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Pill popper provides pedophile perv with victim

Debra Annmarie Blackmon and Tony Marcel Hammond

Man, woman arrested on sex trafficking charges:

Titusville pair accused in sex trafficking of minor:

Woman traded sex with child for pills, police say:

25-year-old Debra Annmarie Blackmon of Titusville, Florida really likes her pills. She likes them so much she was willing to sell a girl she has legal guardianship over to her alleged dealer in a sex for pills trade.

The man she traded the teenage girl to was 23-year-old Tony Marcel Hammond. In exchange for having sex with girl, which on my sites we call child rape, he allegedly gave Blackmon Percocet and….wait for it…you know it’s coming…Oxycodone, aka Oxycontin, aka Hillbilly Heroin. Hammond also provided the girl with weed to, as one article put it, help the girl complete the sex act. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

The girl is now in state custody. Blackmon has been charged with sex trafficking of a minor by legal guardian which carries a maximum 30 year sentence. Hammond has been charged with sex trafficking and procuring a child for prostitution. He’s only looking at 15 years. If you ask me both of them should be sentenced to a life of being prison bitches if you know what I mean.

And the first person who says to me that she’s an addict and that she has a disease can save it. Drug addicts do not have a disease, they have a weakness. People with diseases for the most part don’t choose to have them. Every addict made their choice to put drugs first in their lives. Some to the point where they would sell another human being, possibly their children for sex.

Thanks to Rob Taylor for the tip.

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  1. Kinda reminds you of the Shaniya Davis case. 

  2. Both these two are sick perverts.I hope the teenage girl gets the therapy she needs,though.

  3. When people say that addiction is a disease, they mean that in the sense of never getting over it. Like how coming down with the flu is an illness but cancer is a disease you have to be vigilant of for the rest of your life.

    Either way, fuck this c*** and her ’90s bangs. I fucking love oxy and have taken it enough to tell you it doesn’t give you urges to do shit like this.

    I don’t fucking get it. It’s not like prostitution is absolutely illegal in this country. Seriously, just send the kid off with her dad or sign away parental rights to a good caretaker, pack up your shit, and go to Nevada so you can sell your own damn self for drug money. There’s no shame in that game! It’s legal and your offspring gets to keep her mental and physical well being, win-win.

    If people would just allow themselves to be selfish and kinda crappy rather than EVIL, this shit wouldn’t happen.

  4.  Can we rename this “Pill Popping Parent Provides Progeny to Pedophile”?

    1. Great alliteration but the teenage victim was not her progeny.

  5. damn, she is rocking the 90’s bangs, isn’t she?  and this is where Trench and i disagree…i think addiction is a disease.  oh sure, some people just like to drink and get high, but some people have a chemical imbalance in their brains just like people with depression.  and yes, i speak from experience.  before i was diagnosed with depression i drank quite a bit – sometimes just to feel something and sometimes to feel nothing.

    but i’m not defending this skank ho.  she ought to be shot.

    1. Hey, Jade! How have you been lately? I have to agree with Trench on this one…alcoholism and drug addiction are no more diseases than pedophilia is.  All three are the direct result of a choice made by the one committing the act. I’ll grant you that there may be a hereditary gene that could increase the likelihood of becoming an alcoholic, drug addict or pedophile; but… the ultimate choice to take that first drink, smoke that first crack pipe, or rape a child  is completely the decision of the individual in question.  A disease is something that you get, and you have no choice about it whatsoever.  If addictions or pedophilia were diseases that could be caught from family members, or were solely the responsibility of a faulty gene that is passed on from one generation to the next, I would be an alcoholic, pot-smoking, crack-smoking, meth using, child-beating baby-raper.  But even though multiple family members are addicts/alcoholics, and I was abused and raped by family members as a child – I decided to say no to all of it. You’re entitled to your opinion, however, and I respect you for standing by your convictions.  I just wanted to put in my two cents worth…

    2. I agree with you Jade. I do think that addiction is a disease, a chemical imbalance in the brain.  

      And yes, they suffer this affliction due to a choice.  The very 1st needle they stick in their arm or pipe they put to their mouth. But while I totally agree with that.  I have to also ask the question of the opposing opinions – if people that end up diagnosed with “environmental” cancer versus genetic – do you think those people brought cancer upon themselves? I ask in the most non-argumentative and non-stirring-up-trouble way possible 🙂 

      1. As a former smoker,  if I kept it up and got lung cancer,  I’d own up to it…My fault..mea culpa, and I would refuse treatment.  That’s me.  Since I live in Canada,  I don’t see the point in wasting tax payers dollars trying to extend my life from my stupid choices.  

