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Parenting so bad, it's criminal

Piggish parents starve daughter – why am I not surprised?


Madison man and wife arrested for allegedly torturing, starving man’s 15-year-old daughter
Madison Police Investigate ‘Significant’ Child Abuse Case
No charges yet in Madison abuse case

Porky and Petunia Pig (aka Chad G. Chritton, 40, and Melinda J. Drabek-Chritton, 42) up there obviously haven’t missed any meals lately. That could be because they were eating their portions and also the food that should have gone to their 15-year-old daughter. Their daughter was found wandering in pajamas, barefoot, malnourished and injured, only a few scant blocks from the prison she called home. Did I say malnourished? What I meant to say was she was starved almost to the point of death – she weighed only 70 pounds. Let that sink in for a minute….15 years old, and only seventy pounds. I have a ten-year-old who weighs more than that, and she’s kinda on the thin side, although she is average in height for her age. An average sized fifteen-year-old (say, 5′ 2″) should weigh at least ninety pounds. Looking at the pics of the breeder and step-monster, maybe she was just so sick at her stomach from having to look at them over the dinner table that she couldn’t keep her food down. Looking at their fleshy jowls made me urp a bit of my breakfast.

But I digress…no, her painfully thin frame was not a result of anything as harmless as involuntary reaction to hideousness. It was a result of those two selfish, nasty pigs refusing to feed her. Well, to be fair, they did feed her sometimes…she was forced to drink her own urine and eat her own excrement more than once. How she managed to produce any of either on the scraps she was able to find in the garbage or on the floor is another mystery that may never be solved – kind of like the Bermuda triangle, but in reverse: instead of things inexplicably disappearing off the face of the earth, her body managed to produce waste products from thin air.

This child was forced to live in the basement, and an alarm was installed that would sound if she attempted to go upstairs. She was only let out that day because the step-sow wanted her to clean something. The girl said she had been strangled previously, but the reason she left the house that day was because the moo-monster threatened to throw her down the stairs. Her starvation is so extreme that doctors say there is a good chance she could die, because her body is going through “re-feeding syndrome” – a condition where her body rejects the introduction of food after a long period starvation. A doctor who examined her characterized the abuse as “serial torture with prolonged exposure to definite starvation.” Ya think?

There were apparently two other children in the household, both belonging to the she-beast. According to neighbors, they were both healthy and well-cared for. Anyone surprised by that? Yeah, me neither.

Both animals are pleading not guilty to the charges (of course), and have suggested that there are medical reasons for the girl’s condition. Yeah, the medical term is extreme starvation, eejits! I wonder how they are going to provide a medical explanation for the strangulation? Perhaps externally initiated asthma attacks? No, wait…I know! She has a mental disorder and strangled herself to get her sperm donor and step-slut in trouble. Yeah, that must be it.

I wonder where her bio-mother is, and why she has been allowed to live in such deplorable conditions for so long. I really, REALLY hope she simply didn’t know what was happening, and that this child has a safe place to go when – if – she recovers.

There are more details, but I just can’t stomach any more of this right now. And I hope the two bovine breeders have their stomachs removed with rusty spoons by their cell mates. Or something worse. Hopefully something much worse.

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  1. Only a pair of people this ugly, inside and out, could find one another in this world. I think out of all the horror stories you read about parents who intentionally hurt, abuse and torture their children, the starvation stories always get to me the worst. We’ve been through some massive financial shit- big time- but never in a million years have my kids ever gone without three square. People who actively choose to do this to their kids should be shot in the face- torture is too involved, too personal. Sub human waste should simply be wiped off of the face of the earth.

    1. Totally agreed, they should be wiped off the face of our Earth.  A shot to the face will be mercy compared to what these monsters subjected the poor child to. I just cannot understand how any parent can refuse nurishment to thier chldren.  These people are an abomination walking our Earth.


  2. FurandFeathersMommy

    Crazy… Feb 10th the Melinda bitch was asking for prayers on Facebook, unbelievable. However, I was happy to see friends turn on her and pray for the Step Daughter, whom I believe is named Sandra. (One woman posted that the girl had “issues” and no one knows the whole story if we don’t know the girl— I’m sorry, but I don’t care what “issues” people want to claim this girl had- she weighed 70 pounds from MALNUTRITION. Yeah, her issue was having fucked up parents that did nothing to help her no matter what the “issues” were. Sick. This website helps me realize, with every story I read, that I one day will adopt. (I’m only 25; no kids of my own and I could raise kids better!)

    1. Yes I noticed the reference to the ‘issues’ the girl had.   If there was a medical condition going on as the father alleges (and I don’t believe that), and they were loving parents, then she would have been seen by a doctor on a regular basis and hospitalized before her malnutrition became critical.

      Is anyone surprised that the parents claim she was being ‘home schooled?’   Home schooling is fine when it involves dedicated parents, but it should not be permitted where there have been abuse allegations, as in this case.

  3. Even if they are telling the truth and there were issues – say, anorexia nervosa – then they are STILL neglectful, evil, concentration camp guards.
    If a child has anorexia, you have to take her to a treatment center. NOT the basement…and get her treatment and a special nutrition system which does NOT include feces.

  4. Her face looks like a smashed moon pie.

  5. The girl had issues? I’d say she had issues, she was being systematically tortured and starved. Her issues were because she was living with a couple of bat shit crazy adults who are not only evil  but ill kempt and unbelievably ugly. The sicko & the sow should be starved and forced to eat their own excrement then each hung repeatedly.

  6. I found her FB page… she had an older daughter who would be 20 but passed away and a son who is 18… facing jail time?  Maybe I got confused.. She discusses the 2 younger boys quite a bit. NOTHING in all her posts talks about the 15 yr old girl.  Not even a mention, yet talks about the boys continually.   🙁

  7. I am family. She lived with these 2 because it was determined they could give her a better life. The system FAILED this girl. We tried desperately to see her but all efforts were thwarted by her father. We trusted him that he was taking care of her.

  8. I have a 5 year old who weighs 60 pounds.  Of course he is in the 97th percentile for height and weight but I’m just saying. A 5 year old weighs only ten pounds less than a 15 year old? When I was 15 I weighed 115 pounds. I was a thin girl (I had concrete bones though) but still…115 and this girl is 70. I am just rambling here because I am trying to let this sink into my head. How could you do this to your own child?

  9. first off there were no injuries when she was found, second she leaves her room (basement) everyday and 3rd they haven’t been charged with shit. know why? because they can’t provide proof and your right the girl (who I know quite well) is mentally unstable she has tried to cause harm to both the younger brothers in the house which is why there’s an alarm on her door. Also she was never forced to eat shit they tried feeding her and she refused to eat and she willingly ate her shit and drank her urine. And for the bio mom, she lost custody of her because she actually did abuse her and her step father raped her which is exactly why she lives with her father. She has lots of mental problems and they’re all on record. I know this because I’ve known that family for 5 years I’ve seen and heard everything that goes on in that house and she was never locked in the basement she came out everyday just like everyone else and she was treated exactly like everyone else.

    1.  I am family to this girl. For you to put out there what this poor girl has gone through is sick & wrong. I have worked with abused kids for 5 years. You protect the children, not aid in emotional harm. Just wrong what you put out there. There is a lot more to what has gone on in that house than you know.

      1. You sure about that? You already said yourself that you haven’t been to the house. How do you know whats going on when you haven’t been there? and I’m stating pure fact if your really family like you claim you are then you should already know her mental conditions. And this website is wrong especially with the fact that they haven’t been charged at all. They’re probably getting out tomorrow because authorities have failed to find any actual evidence of any of it 

        1.  If they get released it will most likely be because the county has gone broke trying to feed them and can no longer afford to pay for their massive grocery bill.  Besides, at their weight, how far can they run anyway? I imagine if the she-beast got farther than four or five yards from a primary food source, she would go into withdrawal and have a seizure.  And where did they find a wheelchair strong enough to hold all that blubber? What is it made of? Titanium? Eat a root, junior.

        2. you are sick, all you have done is defend this poor girl”s abusers.sad. you are as bad as they are.

    2. Oh, really? Well, if she’s so mentally unstable, why wasn’t she in, say, a psychiatric ward? Why was she locked in the basement?

      1. they tried to put her in one I don’t know what ever happened to that, but like I said before it’s all on record and if they really did do it. Then they wouldn’t be getting out tomorrow, now would they? I’ve known the family for 5 years and I know what type of person that little girl is along with the parents and the three boys, I’ve been in that house almost everyday and the girl was never in the basement when I was there. Only time she was ever down there was to go to sleep and that was it

        1. “Tried to put her in one?” Umm, no. If she was mentally ill to that severity, her parents could’ve called emergency medical services or even police, as 911 CAN be called in severe cases. So until another report comes out on this case, I say bullshit!

          1. Police won’t do anything except tell you to seek professional help and emergency medical services will give you information needed to contact the right people, I know this because that’s the tact they took when they tried to get help. I was there, you weren’t

        2. I believe I heard on tonight’s news that they were being held on $25,000 bond. IF, in fact, there is no evidence then they should have been released after questioning, not held on bond.

          1. Also what they said was that if they can’t find any evidence by today they would be released and guess what. They’re getting released

        3. “they tried to put her in one I don’t know what ever happened to that”  So obviously you don’t know it all!

          Even if things happened the way your saying, which I highly doubt, and the 15 year old refused to eat it doesn’t make these 2 fucks any less guilty!!  They are supposed to be the responsible adults!  At the very least they are guilty of neglect!!  They should have gotten her medical treatment!  Of course if your an abusive bitch you won’t take a child you’ve caused sickness or injury to for help because you know your ass is had!!

          “I know what type of person that little girl is…”  Careful!  It sounds an awful lot like your blaming this child for being on the brink of death! 

          Your as big a piece of shit as the 2 sick pricks that tortured this child!  By your own admission you saw her daily and yet you didn’t ensure she saw a physician!  You should be charged right along with them!!  There is no way someone could see this little girl and not know something was horribly wrong!

          As for them being released on little or no bond, unfortunately, it happens everyday in our justice system.  It means absolutely dick!!

          1. No one has ever turned them in and everyone who knows them knows that girl, I’m not blaming her for shit I just know what type of person she is. She is a good kid and I do like her but I along with numerous other people have witnessed her purposefully starving herself by refusing food that was offered to her on numerous different occasions and your right I don’t know it all but I know enough,  ” it happens everyday in our justice system “people who seek help from social services and psychiatric wards also get turned down daily, which I believe is more than likely what happened in this situation as well

          2. You are contradicting yourself.

            First, you say that on many occassions she was offered food that she refused to eat.

            Then you also state that she would eat her own shit willingly. Not to mention, many eyewitness accounts of her eating scraps from trashcans and such. Sounds to me like she wanted something to eat.

            Also, the point you keep missing in your idiotic retorts is this:

            If she refused to eat…why didn’t her parents seek medical attention and help her rather than just say, “Oh well, if she doesn’t want to eat…guess we’ll just let her slowly die.”

            Nothing you are saying makes sense, go climb under that fat bitch’s FUPA and choke!

        4.  I think you should be put in one…you’re obviously delusional.

        5. If you were in that house almost every day and you didn’t call 911, then you need to be arrested too.  The doctor said that she is so malnourished that she is near death.  How could you and her father and her stepmother have been willing to let her die?   You’re as sick as they are.

          1. You do realize I wasn’t the only in that house, don’t you? No one has ever suggested that she was being abused or any of that shit and they don’t have any solid evidence what so ever that any of it besides the starvation has ever taken place which is exactly why they’re being released today

          2.  Jake, your inner retard is showing again.  Do you even bother to read the crap you write before you hit that ‘Post’ button?

            “don’t have any solid evidence what so ever that any of it besides the starvation has ever taken place”

            Isn’t starvation enough for you? That’s abuse all by itself.  You are giving me a brain bleed. Please go away.

          3. Inner retard? Outer retard… Hell.

          4.  starvation would be enough for me if I hadn’t known that it was self inflicted, and sagitory I know is not spelled right, the fact that I’m trying to get at is that he had sexual relations with a 15 year old when he was 17 and the 15 year old gave consent to it.

          5.  The child he raped was 13. 13-year-olds cannot give consent. It was rape. And the correct spelling is statutory. If you are going to continue to lie to us, please, at least spell your lies correctly.

