used him for a babysitter knowing that he was abusing them.  I sure hope that misdemeanor is just to hold her in jail until they indict her on the real charges.

    • Anonymous

      Personally, I hope the charge is to just hold her in jail until another inmate unzips her guts with a dull homemade razor.

  • MOTD

    I’m so angry with these pieces of shit!  
    I’m going to get out my concertina wire wrapped bat and go after him first….I’ll make her watch just so she can know the fear and dread that her baby girls felt each and every day.  OH!  AND I’ll let her call everyone she knows to tell them what is about to happen to her.  But they won’t know where she is to give any help….just in case some asshole wanted to.This is my dream…..

    • KathyK

      If anyone wanted to help, it’s probably you they’d be helping – not that useless whore.

  • Archie

    Some women really miss having a dick to suck.

  • Suzee

    I will never comprehend how any parent can just allow someone to sexually abuse their child/children. Hopefully in prison she will get molested and the people who know about will do nothing to stop it. Big Bertha with a toilet brush sounds just perfect for her.

    And the other piece of shit doesn’t deserve anything less either.

    • DodiaFae

      No… he deserves far, far more.  Toilet brush ain’t good enough for him.

      • Suzee

        No toiler brush up the vag for her is what I meant. Brush end first. He deserves much worse than what I can think of, but his future pod mates can think up and carry out.

  • Malevolent April

    What in the mother fucking fuck?  She just… let it happen? Sick cunt must have somehow got her jollies from it.  Most women don’t want their man touching ANY other woman – Now add to the equation that it’s her own child.  She’s a defective piece of trash.  She should do those kids and the rest of the world a solid and just suck a tailpipe.

  • Anonymous

    The 10 year old knows right from wrong, but her fucking mother doesn’t.

    A bullet each for Jayme and Mommy should solve the problem nicely.

    • Deena

      I just can’t imagine what it was like for these girls, especially knowing that the person who was supposed to protect them just ignored it and let him use them as his own personal sex toys and she slept with him too.  Disgusting!
      I hope they NEVER forgive her.  There is nothing she can ever say or do to make it right!


  • Anonymous

    Thank god for the ten yr old! I hope these girls never go back to this cunt