        My husband has a high chance of getting testicular cancer due to his job.  He knows this,  but he’s needed for this job anyway.  If he comes down with it, he’ll get treatment,  because he isn’t doing a selfish stupid mistake.  He’s doing a job…that has risks, to support his family and his country (He’s Military..he works radar on a certain air craft)  It’s totally different from the person who lights up a cig fully knowing what it’s doing to them, for no other reason other than “I like it” (IE: My mom)

      2. You’ve asked a good question, Danielle, and I’ll give you my opinion.  You may not agree, but that’s why it’s called an opinion, right?  I don’t think there is any such thing as a completely environmental cancer – people have to carry the gene to allow the given carcinogen to morph into cancer cells.  Otherwise, every person who ever smoked a cigarette would get lung cancer and every person who was ever exposed to asbestos would have cancer from it too (I can’t recall the name of that cancer right off hand – maybe mesothelioma? – but you know what I mean).  Cancer can be completely genetic (as in some forms of breast cancer), but it can never be completely environmental, because the body has to allow the cancer cells to form.  So, no, people do not bring cancer upon themselves, except insofar as we all bring death upon ourselves by simply being born.  Life itself is a terminal condition… for everyone.  Some are simply more disposed to die of genetic causes than others.

        1. Ang…. I need you. Bad. I miss my friend.

        2. I’m sorry, I don’t follow…perhaps you can explain further?

          Cancer is certainly influenced by environment. As there is a link between cigarette consumption and cancers, emphysema, etc. And simply drinking doesn’t cause cancer or all who drink would be alcoholics. Same as in your example. Its neither entirely environmental or entirely physiological. If you never drank, you wouldn’t have developed the addiction–but nor would you if you didn’t have the predisposition.

          1. I did not say that cancer did not have an environmental link – I simply said that it is not a completely environmental disease.  Please re-read that comment.  I said that while cancer CAN BE completely genetic in some cases (as in the person who gets lung cancer but has never smoked a day in his life), the genetic predisposition for cancer MUST exist in order for it to manifest itself.  Some people are born with genetic markers for cancer and others are not – hence two smokers can have a 2-pack a day habit, but only one gets cancer.  Genetic Russian roulette.

  6. That poor teenage girl! Her parents must have already done something to fuck her up for her to be in this skank’s custody and the last thing she needed was to be let down by yet another adult 🙁 hopefully the system works for her and she gets amazing foster parents and a caseworker who are all invested in helping her succeed.

  7. Gotta say it again.  I know “recovering addict” parents who were good enough parents to realize their own fallibility.  They signed away their parental rights and are “co-parenting” after the adoption of their kids.  That way the kids are safe, even if mom or dad uses again someday.

  8. id  like to stomp a shit hole through that bitch… speaking of shit im pretty sure asshat up there is sport shit locks that grew from his shit for brains.  i seriously cant wrap my head around how these oxygen suckers could even think about doing something like that… i can only shake my head.. im so disappointed in humanity these days

  9. Amen Trench!!!  I completely agree with you!!!  People do not CHOOSE to have a disease.  The do CHOOSE to abuse whatever they are abusing and then play the poor me songs…..  UGH!!!  Disgusting!

  10. She might be an addict, but she’s also a useless cumdumpster that needs to be shot in the head.  That poor kid.  I hope she gets some good counselling and life coaching to get her though this.  Hopefully her experiences will turn her completely against drugs.  
    Too often, kids in these situations think it’s the normal thing to do and continue the cycle 🙁  

  11. Oxycodone is generic percocet which is different from oxycontin


      Brand names




      Oxy IR





      1. At that same link Percocet is  Acetaminophen and Oxycodone,

      2. It doesn’t matter. Really it is all the same. Drugs derived from Opium and addicts that will do anything to feed their addiction.

  12. Calling bullshit on your claim that addiction is a weakness, not a disease. It *is* a disease, but it is *not* an excuse. This “woman” probably knew she was past caring long ago and decided that nothing on Earth was as important to her as getting high. To be any kind of guardian, she’d have to get clean and obviously couldn’t be bothered. For what she did, she ought to be sent away for a long time. But anyone who thinks addiction to addictive substances is a moral failing ought to stop preaching and clean up their own shit.