    3. If you’ve known the family for 5 years then why, pray tell, did you not notify the authorities about the severly deteriorated and starved state of this child? Mental institution my ass, she should have been hospitalized long before this! If she has mental health problems due to abuse and rape then she should have been under the care of a professional and medicated. I’d say the fact that she may not live due to her extremely poor physical state is proof enough of that. What I do not and cannot understand is why she was being home schooled and not checked on by family services with her history. The whole thing stinks. We have seen many cases like this on these pages with supposed eye witnesses defending the family like you are and the question remains..why in the bloody hell did you and everyone else do nothing?

    4. Prayers going out to Sandra

      HOW ABOUT YOU TELL THE TRUTH.  THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ABUSE. THIS BITCH ONLY CARES ABOUT HER BIOLOGICAL CHILDREN, PERIOD. SHE IS PURE EVIL. NOTHING MORE CRUEL THAN WHAT SHE DID. NEIGHBORS HAVE REPORTED ABUSE SEVERAL TIMES. MELINDA DRABEK IS LIVING IN A NEWLY BUILT “HABITAT FOR HUMANITY” HOUSE FREE BY FALSELY CLAIMING TO BE A SINGLE MOTHER OF TWO BOYS. They apparently gave her the house without vetting her application or monitoring the situation. She then used the house to harbor her adult son, a sex offender on the lam, and turned the basement into a dungeon to keep the stepdaughter she wanted dead. Check out her court appearance, cold stone evil. She also fakes illness to collect income and eat all day long. Husband has to work two jobs to pay the bills. She’s completely hideous and a pathetic human being.


        “She then used the house to harbor her adult son, a sex offender on the
        lam, and turned the basement into a dungeon to keep the stepdaughter she
        wanted dead.”

        I figured as much after reading her Facebook page.   🙁

        1. First off her son wasn’t there by choice he was actually kicked out it was court ordered for him to come back so instead of assuming shit you may wanna get the actual facts

          1. So let me get this straight.  You were in that house frequently.   You saw that the child was starving.   The parents SAID she wouldn’t eat and they were unable to get help for her.   AND YOU THINK THAT IS FINE?   Everyone should just give up and let her die?  You could look at a child who is, according to the doctor, CLOSE TO DEATH, and not be the least bit concerned?  After all, it’s her own fault, right?

            Melinda sure wasn’t afraid to apply for a free house from Habit for Humanity, was she?  Maybe she should have applied the same initiative to finding medical treatment for that poor child.

          2. This is going to get me in some trouble, but I have people like this in my family. Not as vile as these. They’d never starve their children, and when people need medical/psychological help they find a way. But the way this guy is throwing “shit” around and using made up words (my own mom says anorexium instead of anorexic – my mom rocks btw, just saying) I’d have to say they’re just um…stupid. Their severe lack of comprehension about the way the world works coupled with their complete bewilderment when confronted with an allegedly self-starving child says as much. Dumb, confused, slow-witted, addle brained, little “the world is agin us!” clan of mentally deranged ass-holes. 

            And their ‘tried to get her help’ was probably this: “Well, we took her down to the clinic one day, but we got tired of waiting and decided to just lock her in the basement until she decided to behave! Little selfish attention whoring bitch!”

          3. I would like to know the context of her threat about knives.  She says she never actually had any, it was just words.   But considering that she says that the oldest stepbrother sexually molested her and when she told the parents, Melinda said she was a liar, I think a reasonable response might have been,  “Okay, keep him out of my room then because if he comes back in there in the middle of the night again and tries to touch me, I will have a knife and I will use it.”

          4. But she didn’t use that response to that. She had threatened to cut all of them in a different situation. Just because she said it happened doesn’t mean it’s true, just because they say it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it’s true. Look at yourselves; it’s a he said she said situation you don’t know what’s true and you don’t know what’s lies. What I do know is that she has changed her story when it comes to the threats that were supposedly made to her. If there was indeed a threat made to her at the time she ran away then she wouldn’t need to change what the threat was every time she’s asked.

          5. The truth is this girl was starved almost to death! Whether you believe it was self-inflicted or they starved her is beside the point honestly, either way they are guilty of Neglect and Endangerment at the very least.

            The father stated he had camera’s on the pantry to make sure she didn’t eat because he thought she was a diabetic, even though there was never a diagnosis. That’s his excuse for not allowing her to eat, undiagnosed diabetes. I’m sure if that were the case she would have been diagnosed while hospitalized for starvation.

            As for the sexual abuse, in the previous accusation when she wouldn’t confirm her statement to police, these two were uncooperative with the investigation. They refused access to the home and the stepbrother. Sounds like they were covering his ass to me!

          6.  My whole problem with the “she threatened us with knives” issue is that I find it difficult to believe that people who are so conscientious about keeping FOOD from her…would allow her access to knives in the first place!  They made he do her chores NAKED for heaven’s sake! Where in the blessed bayou do you think she HID  the knives to get them close enough to the other family members to threaten them?  Unless she has had carny training, and can do the ‘sword swallowing’  trick, I still call BS.

          7. You also have to keep in mind that she was not always forced to be naked; she also did household chores on a daily basis, so access to knives would have been very easy for her if she was putting dishes away. The chances of her having a knife is likely if she were putting dishes away which she has claimed they do make her do and if she was clothed which for the most part she usually was. 
            She said they made her work in the nude to make sure she wasn’t “stealing” food, they could have just as easily been doing it to make sure she isn’t grabbing knives as well. We don’t know the whole story but it is possible she has gotten her hands on knives before that logic isn’t too far from being possible.

          8.  You keep citing the ‘facts’, yet you haven’t given any to back up the claims you are making.  I can post a link to thirty-seven different articles that back up my version of events, and you can’t seem to find even one. I’d tell you to kiss my arse, but I don’t think I want anyone as cerebrally challenged as you are near enough to my arse to even get a good look at it, let alone kiss it.  Tell you what, why don’t you bend over, put your head between your legs, and kiss your OWN arse? That way you’d at least be in close proximity to another crap-spewing entity.

          9. The media hasn’t provided any sort of proof what so ever, they’re accusations are just as unlikely than my comments; you don’t know the facts neither does the media. Last time I checked they ALLEGEDLY did these things there’s no proof once again that it ever happened and the media hasn’t shown any proof of it neither and neither has that witness, the authorities only claimed she was starved they never said shit about her having bruises or cuts on her. So why don’t you provide hard evidence that these accusations did take place? Because the media hasn’t provided any evidence and neither have you

          10.  I told you…I have links to 37 articles that all have the same information.  If it had been determined to be untrue, there would have to be 37 RETRACTIONS printed to avoid legal issues. Do you have any? I thought not.  My evidence is a 15-year old girl teetering on the edge of death because there were at least two people in her life who were too lazy and selfish to get her help – if what you are saying has any veracity.  If you are wrong, then they are criminally responsible for her medical condition because they caused it.  Either way, it’s their fault the child is in the condition she is – whether through intent or neglect…so shut up. 

          11. 37 articles all got their answers from all the same people, and none of those people have provided any evidence what so ever except for the fact that she is on the verge of death from starvation; which again was self inflicted, so unless you can show me some hard evidence besides what the papers say and what the unreliable witness says (since the authorities haven’t confirmed his accusation on the injuries) I suggest you shut the fuck up you dumb ignorant mother fucker. You have nothing better to do then to talk shit about people you don’t even know based off of shit that hasn’t even been proven to be fact, there is no factual evidence besides the starvation. These are all accusations and that’s it. Enough said they’re being released today and that’s the end of it right there

          12.  Wow! Your mother must be very proud of your extensive vocabulary of swear words.  I’m duly impressed.  People who cannot think of any intelligent or factual response often resort to foul language to make themselves feel better.  Yet you still have not provided any concrete facts yourself.  What time are they being released today? Do tell.  I am going to have to leave for work soon, but I’ll be sure to check back in tomorrow. You may offer your apologies to me for your unmerited rudeness at that time.  Or, you could just go wash your mouth out with soap – whichever is easiest for you, dear. 

            Be sure to let us know what time your friends are allowed to walk out as free people, OK? Oh, and “out on bail” doesn’t count. 

          13. Shit fuck damn ass c*** fuck fuckity fucker fucking fucks fucked.

          14.  Im here!  I heard your mating call!

          15. Let’s commence mating then.

          16.  LOL. I’ve seen you write intelligently before April. So that was not applicable to you.  Or jj. Or Deena. Or Cynical Me.  Or Trench.  Or anyone else who writes for this site. Or for anyone else who is in possession of at least three brain cells.  That’s why it applies to Jake – he only has two.  And every morning they fight each other for which one gets control of his mouth and motor function for the day.  The dead one obviously won the fight again this morning.

          17. If the dead one keeps winning I don’t have much hope for him with the living one finally wins.  

          18. I was just being nice…they’re both already dead. 😉

          19. The media don’t need to prove anything you cretin, the fact that the 15 year old weighed 70lbs is proof enough of abuse and recless endangerment. Gods! How blind can you possibly be?

          20. I like it when you’re frisky!

          21.  ;-D

      2. “NEIGHBORS HAVE REPORTED ABUSE SEVERAL TIMES” If so then why is it this didn’t happen sooner? “She then used the house to harbor her adult son, a sex offender on the
        lam” first off Josh was charged with Sagitory rape and second off he was kicked out of his home and was put back there by court order, I highly advice you stay out of it because you obviously don’t know anything about any of it

        1. Hey idiot! Stop saying Sagitory! It’s “Statutory” rape you are referring to.


          1. Maybe in his head it’s Sagitory. This beast looks pretty saggy to me. Maybe it’s a Freudian slip…..

    5. You know, even if she had mental problems, these fuckheads are still neglectful in getting her help for them.  Anorexic?  BRING HER TO A FUCKING CLINIC.  Suicidal, Mental hospital.  PTSD from being beaten and raped, UM MENTAL HEALTH HELP.  It’s really FUCKING SIMPLE.  You don’t just turn a blind eye and fucking ignore it and hope it goes away.

    6.  First off, you’re a freakin’ idiot; second, provide some proof to back up your claims or shut up; and 3rd, learn how to use correct capitalization and punctuation, please.  Know why? Because your ill-written diatribe has given me a massive headache, and it hurts my eyes to read such crap.  You sound like a pissed-off teenager – maybe you are one of the ‘sons’ she treated well?  Regardless, your claims don’t hold water here, so do yourself a favor and go somewhere else to peddle your worthless lies.  Also, if you’ve known the family for five years, and know what goes on, then your sorry arse needs to be in an adjoining cell, buddy – you are an accomplice to abuse.

      As for the girl voluntarily eating her own feces – surely even you don’t believe THAT!  I don’t know what offends me worse – your sheer stupidity, or the fact that you think we are as stupid as you are.  Go play in traffic, son, and let the adults have an intelligent discussion.

      1. I have all the evidence I need, along with witnesses. You should be the one to talk, they’re getting let go today due to lack of evidence so you may want to get your facts checked; media is making sound bigger and more traumatizing than it actually is and she does have numerous different mental dissablities so before you wanna try and call people liars you might wanna do your homework and get your facts straight

        1.  I notice that you still have not bothered to post any links to verify your claims. If what you are saying is true, then the media should have printed a story about it…or at least a retraction of the original piece. Have they? No? Then STFU, moron. Come back when you have proof.

          I’m tempted to research your IP information that we got with your post, and call your mommy to let her know what her baby boy is doing during nap time at preschool.  You write like a five-year old.  Shoo, child, go play in the sand box or something.

    7. If this is all true they are still neglectful IMO. Obviously they didn’t have the capabilities to properly care for her or the skills needed to manage her behavior. She should have been placed in an institution. 

      1. I agree with you 100%

  10. 70 pounds at 15 years old? OUCH!!! I’ve always been considered thin and I never weighed that low at 15 (or any age since 10). I feel sick just thinking about that. Even at 90 pounds and 5’2″, she might still be considered to weigh too little.

    I say starve them, then rip their stomachs out! No knocking them unconscious either!! Let them feel that 15-year-old’s pain! Oh, and while they’re starving, be sure to eat large meals in front of them with them locked up in a cage!

    Poor girl. I hope she recovers and gets all the help she needs.

  11. I am now 22 years old and am 160 cm tall.I currently weigh about 104 pounds.When I was 15,I was about 157-158 cm tall and weighed about 102 pounds.I am rather petite,by the way.So I am curious as to how this teenage girl can survive being only 70 pounds at a height of 157-158 cm tall.She could have died of starvation,after all.It really sickens me that her dad and step- mom were deliberately not allowing her to eat.Seriously,both of them deserve to be punished in the harshest way possible.

