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Trailer Park Trash Shakes Seven Week Old

Phoenix man accused of breaking infant’s bones 

Phoenix man arrested for abusing infant son 

Phoenix father admits to shaking son, police say

These two are not only deaf but dumb to boot. Before anyone jumps my case for “picking” on the disabled, read what Taylor and  did first. Earlier this month, these two ass wipes took their precious 7 week old son to the doctor for a flu shot. This would give you the impression that they were loving and caring parents, right? Well, they aren’t, not by a long shot. The doctor noticed that the child was severely underweight and ordered them to take the baby to the hospital where staff discovered several broken ribs, numerous leg fractures, not one but two skull fractures, and a fractured clavicle.

Let’s break this down; not only was the child practically starving to death but they had beaten him as well. WTF? I guess they didn’t think that failing to feed him was enough torture. During an interview, Mr. Dumbass states he didn’t know how the baby’s bones got broken BUT he also admitted to shaking the boy and pulling on his arms. He claims that he wanted to tell them everything but Mrs. Dumbass didn’t want him to for fear of him being arrested. Okay, so how many brain cells are required in order to comprehend what actions can break an infant’s bones? Obviously more than this sperm donor has. They probably have a half of brain cell between the two of them. The only reason Mr. Dumbass gives for his actions: a “really bad anger problem” and he did it “out of frustration”.

I gotta agree with the tipster, Mandi, on this one. How can you get frustrated with a child if you can’t hear him crying? I mean, what the fuck else can a 7 week old do to frustrate you? NOTHING…..not a damn thing, unless his existence alone was enough to frustrate him. He also says “I have done some stupid things lately”. I’ll say! It sounds to me like he committed the ultimate act of stupidity by deciding to treat his infant as if he wasn’t the most precious gift given to him.

He has been charged with felony child abuse and granted a $100,000.00 bond. The mother was re-interviewed by detectives where she finally admitted to shaking the child on two different occasions. She has also been charged with felony child abuse. Surprise, surprise, Mr. Dumbass also has a prior record for domestic violence.

Thanks to Mandi B. for the tip.

***Thanks to Depraved Nymph for the write-up.***

“Don’t hit the baby!” means just that!!

Police-Joliet couple arrested for severely beating-3-year-old boy 

Joliet couple arrested for severely beating 3-year-old 

Terran T. Smith, 21, and her boyfriend, Jamar L. Caesar, 22, have an 8-month-old child together.  Smith also had a 3 year old from previous sex.  According to the incubator the 3 year old little boy hit his younger sibling on Monday.

Smith allegedly told investigators she started to spank the boy before telling Caesar to administer the punishment, but a witness in the house reportedly told police both Smith and Caesar each spent two minutes whipping the boy with a belt.  So, the witness called police to report that a toddler was being beaten…..Sorry folks…No Magon here!!

Five days later the receptacle decided to take the toddler to the hospital because he kept vomiting and couldn’t eat for the last 3 days. An examination found the boy had a broken wrist, extensive body bruising, a bruised kidney, a lacerated or bruised liver and laceration to his face. Smith said she didn’t want to bring him to the hospital because she worried the Department of Children and Family Services would take her children away. I guess it was more comforting to know that her little boy was suffering.

Of course DCFS is now supervising the toddlers care in the hospital and did indeed remove the infant from their custody.

Meanwhile, back at the police station….Smith said that Caesar did it.  So the police picked him up. Caesar admitted to beating the boy but he made sure to tell them that Smith also hit him.  Caesar is charged with aggravated battery to a child. Smith is charged with aggravated battery to a child and endangering the life or health of a child. I’m hoping that they get the shit beat out of them in prison along with a healthy dose of internal injuries and no one to hear their cries.

***Thanks to MOTD for the write-up.***

Levi Barrett’s life was traded for a penis

Boyfriend charged with murder in 2-year-old’s death 

Boyfriend charged with murder in toddler’s death 

Mother and boyfriend arrested in connection with toddler’s death 

On October 18th Michele Mooty called police because her boyfriend Joe C. Watson IV, 26, had slapped her in the face in front of her 4 children. She told police he had “anger problems,” according to the police report.  This would be a key point wouldn’t it?  Would you trust this ass hat with his child let alone a child that wasn’t his?