    1.  is probably one of THE best books I have ever read on addiction and I have read a few as an amateur psych/sociology geek (my mother is an RN, my father is a lab tech and retired coroner).

    2. BS!!  It is an excuse!!!!  Clearly you haven’t seen first hand how this works!  Master manipulators – clearly, you’ve been manipulated….

    3. get real , addiction is a choice , NOT a disease.

  13. Disgusting. Poor child. . . Hope she gets what she needs.

    But I am rather tired of this whole “not an disease thing.” Except, they’d still have the capacity to become addicts if they used.  You don’t have the capacity to become a pedophile if you’re not born one. They’re no where near the same. Whatever Trench believes, he’s not a medical professional.This is one area I just can’t agree with you guys. As much as I appreciate the writeups.  Smoking causes cancers. Eating too many cheeseburgers will cause some to get heart disease. Actions we take contribute to diseases every day.  Addiction, once it manifests, is absolutely a disease of the brain. 

    Do it remove their culpability? Absolutely not. But that model does create the best chances at addicts getting better. If they simply look at it as a daily choice to drink or not, and not realize their physiology and brain chemistry makes them different than non-addicts–they are screwed.I think those w/an issue with the disease model thinks it removes responsibility. It doesn’t. We all know how alcoholics and drug addicts got that way. The difference is, their brains make them susceptible to addiction where as others might be able to use responsibly.  How in the world you can compare that to pedophilia, I will never understand.Just my two cents, I guess. 

    1. What exactly are you refuting about my comment? You said, “You don’t have the capacity to become a pedophile if you’re not born one.”

      That, I believe, is exactly what I said in my comment.  You cannot MAKE a pedophile. No amount of abuse or neglect will cause a person to rape a child unless they are born with that genetic proclivity.  That makes it genetic, but not a disease.  I am saying that there could be people out there (and there probably are) who have that ‘gene’, but allow their good sense and moral compass to override the desire to harm a child.  There are also those who think that just because they have that ‘urge’  they should act upon it.  That makes it a choice.

      I know about addiction.  I was addicted to nicotine for years.  I read somewhere that nicotine is the most difficult addiction to break – bar none.  Neither heroin nor cocaine is as difficult an addiction to break.  Yet, several years ago, I put down my cigarettes and quit.  Cold turkey. Did I crave nicotine? Yes I did. Are there still times when I think to myself, “Boy, a cigarette sure would be nice right now”? Yes there are.  I am genetically predisposed to addiction, because I have several family members who are addicts.  Yet, I can drink responsibly, and have never been addicted to anything other than nicotine (and caffeine, does that count? I’m a caffeine junkie).  I decided not to let harmful substances rule my life.  If you can make a choice not to do something (like drink) then it is not, by definition, a disease.  People with cancer cannot ‘decide’ not to have cancer, People with MS cannot ‘decide’ not to have it.  Alcoholics can decide not to drink.  Drug addicts can decide not to take them. Perverts can decide not to touch kids.  No disease.  Genetic proclivity is not the same as a disease.  Susceptibility is not the same thing as a disease. 

      That said, I will drop it, because I know that I am not going to change your mind, and you won’t change mine either.  And I think we’ve agreed about pretty much everything else on this site over the past years, so let’s not let this difference of opinion ruin an otherwise good working relationship. 

      1. I agree. Pedophilia is NOT a genetic disorder, more of a CHOICE. We aren’t born smokers, junkies, or alcoholics…
        Even if there is a genetic predispostion to addiction, we still have the capability to make the decision to use, or not to use. So I fully agree with your comment.

  14. Ugh – I am so offended at some of the comments about addiction.

    For the person who said “just don’t take that first hit, or drink”… I am an alcoholic (in recovery, so a sober alcoholic). How was I supposed to know that I was an alcoholic when I took my first drink? Alcohol isn’t illegal.

    I agree 100% that addiction doesn’t excuse this crime; equally it didn’t cause it. At times I needed money for alcohol but I’ve never done anything illegal to get it. Not all addicts and alcoholics are criminals. Some of us drink to escape past trauma – many of us are in fact victims of crime.

    I struggle every day with my alcoholism, I’ve been in recovery for a long time and it is STILL a struggle. I attend AA, I go to group therapy, I see a psychologist – I do everything needed for my recovery and I still find it hard.