  12. Shit, I just don’t know how people (I hesitate to say “humans”, since they’re obviously sub-human) can do these things to children.  I don’t care how many horrific stories I read on this site, I am stunned afresh by the new depths of cruelty every day!  If I have a bad day and bitch one of my kids out, I feel AWFUL.  I almost always go to bed full of guilt, thinking I’ve traumatized them.  I just cannot understand how these “parents” can remove themselves so far from loving their children to treat them so horribly and not feel any remorse.

    I’m sending prayers out to this poor girl.  What a horrible life…thank God she got out and away from them and is being cared for.  Hopefully it’s not too late to save to her life.

  13. Jake Hanson, crawl back into your cave, bud. She was a child whom, even if she “had issues” nobody sought assistance from the State to have her legally committed to an institution where she would have been psychologically appraised and treated. If that WAS in fact, the case. She was a pubescent child living with a sex offender under the same roof, and nearly died of starvation. There are no excuses. Your friends are morons.

    1. no one and I mean no one has ever turned them in out of everyone that
      has come to that home. And there are numerous different witnesses that
      have stated that she has been offered food on numerous  different occasions and she refused to eat it. They have tried to get her professional help and idk wat ever happened to that, but the matter of the fact is that they’re getting released today due to lack of evidence. If it were as serious as everyone says it is they sure as hell wouldn’t be seeing daylight ever again. Get your facts straight no one has ever filed a criminal complaint or even once suggested there was abuse in that home and that sex offender shit that you’re talking about was sagitory rape. key word SAGITORY. He had sexual relationships with a female who was 2 years younger than him and if that makes him a sex offender then everyone else in the world is considered a sex offender

      1.  SAGITORY?  WTF is Sagitory?!?  Does that mean that he had sex with a girl (or boy?) sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Or that he had sex with someone who is a Sagittarius – born between November 23 and December 22?  Why don’t you at least avail yourself of a good dictionary before posting some stupid garbage here? is free, and I’m sure that even you can figure out how to  use THAT. 

        And again, if there were numerous people who have been in that house more than once in the last five years, and none of them reported the condition of that child to the authorities, then there needs to be a lot more arrests made, IMHO.  All you’ve managed to convince me of with your illiterate ramblings is that all of the people who visited those horrible animals are just as stupid and selfish as they are.  As are you.

        Oh, and, in response to, “had sexual relationships with a female who was 2 years younger than him
        and if that makes him a sex offender then everyone else in the world is
        considered a sex offender”

        Nope. Not me. I have never had sexual relations with a girl of ANY age, and I’ve never had sex with anyone younger than me either.  I have always preferred adults as opposed to children where sexual relationships are concerned. 


          “Or that he had sex with someone who is a Sagittarius – born between November 23 and December 22? ” 

          I can’t stop laughing at this tard. What in the holy mother fuck is sagitory? 

      2. ok turd burgler, fuck off and die , how dare you defend those pigs and blame the victim? please gargle broken glass

        1. “ok turd burgler, fuck off and die”………… turd burgler?! I love it..but Madison….what’s a turd burgler?  This one made me laugh out loud, glad I had not taken a drink or I would be cleaning my screen of and cussing because my nose was burning….. 🙂

          1. My vocabulary is expanding at an exponential rate since I started reading this blog.  First it was “c***astic” then “c*** waffle” and now “turd burgler”.  Oh, and “hose beast” – mustn’t forget that one!

          2. My personal favorite is Madison’s “hambeast”. Especially when she says “ugly wild hambeast”, that really gets me lol

          3. i like hose beast,as well as hambeast.

          4. I saw video of her in court.  She is definitely a hambeast.

          5. what about fucktard? that’s a good one!

          6. its some one who literally burgles turds….. no jk lol. it was something the drill sgts would say during basic traing. its always been a fave, feel free to use!!!!!!

          7. Ahhh those drill sgts can come up with very interesting -um- words? Thanks I believe I can put it to good use.
            Hey Trench- when are you going to post all the wonderful and imaginative words and names (plus definitions of course) that have graced this blog????
            I would even send some money to get a copy

          8. I’ve actually been wanting to do that for a while. Unfortunately I don’t have the time for it. 

          9. I would be glad to help if I can. What do you need done oh wise one (giggle and nose snort)

      3. WTF is SAGITORY? I believe Mr. Dumbass, you intended that to be Statutory? GEEZ , if I were you, I would stop commenting. You are only providing us with more substantial evidence of your stupidity!

  14. Here’s some potentially good news for Melinda.  According to her facebook page, Nancy Grace is one of her favorite shows (along with Good Eats and Top Chef).  I wouldn’t be surprised if she isn’t featured on Nancy Grace!

    1. ” (along with Good Eats and Top Chef)”


  15. The key word is NOT sagitory since there is no such word as sagitory.

  16. No help available?   Hmmm.   A STRANGER called an ambulance and she was taken to the hospital where she is being treated.   Sounds like help to me.   Her parents could have done the same.  So could you, Jake.

    1. only reason why they took her into the hospital is because of the accusations she made, and like I said before if it were really that serious then someone would’ve said something a whole lot more sooner

  17. No, they took her to the ER because as the witness said, she looked terrible, grossly underweight, cut, and bruised.  And it IS that serious because a doctor says she is in danger of dying.  Is the doctor lying as well as the girl?  Also the witness?  And the police?

    1. The witness says she was cut up and bruised, the police never reported that, and I’m not saying Sandra is lying what so ever I’m just saying she does have mental problems which would result in misunderstandings; I respect Sandra I really do if I believed that the media was telling the full truth about what went on I wouldn’t be having this conversation with you right now. But no, the media made it sound a whole lot more severe with the whole kept captive in the basement and forced to eat and drink her feces and urine

  18. The stepbrother was convicted of sexually assaulting a 13 year old acquaintance.  That’s FIVE years difference.

  19. They’re getting released today due to lack of evidence so obviously it really isn’t as serious as the media is making it sound what so ever, that’s the only satisfaction I need to prove to all of you that they aren’t keeping her captive, and torturing her, starvation was self inflicted I am a witness to it; regardless of what any of you say I know most of the story, you only know what you hear simple as that.

    1. Isn’t serious??  This 15 year old girl looked 8!!  She was so fucking malnourished her body hadn’t even reached puberty!!  The doctors still don’t know if she’ll survive!
      How the fuck is that not serious?!?  You’re a fucking moron!  If the circumstances are like you keep spouting then they are guilty of neglect for not getting her to a doctor for one and not getting her help from past abuse as soon as she came to live with them!!  They would also be guilty of child endangerment for letting the starvation go on for as long as it did!!!

      Any adult who saw that child and didn’t report it or take her for treatment needs to be beaten and starved!!  This includes you!!  Callous motherfuckers!!

      Now FUCK OFF and go kiss Porky and Petunia’s ass somewhere else, you’re as revolting as they are!!!

      1. where in here did I state that her starvation wasn’t serious? What I said was it isn’t as serious as the media is making it out to be MORON get your facts straight and they’re getting out today so fuck off they can’t charge them with shit because they don’t have shit on them

        1. Let’s see…

          “If it were as serious as everyone says it is they sure as hell wouldn’t be seeing daylight ever again.”

          “media is making sound bigger and more traumatizing than it actually is”–has the same meaning that the situation isn’t serious it’s all made up!!

          “only reason why they took her into the hospital is because of the
          accusations she made, and like I said before if it were really that
          serious then someone would’ve said something a whole lot more sooner”

          “the media made it sound a whole lot more severe”

          “They’re getting released today due to lack of evidence so obviously it
          really isn’t as serious as the media is making it sound what so ever”

          “the authorities only claimed she was starved”–ONLY starved??

          These are YOUR words!! I haven’t twisted shit!  You said them and I quoted them.  Sucks when the things you say come back and bite you in the ass doesn’t it dipshit!!!

    2. Longest.sentence.ever.

      1.  Nah…this eejit’s not even an honorable mention in the run-on sentence category on this site.  I have seen page-long posts with absolutely no punctuation – and usually all in CAPS as well.  LOL.

    3. You are so full of shit it’s outrageous. You know NOTHING about child abuse and how the abused are forced to behave in certain ways like refusing food in front of others. The girl said if she ate too much she was forced to vomit it up. Not only that but the huge hambeast and the father were charged today with first degree child abuse and reckless endangerment, both felonies, and a misdemeanor abuse charge. The stepbrother was charged with repeated sexual assault of the girl starting at age 10 years. The bail set at $22,500 for the father, $30,000 for the
       step mother and $25,000 for the stepbrother. The fact that the stepmother has a humongous fold of abdominal fat that makes her look like a beached whale and, I’m sure, precludes her from doing normal activities indicates who was doing the eating in the house. You are a fucking moron if you think we can’t see the truth here.

  20. Two neighbors have come forward to say that they called child protective services about the underweight child eating out of trash cans.  As far as they know, nothing was done.

  21. “SAGITORY” ROTFL ::Envisioning a balding toothless man in camouflage overalls red as hell::

  22. Everyone on this page is going after them based off of accusations and one unreliable witnesses, there’s also Cynical Me who wants to try and twist around my words. This just shows how pathetic all of you are especially the ones who are trying to say shit that they don’t have fact on, take prayers going out to Sandra for example  “She then used the house to harbor her adult son”  that’s a lie. He was kicked out of his house and moved in with his grandpa, when he got put on house arrested it was court ordered that he reside in his mother and step fathers home.

    1. Ok Jake — 

      Answer these questions: 

      1. Was she or was she not “home schooled” (aka hidden so no one could see how fucked up they’d made her) with a 3rd grade text book? 

      2. Did Miss Piggy up there lie to Habitat for Humanity to get a free house and not even mention that she had a daughter?

      3. Did neighbors lie about seeing her eat off the ground and out of trash cans? And several of them called CPS? Only to not follow up, unfortunately. 

      4. Are you trying to convince us that this 15-year old, who wouldn’t eat normal food offered to her, would really eat her own shit? REALLY? You think we’re buying that sweetie? Have you ever gotten some shit on your hand after you wipe? Didn’t it gross you out? Like A LOT? You want me to believe that a teenage girl willingly ate her own shit? Ninja, please!

      5. Are you saying that the girl is lying then? That she was never starved, tortured, hit in the face, thrown down the stairs, forced to live in the basement, forced to eat/drink her own excrement, and was also mistreated and yelled at by her pig of a stepmother? She made ALL that up, got herself dressed in some PJs, took her shoes off and went for a walk for the fuck of it? She didn’t flag down help by the way. A passerby saw her and stopped b/c he was so concerned by her appearance. 

      You really are stupid. Or you think we are stupid. This ain’t our 1st rodeo sweetheart. You have no idea the number of fucks that come here defending baby killers and child abusers – you’re just another troll to us my dear. 

      And her starvation is EXTREMELY serious, whether it was reported by the media or Mickey fucking Mouse.  You just said again “it isn’t as serious as the the media is making it out to be”. A 70-lb 15-year old is WAY fucking serious – however it happened. Which in this case is that your friend didn’t let her eat so that she could have all the food for herself to keep up the size of her overhang. 

      She’s disgusting, the sexual predator son is disgusting, the father letting is happen is disgusting and YOU sir, are disgusting. 

      Where is this girl’s bio-mom?

  23. MADISON (WKOW) — A state corrections official told 27 News a probation agent visited the Madison home of an alleged child torture victim in December 2011.
    Hmmm they had a corrections officer in the home just two months ago and they didn’t notice nor notify anyone that there was any sort of abuse going on in the household, also the paper says that on his record the victim is 13 years old. Look it up it doesn’t specify any sort of age of the girl he had sexual intercourse with. I fail to see any evidence that any of these accusations are accurate.

    1. Gee, a corrections officer in another state didn’t see a woman who had been kidnapped at age 12, repeatedly raped and forced to bear children to her abuser in a backyard hovel without any medical care. What does that tell you?

  24. I know this isn’t a reply to our new friend Jake… but have you all see her picture in this article?

    She’s so fucking fat she needs a wheelchair and has the biggest, most disgusting hang over fupa I’ve ever seen. Holy SHEEEET! 

    Now, back to how innocent they are Jake – you’re up. It’s been about 31 minutes since you’ve told us that she starved herself down to 70 lbs, ate her own shit willingly, and written “what so ever” 19 times.  

