Kelsey Albertson sexted her way right into being charged as an adult

Sexting Skank

Teen mom sexually assaults child

Kelsey Albertson arrested for sexually assaulting her own newborn baby boy

Enfield Mother Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Infant

As the mother of a child just hitting the cell phone age, sexting is a huge concern for me.  I have gone so far as to take the photo sharing and internet capabilities of my son’s phone.  Some may call me smart; some may call me over-protective; some may think I’m an asshat for giving my 11-year-old a phone in the first place.  Whatever your opinion is of me, at least he won’t be sending or receiving “sexts”.

Some phone capability restriction was probably a good idea for the parents of 17-year-old Kelsey Albertson.  I guess the fact that she was a teen mother made them think she was responsible enough to act like an adult when it came to her cell phone.  Sadly, she wasn’t responsible enough to deserve a phone…. Or her precious baby boy.

Alberston used her cell phone to take and send pictures of herself engaging in a sex act with her infant son.  Vomit.  The recipient of these images… Albertson’s boyfriend.  His response to the images of his woman getting down and dirty with her son?  “that’s hot.”  Hot?  Are you sick, motherfucker?  True to teen form, the moron showed off his pedo-tard pics to some of his pals.  Thankfully, one of them recognized that a mother (of any age) doing ANYTHING sexual to a child (of any age) is just wrong and contacted the police.

Albertson was arrested and charged with first-degree sexual assault and promoting a minor in an obscene performance.  Due to her age, she was being charged as a juvenile.  Due to the nature of the crime, the judge has decided she should be tried as an adult.  I agree 100%!  Now if we could just petition to get her useless uterus removed before she gives birth to any more “victims”….

I can’t find any info on whether or no the boyfriend was charged.

The baby is in the custody of DCF.  I just hope he never knows of the horrible beast that birthed him or the abuse she imposed on him.

Thanks go to Nicole for this tip.

  • Oops she did it again

    She’s in the news again. Exchanging pornographic pics but this time maybe not with babies. Violated her probation and there’s recent articles in newspapers.

  • digchild

    I think we really have to do something to curb teenage pregnancy in America.It’s such a disgrace that this kid(I will not refer to her as a mom) had a baby boy at the age of 16-17 years old and then proceeded to treat him as her sex toy.She is an immature kid and should be charged as a juvenile as a result.

    • Suzee

      @@ She should be charged as an adult, not a juvenile. Again, what the fuck do you have against teen parents? Time and time again we have told you that your statements about teen parents are extremely skewed and even offensive. Are there bad teen parents out there, yes obviously we can see that with this story and several others here. However, there are just as many if not more of people who are in their 20’s, hell 40’s that do this kind of shit to their children. Still, you continue to berate teen parents as an entire group. Teen pregnancy isn’t something I condone, but being a teen parent doesn’t automatically make you a bad parent. Dumbfuckery and being a douchebag does.

      • Anonymous

        “She should be charged as an adult, not a juvenile.”

        I suppose “shot without a trial” would be considered a little harsh?

        • DodiaFae

          I don’t think so… but probably too much to hope for. No denying the evidence. And her perverted BF should be standing right next to her in front of the firing squad, as far as I’m concerned.

        • Angel

           No, considering that they have the video evidence on a cell phone (or two), I don’t think that “shot without a trial” is harsh at all….

        • Suzee

          That works just fine for me too.

      • DodiaFae

        No shit, right? Diggy seems to ignore the stories about the douchetastic grandparents posted on this site.

        And do you think for a second that she reads any of the responses to her comments? I don’t. She’s posting in a bubble, or she’d have figured out that no one really cares for her BS here.

    • DodiaFae

      And here I thought you might be catching up to reality in the other discussion. Oh well.

      Please read this very slowly, OK? It’s not the fact that she’s a teen that made her sexually abuse her baby. The fact of the matter is that she’s a perverted skank. Age has nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, they usually don’t get caught until they’re older than her.

      Now, please quit being such a fucking turd or go away. You’re “teen mothers suck” theory has been blown out of the water time and again. Give it the fuck up.

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  • Dannlippman

    She’s being sentenced the 18th… or at least, that’s when her next court date is.

    • Malevolent April

      Thanks for the update!