    The addiction-as-disease model is flawed but I’m quite disgusted by some of the comments here. As a female alcoholic in my twenties I was used and abused and sexually assaulted… don’t you think I would have stopped then if I could have? I needed serious help, which I eventually got.

    I get that some of you have resentments towards members of your family whose addictions went unchecked, thus causing you harm. In my mind, there is no excuse for not trying to get clean and sober if you have people depending on you, like children. But I take responsibility for my actions – I won’t have children until I have been sober for many years and know I won’t drink again. I just hope if an addict reaches out to you for help you can be more compassionate than you have been in your comments on this site.

    1.  I didn’t say I don’t have compassion for addicts – I simply stated that it is not a disease.  And I am absolutely certain that I never suggested that all alcoholics are criminals or bad parents.  I also realize that many addicts were abused, and used their substance of choice to ‘escape’ from the pain of the memories that never completely fade.  That still does not make addiction a disease.  Believe me, I sympathize – and empathize – with your issues.  Because I spent many years of my life having the ever-loving snot beat out of me by my father, and being raped by my mother’s father.  So, yes, I understand your perspective, AND how you could have been driven to addiction as a coping mechanism.  However, I have no pity for anyone who uses addiction or childhood abuse as an excuse for abusing others.  As I have mentioned before on this site, the only substances I have ever been addicted to have been nicotine and caffeine – and I gave up the nicotine a long time ago.  I have reached out to many addicts in my time, and even helped a few of them break the hold these poisons had on them.  And by help, I mean I stood with them and encouraged them through their recovery – because God knows they had to do all of the really hard stuff…I cannot even imagine what it took for them to quit. Even after seeing the withdrawal symptoms firsthand, a non-addict likely cannot fathom the pain an addict suffers during that time; all I could do was hold their hands and pray.

      I commend your choice not to have children until you are certain that you will not regress, and I’m sure that will make you an even better parent when you do decide to have children.  I hope you continue with your therapy, and that your future continues to brighten as you learn that there is good in the world despite the animals who hurt you. 

    2. It’s a choice sister – you finally made the “choice” to take control of your life – good for you!  But don’t you dare call it a “disease”.  Cancer is a disease – nobody ever has a “choice” when it comes to a disease.  My father abused alcohol, so did my first husband(now he’s an ex!) – I am the first child born in my family if the so called statistics are correct I am most likely to be an alcoholic – I’m calling BS!!  It’s a choice.  I choose not to let anything but my own mind control my life.  I can drink or not, I can smoke or not – they are all choices.  Saying someone who has trouble making good choices has a disease is just absolutely asinine!!!!  If that is the case – most of the people in the US all have a disease!!!  Personally, I think it’s a lot of selfishness and stupidity…..

      1. ok. Mostly I agree with you…BUT!!!! Alcoholism is in fact a disease. There are genetic components, and then of course the nurture factor. How?? many times do we need to hear of children being fed beer at a way too early age?
        You all can claim it as an excuse, but for many it is not. I also agree with ANgel however. There is always that small, still voice within. that tell’s you to not to be an asshole to your children, and to let them be, despite your drunk level, and the potential for harm your drunken self may feel. What I do not understand is the level of anger/hatred that seems to allow people to destroy the babies they themselves have created.

        1.  I hate when people call it a disease….it isn’t terminal. It’s a choice. My father is an alcoholic and I was an alcoholic. It isn’t a disease it is a choice. When I was drinking I had my reasons and I wish I could go back in time and kick my own ass for not getting the help I needed. When I finally did go seek help I was thankful the Psychiatrist I was seeing didn’t call it a disease but she helped me find my triggers and to deal with my past something I stowed away in a box never to think of again yet found out it was lying in wait to eat me alive. Bottom line I am the exact opposite of all of you who are defending what it is. There is no dignity and  sympathy associated with any addiction…In my opinion and having dealt with it on my own, it is a choice albeit a fucked up one but it is a choice….as is becoming sober. People say there is no cure for addiction and they are right because it isn’t and should not be considered a disease.