    Ready, goooooooooooo!

    1. I’ve soared over 200 myself so I refrain from the fat comments, but she is huge. I would never hold that against someone personally, my problem with the wheelchair bound pic of dear Melinda is the relaxed posture, the smirk, and the bored look on her face – she needs to be punched.

      1. She weighs 370 pounds and her husband says he has to visit the food closets several times a month so that the family (minus daughter apparently) will have enough food.   I’m overweight too, although not like that, so I am not criticizing her appearance.   But since she eats more than her family can afford and starves the daughter, I think her weight becomes an issue.   It is certainly an issue in her defense.  Her husband says she could not have abused his daughter since she can’t even get out of bed most of the time.

  25. Umm, yeah, those fat pieces of shit were just charged:

    I guess they’re not coming home today.  Poor Jakey, you’re not feeling suicidal or anything, are you?  It sure would be a pity if the world lost such a fine human as yourself.

  26. Jake, Jake, Jake…

    I guess all that made up, non-existent evidence that wasn’t real somehow
    just showed up out of no where!!  I love how Mr. “Sagitory” rape has
    now been charged with sexual abuse of a child in connection with this

    Have you ever been right about anything in your entire life??

  27. Dammit, these Hambeasties are the fucking worst. ..poor girl, I’m sure she probably acts nothing like a normal 15 year old would, all her fun times of growing up at that age robbed from her and eaten by those two giant Garbage cans….gross, I want to hold them down and let that girl force feed slob and slobbette until  they come apart at the crusty seams…

  28. Left on an errand and came back to the wonderful news that the couple
    from hell and stepmom’s evil spawn have all been indicted.   So Jake,
    they didn’t get out, did they?

    I’m fairly new here but I am definitely getting into the swing of things.   Next we will hear from Jake or other friends of this lovely family about how everyone is lying about these innocent folks and they won’t be convicted when it comes to a trial.   Then there will be guilty pleas or a trial and convictions and we will hear that the verdict will be appealed and overturned OR we will be told that everyone makes mistakes and we shouldn’t be judgmental.

    1.  Wow, Marsha! For a newbie, you’re pretty freakin’ good!

      1. Thank you!  I feel at home here.

  29. Look into the biological mother and her Pedophile husband which is how Chad got custody to begin with. While you are at it, that loving family she wants to take the child back to TX to live with, look into the violence, drugs and white sepremacy they are involved with. If the City is worth anything at all they won’t let Heidi or any of the rest of the Burian family any where near that child.

  30. Man, I love facts and I LOVE you guys!!! I was going to stay silent  (for once) on this one, but then Jackoff….I meant Jake……… bad….. done went and made a comment that made me see a bit of red……okay more than one, but this one pissed me off. I QUOTE (as I don’t want to be blamed for twisting up words like bad, bad Cyn): “Police won’t do anything except tell you to seek professional help and emergency medical services will give you information needed to contact the right people, I know this because that’s the tact they took when they tried to get help. I was there, you weren’t”
    *deep breath*- Okay, I don’t claim to know all the different rules and policies enforced by each states mental health facilities or for law enforcement. I CAN state what they are concerning the facility that I worked for. I worked as a MH/MR caseworker and had to do Crisis Management (on-call). What that meant was when a person was suicidal and wanted help- crisis management was called, when a person tried to commit suicide then the hospital contacted crisis management, when the police were on-site and the person they are dealing with seemed depressed, threatening to harm themselves or others, presented as responding to unseen or unheard stimuli (Jake-that’s seeing or hearing things others don’t, just FYI) OR is a 15 year old who looks like a walking skeleton and family states it was self-inflicted-crisis management is called. The caseworker is to meet with the person in question (at the home, hospital or where the one in need is located) then they are to do a screening. IF I had been the one called on this case, and was told that the patient was starving herself on purpose, I would have immediately contacted my supervisor to make arrangements for the child to be sent to a mental health in-patient facility- after a stop at the local hospital to make sure she was medically cleared. But then…..wait a sec…. I just remembered that this young lady was finally taken to the hospital and the DOCTOR’S stated that she was close to death! If this child did not have mental health issues before I would have to state she probably has them now- no thanks to the two moon faced, pasty assed, stupid as cow shit, dumbass c*ck sucking limped dicked mother-fuckers who are a total waste of space- a boil on the ass of society that needs lancing!!!! Oh and you too for being such a fuck-twit tosser (from one of my fav authors) to actually believe the ludicrous bunch of bullshit that these “ITS” has tried to feed the doctors, police, social workers and the media! Well let’s give then a standing ovation as they tried to feed us and not their daughter! Do us all a favor and go play dodge car on a freeway- oh and you can always hit the “check” button to try and look less like an idiot….sagitory…puulleeaasse!!!!

  31. hey april and angel!!!! how are you??? this jakehanson2 really brings back memories….reminds me of the “randall piercy clan”. lmao

  32. Just a little FYI about getting psychological help for children in the state of WI, which I know from personal experience, I just didn’t want to entertain any of Jakey-poo’s crap.

    Starting at age 14, the child has to consent to treatment. A parent cannot force a child to get help UNLESS the child is a danger to him/herself. But here’s the tricky part, all a parent has to say is “(insert name) said he/she wished he/she was dead” and the police will take said child to the hospital for an evaluation, the parent does not have to prove it was said. Easy-peasy. And considering it was a cop that told me this, I’m pretty fuxking sure those pigpeople would have been told the same if ANY part of what his dumbass said was true.

    So, yeah, getting her “help” would have been very easy for those two slobs, but since everything his dumbass said was bullpucky…

  33.  They had cameras installed to watch the pantries so they’d know if she was eating!

  34. And when she was let out of the basement to do chores, she was often made to do them naked so she couldn’t get and conceal food.

  35. Thanks for the link, Muggle.   Did you see where the mother of the 13 year old victim of the stepbrother allowed him to sleep in the bed with her daughter?   Apparently these people only know other degenerates.   No wonder they got away with this behavior all those years!

    1.  Now, if we lived in a perfect world, the mother of the thirteen year old girl who was allowed to have ‘sleepovers’ with the child rapist would be arrested for child endangerment, facilitation of the rape of a minor, and anything else the DA could make stick. Since these people are all nothing more than walking sacks of excrement, it should be pretty easy to get some charges to stick….after all, have you ever tried to scrape dog poo off of a shoe? Dang near impossible.  Unfortunately, our justice system is usually not that good.  So the girl’s mother will probably remain free to offer her child to other predators in the future.  What a sad commentary on the state of our legal system…

    Check out this memorial – the 2nd excerpt – Sandra Lee Chritton…hmmmm

    another link… to the possible related TX family members

    1. Thanks!  I think you are right.  That has to be them.

  38. Okay for the record I’m not saying these people are innocent, nor am I saying they are guilty; what I do believe is that there are some holes in all of this and some of it doesn’t add up.
    Articles state that maltreatment was substantiated since 1997. If so, why did she look so healthy in 2007? Which brings me to the rape charges put on the step brother. In 2007 when she was questioned about being raped she denied any accusations, she never once stated that the step brother had any involvement in any of it. There were also eight people who reported it into social services and nothing was ever done and there have been several law officials in that home who have never made comments on it. Therefore I believe that there’s more at fault in the whole matter; not only should the parent’s be getting charged but social services and and certain law officials should be charged as well

  39. Another thing I would like to point out is the fact that it’s been stated that the girl escaped from a basement window, later comments say that there were bars on the basement windows. How the hell can you get out of a window with bars on it?

    1. I would imagine that if you were being starved they’d be pretty easy to get through. 

      1. Okay, how do you explain the rest of it then?

  40. As I understand it from various articles, the substantiated abuse in 1997 was connected to either the biomother or the mother’s family, then some someone else besides Chritton (the father) got custody for a time and then Chritton got custody.  I don’t know why.   This poor girl has really had a hard time.

    It is not uncommon for children to deny abuse because they are afraid they won’t be protected or they don’t want to leave the only home they have known (and this poor girl may have thought she was at the end of the line as far as places to live).  Her father and stepmother may have asked her not to tell and and promised to stop the abuse.  The starvation may have started after 2007.

    1. How do you explain her escape? Do you believe social services and the authorities that have been to that home shouldn’t be punished? And she reportedly told a school counselor she was raped not only that but she’s tried to run away on a few accounts. If she was indeed scared she wouldn’t have said anything to begin with. Also she was home schooled; how could she tell a school counselor at a school she’s never been to? If she was malnourished in the care of both families then the starvation would’ve occurred before 2007

  41. I didn’t say that she was malnourished in the 1997 substantiated case.  There are other forms of abuse.   What actually happened wasn’t in the articles I’ve read.

    She wasn’t initially home schooled when she came to that household.   It is common for abused children who disclose something at school to be pulled out ostensibly to be home schooled.  That’s what happened in the Barahona case in Florida, for example.   That’s a case where there were multiple reports from school and relatives to CPS and police, all ignored or determined to be unsubstantiated.   But a child was beaten to death and another was beaten and poisoned nearly to death. 

    Do you have any background in child welfare?   It’s not uncommon for an abused child to blurt something out especially when questioned about why they are upset or bruised or afraid to go home.   But then if they are sent home and not questioned until days later, they may conclude that they aren’t going to be protected.  They become afraid of retaliation and deny that it happened.   I have personally talked to teachers who complained about delays in CPS coming out after they reported bruises and disclosures.   CPS doesn’t come to the school to interview the child and when they finally get to the house and question the child in the presence of the family or with family in the next room, the child denies that they ever said anything to the teacher. 

    And yes, I believe in holding CPS workers and the police accountable if they didn’t do their job correctly.

  42. The rest of what?  I don’t see what has you so concerned.  What are you getting at?

    1. No, you did not say she was malnourished in 1997. The news and the girl claim she was, and if that is in fact true and she was malnourished by the family who is now being charged there would have been evidence and it would have been noticeable. She was locked in the basement starting in 2006, if she was malnourished for a year it would’ve been noticed but authorities say she looked healthy. I don’t know what I’m getting at, I do believe some of the accusations are false but that doesn’t mean I believe the family is innocent. The thing that concerns me is that it’s been going on for so long and nothing was done about it. I feel that more people should be getting charged for this crime including authorities and social services

      1.  The girl herself did not claim JACK in 1997 – she was an infant! Look at the dates and her age…the reports from that year were obviously from abuse to other family members, or for another cause other than the details in this one.  Make yourself a timeline if you have to, ut questioning the events from 1997 is a waste of time as far as these charges are concerned, IMHO.  Find something worthwhile to question, or quit wasting our time. Jeez…

        1. the Wisconsin State Journal stated yesterday (February 17th) that she was “malnourished in 1997 in their Madison home.” I’ve done my homework and I’ve read up on it, she didn’t move into their home until 2006 therefore they couldn’t have been the one’s doing the torturing in 1997 like compliant’s claim has happened

  43. I can’t find one single story that says she was malnourished in 1997.  Every one that I have seen says substantiated abuse and aren’t specific.  Please link to a source if you have one that says malnourishment in 1997.  Since the girl was born in 1996, I doubt she is saying anything at all about what happened to her before she was a year old.   I believe that the 1997 abuse involved either her bio-mother or her bio-mother’s family.  Then someone else other than the father got custody for awhile and then he got custody.

    I cannot imagine why you have concluded that some of the charges are false. 
    We will learn more when there is a trial but the allegations in this case are certainly in line with other cases where there has been a confession or a conviction.   Singling out one child for abuse while others are not abused – common in abuse cases.   Withholding food for punishment and control – common in abuse cases.   Pulling a child out of school, pretending that they are to be home schooled, and locking them in a room, closet, or basement – also common.  Telling concerned friends that the child has a metabolic disorder and that’s why they are not growing properly or gaining weight  – also common.  Child manages to escape – not as common as one would hope, often they just die before they get out of the basement.

  44. Here is the criminal complaint.  It should answer a lot of your questions.

  45. To sum up.  The girl was born on December 26, 1996.  An abuse complaint was substantiated in 1997.  There is no mention as to what the abuse consisted of.    She came to live with her father and his then girlfriend, now wife, in 2006 after her mother married a sex offender and gave up custody.   This is according to the girl and according to the biomother who gave an interview with a reporter.

    She escaped from upstairs where she had been let up to do chores.  She was kept in the basement according to her father who also confirmed the wood nailed across the window which the police officer had seen for himself.

