Ask BB: A CPS failure in Texas?

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We received the following e-mail from a great-grandparent in Texas who says they are having some horrible issues with CPS in Texas.

my five year old great grandson is in mortal danger. sexually abused for a year after cps was notified of sexual abuse and found nothing wrong. abuser,step grandfather, convicted prior to the abuse for meth manufacturing and use and went to prison for the second time for dwis and is now out again as of approx. ten days ago. i have had the child for the past two and a half years but the child has been taken back to the home where the abuser resides with my daughter, the grandmother. the mother of the child, my granddaugher, has been used and abused herself by this monster and my daughter. she has a bad heart but was kicked out at 14 while the abuser was in prison the first time. she was preg at 16 and allowed back in the house with the birth of the child. because of an 8 month custody battle with the childs father. then she was kicked out again when that was over and the child stayed with the abuser and my daughter. the abuser wanted him. he was on methadone and unable to perform sexually with my daughter. he took special interest in the child from the first. making it a point to babysit and to bath him everyday. taking baths with the child/baby.

at two 1/2 years old the child, who i babysat during the day, began telling me pappy peed in my mouth, put his pee pee in my butt, the child spit in his hand and wiped in on his butt saying pappy does this. the child tried to put things in his butt etc etc. said the abuser told him he, the abuser, was a fagot f****r and that he, the child, was a fagot. cps was notified, images of a the childs damaged anus, cigarette burn in his ear, and carpet burns on his forehead were send to cps. they visited with the child for 30 minutes and found nothing wrong. my daughter worked with the sheriffs department for five years prior to her then husbands first conviction, second meth manufacturing bust, which caused her to be fired from the sheriffs department. she knew all those people in cps and and the abuser both called me crazy and cps believed them. the child has problems now, who wouldn’t. he has been told he is a liar by those who ought to be protecting him. the abuser is one of those men who is poor me all the time, a smart one too. i am crazy all right but he is the devil incarnate. my daughter is blind and ignorant and i believe she really believes this child is a liar. a two and a half year old, a liar about sexual abuse? my daughter, the grandmother, lived with a man ten years younger for the past two years, kicked him out three weeks ago so the abuser could come back home. my granddaughter who will do anything to have the love and support of her mother, which she has never had, took the child to her mothers to live. now the abuser has access and opportunity to silence the child for good and he is capable of it. i am afraid for my five year old great grandson’s life now. they, my family including another daughter, all hate me, i am crazy for bringing this horrible stuff into their lives. the abuser has them all fooled. i have notes taken during the year following the initial report to cps where this child told me what pappy was doing to him. holding his head under water,, holding a knife to his head, telling him he would cut his head off if he told. torturing him, cigarette burn in the ear, carpet burns from sexual positions. back and forehead. i reported to cps after a year of this and sent these notes and images to them. they did nothing. the abusers probation officer told him, well i guess you better stay away from him and he did. he was busted again for dwis and has been in prison for the past year and a half. he is out now and has the child at his disposal. i have reported the child’s move to the abusers home and the real possibility of the child’s life being in danger to cps as of yesterday. i don’t expect them to do a thing, they know they screwed up the first time and are covering their butts now. i need help to save him. what can i do? cps listens to the abuser and my family, i am crazy to them.

can you help in anyway? this child is so precious and i need help to make this right for him.

Any thoughts Breeder Readers?

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  • Leslie Wilson
    They offer a free consultation so they should be able to the steer you to who would be the one to contact. I wouldn’t even bother with the cps workers anymore I would contact the supervisors and work my way up. I would also contact the media about the fact that you have documented evidence and cps has done nothing. 

  • Leslie Wilson

    Texas law now extends to your vehicle…
    committing certain violent crimes, such as murder or sexual assault, or is attempting to commit such crimes; 

  • LR

    I have to say I have worked with many different programs with the state of Florida, I have read, seen and held these kids in foster care. If there is as much evidence as claimed then that it would be a verified findings and the child would be removed. If a cps worker doesn’t remove a child,( which goes thru the court. The judge has to sign an order before removal can take place unless immediate danger is present) then there isn’t any evidence to remove. I just don’t think anyone in the social work field would see a picture of a child’s ripped anus and not do anything. 99% of social workers are in the field to help not for the money because they don’t get paid enough. The foster homes get a monthly amount but the state doesn’t recieve any funds for kids in care. The parents are suppose to pay child support, most don’t though.