          1. Rochell – I’m sorry I never saw your response until now. I completely applaud you!!! You saw what was wrong(and hey – alcohol or not sometimes it takes us more than one screw up to fix a situation), you got help for yourself and “you” made yourself healthy. I really wish more people with alcohol issues could hear your words. Congratulations! I was not addition free, mine was food, I blew up to over 350lbs. I’ve now lost more than a 150lbs and I will NEVER go back. I too had to look within and fix what was broken. I did the work, I made myself healthy – well, with the help of an awesome counselor 😉

          2. I had an awesome councilor too. She helped me realize that the child abuse I endured wasn’t my fault and that my bitch mother wasn’t the saint I made her out to be. Once I realized that I shouldn’t be making myself suffer I stopped feeling the crippling pain. Now I try my hardest to help children out of abusive situations because I wish one person, anyone, would have helped me back then. Congratulations too you as well.

          3. You have a lot to be proud of and best of all, you have freed yourself. I was abused as a child also, didn’t turn to drugs but food became my drug. It’s always going to be a constant work in progress but that’s okay – as long as there is progress! I also have found myself getting involved in situations that are not necessarily my business but when I see a child being mistreated, I don’t care who I upset, I speak up. Not always appreciated by those involved but nobody stood up for me and I cannot let a child go through abuse if I can do anything about it. I understand completely where you are coming from and I hope and pray there are a lot more of us out there because that’s what its going to take to make the abuse stop…..

      2.  It’s just another way to NOT accept responsibility.

  15. You know, I REALLY tried to pass this and not comment but its been bothering me for a half hour so Im gonna say my piece and walk away.

    I am a recovering addict. I was addicted to everything I could come in contact with for seven years. (You all have your rights to your opinions and I have mine.) Being an addict, Im gonna tell you. I have been in more then seven health programs for my addiction. I am also a registered LNA, so I know the sciencr of addiction. The truth is- I knew when I tried drugs they were bad and illegal. I didnt know that continued use of them was gonna ruin myself, my son, my family and my life. I still live with the reprocussions of my addiction and I have been sober for 27 months. I didnt knoe that using drugs was gonna change my brain chemisty and make my body NEED the drugs. Does that mean that when I was using drugs, I was abusing my kid?? NO!!! Does it mean I am a bad person?? NO!!. Have I made some horrible choices I otherwise woukdnt have made?? YES!! I just want people not to judge. (Im really not starting a debate) Once your brain chemistry changes, it is medically considered a disease. This is because for the rest of your life you will live with the phsyical, emotionally and mental issues of addiction. Does this mean that I do not take responsibility for taking that first drug?? Or not trying to get better before my body ‘needed’ the drugs to survive daily?? NO!!! I was wrong. Ill be the first one to admit it.

    I guess what Im getting at is the way the medical professionals see it, it is a non-curable disease. You can call it what you will. I know I didnt just wake up one morning and say, whats the worst possible way I can ruin the next seven years of my life. THAT WAS NOT MY CHOICE!!! The way they describe it also makes it easier for people to understand when they are trying to better.

    All asking is that people dont put us down for our wrongs, EVERYONE makes mistakes. Some wosre than others. Also, please remember that we ‘addicts’ do have feelings. When someone tries to discredit my addiction for the illness it really is, it creates a pain like no other (thats just my feeling). I dont expect people to see things my way. I just ask you have enough respect to respect the addicts and alcholics that are trying to better thier lives. Please understand that we arent all disgusting losers like these people. Some of us just got caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    1. I also want to say- I did not write this because of any one person. There were multiple people thay said things that bothered me. Also, I dont feel like Im bileing childish, I just want to be respected as a person, not just as a loser addict. Thank you for understanding

    2.  Hey Stupid , It’s not your life that you ruined. It was the life of everyone around you.

    3. As a person who was an alcoholic for 10 years and someone who dealt with a pill popping addict (My bitch of a mother) I have this to say to you. My mother had always been addicted to drugs my whole life everyone thought she was a great person and that took care of me. The truth was that she was a selfish motherfucker that ruined my life and ultimately drove ME to start drinking to squash the memories I have of abuse by her exs while she neglected the shit out of me. She was selfish and she was a bad person for taking any chance of a normal child hood from me. You said that you have an opinion well let me tell you what your SON likely answers to YOUR questions because most often kids like us think a lot alike.

      Where you abusing your kid? 1 How do you know?2  Can you remember what you did when you were blitzed out of your mind? and 3 Maybe you didn’t abuse him but giving YOURSELF up to drugs YOU NEGLECTED HIM.

