Twin newborn girls found dead in trunk

Mom Charged After Twins Found Dead In Trunk
Update: Mother Charged With Murder Of Twins

First, I’m going to start this story off with a link to the Iowa Department of Human Service, Safe Haven Act website. The website that 22-year-old Jackie Burkle of Huxley, IA obviously never went to or looked at. She gave birth to twin baby girls at home and they died. Authorities later found the dead babies in the trunk of aforementioned piece of shit’s car.  It is not known yet what caused the babies’ deaths, pending the autopsy results that can take weeks. But it is known that the babies were born alive.

But what authorities do know is that that selfish cunt deliberately and intentionally killed the babies. In fact,  Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation agent Michael Motsinger was quoted saying, “Miss Burkle indicated she didn’t intend for the kids to live after they were born. And she took — did — certain acts to make sure the lives of those newborns were terminated.”

Seems that Jackie was at work in the days before the twins’ birth, looking visibly pregnant in early January and came back two days later looking much different – aka she’d given birth and was back to work. So it would seem that she gave birth, killed the babies, then got back to work. All the while,  her daughters were dead in the trunk of her car. What in the fuck?  Well one of her coworkers smelled a rat and called the po-po. They went to do a wellness check on her and found that she’d given birth. More searching uncovered the babies’ bodies. What shocks me to my core is that this bitch lived with her parents. Where the fuck were they? Didn’t they know she was preggo? How did she give birth at home and they didn’t know? A lot of unanswered questions right now.

She’s been arrested on two counts of first degree murder and is being held on a $1 million bail at the county jail. She faces life in prison if convicted. Unfortunately, Iowa does not have the death penalty. In my opinion, death is actually too good for this bitch. I hope she gets life. Starting at 22 years old? That’s a long fucking sentence to serve and hopefully she never gets a break from  nightmares and visions of snuffing out the lives of her two baby girls for the next 60+ years.

Hats off to the coworker for reporting her ass. If she hadn’t, this cunt would likely gotten away with a double murder.

She did not take advantage of the Safe Haven Act, which allows mothers to drop their newborns off at hospitals or fire stations with no risk of criminal charges.   I just don’t fucking get how these selfish twats that kill their newborns don’t fucking get that this is the easiest way to walk away from unwanted babies.  Now she faces a life behind bars and the babies are dead. No one wins, right?

RIP baby girls… I can only imagine how beautiful you were.

Thanks to everyone for the countless tips that were sent in on this one.

  • Ace

    WTF? Why couldn’t she get an abortion, or better yet, get her tubes tied? And why was it so freaking hard to give the babies up to Safe Haven, etc? Who was she trying to fool here? And WHY???? I feel like banging my head against the wall b/c of this stupidity and cruelty. RIP poor babies

  • Luvvmy3

    I would like to say that no one ever mentions the dad in most of these stories.  The dad is my first cousin and has a heart of gold.  I want to add that the father of these twins NEVER knew that she was pregnant.  She lived with the babies’ father, got pregnant and left him and went home to her parents.  The day he learned that he was a father was the day the police came to his house telling him that they needed dna for a paternity test.  He would have taken those girls in a heartbeat and would have been the best father.  He never got a chance to see them, hold them, kiss them or say good-bye to them.  He did get to name them, have a funeral for them with our family and bury them several months after she took their life.

    Yes, that girl is a piece of SHIT!!

    I ask, how is it fair that all she gets is 25 years per baby???  I think she should have gotten the same amount of time that they should have lived (80+ years a piece) and put her in general population in the prison.

  • Shadyhellyeah

    Sad thing is…I live in Iowa too…we have safe havens all over this state……you can leave your baby at the police station, fire department, hospital, and if the town is small enough…the grocery store…
    What really upsets me is how she was pregnant with TWINS and it seemingly went unnoticed….is she that overweight? Seriously?

  • Deena

    Update, thanks to Megan
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  • Anne

    Cases of infanticide like this are usually treated more lightly than the murder of older children, just because some women do experience postpartum psychotic episodes. My guess is this young woman’s mental health (and possibly intelligence level) are not the greatest in the first place. 

    The sort of woman who would have it together enough to say to herself “You know, I’m really not up to being a mother, I think I’d better use the safe haven law” is unfortunately the sort of woman who would have had it together enough to have either not gotten pregnant in the first place or had an abortion, or if this was not morally acceptable to her, to have made arrangements prior to delivery of the baby to formally give it up for adoption. At the very least she would have realized she WAS pregnant, which this woman may well have been too ignorant or crazy to do.

    • Clevo

      “She didn’t intend for the kids to live after they were born” indicates premeditation while still full of  pregnancy hormones not PP depression/psychotic break. She’s a murderer. She killed with intent.

    • DodiaFae

      Gotta say I’m with Clevo on this (as though we ever disagree on much?) This was premeditated. Any questions of “was she crazy?” only serves as distraction, and the only outcome would be to make justice more lenient on a murderer than it should be.