  • Cindy

    I am sure there are many places in TX where you could dump a body and it would never be found, so the great grandparent should take advantage of this geographical advantage.

  • Jessica

    Next time you have the child go to the Er with a cps worker and have a full check up done then file for emergency phyiscial and soul custody then have a Restraining order issued against the child’s abuser and mother.

  • Acmemovingcompany

    In Texas it is legal to kill someone to prevent violent bodily harm to someone.else. This old bastard deserves a Texas dirt nap, courtesy of Smith and Wesson. ‘

    • D_in_313

      In the state of Michigan, it is legal to shoot as a “third party”. So if by chance, this was going on in my state,  and he was raping this poor child I could shoot to stop the threat. If he “JUST HAPPENS TO DIE” it wasnt my intention. Because again we shoot to stop the treat 😉

      • Angel

         Don’t you still have to catch them in the act, though?  I mean, you can’t just walk up to someone on the street and shoot them for something they did yesterday, or a week ago, or last month, can you? If so, I might just move to Michigan…

  • A Concerned Gramma

    Contact any local television station and tell them your story, NOW!!!!! Contact your local newspapers and do the same. Just so the author of this knows, on the television stations website and the newspapers website will list phone numbers, names and email addresses. Get this person to go PUBLIC and SCREAM from the rooftops. This is not an isolated case in Texas. This agency has a black eye already. They’re not on top of their game. GO AFTER THEM NOW and SAVE that baby, for heaven’s sake!!!!!

  • RobTaylor

    Here’s the truth – my mother who was a social worker for NYC was one of the laziest people you would ever meet (rest her soul) and plenty of cases slipped through her fingers because she could not be bothered.

    If CPS is really ignoring the abuse document it and call again. I’ve turned people in myself when I worked with kids. CPS is not full of detectives. Go to the cops if there is real evidence of burns. You can’t sit back and think CPS (or bloggers) are going to fix this.

    • Angel

       Best advice so far, in my opinion.  CPS may fail, but the cops can remove a child AND arrest the abuser – on the spot! In cases of irrefutable abuse – marks, cuts, burns – police will normally take the kid first and ask questions later.

  • RavenDreams

    For those of you who say, “Duh, call the police or CPS”, have you ever tried?
    My sons accused their dad of molesting them.  I called the cops.  They say there is evidence of abuse BUT
    1.  My kids would never hold up under cross examination in court.
    2.  We can’t prove it was their dad and not grandpa, neighbor, dad’s girlfriend blah blah blah
    3.  We got the most naive CPS worker ever.  She claims that my kids either saw their dad and his girlfriend have sex and GOT CONFUSED (yeah) or he slipped and molested them by accident or he had a medical reason he is unwilling to divulge where he had to put something inside their bodies.  Yeah.  They live with me.  I think I would know if their was a medical reason.
    4.  The cops told me they have to prove sexual motivation.  Apparently, you can rape children if you don’t have a sexual motive.  With this kind of crime, it is the intention that counts.
    I could literally vomit over all this.  Now what?
    I called the cops.  I called CPS.  I took them to their Doctor.  Everyone wants more.  Each time I call or report him, he hurts them worse.
    It isn’t as easy or as obvious as we would like to think.

  • Artistjams

    I have spoken on this before here but I will again:

    I was a victim of sexual abuse for many years as a child and no one believed me either. Well, I think they believed me but didn’t really care…but that’s a whole other story.

    I think the most damaging part of the whole thing was the abuser has an uncanny ability to make you think it’s your fault your being molested, not to tell because you’ll look bad and because of this…ostracizes you from everyone making you feel completely alone. When you are a little kid, feeling completely alone and unsafe is NOT good.

    I had dealings with CPS. Guess what happened? They took me out of my bad situation and put me in another WORSE situation. Which fucked with my head even worse because I began actually “missing” the abusive home I originally came from which brought on feelings of “what is wrong with me?”  Luckily, I had some very strong family members who went to bat and I was okay after that…away from the incompetent CPS people. PS…more than one doctor/CPS worker/etc dropped the ball and my aggressor was never convicted.