      Does it mean I am a bad person?? YES! You chose your selfish wants above your child…YOU CHOSE TO BECOME ADDICTED TO DRUGS. I used to think my mother wasn’t a bad person either until I realized it WAS HER FAULT, hers not mine that lead me to have a fucked up perception of life. I blamed myself for her addiction….and MOST kids that have addict parents do too, so let me tell you a fact. You may not perceive yourself as a bad person but in a child that needs you’s eyes you are a piece of shit.

      And lastly of course you made some fucked up choices, pretty much after taking that first hit, getting that first high you sold yourself out. You sold your child out.

      I do agree with MsMeT you shouldn’t call your addiction a disease. I really don’t give two whits about what the doctors say which is normally a result of the feel good American everyone gets a trophy because we are sooooooooo politically correct shit. I don’t give a fuck if you start growing penises out of the side of your head as a “side effect” of your drug abuse it was ultimately YOU who made the piss poor choice to do this shit. You made a choice to neglect your son. As a person who attempted to kill my memories with alcohol for the better part of 10 years I am calling bullshit on addiction being labeled a disease. I know the argument that people smoke cigarettes and have unsafe sex leads to AIDs and some forms of cancer, blah, blah….but those people are typically functional and take care of their fucking kids. I hate when people call addiction a disease, it’s not A DISEASE it is A CHOICE albeit a piss poor one but still a choice. In my case I chose to drink, I chose to live in fear because I was weak but when I had my kids I learned true strength and knew they needed me more than what I needed coming out of that retched bottle. Don’t make excuses for yourself own up to it and realize exactly what you fucked up. Your doctor’s may say you earn an E for effort….But you won’t earn it here.

    4.  Sorry,but I cannot “respect” any drug abuser. They CHOSE to take it and they CHOSE to keep taking it KNOWING it would harm them. Respect is earned. It’s not the same as pity.

      1. I agree with this sentiment. Respect is earned not given. Pity should not be given to addicts either. It’s a cruel world, life is hard. The only ones that deserve any dignity, respect or pity are the victims of this train wreck. The children not the addicts are the victims. Addiction isn’t just a choice its the most selfish choice ANYONE can make and unfortunately for the children they don’t get to choose their parents or choose to suffer.

        The true suffering isn’t that of an addict….the ones who suffer the most are the innocent. Once people learn that shit and stop being so self centered many child abuse cases won’t exist.

    5. I stand by my statement earlier – D E N I A L……

  16. Alcoholism is not a disease, it’s a choice. I come from a family of alcoholics and to have someone sit there and say alcoholism is genetic is redundant.
    I must not have acquired the drinking gene, then. I’m sorry…but it just irritates me when people call it a disease, because we are not born with a beer can or a fifth of jack in our hands, we make the concious decision later on in life whether to drink or not.
    Diseases are obligatory, picking up that acoholic beverage is not.

  17. It reminds me of a DUI lately where the truck driver killed another driver. The just gave him a light sentence because he was “asleep” during the accident , and his lawyer argued he was not responsible. The judge agreed. SHIT.

  18. I think I’ll weigh in here, simply because unfortunately, I’m a fucking expert. From age 15 to age 21, I was addicted to cigarettes, weed, alcohol, and cocaine and would try ANY combination of other drugs in order to get high. There was no justification for this at all, having come from a beautiful, loving home and having the BEST mother in the world.

    The drugs led me to some terrible choices, the monument of all of them being the lowlife turd abuser I settled for from age 17 to age 21. We won’t go there because (a) I’m not even close to ready and (b) for the purpose of this statement, luckily it’s not entirely necessary. The result of this decision was that my drug and alcohol use spiraled completely out of control in order for me to deal with the train wreck my life had become. I CHOSE to drown and escape my demons rather than face them and get help.

    People wanted to help me, even strangers offered me help when they saw how I was treated. I CHOSE to continue the path I was on because as fucking crazy as it sounds, that was the path of least resistance. I was too lazy to fix myself. So I CHOSE to stay where I was at.

    Then one day, an event in the “relationship” took place that I could not ignore, and I left the city I was living in. Since he had control over all of our money, I had to do my tax return in secret to use that money to buy a plane ticket. That’s when I CHOSE to stop what I was doing. And I did. Without any help from doctors, shinks, or otherwise (though I could still likely use someone to talk to, as you can see by this rambling story ☺) I got off ALL the substance I was on.

    And, literally, I lived happily ever after.

    So fuck, stupids, it’s not a disease.

    PS: No children were hurt in the telling of this story. I gave birth to my son when I was 23, 2 years after escaping this hell I created.

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