  • Jadecrowe

    shit like that makes me want to get all stabby.  if there was ever a poster child for retroactive abortion, this stupid twatwaffle is it.  i just hope DSS doesn’t place the baby with the grandparents since it doesn’t exactly sound like they were keeping an eye on her.

    • Malevolent April

      Oh, Mrs Trench. You are one foxy lady. I like the way you think.

    • Dannlippman

      “it’s not MURDER, it’s post natal abortion!”

    • Clevo

      Doesn’t say much for them does it that they would trust their grandson to a 17 year old without supervising but then again it probably didn’t even cross their mind that their daughter was such an evil pervert. I shudder to think what she would have done to a daughter.

  • Lori

    Shouldn’t she be on the sex offender registry for life after this?  Wouldn’t that automatically relinquish her rights to have custody of any  baby she has from now on?

    • DodiaFae

      Unfortunately, no. RSO’s are often allowed to have custody (or shared custody… often against the wishes of the child’s other parent) of their biological children. Then they bitch, moan, and cry because they can’t go to their kid’s school plays.

      • Lori

        OK, thanks.  I thought it might be more harsh on a parent who molested their own biological child.  ugh.  

        • DodiaFae

          Again, I believe the answer to that is an unfortunate “no”… even in states where incest is illegal, the thought that pedophilia is a curable mental illness still seems to prevail and these douchenuggets still get what amounts to a slap on the wrist.

  • Trench Reynolds

    I’m surprised we haven’t had any one in here yet saying…”but she’s only a child and didn’t know what she was doing and a teen’s brain isn’t developed enough”…blah blah blah retch. 

    Save it. At 17 you’re damn well old enough not to engage in any kind of sexual behavior with your own child. 

    • Malevolent April


    • DodiaFae

      At 17, there’s a difference between being victimized by an adult and victimizing an infant. Just let them try it.

    • Erin

      Anyone who would defend her actions is just as evil as her in my opinion. 

    • Dannlippman

      I think when it comes to sexual abuse, it’s just a universal “duh” that it’s … just plain wrong. 99.9% of the viewers here seem to not even question something so axiomatic.

  • yomomma

    im actually speechless…………. believe me, it doesnt happen often… 

  • Dannlippman

    I live in the same  neighborhood as Kelsey, and while I’m usually the “one” who likes to say that the news makes things worse  than it really is, they actually are being TOO nice on her. Even aside from this (and this alone is enough) she was a despicable human being; she would steal from local mom and pop convience stores and try to  “jump” other girls because they would call her out on cheating on her (myriad) of boyfriends. She HAS done some good though; she aborted 3 babies (those lucky souls can have a better mother now).

    More irony: I’m a homosexual male, who was told by THIS  child-molester that talking about making out with a 21 year old male was “disgusting.” … 

  • Erin- AKA Danica’s momma

    All I can say is that Thank God there are some decent human beings out there.  Thank GOD that one of the guys he showed the disgusting texts to was smart enough and had enough of a heart & soul to call the police and get that defenseless baby out of that HORRIBLE, disgusting bitch’s vicinity.  What is it that makes any “mother” even THINK to do something so wrong, so vile, so EVIL to their own flesh and blood??!!  To any baby? I shudder at the thought.  I hope she never, ever has the chance to be in his life again.  She does not deserve him.  EVER.  Hopefully, she will never have another child again.  This one has my blood boiling.  Our society disgusts me.  When we abuse our most precious and defenseless in it… just shows how evil the human race can be.  :(

  • Muggle

    Crazy, disgusting, and fugly.  Who the hell knocked her up?  Was it a one-night stand at a party?  I really hope so.

    At any rate… Bullet to the brain.  For both the cunt and her boyfriend.  And a medal for the friend who turned the boyfriend’s repulsive ass in to the police.  

    • DodiaFae

      No kidding! How the fuck did all his other friends not realize how wrong it was for her to do that, and for him to brag about it? Seriously? Thank goodness one of his friends had (apparently uncommon) decency to call the police. People should remember that… all it takes is one call. Don’t wait and hope that it’ll be someone else to make the call, just pick up the phone and make that one call. How hard is that?

    • Dannlippman

      The baby’s father is actually a decent person, and had nothing to do with this interaction; he lost custody because he supposedly “beat” Kelsey. They’ve been apart for 2 years now.