    My advice? Do what MY grandmother did…calmly let the little guy know that YOU believe him and you are going to do all you can to help him. And then report report report…Try to do this calmly and with extreme sensitivity and strength around this little guy…there’s nothing worse than having the one adult who believes you break down, freak out and make it worse.

  • Auna

    My advice: If you truly think ANY child may be in danger, do NOT stop reporting it. The squeaky wheel gets oiled. I don’t know if this story is factual or not but if this woman truly believes this child is in danger she should persist. How many times do you hear stories about children being returned to abusive parents only to later suffer the ultimate punishment, or of some Child Protective Service office making a mistake and not removing a child then finding it too late to do so when the child is seriously injured or worse. CPS is run by over worked, often underpaid workers, some of which who make mistakes, human mistakes. No one wants to take a child from their home if there is no reason to, but it takes a person recognizing the signs and possibilities and having the authority to act on it, to help these child. It also takes others who see the signs and report it. Too often people don’t want to believe these things happen to children and they ignore the signs, never reporting it. Better to err on the side of caution. If there is even a chance this little boy is being molested and raped, abused in any way, who cares who calls her crazy… REPORT IT! and keep reporting it. So sad. 

  • Czick

    Holy WTF?  I cannot claim to know more than you about what to do, but in my town a grandfather who was also afraid for a baby called our local news media and things started happening like it was freakin magic.  

  • Nell Torres

    Also remember that sometimes going public, etc. may put the child in greater risk.  Don;t want Parentsof the Year to take their rage out on the baby.  

    • Jenny R.

      That’s a good bit! Go public when the child is visiting or somewhere safe for a little while (ie away from daddy) hell maybe get him in a summer camp or something so that you have a week or more to whistleblow

  • Mootsiebraun

    Any doctor worth their wait in gold could examine the child and tell if abuse is/has accurd. Either take the child to a doctor or if you know who the pediatrician is, contact them. Video record conversations with the child. Also video the child during play time alone and with other children. Document dates, time ect….keep a journal and photo album of the abuse…the more info you have to prove your case the better…It doesnt matter if this is fake or fact…if you truely believe a child is in danger you rattle as many cages as you can until someone with a heart is willing to take a moment of their time to check into lawyers, doctors and media. Talk to family, friends and neighbors of the child. Someone may have heard or seen something. And even if they havent at least they will be aware and more on alert to catch things in the future….
    If the child is being abused in any way and the abuser is aware that they are being watched every where and at all times,  it may by you the time you need to prove your case and keep the little boy safe temporarily.

  • Risskia

    I hope the submitter will do this:   Please let us know the child’s abuser’s name and address.  Then, I suggest we submit this letter to the local news station.  This is the sort of thing that gets them excited because they get BIG positive press.

    So, you who submitted this – who and where is the abuser? I’ll be happy to do the rest.

  • Anonymous

    1. Take him to the doctor. Now. Do not wait.
    2. Call an advocate that deals with Child Abuse.
    3. If no luck with CPS, call your local police chief, if nothing there, go higher. Call, write, pacrk on the front steps of the county commissioners, judge, whoever until you receive help.
    4. Don’t be afraid to go as public as you can.

  • Nell Torres

    Sometimes people reach out forhelp in the uncanniest ways…irregardless of whetheror not thepost was “fake” it was posted here on our site with the specific request for allof us to provide ideas.  Like a good, loyal reader…I will help. Simply because of the possibility that this may just be a child being brutally raped.  What I would do is if I had the baby one evening,  I would rush him to the emergency room and tell the doctors there OMG he told me his butt hurts… can you guys check him out?  An innocent inquiry can lead to a startling discovery…bring along those notes, pictures,any type of proof or paper trail you may have. Ask the doctor, is he constipated?  Can you check?  Then, while the doc is examining him, you quietly step in and start questioing the child in the presence of the medical official.  “Love, who makes your bum hurt?” “Does anyone touch you there?” Litte kids talk very much once you coax the floodgates open. Once this baby starts talking, any respectable pediatrician would take steps right away.  Mission accomplished!

    • Jenny R.

