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Month: January 2012

Tucson mother and boyfriend charged with abusing her 2-year-old daughter

Tucson mom and boyfriend arrested in child abuse case 

Mother and boyfriend accused of child abuse 

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Ashley Nicole Liberty (25) and Oscar Omar Aguirre (28) of Tucson, AZ.  This lovely couple joins the ranks of BB after being arrested and charged with abusing Ashley’s 2-year-old daughter.

On Saturday January 14th the Tucson Police answered a 911 call for a child having difficulty breathing; the toddler was transported to the hospital.  The medical staff treating her then notified police of a small child being treated for injuries “non-accidental in nature and likely caused by blunt force trauma.”  The baby was in intensive care with numerous fractures and internal injuries.

Liberty was arrested and charged with one count of child abuse, after police determined she failed to protect her baby.  Aguirre, who is not the bio-dad, was arrested and charged with two counts of child abuse.

A 7-year-old girl also living with Liberty was placed in the custody of CPS.

Thanks to Lori for the tip.


A Tucson man accused of beating a 2-year-old girl so severely her spleen became detached has been indicted on attempted second-degree murder and child abuse charges. The child’s mother was indicted on a child abuse charge alleging she failed to seek prompt medical care for the child.

Oscar Omar Aguirre, 29, and Ashlee Nichole Liberty, 25, will be arraigned in Pima County Superior Court Friday.

On Jan. 14, Aguirre called 911 because Liberty’s daughter was having difficulty breathing. The child was taken to Tucson Medical Center with bruises all over her body and doctors determined she had a punctured lung, four broken ribs and injuries to her spleen and kidney, according to court documents.

Exploratory surgery performed two days later revealed the spleen was detached and free-floating, her pancreas and bowels were bruised and she had tears in her liver, abdominal wall and transverse colon, court documents state.

A TMC doctor told detectives he believed the injuries were from blunt force trauma and non-accidental. The only other way the girl could have received the injuries is if she was in a traffic accident or flew off a bicycle going at a high rate of speed, court documents state.


Thanks Twyla for the update.

Mother records herself smoking meth shortly before murder/suicide

Aide Mendez recorded smoking meth before murder-suicide 

4 dead in California murder-suicide 

Mother smokes meth before killing children and self 

Fresno Police investigating apparent murder-suicide that left 4 dead, including 2 children

I am not even sure how to start this one…

Fresno Police arrived at the apartment complex where Eduardo Lopez (33), his common law wife Aide Mendez (23) and their two children Isaiah (3) and Aliyah (17-months) lived the morning of Sunday, January 15th.  In the parking lot was a bleeding Lopez who had been shot and stabbed.  While tending to Lopez, police heard a muffled shot come from the first floor apartment the family shared.  Ugh… I hate to even go on.

After hearing the shot they entered the family’s apartment and find… Lopez’s cousin Paul Medina (27) dead, but the horror didn’t end there.  They would then find Mendez dead from a self inflicted gun shot wound in the bathroom… in the bathtub the lifeless bodies of her two babies.  Both the children had been shot Isaiah was dead at the scene, police tried to resuscitate Aliyah, but she would die later at the hospital.  *Cry*

What could have happened?  Well, no one really knows what happened, what we do know is that recordings Mendez took of herself and Medina in the hours prior to the shooting, show her smoking meth.  Police are still putting all the pieces together, but learned from family that Mendez had lost a child several years earlier and was still grieving.  Did she smoke it up and lose her marbles…maybe?  But really does it matter two babies lost their lives for NOTHING and looking at the woman who was supposed to love and protect them.

It’s no secret here how I feel about drug users, I have several in my family some even meth users who have lost just about everything chasing that high.  I find it especially disturbing in this case that she was in the family’s home with the children there smoking it up, recording herself as if what she was doing was funny in some way.  Funny it definitely was not and the end result of her poor life choices cost her two innocent children their lives for no other reason than they were home when she lost it.

There was one person left unharmed in Mendez’s deadly rampage a 7-year-old overnight guest.