    The girl disclosed the sex abuse complaint to the counselor at school, got scared and wouldn’t confirm it for police.   The family refused CPS further access to the girl and to the stepmother’s son who was accused of the sexual abuse and then sent the son to live with his grandfather.   Apparently they accepted this lack of cooperation and closed the investigation. 

  46. My mother is an amazing woman, who has numerous “catch phrases”- but the single adage my dear Mom can offer in relation to  our battle with Mmmbop Jake Hanson is this: Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

  47. I sort of like that new word… “sagitory”

    I just sent in a tip of a 12 yr old girl found eating out of the trash outside–naked…”mom” arrested.

    It states in this complaint that she fled through a door, not a window. Story keeps changing, sounds kinda fishy to me. If someone keeps switching up their story then they’re obviously not reliable witnesses. Also she admits that she chose not to eat; the starvation was self inflicted

    1. ooooh, a news story said she fled out a window but the girl told the police she fled through a door.  Well then, send everyone home!  A mistake was made!!!

      You read that report and concluded that the victim is a liar and the starvation is self inflicted?  What kind of a sadist are you?   You turn my stomach.   Are you Jake posting under a new name now that they didn’t go home on Thursday and that wasn’t ‘the end of it’?  Are you coming back under a new name after these people are convicted?   I will be following this story and I will be here when they are finally found guilty and punished to celebrate justice for this poor little girl.

      People who would excuse this kind of torture of a child are as sick as these depraved parents.  And if you are Jake and were actually around these people and looked the other way as this child suffered, then I have nothing but contempt for you.  Jake deserves to be in the next cell.

      Geeze, Angel, why do these people come here?  Do they actually think they are going to convince us that the parents aren’t culpable?  Do they think we are stupid?

      1. Fuck Jake, kid doesn’t have any sort of substantial evidence. 
        The girl admitted herself that she refused to eat the food given to her, refusing food results in starvation which would be self inflicted if indeed you are the one who turned down the food. Also her story has changed on more than one occasion. Do I think the family is guilty of starving her no. But they are guilty of neglect that’s the obvious in this whole matter; admitting to refusing to eat is also obvious that it was self inflicted. Why didn’t the probation agents claim any of it? They’re just as much at fault of neglect than the family is, same with social services. She also switched around what threats were made towards her. “as the DOC conducts investigates whether Drabek violated his probation” (I quote from above article) was his arrest even legal? He was brought in for violating his probation yet they have to investigate to see if that’s accurate. “The family also had several contacts with county social workers going back to May 1997. The first case was substantiated, but six other reports of abuse or neglect were either deemed unsubstantiated or did not go through a formal assessment.” How could they have abused a child that wasn’t in their care at that time?I’m not fully sticking up for the family, I’m just saying some of it doesn’t make sense and I do believe that some of it may be bullshit. I’m not trying to protect anyone I’m just stating facts that need to be looked at and reviewed.

      2.  They come from the far away city of Imaginaryville, in the land of Sheer Stupidity.  Oh, and BTW, I don’t think this Observation guy is the same person as Jake – this guy has at least a basic grasp of grammar and the finer intricacies of spelling.  Jake displayed neither in his posts.

        1. Thank you for that fine comment. I am quite proud of my grammar and spelling. But you guys really shouldn’t be going at Jake either; he’s known the family for years. If someone you knew was getting accused of the crimes this family is being accused of committing wouldn’t you try to defend them yourself, especially since they wouldn’t be able to do it themselves. The kid is obviously angered and pissed off about what people are saying which is understandable. 

          1. If Angel or I had known that family, we would have called CPS and the police about an underweight child taken out of school and made to live in the basement with an alarm on the door and the refrigerator.

          2. WOAH alarm on the refrigerator, where did that information come from? May you please put down a link to where you got that information from.

          3. Oops my bad.   According to the criminal complaint, it wasn’t an alarm on the refrigerator.  Her father said there was  a camera directed in the area so they could see if she tried to eat something.

          4. “But you guys really shouldn’t be going at Jake either; he’s known the family for years.”

            It doesn’t speak well of “Jake” if he spends his time hanging out with the Marquis de Hutt and his lovely wife.  Birds of a feather you know.

          5. True but keep in mind 3 probation agents have done a full search in their home 3 times, which means they had to have seen the girl, but they themselves failed to take any sort of action. So if you want to get at Jake (who’s more than likely just a kid who doesn’t know anything about the law) then you should be going at those 3 probation agents as well because they’re just as much at fault as anyone else.

          6. Also just because he’s known the family for years does not necessarily mean he knew of the girl. As she claims most of her time was spent in the basement, Jake may not have even known the girl had existed. 

          7. Nope. Try again. In multiple comments posted by Jake, he stated that he knew the girl, and had seen her refuse food, and had seen food offered to her, and had seen her voluntarily eat her own excrement.  None of which I believe, BTW.  But feel free to continue believing in fairy tales if it makes you feel better.

          8.  “wouldn’t you try to defend them yourself, especially since they wouldn’t be able to do it themselves.”

            No. If a friend – or even a family member – had abused a child in any way…I would be the one writing them up here.  I would beg Trench to let me have the story, and I would use every ounce of my being to expose them for the cruel abusive individuals that they are.  I don’t give a flying fart who is abusing a child – they need to be exposed for the monsters they are.  I certainly would not defend their actions – unless I had concrete proof to share with the people I was defending them to.  If I was really convinced of their innocence, the best I would be able to do without proof would be to refrain from any comment at all until I could provide proof.  Jake has no proof of his claims, nor has he attempted to provide any.  Ergo, he should either “put up or shut up”, as the saying goes.

          9.  Oh, and you’re welcome.  I really do appreciate being able to read comments in which it is obvious that some care has been taken concerning the mechanics of the language.  I may not agree with you, but I appreciate the courtesy.

          10. Umm no obviously you have no clue how we would respond! Sorry my dumb ass sister beat and killed her son and you can be damn sure
            I will be there when she is on trial found guilty and goes to
            Prison for the rest of her pathetic life! I will be there when her girls are found a new home where they deserve the love affection and attention. Not the abuse, sexual abuse etc they have already been through in their short little lives! And yes we called CPS several times and was told they couldn’t do anything now Angel is gone because of their lack of
            Job responsibility! How dare you come here defend these pieces of shit and say we would defend them if it was someone we knew fuck that any stupid piece of shit fuxker who abuses a child in ANY way deserves prosecution!

          11.  I never said you would defend them. In case you hadn’t notice I asked the question. Wouldn’t you defend them if you knew them? And you gave me your answer, I’m not defending anyone nor am I going against anyone. The point I’m trying to get at is that it’s a he said she said situation; yes there is proof  she was being neglected and starved. There is no substantial evidence that she was ever raped except for what she claims. I stand neutral when it comes to the rape because there is no proof, but then again it is hard to prove those types of things which is why it could have taken place; I’m not trying to defend nor prosecute anyone in this situation, I’m just trying to point out the loop holes in all of it that’s it. I’m not defending anyone nor am I going against anyone.

    2.  In which article did this child supposedly admit that she chose not to eat? Other than the poop pastries and piss punch, of course?  I’d refuse to eat that, too!

      As for your petty attempts to find discrepancies in the reports, all I have to say is that I guess I must have missed the boat…

      …to Giveafrak Island.  Since there’s probably not another charter available for at least a few more weeks, I’ll just have to amuse myself for a while longer right here in the Land of the Concerned and the Home of the Sane…may our flag wave forever!

  49. little girl states that she wouldn’t ask her step mom for food even though she’d usually either say yes or not right now, she states the reason she didn’t ask is because she didn’t want to bother her. She also states that she was never allowed outside. If so, how could neighbors see her and make complaints about her being outside scavenging through garbage cans and the ground? Why didn’t they state that she was forced to come back in the house or that she was yelled at to come into the house?

  50. She also stated that she’s threatened to cut family members and because of that she was put in the basement. If I was being threatened I sure as hell wouldn’t want that person unsupervised around the rest of my family. Would you?

    1. Okay for the record I’m not saying these people are innocent, nor am I saying they are guilty; what I do believe is that there are some holes in all of this and some of it doesn’t add up.

      Sounds like that you’re arguing they’re innocent to me. What’s your stake in all of this?

      1. Okay for the record I’m not saying these people are innocent, nor am I saying they are guilty; what I do believe is that there are some holes in all of this and some of it doesn’t add up.How does it sound like I’m saying they’re innocent? I believe there’s holes and some of it doesn’t add up, doesn’t mean I’m saying they’re innocent; her father said she’s threatened to kill them she’s confirmed that to be true. She’s being accused of having a knife standing over him she says that’s false. Its a he said she said situation and the fact of the matter is that no one knows what happened in that house. Insulting and going at people for accusations is beyond childish and I feel bad for everyone on here, goes to show how you spend your life; insulting and talking shit about people who haven’t even been proven to be guilty nor innocent is not the way to live life. You’re all a bunch of immature and judgmental. I don’t know how you got me saying they’re innocent from that statement, just because shit doesn’t add up does not mean I’m saying they’re innocent.

    2. First, someone as starved  and ill as she is does not have a fully functioning brain but rather is confused and lethargic and I am surprised she was even walking/talking/thinking at all. Second it appears she was neglected and abused in both homes her whole life. Third that kind of neglect of a child is criminal negligence. Fourth the sexual assault is also a crime. Fith the agencies who were supposed to ensure her safety failed and should also be held criminally negligent.  To top everything off many of your comments show a distinct lack of understanding when putting the reports in order and understanding the mental & physical effects of the abuse/neglect AND make it appear that you are beating on a child who has been greatly wronged and taking up with the trash that wronged her. My advice to you would be: 1) get an insightful, logical mind, 2) fuck off with the nit picking and defending the abusers.

      1. “First, someone as starved  and ill as she is does not have a fully functioning brain but rather is confused and lethargic” That would make her an unreliable witness. would it not?

        1.  No, it would make her a victim of abuse.

        2. Possibly, however her mental powers would quickly return with increased caloric intake. But that’s not what you really mean is it ?
          You mean to discredit her by any means necessary to defend the abusers and get your own way don’t you? So here’s the thing, HER PHYSICAL CONDITION IS THE ONLY WITNESS NEEDED TO PROVE CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE ! Why to you keep trying to get around that. If you ask me your brain is far from fully functional.

          1. What if the outcome I’m getting my way, I don’t give a fuck what their sentence is and I’ve already told you and everyone else on here it’s obvious they’re guilty of neglect and abuse along with starving her. I’m saying they don’t have shit for the rape except for what she’s said and since there has been no witnesses to step forth there is no proof. Once again it’s a he said she said situation and the fact that everyone wants to immediately say he did it is bullshit, innocent until proven guilty.  

          2.  Going with your line of reasoning, all rape victims are liars until proven otherwise.  Because all of those cases boil down to a ‘he said, she said’ situation.  How many rapists have you ever heard of who said when first asked, “Yes, I raped her?” Or told their friends and family members who knew about it to tell the truth? Pathetic……

            No witness to step forth? She IS the only witness, unless you want to count the rapist, or unless the sow and her brood watched the attacks. If that’s the case, then kindly refer to my comments above – of course they are not going to admit it – they are hoping that no proof will be found, and that they can convince a jury to be just as obtuse as you are being.

            And it’s not innocent until proven guilty – go back and read up on it. It’s guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Reasonable doubt does not equal innocence, it only means that there could be circumstances that cast enough doubt on a situation to prevent conviction.  And this is a website, not a courtroom – none of us have to follow court procedure.  Are there any other legal or moral issues you would like for me to prove you wrong about today? I’m game if you are…

          3. “I don’t give a fuck what their sentence is…”

            Well there’s your problem.  You don’t care whether child abusers are punished.  The rest of us want them sent to Devil’s Island and caned daily.

          4. “I don’t give a fuck what their sentence is…”

            Well there’s your problem.  You don’t care if child abusers are punished.  The rest of us want them sent to Devil’s Island and caned daily.

            (Oops! I think my record is skipping.)

          5. Have you read the criminal complaint and really read the words that Sandra used when discriminating the rapes?  She gave details about the day, like that an aunt was coming over or something and she was able to give pretty good detail to the things that transpired on those days and where they were in the house, etc…  how can you say that a 15-year old victim of ALL the things that she’s a victim of would just throw in these other accusations to maybe just make her story worse?  Hasn’t she been through enough? 