      • Muggle

        I’m glad the dad had nothing to do with this.  Given everything you’ve told us about her and what’s in the news, I bet she’s a lying cunt as well. 

        • Dannlippman

          Oh, she is. I’d go into detail on a story that involved me and her personally, but I’d come off petty.

      • Clevo

        Someone needs to beat the filthy beast harder. We could probably find some volunteers here.

        • Dannlippman

          Trust me, if she’s let out … the neighborhood has a “welcome home” celebration in store for her. 😉

    • Monique Boulanger

      Beer is one helluva drug, man.  Even though she’s 17, doesn’t take any trouble at all to offer a blowjob and a lay to a dude over 21 to give her beer.

  • Suzee

    Well, I was in the mood for some Mexicali. Guess that will have to be put on hold as this makes my stomach turn.

    Sterilize her. Sounds good to me. Her boyfriend should be sterilized too, and he should also be charged with something as well since he KEPT the pictures and then SHOWED THEM OFF to his friends.

  • Allizer

    Stories like this make me wish I could bleach my brain.  It stays with you and just gives you a crawly feeling over and over.

  • Bad Kitty

    I read this and the only thing that came to mind is ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!! How did these two meet?? Is their a special club for young pedophiles on the net or in school?  It seems like these disgusting perverts are getting younger and younger!

    These two need to be sterilized and in the most horrible, humiliating and painful way.  I can’t believe the fucking male asshat thought that shit was and I quote “Hot” and has the fucked up nerve to show his buddies! Thank God one or more of his friends had a fucking conscious and turned his dirty fucked up ass in. I hope he gets a big ass taste in prison of what that pure angel did. SICK, SICK, SICK!!

    As for the easy bake oven she is dirty ass skank on a whole new level! WTH made her even consider doing that shit?! Or even thinking it in the first place?? Someone please remove her uterus with a rusty screwdriver!! OMG, I think I just threw up a little!!!

    I pray that this precious gift never has to see them again. In fact I hope he never finds out!! Good Luck little guy!! 

  • Pcoans

    This is soooo wrong on sooooo many levels. I just pray there is a good home out there for him, in this society how can you tell a good one from another abusive one? I want to win a really big lottery so I can provide a safe haven for all these beautiful babies…:.(

  • Nicole O

    I really got sick when I came across this, I also got sick when I realized it was in my state.  I had to give out the tip so this nasty exuse for a human being can be put on blast on a natinol level, not just local….Nicole.

    • Malevolent April

      Thank you for the tip. I tried to find more info on the little skank. Sadly, there wasn’t much. But we put her up here anyways!

  • Anonymous

    If she’s willing to do something that f*ed up at 17, I shudder to think of what she’ll be like in 20 years. While I usually don’t agree with forced sterilization (it has a pretty shady history), I’d make an exception for this hosebeast and her boyfriend. 

    • Anonymous

      “While I usually don’t agree with forced sterilization (it has a pretty shady history)…”

      There’s an easy way around that.  Give child abusers and molesters a choice: if they want ANY kind of reduced sentence, or ANY kind of early parole, they must submit to voluntary, permanent sterilization.  If they don’t want the sterilization, they must do the full time.  It’s their choice.  I think most of them would take the sterilization.  If not, let them rot in prison for their full sentence.

      Of course, in truly serious cases it would be moot because I believe they should catch a bullet in the skull anyway.  That also works wonders to prevent reproduction.

      • Faithful

        Excellent solution, Shadow!

      • Malevolent April

        Shadow for PREZ!!!

      • Madison

        i think you may be on to something shadow, and i like it.

      • Anonymous

        Fair enough. Too bad being a sicko doesn’t remove people from the gene pool, ala The Darwin Awards. Also, sterilizing these folks won’t stop them from abusing someone else’s kid if given the opportunity, so maybe a good thinning of the herd is the only thing that could help.

  • Rachel

    I just about threw up my shredded wheat…disgusting.  Abso-fucking-lutely disgusting.  And I agree with Pip–send that child on to a loving home.  Thank heavens he wasn’t actually being physically harmed!  If only these people could be sterilized…

  • pip

    Now the child should be given to people who would make better parents. Kelsey and her boyfriend should never be allowed to see this baby again.