As of January 20th, Lopez was recovering in the hospital and able to communicate with family members using hand gestures.

Thanks to all of the tipster, for the tip.


R.I.P. Isaiah and Aliyah, you are most definitely two of the most beautiful angels, ever.

Chandra Greene is a selfish bitch

Woman Accused of Beating Son With Hammer For Eating Her Food

Mother accused of hitting son with hammer for eating her food

Child care workers in Fort WayneIndianawere called to the home of a middle school aged boy to investigate a tip that the child had been beat with a hammer.  “He got a whooping because he ate all of his mom’s food.”  A “whooping” is how Chandra Greene’s daughter described the beating her brother received with a hammer.  To me, that means that his form of punishment was normal to her.  Why would 32-year-old Chandra Greene beat her son with a hammer?  Because he ate her food, that’s why.  “Her” mother fucking food?  I don’t have any food in my house.  There is no “this is mine and this is yours” shit.  It’s OUR food.  Then again, no one in my house has ever been beat with a hammer for eating anything – mine, theirs, or otherwise.

In addition to the injured child, the caseworker found the home filthy and without power.  Classy.  The child was taken to the hospital with injuries to his leg, arm, and head.  Greene is facing three counts of neglect of a dependent (one count for each one of her children).  I haven’t been able to find where she is being charged with beating her child.  I’m sure the neglect charges will earn her a slap on the hand and some parenting classes.  She’ll be back to abusing her kids in no time.

Thanks go to  Erin for the tip.

Kudos to this mom!

I realize that the site is called “Bad Breeders”, and with good reason, but I really needed to post some happy news for a change.

There is *always* a safe option that everyone can live with.

Baby left with West Side firefighters
Teen Mom Leaves Baby at Firehouse
Teen leaves infant at firehouse: ‘She was overwhelmed’

“What’s so happy about a baby being left at a fire station?”, you ask?

Well, for one, this baby is alive. Second, this baby was well-cared-for prior to being brought to the fire station. And the mother, rather than harming her child when she became overwhelmed and felt she couldn’t handle any more, chose to find a local Safe Haven location to bring her baby to. She wanted to ensure that he would have a chance at life that she apparently felt she could no longer offer him.

There were other links to articles about this story that I chose not to include. One had a headline to the effect of “mother abandons infant”, which I felt was inappropriate and discouraging. To me, abandoning a child would be leaving them on the sidewalk, which happened not to long ago. Or dumping the child in a dumpster. Or worse. Not bringing them to a place set up to care for babies when their parents aren’t able. This woman didn’t abandon her child.

According to that last link up there, she felt overwhelmed. She didn’t seem to want to leave her baby, according to the firefighters that were present at the time, and she was visibly upset. She remained at the station with her baby, only leaving when an ambulance arrived to take her son to the hospital for a checkup (taking infants dropped off at any Safe Haven to the nearest hospital for a checkup is standard procedure). According to hospital personnel, the baby was in excellent condition. So this mother took good care of her baby, only choosing to bring him to a place she knew he’d continue to be well-cared-for when she felt she couldn’t.

I’m seriously in aw at the strength this must have taken, and I pray that this mother is able to get herself back into a position where she feels she can once again care for this child, because I don’t think anyone could do a better job at it than the woman who obviously loves him so much. And I hope that DCFS takes into account the fact that she did take such good care of him prior to bringing him to the Safe Haven location, and the fact that she did take him to a Safe Haven location, rather than allow him to come to harm in some way. I hope that they give him back to her when she is ready to care for him again.