            Anything that happens in this whole world between 2 people is a case of “he said, she said” – whether its what happened on the way to the grocery store or the fact that a convicted sexual predator took advantage of an already mentally disturbed girl who’d been tortured and put through the ringer. 

            I’m all for justice and for being having fair trials and all that good stuff, I really am. But to think that this girl is making up the molestation and rape is just a disgusting angle to take. You should be ashamed of yourself. 

    3. No…but I’d certainly make an effort to provide the child with counseling rather than a lonely cell in the basement.  Are you seriously saying that locking her away in a basement was a good option here? Whatever you’re smoking…I bet there are some drug dealers that would pay top dollar for a steady supply of it…you may have yourself a new profession, OR – selling smokable stupidity. 

  51. I read the entire complaint, and you are a stupid fuckin’ son of a bitch. How can you read the shit they put her through and still blame her? You are an asshole, and a miserable bastard.

  52. A NINE YEAR OLD threatened to cut her family.  Where the FUCK do you think a nine year old learned shit like that?  Movies? TV? Clearly her parents were not responsible.  This was when she was still in public school, they could have sent her to a fucking counselor instead of locking her in the damn basement and pulling her out of school, AND starving her to death.  Fuck, there are all kinds of things they could have done to deal with her “mental issues.”  Nothing you’re saying is making these pigs look any better. 

  53. “You also have to keep in mind that she was not always forced to be naked…”

    Well, why didn’t you say so?  That makes it all better.

    1. It doesn’t make it better I was proving a point that it was likely she had easy access to knives, if you had any sort of logic nor sense you’d understand that

      1. That doesn’t address the issue of her being forced to do chores naked SOMETIMES, as you apparently concede she was.  I guess you see nothing wrong with that?  Birds of a feather must apply in your case as well.

        1. I never said there wasn’t anything wrong with it. What I’m saying is that it’s very possible that she could have took a knife and hid it like her father claims she has, she was not always forced to do chores naked therefore it’s possible that she did take a knife and try to use it or hide it with the intentions of using it. She’s already said her self she’s threatened to cut all of them which indicates that she’s perfectly capable of taking a knife and she’s more than willing to use it; if she did in fact do that though then they should have gotten help instead of making her do chores naked and locking her in the basement because that isn’t right at all, there’s absolutely no excuse for it. 
          I’m not trying to make excuses for this family at all I’m just saying some of it adds up and some of it doesn’t; as I said before it’s a he said she said situation, no one really knows what happened except for the people in that household. I do believe both parties in this whole situation have been lying.

          1. There’s no valid reason for making your child do chores naked.  That’s sex abuse, pure and simple, and makes charges of rape by this disgusting sicko seem quite credible. That’s without even mentioning the starvation and the locking in the basement…

          2. You’re right there is no excuse for what they did, but the bottom line is no one knows for sure what happened, no one knows what’s fact and what’s not. I don’t care what she says happened because she’s a trauma victim and like Clevo said trauma victims tend to be confused especially after 5 years of abuse. There’s no substantial evidence that Josh was even in the house when it all went down; he did live with his grandpa at one point in time do remember. Not that I’m excusing the fact that she was forced to do chores naked because it was wrong, but there could have been a valid reason. She could have indeed taken a knife like her father claims she had which would be one reason why they’d want her to work naked (Again not saying it’s right to do because it’s not) but it could have happened. She also claimed that she wasn’t locked away in the basement until after she made verbal threats to cut family members, also a valid reason (also not right to do nor humane) it’s very possible that there was more than one victim involved, yes I do agree she was indeed a victim she was more a victim than anyone else, but since she did make verbal threats that would make the family a victim as well; just because she’s a victim does not mean you can excuse her for her actions.

  54. “First, someone as starved  and ill as she is does not have a fully functioning brain but rather is confused and lethargic” (quoting from Clevo) In the court of law if someone is confused and lethargic that would make them an unreliable witness, if that’s the case then they don’t have anything to prove that she was ever raped on the count of it’s coming from her who may in fact be confused and lethargic as Clevo says she is.

    1. Seriously, you are such a troll. Given the advanced state of her starvation, her brain would not be functioning normally and her thinking processes would be slowed however that would not preclude her memories or alertness once they got some IVs going with some glucose and some nutrition going. Do you think the survivors of Dachow and Auschwitz were lying about what happened to them and their families because of their debilitated state when rescued? What a load of crap you spout. If the girl threatened to knife the abusive pieces of donkey dung then I say it’s REALLY too bad that she didn’t. The camera on the refrigerator or pantry or whatever speaks volumes that don’t need interpretation as it, admittedly, was to keep her from eating. Thought she had diabetes my ass! Again, she is a minor and the condition in which she was found is enough to prove negligence and reckless endangerment. There is no “he said, she said” about it. What, exactly do you NOT get about that? What about that is soooo difficult for you to mentally process and how many times does it have to be explained to you?

  55. What a great defense strategy, discredit the girl and then nothing she says can be believed!  Be sure to pass that along to the parent’s attorney.   It’s worked before.  

    Recipe for getting away with child torture:   Take the child out of school when he or she begins talking about what happened in the home and pretend to home school.   Imprison her away from anyone who might question what was going on.   Indoctrinate any siblings into the idea that she is bad, stupid, and a liar and deserves ill treatment.    Limit his or her food and claim that he or she is anorexic or has a metabolic disorder – apparently perfect strangers will buy this.  Then you can do whatever else you want.  Hey, if no one sees what is going on, it’s her against them.  Case closed!

    If she did have knives under her bed after she came there, it’s no wonder.   She came from a home where her stepfather was a registered sex offender so maybe she was afraid.  You know there’s an aunt who recently posted on these boards.   She’s adopted her nephew who was abused.   I think he was 5.   At first he slept with a knife under his pillow.   She didn’t make him sleep in the basement, she just reassured him and loved him and now he sleeps with his teddy bear.

    I don’t believe that girl is lying at all.  It is astonishing to me that you would come here and defend those people.

    1. AGAIN I’M NOT TRYING TO DEFEND ANYONE and Clevo’s the one who said she’s confused and  lethargic. If that’s the case then she’s an unreliable witness simple as that; I’m sure that aunt’s nephew never threatened to cut her otherwise she would have gotten help for him and got him out of that home; which is exactly what this family should have done but they didn’t which is exactly why I say they are guilty for neglect and starvation. 
      They didn’t put her into the basement until she had threatened to cut them, she said so herself, and again for the record so I can get this through your thick skull. THAT DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT FOR THEM TO PUT HER IN THE BASEMENT. I’m not defending anyone as I stated before I do believe both parties in this are lying. Investigate a little more and you might just see that (that is if your brain is capable of any sort of logic what so ever) the story has been switched around more than once, the family has also been lying too there’s no doubt about that. I’m not defending anyone they’re both lying if you’d read her statement you’d realize that, her story has changed on more than one occasion. Which goes to show that either she’s lying or she is confused and lethargic as Clevo claims she is.

  56. I think the bottom line is this: Whatever the circumstances are/were, these shitstains  are responsible because they abused and neglected this girl and she is on the verge of death as result.

  57. Sam Stenbroten aka JakeHanson2, please attend the trial so you can hear all the dirty little secrets. You do not know what went on inside the house when you were not there.  Ask Sandra about the sexual abuse and physical abuse she suffererd at the hands of your best friend, Josh Drabek. Clearly, you are in denial and you defend child abusers. Did you abuse her too? PATHETIC.

    1. Just because she says that Josh raped her does not mean he actually did rape her. Once again her story has changed on more than one account, which either means she’s lying or she’s confused (Which wouldn’t be too far from possible) which would mean anything she says can’t be used in court, or he did in deed do it but you yourself were not in that home and you don’t know what went on either; before you wanna go at someone for assuming shit you may wanna check yourself.

    2. How do you know for sure that JakeHanson2 is Sam Stenbroten or that he’s even still reading this?

      1.  Why do you care? Are you going to attempt to discredit this person as well?  I am beginning to wonder if you are not a member of the family who is simply fishing for details that could exonerate your friends.  And failing miserably, since there are none.

        1. I still fail to see what evidence you have with the rape besides what she claims. I understand I haven’t brought much to the table myself but there’s all kinds of different things that could have happened and I’m just trying to bring up points that everyone refuses to see.

          1.  I still fail to see what evidence YOU have that the rape did not occur – besides what the abusive family members claim.  Here’s a little food for thought…we have proof that a) Josh has raped an underage girl in the past, b) the sperm donor and step-pig are indeed failures as parents AND are not above lying to protect Josh, and c) at least some of the claims made by the girl have already been substantiated.  Oh, and d) the girl has not been proven to be a liar about anything mentioned so far – but the other family members have.  Conclusion: Unless her claims are somehow PROVEN to be false, her word should be given precedence over theirs, because she has already proved to be more honest and reliable than the three of them combined.

            And I am leaning more and more to the conclusion that you have some sort of personal stake in this case, since I have yet to see you report any observations on any other case profiled on this site – and MOST of them have been hotly contested by family members, friends, and other idiots in a much more exuberant manner than what we have seen from Jake or anyone else on this thread.  So, tell us…are you the public defender for the abusive freaks, or just another family member out to try and muddy the waters before it hits the courtroom?  Because you have thoroughly convinced me that you are NOT simply an impartial observer in all of this drama.  Observation Report, my arse. Fairy Tale Report is more like it.

          2. “And I am leaning more and more to the conclusion that you have some sort of personal stake in this case…”

            Possibly, but this is also the Internet, home of a hundred million tin foil hat conspiracy theorists.  Some people just get off on claiming that everything happened the opposite of how it obviously really happened.  I guess it makes them feel smarter than everyone else – not realizing what fools they are to anyone who cares to actually examine the evidence.  The MO in this case – ignoring a mountain of evidence to focus on a few minor (and irrelevant) discrepancies – is classic conspiracy theory garbage.  They can see one thousand pieces of evidence that Oswald shot JFK, find one or two minor discrepancies, and then suddenly the thousand pieces of evidence don’t exist (in their minds) and it was some invisible man on the grassy knoll.  I get that kind of vibe in this case as well.  Sure the girl was starved, sure the girl was locked in a dungeon, sure the girl was made to walk around naked – but hey, she confused a door and a window, so she wasn’t abused after all!  Right?


          3.  I just figured if it was a conspiracy theory, he would have applied some of his ‘discrepancy spotting abilities’  to other threads on this site as well.  I mean – why not the Overton story? That would have been a good one for him to latch on to as well, and he would have likely had a lot more supporters on his side too.  Just saying…

            But you could be right – after all, conspiracy nuts usually pick a single topic to focus on,  such as the government-sanctioned Kennedy murder(s), the fake moon landing, or the aliens on ice… so this eejit could have simply found this story and become enthralled with his own version of events.  Or maybe he just likes to see his words in print. Or maybe he is only given a few hours a day on the computer at the asylum, and just wants to share his psychoses with sane people. LOL

          4. I totally agree that he could’ve done this to any story, and Overton being at the top of  my list too — I’ve poked holes in that story myself in my own head going around and around it and reading anything I could get my hands on. 

            I read the criminal complaint for this poor girl, every word of it. I didn’t find discrepancies or holes or words of hers that I would question. I did find a “story” of the most horrible things and horrible life that a 15-year old could’ve lived. How Observation Report could think any differently than us is beyond me.  

          5. We KNOW – and you have admitted this yourself – that she was forced to parade around naked by her perverted sicko father using the bullshit excuse “I was afraid she might pull a knife, so I didn’t let her wear clothes.”  If you’re really afraid someone is going to stab you, you call the authorities.  You don’t force them to walk around NAKED.  This was SEX ABUSE pure and simple, on top of all the other abuse she suffered.  So do I know for sure she was raped?  No.  But her claim is credible given the sick, sadistic perverts she lived with.  Moby Dickless and Bertha the Hutt should both be put down before they waste any more valuable oxygen.