      Careful there! That’s great in theory but if you want true justice you can’t risk allowing such info. to be thrown out on grounds of leading the witness. I would suggest simply telling the child all about how a doctor is a good person there to help him, and that he should not be afraid of the doctor, and tell him or her everything he has told you. Tell him you love him and know he is brave enough and smart enough to talk to the doctor about anything. If you must prompt him, do so with neutral questions that do not suggest a specific instance, something like, “when did ____ start hurting” “what were you doing when it hurt?” (Hopefully to solicit “bathing with daddy” or some facsimile)

  • Somtthinglike

    take the baby and run…there are underground helpcenters….you will find the child

    • Jenny R.

      Good lord I wish I had known about that with my first daughters sperm donor

  • Amanda

    what is the use she asks for help here if everyone here thinks it is fake to? Dont you think that she does not know what to do… I do agree with taking the child to the doctor, doctors can call the police cant they?

    • jj

      So those of us that think the email’s bogus don’t have the right to express our opinion that it’s fake? Really? And if you’ll also notice, I’m the only one that didn’t give her a bit of advice, so you may want to re-think that little statement of yours.

  • Monique Boulanger

    CPS is kinda fucked u p.  Sorry.  They baw and baaw that they don’t have enough resources, but they go after families that aren’t doing anything,  leaving kids like your little angel in care of monsters because of “Foster home shortage” due to “too many kids in care”, when most of these kids constitute kids who are prime adoption canidates or special needs kids in care to fuel their bank roll.  They get paid per kid in care..more for special needs kids.

    Just look up Justice for Ayn on facebook.  That’s just one of many tales of kids wrongfully taken in to care when chidlren like these are left to rot with their abusers..  

    I spent a year fighting to get them out of my life. Why? not because I’m bad, but because my daughter is Autistic and  we were in the process of getting her diagnosed.  The fucking quack psych who WORKED ON THE SIDE for CPS, decided that my daughter had “Attachment Disorder”  Which meant a red flag for possible swoop in they come.  Of course all the PCIT (Parent child interaction therapy) and stuff that was supposed to HELP kids with Attachment Disorder, did NOTHING for my daughter.  umm duh?  

    How many times did I tell the worker to leave me alone, go help a kid who’s getting beaten and raped on a daily basis?  Just to get met with a blank stare?  Yeah.  That should tell you something.

    • Jadium_18

      CPS does not get paid for each child in care. I work for CPS (thanks for calling us all useless) and it costs us money to have children in care. If the bio parents cant afford child support CPS has to provide that for the foster home. Learn the facts before making such a statement

      • Monique Boulanger

        Well tell that to Derek Hoare then, whos daughter was WRONGFULLY TAKEN into care.  NO signs of abuse or neglect were found.  She has autism and wandered.  That’s what autistic kids do.  She managed to get around a 6′ tall privacy fence to get out.  This happened, ONCE.  In Foster care it happened..twice, three times, once while she was naked, wet and HEAVILY drugged on 2x the amount of anti-psychotics for an ADULT.  She’s 9.  

        He was not overwhelmed.  This is a wrongful apprehension.  This happens more than you would like to admit.  

        • Jadium_18

          I think you were missing the point of my post. I said nothing about the story itself, or sticking up for CPS (which I do often as you have no idea what it takes to do this work and all we get is a bad rap for those fallen through the cracks, as happens with all jobs) I was simply correcting you for your ignorant comment about the agency getting paid for those in care when its completely the opposite.

          • Monique Boulanger

            If you guys stopped harassing good parents and went after the bads then fewer would fall through the cracks.  And up here in Canada, they get paid per kid in care.

          • Jadium_18

            thats real nice. Just because you hear all the bad stories and none of the good does not mean they dont exist. I have personally taken starving children on the brink of death, and kids locked in their rooms alone with no food…..but of course those cases dont matter to you, and I just “harass” people. You have no idea what your talking about, you just sound like a bitch putting me down personally.

          • Dorothy

            Not very professional calling her a bitch, regardless what she thinks. There are some good case-worker’s out there but I can tell you there are many bad one’s too. Just in Texas alone at least 370 case-worker’s have criminal backgrounds and that is very sad. I know that there are cases out there that truly are bad, but here they are taking children out of good home’s and they lie under oath and I know this for a fact, I been in court with a young lady and heard it first hand and again that’s very sad, they do this.