According to police and court records, Watson has several arrests on charges of domestic violence. Those charges were dropped in Municipal Court when the victims did not appear for hearings.  How about trusting him now?

On November 18th Children Services opened a case with the family based on referral.

On November 28th Children Services Bureau caseworker visited the family.  No word on why they were called in.

On December 7th Mooty allowed Levi, 2 years old, to spend the night with Watson.  They did not live in the same home and Levi was not Joe’s child.  It had been a whole month since he slapped up the penis chaser….I’m sure he received intensive psychotherapy for his anger issues during that time and the therapist assured her that his anger issues were a thing of the past.  *sarcasm*

On December 8th Levi had died from multiple blunt force trauma.  Levi died so his birth vessel could have a penis!  I hope it was worth it you stupid twat!!

According to chicken shit of a “man” – Levi “fell down the stairs” on December 7th but seemed fine so he put him to bed.  Watson said when he woke up then next morning, he discovered the toddler in distress and rushed him to the hospital.

Watson is in jail and charged with two counts of murder, two counts of child endangering, one count of felonious assault, and one additional count of child endangering-torture.  It seems that the Coroner and those pesky police didn’t quite agree with good ole Joe.  Detectives said Levi appeared to have been systematically beaten and abused.

Levi’s mother, 22-year-old Michelle Mooty, is in jail charged with permitting child abuse. Her other 3 children ranging in age from 6 mos. to 6 yrs. old are currently with relatives.

R.I.P. Levi…. you deserved a better life.

***Thanks to MOTD for the write-up.***


“I need more drugs!”

Ohio dad charged with drugging kids 

Trial delayed for man accused of giving pills to his children 

Dad charged with drugging kids 

Lawrence E. Kirk Jr., 30, Conneaut, Ohio, had a doctor that would prescribe oxycodone (oxycontin) for him. There was one little problem though….he had to submit a urine sample to be tested to make sure that he wasn’t using any street drugs. Hmmmm…..what could he do??  He came up with a brain dead plan apparently with his wife Sarah’s blessing. He crushed the pills, put them in water and made his children ages 6, 7, 9 and 10 drink it. Then he took their urine to be tested so he could continue getting the pills. It was reported that he was selling them.

One of the children were talking with a social worker and told her about the blue pills.  The children were immediately placed in foster care.

Kirk had been scheduled for a jury trial this week on charges that include four counts of corrupting another with drugs; endangering children, deception to obtain dangerous drugs (two counts) and aggravated trafficking in drugs.  However, the druggie is currently behind bars in a Crawford County, PA, jail on an unrelated incident.  They are trying to extradite him to stand trial. I can’t find anything on what the charges are in PA.

Wifey on the other hand, recently pleaded guilty to four counts of endangering children and is scheduled to be sentenced in Yost’s court on Feb. 2.  She had originally been charged with conspiracy to corrupt another with drugs, conspiracy to deception to obtain dangerous drugs and endangering children.

Oxycodone is a very highly addictive and strong narcotic. I take them on rare occasion for a back injury that I have (permanent nerve root damage) and they knock me out!  They work extremely well but my house could burn down around me and I wouldn’t have a clue.  So before I take one I have to be at the point where I am almost unable to walk. I can’t begin to imagine giving this dangerous drug to small children!  Maybe the stupid fuckers wanted the kids to follow in their footsteps and become addicted to the drug before they had a chance to make something of their lives.  How do you have babies and attempt to assure that they will not have a happy stable life??

The good news is….no dead or hospitalized babies.

**Thanks to MOTD for the write-up.**

Babies should NOT be shaken or dropped!

Woman charged with repeatedly shaking and dropping boyfriend’s baby 

Woman abused boyfriend’s baby 

Woman charged in connect with the abused baby 

See that slag with the empty eyes?  Her name is Melissa Alexander, 27-years-old.  Matt Strickland met her just this past June.  They moved in together a few months ago along with his daughter, Jocilynn Graham – a 1 year old precious angel.

