Pregnant and Shooting Up

Pregnant Woman Accused of Shooting up Drugs
Pregnant woman arrested on drug charges

I was a victim of a drug abusing birth vessel. Not a lot of readers here know my story, but to make it short and sweet: My egg donor had me when she was barely 15. I am the oldest of 10 children for said egg donor. She abused drugs for all of us. This caused me to be extremely sick for the first few years of my life. I think I was handed this story not only because I am 23 weeks and 4 days pregnant, but also possibly in part because I was victimized by my egg donor’s drug abuse.

Erica Coleman, 22, is 8-months pregnant and was caught by a police officer shooting up drugs behind a Hardee’s one night last month with her boyfriend Kyle Thacker. How classy is that? Being pregnant doesn’t stop her from doing drugs, more than likely throughout her pregnancy, and she is so high-class she does it behind a fast-food burger joint.

Police say that an officer noticed a suspicious car behind the fast-food restaurant and found Coleman and Thacker inside. The officer said both seemed to be under the influence of narcotics and upon further investigation his suspicions were confirmed. The officer says there was a large amount of drugs in the car, and Coleman said she was injecting Suboxone. Suboxone is an FDA Pregnancy Category C. However, Pregnancy Category C does NOT mean the drug cannot be used in pregnant women.  Pregnant women can and should receive a category C drug when the possible benefits of using the drug are more likely than the possible risk of harm to the woman or her baby. Still, sources I have found do state that misuse of this drug will have similar effects to someone abusing opiates.

Coleman and Thacker were both immediately arrested. Coleman was taken to the hospital, released the same night, and put in jail.

She was arraigned and plead not guilty to public intoxication, drug possession, drug paraphernalia, failure to appear in court, and contempt of court charges. She was released after arraignment and placed on home confinement because the jail does not have the means to deal with a pregnant woman who could deliver any day now. It was also ordered that she be given very frequent random drug testing, more than the average person because she is pregnant.

Thacker was charged with several drug charges and is out on bond. Coleman is due back in court in February.


  • Ace

    0_0 SUBOXONE? Who would want to shoot that up on the first place? That’s just idiotic.

  • Anonymous

    Useless wench Erica is. It’s like the movie “Candy” I just wanted to smash in the screen when a drug addict gave birth to a dead baby.
    I’m so sorry you had to experience what you did in childhood, Suzee.
    You deserve so much better!  XX

    • DodiaFae

      Suzee is my hero. <3

      • Suzee

        Aw shucks, you guys. :) I am thankful for having been adopted from birth. It’s too bad that even that can’t help save a child because the “mother” is too selfish to give the child a healthy non-abusive start because they won’t have to deal with the repercussions, the adoptive parents will. I know this isn’t the case for all adopted children, but that was the case for my egg donor in my eyes. You know, before I really knew all of this she had told me when I met her that I would always be her “Little Becky” and she loved me so much and always will. @@ Here’s a picture of her.

  • Malevolent April

    ♥ you Suzee.  I admire your strength and just love you for who you are.

    • Suzee

      Love you too April.

  • KathyK

    Suzee, I did not know that about your birth.  Thankfully, you were only sick for a few days.  Stories about pregnant women doing drugs really bother me.  The poor babies haven’t even taken their first breath and they are already being abused. 

    This prego shooting up by the Hardee’s dumpster should be locked up for the remainder of her pregnancy and the baby taken at birth.

    • Suzee

      No, not a few days. The first few years of my life I was ALWAYS sick. Matter of fact, it was bad enough that I was tested for everything the doctors could think of to try and figure out why I was sick all the time.

      I agree. She needs to be in jail, and I think she deserves to have this child taken away. Thanks to the way things work though she will probably get her baby back anyway after serving some time and taking some parenting classes.

      • KathyK

        Sorry, I read it wrong.  I thought it said days and was surprised!  Years does make more sense.  It’s sad that women do that to their unborn babies.

        I expect this one will keep doing what she’s doing until the baby is born.  I never heard of the drug mentioned in this article, but I equate shooting anything with hard core drug use.  Hopefully the child will be okay. 

        • Suzee

          I had never heard of the drug until a 14 year old Alaska girl died after a 26-year-old shot her up with 25 to 30 units of heroine, and the tried giving her a Suboxone tablet to help. This girl in particular also had meth and cocaine in her system, but just the heroine alone was going to kill her.

          Erica Coleman, probably will continue to use drugs throughout the duration of her pregnancy, but it’s going to be difficult to get away with because of how often they are going to be dropping her at random each week until she comes back to court in February. I’m really trying to hold out hope that, even though the sudden stoppage of drugs can make baby go into with drawl and wind up distressed that he or she comes out OK and doesn’t have to suffer for very long.

  • Digchild

    She could have a mentally retarded baby.That’s so sad.