Where is Chanel Haney’s newborn?

Mason City authorities search for missing newborn 

Police continue to seek help on location of baby 

Police still searching for missing  newborn 

The cleaning staff of the Iowa Workforce Development Center made a shocking discovery Saturday, January 7th.  While cleaning one the building’s restrooms they found an umbilical cord and placenta, no mother and no baby.

The police were able to locate the mother Chanel Hanley (19), however she has decided not to cooperate with police.  The newborn, believed to be 29-32 weeks old and about 3lbs is still missing.

Police have searched the area surrounding the Workforce Center, including roof tops, sewers, trash bins and landfills and have not been able to locate the baby.

Haney was arrested late Saturday, January 7thh on two warrants for failure to appear on charges of alcohol possession under the legal age and fifth-degree theft.  She was released shortly after on bond.

Ok seriously… make this bitch talk.  Newborns don’t go missing on their own. Ugh… I am so fucking sick of this type of bullshit.  I am sure this is not going to end well.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the police at (641)421-3636.

Thanks to Jennifer B. for the tips.

  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    So are there any updates? I searched her name but got links to the original news articles & this blog…was bubba found?

  • Katie

    So I have read this post before and today came acrossed it again! I cant seem to find out if the baby was ever found! I tried google, but nothing if anyone knows please post a comment!!

  • Cristina

    In this cases, torture to make people talk should be legal

  • Rachel

    Wow, 19 and already has a couple of arrests under her belt, plus probably a dead baby (at 29-32 weeks and 3 lbs, the chances of this poor angel being alive are extremely slim+shitty piece of shit “mother”=probably not going to be found alive).  What an illustrious life for such a young person.  How do people go so wrong so quickly? 

    • thecatsmeow

      with the kind of parents who gave her the total stripper name of Chanel (I bet nobody in her family has ever even SEEN a piece of Chanel clothing in person), I doubt the ‘mother’ had the best start in life OR role models herself :( doesn’t excuse what she did to her poor innocent baby tho!!!

  • ashley martin

    You can even go to the hospital in labor, give birth and give up your baby right there to the hospital’s safe haven (at least you can here in AZ).  She was 19, an adult, they wouldnt  have called her parents, or anyone else she didnt want them to for that matter!! WTF, string this “woman” up, one bullet and the world is a better place!

    • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

      Pretty sure that every state lists hospitals as safe havens… in some states, it’s the only place listed as a safe haven.

      I am still floored by this shit happening. Every time. If they don’t want the baby anyway, what is so difficult about giving the child up for adoption? Newborns are the easiest to adopt out. The waiting list for people wanting to adopt younger children is astronomical, let alone newborns/infants. Believe me, if the birth mother doesn’t wish for her baby to find her later, no information will be given to that child. I have a friend who is adopted, and no one would tell her anything aside from her birth mother’s age, some of her interests, and I think that was it… they guessed at her ethnicity, but couldn’t even really tell her that much for certain. So why?

      • ashley martin

        Yes, all hospitals are safe havens. I am saying she could have gone there in labor, gone to the hospital, had a medical delivery with care for her and her infant and still could have got up right after, told the hospital she didnt want the baby and was giving him/her up to the hospitals safe haven, walked out and no questions would have been asked. She was 19 so its not like she was worried they would call her parents or something, legally being an adult they couldnt have.   I just dont understand why, there is a special place in hell for women who kill (abandon god knows where) their children. 

        • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

          I actually agree with you completely. Sorry if it came across argumentative. :) It wasn’t intended that way.

          I was mainly just bitching about the sheer stupidity and selfishness of these gestational devices.

          • ashley martin

            No, you didnt, I just felt I was unclear. I have a hard time understanding why an adult would be scared to just go to the hospital to deliver, or at least just drop the poor baby off there…. its not like she is some scared kid, 19, while young is an adult (I had my daughter at 19). Its not like a hospital would have called her parents, or sent her away. I can not even fathom giving birth, looking at your child then not even caring enough to make sure he is ok…. but then again I cant fathom anything I read on here. It just deeply saddens me how much evil there really is in this wrld

  • KathyK

    WTF?  Why do they keep doing this with the Safe Haven Laws?  Infuriating.