Matt was ordered to go to Louisiana on October 24th for training for overseas deployment.  He left Jocilynn with Melissa to care for her. He didn’t see any signs of abuse from Melissa as he watched her care for her own son who was 2 years old and his daughter. Matt never realized that it would be the last time he would hear his daughters laugh and have her run to him.

On November 9th the call was made that Jocilynn was unconscious and not breathing.  The slag reported that she heard a “thud” while putting on her makeup and discovered that Jocilynn had “fallen” off a loveseat.  Now, I don’t know about anyone else but I have seen toddlers do amazing acrobatics off my sofa and loveseat.  They have always remained breathing and conscious after it and climb right back up (after tears are wiped if necessary).  I think those pesky police feel the same way…they pressed her for the truth.  She finally admitted to abusing Jocilynn.

In the 16 days that the scumbag was in charge of the precious 1 year old she had: thrown a sippy cup at her with full force (an “8 or 9 out of a scale of 1-10), claimed that she almost dropped her in a parking lot and “caught her by the arm”, shook the baby and then “tossed” her on the couch, a few minutes later slag shook Jocilynn again because Jocilynn had fallen asleep.  The poor baby just couldn’t win with this slimy bitch…if she was acting like a 1 year old she was abused and if she was quiet and sleeping she was abused!! Scumbag told police that she shook Jocilynn “not that hard, like a 4. I’ve shaken my son harder.” When pressed by one detective, Alexander said she pushed Jocilynn backwards onto the floor while changing the toddler’s diaper. Alexander later told another detective that she let Jocilynn (who was wiggling and crying) fall while carrying her to change her diaper, according to the affidavit. The back of Jocilynn’s head hit the floor.

Of course as we all too often see here…..the story never quite matches up and is ever changing.  What we do know is that Jocilynn was hospitalized with life threatening injuries on November 9th.  Everything was done to save her but on December 7th her feeding tube was disconnected and she died peacefully in a Hospice Center on December 9th.

Here’s something scary: The abusing bitch was putting out posters offering to babysit at the apartment complex that she lived at.  According to the news reports she had been employed by some of the parents to take care of their children.  You people dodged a bullet there….it could have happened to YOUR child!!  Would you have handed $1,000,000 in unmarked bills to hold on for you for a few hours???  If you say no….then WTF are you doing handing over something far more valuable to her??  She had just moved into the complex….none of you knew her…and yet you hand over the most precious gift that you had been granted!!

Matt Strickland said that he didn’t see any “red flags” and that he had only observed her being a good mother to her own 2 year old son as well as Jocilynn. (Call me mean and ugly but I’m going to give you a news flash: Most abusers don’t abuse in front of people that can abuse them back!  The do it in secrecy!) I have all of the respect and admiration in the world for those serving in our military, but couldn’t you have found a family member that you actually knew to take care of little Jocilynn?

Melissa Alexander was originally arrested on suspicion of child abuse. Since Jocilynn succumbed to her injuries the charges have been upgraded to first degree murder.  Go Colorado!!!

**Thanks to MOTD for the amazing write-up.**

R.I.P. Jocilynn, fly with angels baby girl.

Overzealous Father Punches Son for Losing

Angry dad arrested for ‘punching his eighth-grade son after he lost basketball tournament’
Man arrested for punching son at youth basketball tournament

Plenty of parents have disturbed many by their actions at their child’s sporting events. Parents have heckled children at sporting events, fought with referees, and even dooked it out with each other for some of the most ridiculous of reasons. Please, for all the parents out there with children in sports, it is supposed to be a fun activity. Yes, we expect there to be competition, but if you want your kids to have fun and learn from their sport, don’t embarrass them by being unsportsmanlike and down right  barbaric.

A Minnesota father, 52-year-old Steven Wilson, took his sons recent loss at a basketball tournament hard. He was more upset than anyone at the event. In fact, he was so upset that he did something parents and coaches had never seen before. He held his 14-year-old son, who hasn’t been identified, down with one hand and then repeatedly punched him in the face when they had been walking down a hallway together after the sons loss.