  58. Wow, what a troll-fest!  Bottom line: this girl’s almost starving to death is the responsibility of her parents.  

  59. Up  until this point I have attempted to be open minded and impartial as far as your comments are concerned.  However, I am quickly losing my patience – especially since you seem to be attempting to find every possible ‘reason’ why the rape accusations are false (or could be).  I know from personal experience as well as from education and OTJ training that abuse victims rarely lie about the abuse.  Any of it. For you to suggest that this girl was confused enough to make up a story – against an already convicted child rapist, no less – is frankly disgusting.  It’s people like you who make it harder for the victims of such abuse to work up the courage to report such animals to the authorities.  As a survivor of childhood physical and sexual abuse myself, I can assure you that it is far more likely that she FORGOT more of the abuse than she actually remembers. It is a natural self-preservation defense mechanism.  The fact that she was able to come up with details only confirms my belief that she was raped.  Victims of abuse usually prefer to repress the worst memories, and often only remember them when their backs are to the wall.  She felt she was in mortal danger, and managed to work up the courage to finally tell someone what was really happening in the home.  Suggesting that she is lying about that is offensive to me, and probably to many others on this site.  Unless you can come up with some proof that she is lying – like a camera in her dungeon that recorded every minute of her life, and shows that no one ever touched her – I suggest you back off on the “everybody involved is lying about something” angle and find something more useful to do with your time.  Perhaps you might want to begin by checking out a few research books from a local library about the mental state of sex abuse victims… and the statistics on how many of them actually ‘make up’  details about nonexistent abuse.   I think you’ll find the information to be eye-opening, to say the least.

    1. You’re right there are cameras in her dungeon. So why hasn’t any substantial evidence come up on the videos from the camera’s, if it was going on for 5 years then they would’ve caught at least the tiniest bit of evidence, but they don’t. Which is another reason why I say it’s a he said she situation. There’s no proof she was ever raped and there’s no proof she wasn’t raped simple as that. Only thing we have based on it all is what she claims has happened, and it’s very common for trauma victims to be confused and they do tend to recall things that may not have happened. I’m not saying they’d lie on purpose I’m just saying that it’s possible she may recount something that may have taken place in her past home and got it confused with the situation she’s in now. The girl has been abused her whole life therefore that possibility could very well be accurate (Not that I’m saying it is)

      1. How do you know that no evidence came up on the camera to show she was being sexually abused?  It wasn’t the police watching the camera, it was the mother of alleged perpetrator, the one that said that this victim was lying and probably said the 13 year old victim (whom he was convicted of abusing) was lying too.   I say the latter based on the fact that Sandra told the police that he didn’t abuse the 13 year old, which is something she must have heard at home.

  60. I can excuse her for her words.  A powerless, abused girl who was given up by her mother in favor of her sex offender stepfather comes to a household where she is again sexually abused.   Sure she can threaten to take a knife to the people who are abusing her or not helping her.   Doesn’t bother me at all.  AT ALL.  She didn’t hurt anyone , did she?  I’d take her in as a foster child if I lived in that community without a moment’s worry.

    How dare you equate this girl’s torment to making a few empty threats!   If a young girl is forced to perform oral sex in the house in which she lives and no one sees it, we are supposed to treat it as a He said, she said situation?  And if she ever gets scared and denies it – while being interviewed in the same household where her torments are – well then it’s all over, she’s a liar one way or another.  The police and CPS should just shut the door and go away and it can continue to happen.

    I do not have a thick skull and there is nothing wrong with my logic.   Expert investigators interviewed people over a several day period and brought charges.   What this girl reported is entirely consistent with a known pattern of abuse.  I believe her.   If you don’t, well you and ol’ Jake are alone here in that.

    Most people read this and are appalled at the torture she’s been through.   We want to help.  Those that can afford it will probably send some money to a fund to help that I believe is being established.   Your reaction is very odd – you look for discrepancies.   In just one example, you ask how could she get out and eat in the trash and a neighbor see that if the windows are barred,  ready to pounce on what you are hoping is a lie.  In the criminal complaint, her ‘father’ says that is why he put the wooden bars on the window.  You got all excited about trivial discrepancies in news reports as if one reporter writing that she got out a window and another writing that she escaped through a door was also proof that she was lying (as if the hospital would have allowed reporters in). 

    Can you explain why this case gets to you so much that you have argued and argued with us against that poor girl?  Do you know these people?   Have you kept a child locked up?  What’s going on with you?  This is really bizarre.

    I am here because I love children and hate child abuse.   I have a daughter and I’m awaiting the birth of my first grandchild.   I have been involved in a number of projects to prevent child abuse and protect children in my state.  My heart goes out to this poor girl.

    1. First off the only people that would know for sure if she was raped would be her and Josh therefore it’s a he said she said situation because there was absolutely no witnesses what so ever. And the reason why I’m so into this is because I don’t like the fact that everyone is already prosecuting him based off of one person said, it’s not right at all; just because he’s a registered sex offender does not mean he raped his step sister, also the mother of that 13 year old pretty much gave consent to it all when she allowed him to not only live with them for a few months but to allow them to sleep together in the same bed when they knew they were in a relationship.

  61. I have heard stories of teenagers making up stories to get back at their parents for things that might have pissed them off.  My thoughts on this is how would this child get the information to make up a story if she was locked in a basement.  She didn’t have access to peers and I hope to god didn’t have access to porn to know what to say happened.  I don’t imagine her mental capacity is the same as a normal 15 yr old after being isolated and starved for years so how could she have made these stories up?  I think it is so disgusting that ANYONE would try to put any blame on this child after what she’s been through.  Who gives a rat’s ass about holes in the story?  Even the media can make mistakes about little details.  That doesn’t make the poor child a liar.  I think these people that are jumping on all these little inconsistences are disgusting and need to be shot along side those pigs.

    And from what I get from a post the bio-mother made in one of those memorial sites is that her and the “father” were still married in 1997 so he would have been investigated then with the bio so there is your connects to 1997.  Just trying to fill in some of those “holes” for ya Jackass!! 

  62. Also she had stated to Vegal that she did in fact escape through a window, then later on she reported she escaped through the door, don’t believe me look it up yourself, story keeps changing. She’s an un-creditable witness; someone who changes their story just as much as she has is not a reliable witness what so ever and if you say different then your retarded

  63. The mother of a 13 year old cannot legally give consent to her having sexual contact.   No normal 17 or 18 year old wants to be dating a 13 year old anyway.   I certainly had no interest in 13 year olds when I was an adult or near-adult?  Did you date 13 year olds when you were 17 or 18?

    What is WITH these people anyway?  Josh’s mother allows him to go live with a 13 year old and his mother.  The 13 year old’s mother allows him to sleep in the bed with her daughter.   That sort of dysfunctionality never went on in my family!

    Don’t be so sure no one witnessed the sexual abuse.  Three people are charged.   Someone may turn on someone else.

  64. And Vega, a stranger who was shocked and upset to see a painfully thin barefoot girl
    in the snow bleeding from a gash in her head got every detail of what she said
    right?  I wouldn’t remember ‘door’ or ‘window’, I’d remember ‘escaped.’

    You are grasping at straws.

  65. It appears to me, there have been many statements written concerning the guilt OR innocence of the “its” involved with abusing this child. Each time person A points out a fact about the case, Person B is quick to respond with how the victim is a unreliable and uncredible witness. Also, in IMO, it appears that the more I read of Observation Reports posts, the more it reminds me of what ol Jakeboy had to say. Though I will admit it is written with better grammar and spelling. I don’t believe anyone here at BB will be able to sway the opinion of anyone who is not willing to admit that they might not be as right as they thought they were.
    So, what I am about to say is easier said than done….. Don’t poke the troll and maybe it will slither away.

    1.  Or maybe the psychiatrists will realize that one of the patients is sneaking into the computer room without permission, and up his meds so he will stay in his cell when he is not in a therapy session….

  66. Finally, all of their lies are catching up with them. Melinda Drabek, Chad Chritton and Josh Chritton, I anxiously await the day you are sentenced. You can no longer hide the truth and you can no longer hide Sandra. Thank God Sandra survived so that she can testify to what she endured. Right now the most important thing is that Sandra is a survivor and she is finally safe!

    Melinda, I certainly hope the Habitat for Humanity house you were given under your falsification of the facts on your application form (per Habitat for Humanity)  is taken away from you. I can tell you this, you certainly are no longer welcome in the neighborhood.

    Melinda, you are “master” to nobody! You will pay and you will suffer for every single abuse you inflicted. Thank goodness you took your Facebook offline, absolutely pathetic!

    In closing, I would like to say please everyone pray for Sandra.

  67. Anyone know what Monique Drabek (Melinda Drabek’s first child) died of?

    1.  She had a daughter? Maybe she just doesn’t like girls…and starved her own to death as well.  Seriously, though, I would be interested to know the cause of death and the age of Monique when she died.

    2. She ate her?

      1.  Between you, Malevolent April and Trench, I have been going through a lot more Dr. Pepper and coffee lately.  And cleaning my computer screen more frequently as well.

        1. Glad to be of service.

        2. Be careful and don’t shoot the Dr Pepper or coffee out of your nose. That burns like hell. Just FYI. 

          1.  I know…why do you think I’ve been cleaning my screen more? The only upside to shooting hot or bubbly liquids out your nose is that it REALLY helps to clear out the sinuses! My nasal passages have never been so clean…

          2. Well- to each his own. I would rather use tissues- less painful….unless your in………uh never mind…TMI

  68. Melinda Drabek’s daughter, Monique Drabek died on or around 12/29/1991. Her daughter died approximately 20 years ago on December 29th, however I am not 100% certain of the year of death, 1991 or so.

  69. She’s not in the Wisconsin 1959-1997 death records.

  70. Preliminary hearings were scheduled this morning for all three defendants.  They were postponed for the parents because they still do not have attorneys.   The son, however, waived his hearing.  In a preliminary hearing a judge decides whether there is enough evidence to go to trial.  Guess Josh and  his lawyer think there is.   Hmmm, shouldn’t he have seized the opportunity to say, “But Your Honor, this is only a HE SAID, SHE SAID situation – dismiss the charges” ?

  71. Dad says he is anxious to help with the investigation but needs to have an attorney with him because he has a learning disability.   I bet he is going to try to make a deal.

    1.  Anxious to help with the investigation? He should have been anxious to protect his daughter from the abuse she suffered! If he had been doing his job, there would not be a court case right now….Pardon me while I gag…

    2. I bet if we starved him he’d learn well enough how horrible it is; or when he’s assaulted by prison inmates, as I hope he will be, he’ll learn the truth about that too. One can only hope  🙂

  72. “Dad says he is anxious to help with the investigation…”

    Great.  When does he plan to confess and then munch the pistol?

  73. victim’s statement has changed a few times. 1) The threat changed from “I’m going to throw you down the stairs head first” to “I’m going to slit your throat.” 2) She said that when she goes upstairs she’s allowed to eat oatmeal and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches then she said that Melinda won’t let her eat. 3) She stated that Melinda told Chad last month that if he wants to marry her he needs to give the victim to her, Chad and Melinda have been married for over a year. 4) She said she’s only seen a dentist once then she said she’s never seen a dentist. 5) She said that she never asks Melinda if she can go to the bathroom or eat because she doesn’t want to bother her, then she said she always asks her and she always says no. 6) She stated that Josh hasn’t raped her in over a year then she said that last time he raped her was a few months ago.  She also stated that she came upstairs for mealtimes then she once again changed it to only time she was ever allowed to come up is to do chores. She also admitted that she told Josh and Chad that she wanted to cut them she also told Melinda she wanted to kill her. That’s very troubling and yes she could have said this because of the abuse but the fact that her story has changed from I chose not to eat to they wouldn’t let me eat draws questions for me; along with the fact that she made two different statements on when Josh last raped her and Melinda saying that Chad couldn’t marry her unless he gave her to him last month but they’ve been married for over a year. I do believe they are guilty to an extent, I also believe someone really needs to look into this girl’s story and the fact that it has changed.

    1. I found this blog by accident and I can’t believe what I’m reading here. Like the vast majority of you I was shocked and appalled when I learned of this story. I needed to learn more. I wanted to help this poor victim monetarily and learned of a fund set up by a cousin. However there were a few questions I had, why her (SLC) and where was the rest of the family? Someone supplied a link to the official complaint which answered many of them. 
      What shocks me are the comments from Jake and this person who calls themselves observationalreport. Let me just say the complaint is NOT a timeline. Investigators were trying to get the scope of what went on, not build a case for court proceedings! All of the things SLC reported are not mutually exclusive. In fact the flavor I got from the overall context in SLC’s account was one of escalating depravity. It seems to me that she was so frightened of her environment that she would rather search and eat garbage  scraps than beg her stepmom for food. Yes beg. She was so terrified that she would rather relieve herself in the basement than open the door to go upstairs to the bathroom. he probably got shit (no pun intended) every time she did that in the middle of the night. 
      Thankfully for her sake the last threat was the straw that broke the camels back.