      • Clevo

        Love ya DodiaFae  :-)

  • Lauren

    How could you not tell if your sister was pregnant or not? Obviously they both knew what was going on. The sister should be  charged too if that is the case. R.I.P. Beautiful Babies :( You were only on earth for a short time, but you’ll be in Heaven forever ♥

  • Madison

    i read about this pig the other day and her pig sister is saying there is no way her sister did this. im stumped, i really am. with all the police stations churches and hospitals that would have takeb these babies in, this fat ugly slampig kills them and then drives around with thier litle bodies? what the fucking fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i swear i wanna punch her in her fat ugly face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Her sister must be just as stupid who the hell else did it! I know kerri barry of wayne nj and she still is not in jail for killing her newborn boy, she works at the local shoprite and it takes everything in me not to just go beat her ass

      • Rachel

        How the hell can this woman show her face and who in their right mind would employ someone like this?  How disgusting.  I wouldn’t be able to control myself either…the sad fact is that probably 9/10ths of her customers don’t know anything about her.  Maybe you should start a picket outside the store and hold up signs saying there is a baby killer working there?!  Hey, you have First Amendment rights…

        • Anonymous

          I agree and the entire innocent til proven guilty doesnt apply here since she gave birth in secret and the poor little man was found in the garbage under other bags of trash, so sad

          • Estes_20

            They were twin girls and they were found in the trunk of her car, where she put them.

          • kimbev69

            We were actually discussing a diff case in my area for keri barry of wayne nj not this one

      • Madison

        i live in point pleasant nj, not that far from wayne, i should go punch her til she looks good.

        • Anonymous

          She is getting away with it in my opinion

  • Building_hugger

    I just DO not understand how anyone, especially a first-timer, can give birth alone and without making any noise. Hello–it hurts like hell to push ONE baby out of your vag, let alone two! And what a mess it is….I always wonder how they hide the mess, all the blood and gore associated with birth! I could care less for this wretched slag. I wonder if she knew there were two of them? That must have been an interesting surprise….

    RIP sweet little nameless babies. Sleep together in heaven tonight, sisters in eternity!

  • Suzee

    Grown adult with a job murders her twin daughters….I can’t wrap my head around it. Why in the fuck? Why did they have to die? I also am glad she won’t be getting a death sentence. Gives her plenty of time to suffer and even plenty of time for an inmate or two to torture her for what she’s done.

  • Monique Boulanger

    What’s up with all these grown ADULTS acting like scared teenagers and dumping their babies?  Seriously.  GROWN…ADULT…

    Like I kinda understand a teenager freaking the fuck out, hiding it and then doing something about it, or being in such deep denial, or not even KNOWING due to shittastic sex education (trust me it’s possible, I’ve seen it)  Because as a teen the parents have final say. As an ADULT, even living under your parents roof,  if they say “you got knocked up GTFO” you can say “Fine!”  *go to shelter, look for apartment, get welfare get on feet*  

    No excuse for this…NONE.  Bitch should go step on a lego then die in a fire.

    • Danielle

      “step on a lego” is downright awesome.

      • Madison

        dude legos hurt like hell in bare feet

  • Marsha

    She had options she didn’t take, there are no mitigating factors here!  I wonder about her parents too.   Didn’t notice she was pregnant and even if they just thought it was excess weight (hard to imagine),  didn’t they notice the change in her after she gave birth?  It reminds me of Casey Anthony’s parents.   She was obviously pregnant and they insisted to everyone that she wasn’t and when she finally admitted she was, they made her take a pregnancy test because they didn’t believe her.

    • Anonymous

      When I was pregnant with my daughter I waited until like 3 1/2 months to announce it to my family (wanted a good chance she’d stick) and my dad just went “Yeah right. I’ll believe it when I see it.” He then laughed and went outside to do yard work. People are nuts.

    • Anonymous

      It also reminds me of Casey Anthony because that notorious cunt allegedly drove around for a month with her dead daughter in the trunk, while crawling into bed with anyone who had an outie instead of an innie.  If she was even that selective.  Maybe this bitch is a fan?

  • Bad Kitty

    So this bitch waited 9 months to give birth and then kill the babies?! WTH!! She is a sick piece of shit and needs to have her uterus removed with a rust spoon. I hope she gets a daily dose of prison justice everyday for the rest of her pathetic life.

  • Danielle

    I found her old myspace account and under children she has “someday” as her answer. Fucking liar. How about, “someday… and then I’ll murder them”. CUNT!

  • karan

    This just outrages me!!! That selfish CUNT!!! Hell I would have taken those babies. They would have been cared for and loved. There are millions of childless people out there who would give anything to love those babies that she never intended to live!!!! I am glad Iowa doesn’t have the death penalty because this bitch deserves life without parole.