Several parents had to physically intervene and separate the two, but not before the father had hit the boy several times. While parents fought to remove the man from the boy others called police to the scene. Wilson was arrested on the scene and charged with fifth degree domestic assault. He spent the night in jail and posted a $10,000 bond without conditions. If convicted he faces up to a $3,000 fine, 90 days in jail, and also a no-contact order.

Child protective workers were notified by police to check on the boys well-being. The Eagan Athletic Association is also looking into further penalizing Wilson by banning him from future basketball games.

The only positive note is the boy did not need any medical attention outside of being looked over, and we have no dead kids to report.

CPS and Mother Repeatedly Fail Two Children; Luckily They’re Still Alive

Police: Man beat, whipped, starved girlfriend’s young children
Seattle man accused of forcing girlfriend’s son to panhandle

That is Vincent James Pierce. He has graced our pages here for charges of second-degree child assault-domestic violence, and two counts of third-degree child assault-domestic violence in King County Superior Court. He is being held in lieu of $300,000 bail.

According to police, they learned of Vincent on December 4 after he called 911 to report that his girlfriend’s oldest child a 10-year-old boy who has not been identified, was missing. He told police that the boy had gone out to play 90 minutes earlier, but had not returned. He then called police back 6 hours later to report that the boy had come back. Unconvinced the authorities came to the home to see for themselves if the boy had returned, only to find that he had not. The search for the boy continued for another two hours, when at 4:30 PM, the boy finally returned back home to his apartment.

When questioned by police, the boy told them that Pierce had sent him out to the Space Needle in downtown Seattle to panhandle. He says he was out for more than six hours begging for money and had not eaten anything at all that day. He also said he didn’t return sooner because he didn’t gather enough money. Video evidence at the apartment showed Pierce speaking to the boy at 9:30 AM and then leaving him.  It was also observed that the boy was only dressed in a pair of seat pants and two long-sleeved shirts on that cold December day while he was out.

Investigators would later learn of severe abuse this young boy endure, along with his 5-year-old sister. Three weeks prior to this incident, the boy had been beaten for stealing food. A Swedish Medical Center found an untreated broken wrist and rib, according to charging documents. They also found what appeared to be cigarette burns on the boys feet. His little sister was also found to have injuries. She is said to have two black eyes, as well as bruises to her forehead and marks on her back from a belt. She was also described as “grossly dehydrated and underweight.”

Speaking with police, the children’s mother said Pierce frequently beat her children. He will hit the children with a belt over 30 times, sometimes lasting over an hour. She also said Pierce would use his hands to slap the children across the face. She also told them that this was common practice and that she had lost track of how many times the children have been beaten by Pierce. She admitted, through tears, that she knew her sons wrist was broken, but didn’t take him to the doctor because Pierce told her not to. Pierce, allegedly, bent the boys fingers back so far that his wrist broke, in front of her, the consequence for being caught taking food. According to charging papers, Pierce also beat the boy with a cord until he bled, and he has scars from it. His little sister also reported repeated abuse at the hands of Pierce. Police also wrote the court saying, Pierce would force the children to sleep outside the tent they were staying in while homeless. He also has been said to have sat on the children.

Also, four days previous to the boy being reported missing, a nurse at the University of Washington Medical Center contacted authorities after examining Pierce’s girlfriend’s children. The girl’s face was bruised and puffy, and the boy had a black eye. Why weren’t the children taken into CPS custody then?

Apparently, the mother of these two children was afraid of Pierce. Every time she tried to intervene with his beatings of her children he would attack her. I’m sorry, I don’t care if he’d attack her. If it were me, I would have intervened the first time, let him attack me, give him back whatever he gave me until he was worn out, and when he was unconscious taken my children and ran for my life. This mother needs some kind of charges pressed against her in my opinion. Maybe if she’s given a second chance she will have learned from all of this, but we’ve seen how that works out all too often too.