We’ve all read stories here about mothers murdering their newborn babies, right out of the womb, mothers killing their babies to get out of the responsibility that was keeping them from their party-ho lifestyle, and even about one who sold her baby off to a perverted murderer to pay a drug debt, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam. We all know that this could have turned out far, far worse for this child, had the mother not loved him enough to take such good care of him, and then to bring him to a place where people could continue to care for him when she felt she was no longer able. So I want to send a special message to that mother, in case she (or someone she knows) reads this:

Dear Overwhelmed Mother,
Thank you for taking such good care of your baby. Thank you for not harming him when you felt overwhelmed. Thank you for doing what you obviously felt was the responsible thing, what you felt was in the best interest of your child. I know you love your baby. I have faith that you can improve your situation (whatever that may be) to the point that you will be able to care for him again. Please don’t lose hope. Please seek whatever help it is that you need. Whoever you are, you are in my thoughts and prayers, as is your son.
Very sincerely, and with love,
~ Another (occasionally overwhelmed) Mother

While most Safe Haven Laws allow for only a 30 day post birth for their “no questions asked” policy, Law Enforcement is not seeking to press charges against this mother. What would be the point? She clearly took care of this child, clearly loved him, clearly put much thought into what she felt was in his best interest, and clearly put much time into preparing to bring him to the Safe Haven location. And I think that not pressing charges is the right call. My sincerest hope is that LE and DCFS will work with this mother and help her get to the point where she will feel she can once again care for her little one.

For more information about Safe Haven Laws:
National Safe Haven Alliance
Child Welfare Information Gateway
Please spread these links out, far and wide. Make sure that no one is ever able to use the excuse “I didn’t know about Safe Haven Laws.”

Thanks to the Lovely CynicalMe for this tip. It’s so nice to read about a parent doing something right for a change.

Navy Boyfriend Sends an Angel Home Too Soon

Virginia Beach – child abuse,neglect-case

Va Beach man charged with child abuse in infants death 

Navy man- charged with child neglect after 4-month-old baby dies 

Poor Aubrey Hannsz, her momma had to go out and left her boyfriend, Micah Patterson to take care of her. This poor four month girl was soon not breathing – it was at 8 PM that the emergency personnel got the call and paramedics rushed to take the little one to the hospital.  The little angel was announced dead at the hospital.

At the ER, doctors notified the police of the ‘possible abuse’ – Aubrey’s condition and what she suffered I couldn’t find – and Patterson got charged of felony abuse and neglect.  Obviously not a case of a brutal sofa attack, so wonder what his feeble excuse will be his defense.  Law Enforcement is still waiting for cause of death, and Patterson’s in jail without bond.  The baby’s death is still under investigation.

I can’t believe it – Patterson’s in the Navy. How can this ‘man’ be protecting freedom if an infant is not safe with him? I firmly believe that strength is not shown in how much a person can lift or endure but how gentle they are.  Hell, we got technology that can destroy, weather, and lift practically everything under the sun but none that can replace the human touch so essential to a baby’s well-being.  Harm a baby proves you’re a wimp.

**Special thanks to eccentric lady for the write-up.**


Bitch Boy breaks baby’s bones and runs

"Bitch Boy"

Infant found with 4 broken limbs father arrested for child abuse

Child Abuse Arrest Report – Leonard Dorame

See that bitch up there…that’s Leonard Dorame (28) and he likes to beat up on defenseless 4-month-old babies, like HIS son.

Bitch boy’s story starts back on October 25th, when his baby’s momma took her newborn in for a routine check-up at the doctor.  Routine it definitely was NOT as the doctor discovered his son, who had been in his care while mom was at work, had multiple fractures of ALL FOUR of his limbs.  Yes, you read that right along with SEVERAL other injuries this baby had every single limb broken.

The doctors determined that the injuries occurred in a short period of time, were non-accidental in nature and do not believe the mother was aware of them until she brought the baby in, when she was told by the pediatrician to take the baby to the E.R. for x-rays she did immediately.  Bitch boy did not accompany her, oh no instead he took off like the cowardly baby beating bitch he is.

Bitch boy was able to evade police until January 9th, when he was located in Tucson, AZ.  He was arrested and charged with three counts of child abuse and booked into Pima County Jail.

Mom charged after drugs found under baby’s crib.