      • Kristen

        If you trully do work for CPS, regardless of how much you think it will cost to help an abused child, maybe you shouldn’t take any chances and attempt to help investigate a little?  I’m sure you see things everday that would shy you away from helping, thinking this woman is a liar & there are more like her, but better safe then sorry.  As a CPS worker, would you please consider looking into this?

  • Marsha

    Two possibilities that I can think of.   Hire an attorney or get one from a legal aid society if you cannot afford one and try to get custody back.   Or look through the online archives of the local newspaper and see which reporter has been covering CPS failures and call him or her.

  • Eccentric_Lady

    I’m not sure of authenticity myself, but abuse described would definitely leave a mark on the child’s body – a physician could with an examination give credibility where it’s needed. Psychologist could also help for this type of abuse leaves a credible mark on the behavior.

    It’s a matter of gathering evidence to refute the lies than bloodying the noggin against the same brick wall. Document better than notes – take pictures.

  • Star

    Fake or not, accusations MUST be taken seriously, especially with a child. A child does not know the meaning of lying until they are at school when peer pressure presents itself. I don’t know the law in America, but if this happened in Australia, a person would report these allegations to the police, who would contact DHS (Department of Human Services) and ask for a immideate removal of the child. If a company like DHS or CPS do not follow protocol, simple, you go higher. Remember, everyone has a boss, and if your not happy with the results, you keep going higher. Seek legal aid, family lawyer etc. keep pushing until justice has happened.

    • Jenny R.

      Oh yeah! I also suggest drawing up a digital file folder, with the following contents:

      Your story and concerns, past and present
      Copies of the abusers criminal history
      Documents verifying your previous custody
      Images of abuse
      A passionate plea for justice

      Bonus, if you can video or audiotape the boy talking about the abuse in a CASUAL manner
      (I.e. he speaks of his own volition, unprovoked… If you ask him point blank about the abuse, such as “tell me what daddy does to you” because that might help if things go to court–you do not want to invalidate testimony by offering grounds to be accused of leading the witness–and it will help others see why you are so alarmed and that you are not making shit up)

      Send this data as an attachment to every family lawyer you can find–especially mothers–I’m pretty certain someone will help you and offer reduced rates, if not totally pro-bono.

      Don’t just seek a lawyer yourself, plea for an Americus(sp?) lawyer or guardian ad litem… They act in the best interest of the child, and are neutral and scrutinize involved parties heavily.

      I know I’m commenting over a year after the fact, but being aware of how long things like this can drag out, I figured it couldn’t hurt/might still help.

      Make a petition ( is free) and circulate it as widely as possible.

      Make another report to CPS–to an office or another jurisdiction… They will still have to check it out, and may be less likely to be influenced by daddy’s rubbing elbows.

      Also, find out who the child’s teacher(s) and school counselor/principal are, and message them. Implore that they look out for him, and document/contact you about anything amiss.

      Direct blind-as-a-bat mom to this website, and anything that authoritatively documents the pathological honesty of preschoolers. It might not sink in right away, but once it’s read it can’t be unread… The seeds will be planted. Hopefully they sprout ASAP.

      Contact every newspaper and tv station you can and push to get a slot as a special interest story–even a few minutes can garner significant response.

      Write a letter directly to the judge presiding over the case. Make it personal. You can be heavily muzzled by courtroom protocol, but you have a free voice through this other means.

      Any and every pedophile needs to be stripped of parental rights–it’s a cold hard fact they can’t be reformed, and I can’t help but wonder about any judge that would facilitate that kind of danger…maybe they are able to empathize with the abuser, sharing the sickness. Disturbing to say the least…

  • Highspirit_dee

    Whether it appears fake to some or not. One must realise that these horrible happenings occur in real life and children are suffering at the hands of the very people who are suppose to protect them. An open mind is needed incase this is true as the story is not unheard off, You all have read worse within this very site.. All I can say is I hope its not real, it can only be a sick mind too make this type of stuff up..

  • jj

    I do believe I’ll keep my thoughts to myself on this one, since it seems fake.

    • jj

      And I have no reason to think this, except for my own reaction when I read this, which was, “what a load of crap”.

      • Jadium_18

        I agree. There is a reason that CPS and this womans entire family do not believe her.

        • Czick

          Ok but can we help the next grandparent in this situation?