This will get your blood boiling even more though. According to a spokeswoman for the area’s CPS, they had received repeated calls of concern for the children because they were homeless. CPS tried to keep tabs on the family because of this, but the spokesperson has said, “Being homeless does not constitute child abuse. If we have concerns about exposure [to the outside temperatures] or not eating ther’s more we can do.” However, CPS did investigate and found no indications of abuse, yet they now say they believe the boy is not enrolled in school. If the five-year-old girl was described by police as “grossly dehydrated and underweight” that took some time for her to get to that point. How could CPS have missed it? She had to have been showing signs of that, but I suppose if you cannot keep track of a homeless family you have a good excuse to them.To me, they don’t have a good excuse. These four were reported to have stayed in Nicklesville, a Seattle homeless camp last year, and lived homeless in other parts of King County as well. You would think that they’d have more frequent follow-ups for a family you get lots of calls about that are homeless. I’m not saying everyone who is homeless is guilty of abuse, but there were signs here that I don’t feel should have been missed. CPS has failed numerous times on this case, as has the children’s mother. Let’s hope that the ball doesn’t get dropped again even though Pierce is now being charged and is still in lock-up.

Good news is no dead kids.

*Special thanks to all who sent this in*



“They didn’t do nothing!!!”


Baby dies; parents charged with neglect

Parents arrested after baby boy dies

Malnourished, Bruised, Battered Infant Dies, Parents Arrested

Let me start this out with the fact that none of the stories have given a name for this child, so, I have decided on the name Bao for him. The name means “precious treasure” in Chinese and “protection” in Vietnamese.  It just seemed wrong for him to not have a name.

A 5-month-old boy has died. The boy’s parents have been charged with child neglect and the charges may be upgraded.

Kierra Monet Hayes Laird, 22, and Cordero Webber, 23, are being held in the Duval County Jail on $500,000 bonds.

Cordero and Kierra decided that their 5 month old baby boy(that I have named Bao) didn’t need any medical attention since his birth even though he sustained a “serious injury” when he was 1 month old.  He was covered in bed bug bites. He had bruises and abrasions to his face, chest, elbow, ear and the back of his head, and five fractured ribs.  “Bao” did not have any body fat and was malnourished, and there was no food in his bowels or stomach, according to the autopsy report.

Medics were called late Friday to the couple’sForest Garden apartment at 675  103rd St.where his parents said their son was alive and on a blanket then became unresponsive.

They told investigators his only treatment was the application of an ointment on facial sores they believed were from bed bugs, according to the arrest report. They said they tried to feed the boy baby food and cereal along with baby formula. The sperm donor tried to force feed “Bao” but he would just spit it out.

Webber told police he thought his son was autistic because he could not hold his head up and would always look down and to the right. Gee….you think you might want to take the baby to the doctor for that???  Of course not….this is what they did:

Laird told police she noticed bruises on her son in July but didn’t seek medical attention except advice from grandmothers and in online searches.

In an interview with police, both parents said they smoked marijuana in the apartment where they lived with their son and Laird’s two daughters.

The two girls have been placed with a relative, said John Harrell, a spokesman for the state Department of Children and Families.

The incubator said that she was negligent in not getting “Bao” medical treatment.  Hmmm….wonder where she got that idea from??

Now, as angry as I am with these prime candidates for retroactive abortion legislation….read what the “grandmother” and family friends had to say:

Kimberly Webber, the boy’s grandmother, said:  “It’s just that they were young parents and the baby was a baby, and they didn’t do anything. They did not do anything. They did nothing to them children, nothing. The baby just stopped breathing.”  You’re right you stupid bitch….they did nothing…they didn’t feed, love, or provide medical attention for “Bao”.


“All of it is a lie because they did not do that to the kids. They did not do that. They are good parents,” said Justice White, a relative of the couple. “They did not do that. They are lying. I am telling you that. They did not do it.”

“I have a little girl and I’m pregnant with a little boy, five month months and I would never neglect my child like that and let my child go hungry like that,” says neighbor Alondria Plummer.” When I used to go over there and see the baby I would always ask, ‘had she ever taken him to the doctor?’ She’d say she had, which I know she hadn’t,” says Plummer. “When you touched his stomach, you could feel his ribs and it’s sad. It came to a point in time where she didn’t want me coming over there anymore.”