Oneida woman arrested for drug possession and endangering welfare of a child 

At about 6 am on January 10th, Oneida, NY Police executed a search warrant at the apartment of Kaila L. Lohr (23) and her two small children, following an investigation into illegal drug activity.  Illegal drug activity and small children is not a good combo.

Well the search warrant was fruitful and drugs were found and since Kaila’s gracing our pages, I am sure you have concluded that somehow her children were involved and you would be right. While searching Kaila’s apartment 8.5 grams, of individually packaged, cocaine were found under her baby’s crib.

According to police it is not likely there would have been any exposure between the baby and the cocaine due to the way the cocaine was packaged. However the baby did regularly sleep in the crib and I personally see no reason for drug storage in any house with children let alone under the baby’s crib.

The children were placed with family members.

Lohr was taken into custody and charged with third-degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance (class B felony) and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Thanks to Rose for the tip.


Father sentenced in abuse that left son blind and disabled

Pawtucket child abuser DeAnthony Allen gets maximum sentence 

DeAnthony Allen (19) was sentenced on January 11th to 20 years in prison for leaving his infant son disabled and blind.

Allen was found guilty of one count of first degree child abuse for abusing, then 3-month-old, Johnnel Marks, in November.  According to the state Allen squeezed and shook Johnnel who suffered severe head trauma, a skull fracture and seven rib fractures.  Gawd Damn!

Johnnel, now 17-months-old was left clinically blind, will probably never walk, has seizures and his brain cells continue to deteriorate.  No worries though peeps Allen says he’s sorry and wants to apologize to his son.  Well too little to late ass-wipe!

Johnnel’s mother had this to say about Allen’s “apology.”

“Everything that DeAnthony was saying in there about one day he hopes he can apologize and say it to my son, well guess what, that’s not going to happen. He doesn’t need to face that monster anymore, he doesn’t. He did it that one time and that’s it. He took his sight and that was the last time he saw him and that’s the last time he’s going to see him.” said Stephanie Marks.

That’s right Stephanie, you go girl…more power to ya!

Johnnel was present in the courtroom for his father’s sentencing.



Gemma LaShae Moore died of “Shaken Baby Syndrome”

Police arrest Albertville couple for child abuse

Baby dies in Albertville child abuse case, couple facing stiffer charges

Gemma LaShae Moore (11 months) died just after 5 pm Thursday, January 12th, from injuries consistent with “shaken baby syndrome.”

Gemma’s story starts on the 11th when deputies and an ambulance answered the call of an unresponsive child.  Gemma’s mom Bridgett Duncan (24) and her tube steak Immanuel Gage Allen were arrested that very day and charged with aggravated child abuse.  Their bond was $2 million each.

The couple now faces upgraded charges since the Gemma has died.  They both remain in jail.

Will it ever stop?


R.I.P. Gemma LaShae Moore

Father charged with assault of infant son

Father of injured infant charged with assault 

Couple charged with hindering arrest 

The face you see above is Brian Patrick Donavich Jr. (22) and he’s been charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child, after his 8-month-old son was take to Children’s Hospital, unresponsive and having difficulty breathing.  Brian was charged after is was determined the baby’s injuries “were a result of Mr. Donavich’s care.”

Brian was only charged after he was located, since the coward not only injured his baby but then ran like a bitch to avoid facing the music.  He didn’t go down alone though his buddy Colton Wayne Carter and his girly whirly friend Diana Michele Duncan, thinking it a good idea to cover the ass of their baby beating buddy, were also charged after they told police butt head up there was not at Carter’s residence.  Police gained entry into the home after getting permission from Colton’s mother and landlord and low and behold, much to everyone’s shock…no not really, they found baby beater catching him a nap in a back bedroom.

Carter was charged with two felonies: hindering apprehension by harboring or concealing a subject and hindering apprehension by providing false information.  Was it worth Carter?

Diana is charged with one felony: and hindering apprehension by providing false information.  Diana my dear girl…the last person you want to put your ass on the line for is some scum sucking baby beater, guess you learned that the hard way.


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