Plummer said she suspected her neighbor’s children were being abused and neglected. You fucking cow!! Why didn’t you call someone to help??

Well, you fucking she-devils, I hold you just as accountable for “Bao’s” death as the skin tags that gave birth to him!!  I hope and pray that “Bao” haunts you up until and including your dying breath!! You fucking bunch of slags never once thought about poor “Bao”!!  Who fought for him?  He was the innocent precious treasure that none of you cared about.

I love you little “Bao” and I know that you are in a far better place. Rest peacefully, baby boy.  I think I need a tissue now.

The World is a dangerous place, not because of those who doevil, but because of those who look on and do nothing…Albert Einstein

Thanks go to my precious Deena for the tip and to MOTD 2U for the most excellent write up!

Evil Breeders from New Mexico

You don’t usually see three stories wrapped into one post here on (P)BB…  but today that’s what I’m doing to cover these stories sent to us, all out of New Mexico.

Police: Stepfather Admits Beating 3-Year-Old Girl 

Matthew Floyd of Albuquerque, NM is a real evil piece of shit. He was arrested on charges of child abuse resulting in great bodily injury after he severely beat his 3-year old step daughter.   He called 911, claiming that his step-daughter had fallen off the toilet and was unconscious. When the paramedics arrived, the little girl was in critical condition.

But of course, we know what doctors and nurses know their shit and called Bravo Sierra on Matthew’s story.  She was brought to the hospital with  fractures in her spine and hematomas and if she does survive, she’ll likely be  severely brain-damaged from the beating. Heartbreaking.

Eventually this coward confessed that he shook her four to seven times, causing her to hit the door frame with her head and body. Matthew said he then took her into the hall and slammed her against the wall, and forced her to the floor. No word on why he did it or where her mom was at the time of the beating. But another report did say that he also stated he had lied to his wife on multiple occasions about where the bruises on her 3-year old came from.

Three other kids have been removed from the house while state social workers decide on if its safe for them to return to their mother or not.

Officers Say Parents Didn’t Put Toddlers In Car Seats

Nice eyebrows, Dawn.

Well I’m going to file this story under “what in the ever-loving fuck?!”.

Out of Valencia County, NM comes a horrible story of a mother and her 2 children dead in a car accident. That doesn’t normally land someone on BB though right? Well, they’re dead because the car accident they were in was because behind the wheel was James Woolbert, the kids’ drunk father. I would feel sorry for mom too, except that the report tells me that her and James were both wasted. She was found dead in the passenger seat of the car after the crash, with her seat belt intact. Her babies, 4-year-old Marissa Jaramillo and  2-year-old Michael were found in the middle of the road after being thrown from the car. Neither were in carseats or restraints.  James had his seat belt on as well and is still alive, listed in critical condition.

According to reports, James and his wife, Dawn Jaramillo had just gotten out of jail. And they were drinking at home to celebrate. God only knows what made them get into the car with their precious cargo or why those babies weren’t in their car seats. The grandmother is reported to have tried to stop them and couldn’t.

I hope James lives through his injuries and is reminded everyday of the lives he selfishly snuffed out. Selfish motherfucker. I found Dawn’s Facebook page and her pictures labeled things like “drunk at my cousin so-and-so’s house” and “who wants to party?!”. Damn shame.

RIP Marissa  and Micheal – fly with the angels sweet babies.

RIP sweet babies. At least you're together...


Police: Father Slashes Toddler’s Throat

Albuquerque family tries to enjoy holiday after frightening attack

A Bernalillo County, MN grand jury has returned a seven-count indictment against Chee Livingston for going into his 2-year old’s daughter bedroom and slashing her throat as she slept after playing a video game called “Samurai Warrior”. He was all hopped up on malt liquor and also stabbed the child’s mother and then himself. Fucking lunatic.  The little girl is still alive and still in the hospital in the ICU listed in critical condition. She’s undergone surgery and is expected to recover. Phew….

It was little 2-year old Gaby’s 7-year old sister, Ariel who called 911 after Chee went whacko that November Monday morning at 1am. She told operators, “She’s bleeding right here and my baby sister is dying.”  Officers credit young Ariel with saving her sister’s life.

Chee has been charged with two counts of felony child abuse and attempted first-degree murder. Hope they lock him up and throw away the fucking key.

Big hugs and kudos to little Ariel. You are a hero sweet girl.

Blanche Johnson and daughter and hero, Ariel.

 Thanks to Pat for the tips!

“Holocaust” Baby…..Amazing Teens…..Lazy Assed Shit StainBreeders



Teens praised for putting baby’s safety ahead of own interests

Teen Describes Finding Emaciated Baby

Parents of ‘Holocaust Baby’ Charged 


Justin and Brittany Alston of Texas decided to throw a partyFriday night while 3 of their children were in the house. Thank whatever Deity you have that Caleb Fuller, 15, and his cousin Magon Rutledge, 17 also attended this party.

Magon told Justin that she heard his baby crying. Did he rush to the baby to comfort him? NO!! He told her “He’ll go back to sleep. He’ll go back to sleep.” No one moved to take care of the little guy,so Magon decided that she would. When she opened the door to the room that little eight-month-old Riley Alston was inshe was horrified and enraged. Riley was a mere skeleton. He had no fat or muscle left on his little bones. Riley was lying on the obligatory filthy mattress wearing a dirty diaper and socks that were so dirty they appeared to mesh with the baby’s skin.

Magon then motioned to her cousin Caleb to come into the room and told him to call his father who has been a paramedic for the last 20 years. Caleb called his father and told him that he needed to come quick. Did either of these teenagers worry that they were going to be in trouble for partying at a place I am sure their parents would have a fit about? NO!! Their only concern was this poor defenseless baby that was on the verge of dying.

“I was furious and I was shaking and I was breathing hardand I was trying to be as gentle as I could with this baby because I felt like if I just moved a certain way this baby would break. He was so fragile and little,” Magon said. “He had these big blue eyes and they were so bright but the rest of him was just like he was gone.” OMG my heart is breaking for Riley and these heroic teens that witnessed what the dregs of the Earth do to our precious babies.

Caleb’s father, Paul Fuller, rushed to the house and uponseeing the 8 month old baby that weighed a mere 9 pounds, told the receptacle and dispenser that the baby needed immediate medical attention. Their response was that they were having aparty and they would take him to the hospital sometime next week. (WTF??!! The baby is literally dying and they want to wait until next week??) The paramedic insisted that the baby needed to go now! They then told him to “go ahead and take him”. I guess they still had some important drinking to do and couldn’t be bothered….better to let a complete stranger take your baby to the emergency room.

Fuller took Riley to Lake Granbury Medical Center wherepersonnel called Hood County deputies shortly before 8:30 p.m. Riley was airlifted to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth that night where hewas listed in critical condition.

On Saturday, Child Protective Services officials took custody of two other children, an 18-month-old and a 4-year-old. The older child was placed in the custody of the child’s father, and the 18-month-old is in foster care. There is no mention of these 2 children’s condition that I could find.

The child’s parents, Justin and Brittany Alston, both 21,were arrested Saturday and remained in the Hood County Jail in Granbury on Monday facing charges of injury to a child and abandoning or endangering a child. Bail was set at $160,000 each.

Those feculent organisms that are breathing my air need tobe sent to someone like Josef Mengele since they felt that their precious angel should look like a Holocaust survivor. Wonder where I could find such a Dr. these days?

I know that Magon, Caleb and Paul do not feel like they were heroic but trust me when I say that you are amazing people. Magon said that she did what anyone elsewould have done. I’m sorry to tell you that these pages are filled with people who not only DON’T do what you did for that baby but can’t even be bothered to make an anonymous phone call. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! “Whoever saves one life, saves the worldentire.”


Thanks go to everyone who sent this one in.

***Special thanks to MOTD 2U for writing this one!***