      1. Welcome….Your post was insightful, informative and well written. Glad you found us (BB) and hope you stick around. Please understand that a few of us will post what can be called “gallows humor” so that we don’t go nuts from reading and writing about the horrors that these children endure.
        That being said………….April can I keep Bpcmd? I’ll hug ’em and squeeze ’em and call ’em George. pplleeaasseee?

        1. Only if you clean up after him, feed him and walk him.

    2. Seriously, what exactly is wrong with you?!

      First of all, the victim / main witness we are talking about is a malnourished, (many, many times over!) traumatized, serial abused and molested girl who is probably still in some kind of shock or at least was so when she made her first statement. She was never properly cared for and / or educated, much less even loved. Basically, she went through hell in life from day one. 

      I am sure NO ONE of us here can really imagine how it is to be in her place. Although I had my fair share of at least psychological abuse by family, peers (bullying) and ex-partners, I can neither.

      Second, who CARES when and how EXACTLY she was tortured and raped?! This teenage sexual offender DID rape her, he used her already desperate situation and made it even worse for his own pleasure. He surely spent no thoughts on HER feelings. And her physical condition clearly shows that her caregivers / guardians failed. Whether through active or passive behavior, abuse or neglect, really is a non-issue in my book. They were responsible for this child, they have to be held up to it. EOA.

      You may pretend over and over that you just want to go to the bottom of this story, but the impression you leave is a totally different one. It surely SOUNDS like you are laying at least part of the blame on the victim and that just won’t do. Sorry to say so. I am not one for swearing and cursing in an argument, but sometimes, relativism isn’t it, either. Don’t blame the victim. Ever. (Besides in cases when someone seriously endangered him-/herself like high speed car chases or other accident prone behavior, of course. Then they may have some part of responsibility. But that’s a whole other story.).

      I seriously advise you to stop posting, or at least posting like you did. You will convince no one here that the victim is to blame, and if you want to have more detailed / reliable information, wait for the trial to progress. There will be the hearing of witnesses, the showing of evidence, the statements of the attorneys etc..

      I just hope this girl will heal. Though I know deep down inside her chances aren’t good. It takes a lot of work, strength and support to overcome such a trauma. Let’s pray she will find all of that.

      1. Yeah!!! What Durham said!

    3. I think that you need to get a different tune because all of us are REALLY tired of hearing the same old one. You keep brining up inconsistancies in the girls statements that no one cares about and we know will be sorted out eventually. So what’s the what? Why, really, are you continuing to try to discredit a girl who was so abused? Is it OCD? Anal retentive pertsonality? You are connected somehow to the accused? You were involved with the abuse? You are a criminal justice student? What?
      We are pro victim and all we care about is that those who criminally neglected and abused her are held accountable and that includes the rape which we believe happened. So what if her story changed, I would expect that to happen once she was hydrated, given some nutrition so she could think staraight and felt safe. So what’s your deal? No bull, what is your basic malfunction?

    4. I bet you are Brittany, Josh’s girlfriend.

      1.  Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! You lose! I think it’s Bruce – Josh’s boyfriend! 😉

    5. How do you like them now???? Or do you still believe they are innocent?

      MADISON, Wisconsin (Reuters) – A Wisconsin
      couple accused of starving and imprisoning their teenage daughter in a basement for six years including forcing her to eat her own bodily waste and do chores in the nude, were charged with more abuse on Monday.
      Chad Chritton, 41, and his wife Melinda Drabek-Chritton,
      42, were charged with causing mental harm, false imprisonment and neglecting a child by Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne.
      The couple pleaded not guilty to the charges in separate arraignment hearings in Dane County Circuit Court on Monday. They were charged initially in February with felony child abuse, false imprisonment and misdemeanor child neglect. Prosecutors have accused the couple of
      holding the girl in the basement of their home for about six years. The girl is now 15 years old. The girl told investigators she was rarely allowed to eat
      and, if given food, she was forced to eat off the floor. She also told
      detectives the couple forced her to use boxes or bags as a toilet and to bathe in a utility sink in the basement. Chritton and Drabek-Chritton, who are the girl’s father and stepmother, also were accused of physically abusing the girl and forcing her to do chores naked so she could not hide food in her clothing. The criminal complaint also accuses them of forcing the girl to drink her own urine and eat her own feces on several occasions.
      Prosecutors also charged the couple on Monday with one count each of failure to act during a sexual assault stemming from charges filed against the girl’s stepbrother, Joshua Drabek, 18. Prosecutors have accused Drabek of trying to have sexual intercourse and oral sex with the girl on several occasions. Drabek pleaded not guilty on Monday to felony sexual assault and child abuse charges. The couple told investigators they home-schooled the girl and said they needed to lock her in the basement because
      she was a threat to her family due to mental health issues. Charges were filed in February against the couple and Drabek after a passerby found the pajama-clad girl walking barefoot in her neighborhood and appearing “extremely malnourished.”
      “I ran away this time because I just couldn’t handle it anymore,” the girl told investigators, according to the criminal complaint. “I thought she was going to hurt me and throw me down the stairs. I was afraid.”
      The three defendants did not speak during the brief court appearances on Monday. Each wore a dark blue jail jump suit. They are being held in the Dane County jail.

  74. These two were back in court today trying to prevent the court from severing their custody of their other two children. Blah!

    1.  Custody of the remaining kids is the LEAST of what I would like to see the courts sever from these two DNA experiments gone wrong.  They need to have a few appendages severed as well – heads would be good. 

      1. Very good  🙂

  75. She's admitted to lying about Joshua raping her in the past. You lie once, you’re more than capable to lie again. A lot of what this article says does make a lot of sense and all of the things in this article are more than likely possible

    1. Right. Because a website set up soley to beg for money for these cretins will be fair and balanced. Nothing excuses the fact that they starved this child. Why are you back?

      1. You Already Know

        And a girl who’s admitted to lying is obviously telling the truth, right? Also if she had in fact stated to the school once that Joshua did rape her then they would have called the police; parents don’t have to be there during questioning of a victim, therefore she would have been questioned at school. No reason to lie to the police and tell them that she was lying when she stated he had raped her, because there’s no threat at school. So the whole her parents being in the room next door wouldn’t be in affect at that point, because they can’t be in the next room when she’s at school. Which would indicate right then and there that she lied. Simple as that, its common sense. And because I kinda like to debate. Also I am going to major in Psychology this upcoming fall so its good practice. Please if you want to argue then feel free. You give me your opinion and I’ll give you mine.

        1. You act as though her admission that she lied once is solid proof she is making the whole thing up, which she clearly isn’t. She weighed 70lbs, she was starving and probably should have been in the hospital, not escaping from her own home. I would refuse to eat too if I knew I would be forced to eat my waste. You are clearly more interested about the allegations of rape and feel it’s all made up and maybe it is, but the kid was still being neglected. Unless you feel starvation is an appropriate punishment for false accusations? Neglect is neglect. Whether they were doing it intentionally or she was actually starving herself, they have failed as parents. You say they were trying to help, they did not try hard enough.

          1. You Already Know

            If you take your child to a psychiatric hospital and the doctors then you’re not neglecting your child you are seeking help. If there are medical records that prove they did that (Which there are) then they didn’t neglect her. They didn’t try hard enough? They took her to a psychiatric hospital. How much more can they do? If they couldn’t get her to eat food then what makes you think they could make her to eat her own feces? If I refused to eat food then I’m sure as hell gonna refuse to eat my own feces.

          2. My question is….why didn’t they seek more medical attention for her when she refused to eat? It just doesn’t make sense to continue to allow a CHILD starve themselves…obviously there is some kind of legitimate evidence used against these two to incarcerate them, otherwise they wouldn’t be sitting in jail. I don’t know about in your neck of the woods, but here in my area, they INVESTIGATE before they make arrests. I mean, it can’t seriously be some vengeful fifteen year old conspiring to put her father and stepmother in jail…

          3. Good point. Thank you for actually bringing something up that I haven’t covered. That is a good question. But for all we know they probably did. They have medical records, some of those medical records may provide an answer to that, but we wouldn’t know because the DA refuses to let the medical records come to play. For all we know they did bring her in for not eating and it’s all provided in the records, but I could be wrong. I wouldn’t know that unless the records come out. And the investigation started after the arrest. Her walking down the street in pajama’s in the middle of winter and being malnourished was enough for an arrest, not to mention her statement, so far that’s the only evidence they have against the parents.

          4. “Her walking down the street in pajama’s in the middle of winter and being malnourished was enough for an arrest, not to mention her statement, so far that’s the only evidence they have against the parents”

            That’s evidence enough. Hence the whole pesky handcuffs thing. Hello……

          5. But her statement has proven that her being malnourished was in fact self inflicted, and her statement is only half the evidence and their statement is only half the evidence. Both parties have different statements. Only thing that actually matters at this point is the evidence that comes to play. 

          6. Conflicting statements. Hmmmm. That sounds like the foundation of all criminal court cases where there is a victim. Listen, I had a friend who was anorexic. All a parent needs to do is have them checked into a psych ward. It’s legal. Parents do it all the time. If what you say is true, these two still failed.

          7. Ummmm go to the website. She was in a Psych ward for a year. So did the parents really fail or was it the Psych ward?

    2. I just viewed the site and it’s waa waa poor us, the government is persecuting us, we have no money, blah blah. No sympathy for the girl at all. It’s all about them. Mutants. Police arrest on probable cause after investigating, the D.A. has to okay it, I can’t believe you jerks are so heartless as to defend these POS. “She has always had a slight build”. Well, so did my oldest daughter but she didn’t weigh only 70 lbs when she was 15! Gad!

      1. You Already Know

        If you’d read her statement she states in her own words. “I chose not to eat.” And the website for these two have confirmed her statement. 

        1. Well, since you know it all, I’m not getting into a verbal slugfest with you. Defend them all you want, I’ll still have my own opinion.

          1. Oh, please state your opinion. I want you to put this moron in their place.

          2. You Already Know

            How about you state your opinion and facts to back it up, instead of having other people do it for you. Since you clearly want someone to put me in my place. Why not do it yourself?

          3. Because I get sick of putting shit stains like you in their place. Sometimes I’d rather watch.

            Hmmmm. Now that I think about it, I really don’t needto explain myself to you. There’s a reason why this piece of shit is featured on this site. End of subject.

          4. You Already Know

            Go ahead and prove my theory wrong. See where it goes.

          5. Did I address you, c***?

          6. You Already Know

            No you didn’t address me. And you have quite a temper. If you’re not gonna put me in my place and if you truly are sick of putting “shit stains” like myself in my place then you shouldn’t be having other people do it for you. As far as I know you have nothing in return to argue my statements nor anything to back up your statements. Therefore you can go ahead and insult me all you’d like, because it’s not gonna get you anywhere far. 

          7. Um, c*** – I wasn’t having her do shit. I simply told her to state her opinion, that I’d like to see her put your sorry ass in your place. Did I tell your to bitch you out for me? No, I most fucking certainly did NOT. I see your reading comprehension is for shit. How about you fuck off now.

          8. You Already Know

            “I simply told her to state her opinion.” “I wasn’t having her do shit.” You telling her to state her own opinion is indeed telling/having her do something. You’re telling her to state her opinion, therefore you’re having her state her opinion. My reading comprehension is shit? Sure you don’t have me confused for yourself? Jumping into this with anger isn’t gonna get you anywhere what so ever.

          9. I said to her “Oh, please state your opinion.” That was more asking her to do what she was already doing. I think she was doing a fine job, which is why I didn’t step in. I asked her to state her opinion. For my reading pleasure. Not because I’m not capable of handling you. I’ve handle more asshats on this site than I care to count.

            You want my opinion? Again, your friends aren’t on this site for no reason. The child weighed 70 pounds at 15. My 11 year old son weighs 95 pounds and he’s skinny as fuck. These two are pieces of shit and should be put down like dogs. And you? You should go suck a tail pipe.

            I’m off to the gym so I don’t end up looking like Princess Pie-snatcher up there. Jeebus, she’s gross. Then I’m going to help my son with homework and feed him a healthy dinner. I’ll let the readers finish with you. You bore me.

          10. You Already Know

            There you go. That’s a start. Yes you did just put me in my place on that one part with asking and not telling. But Like I said. If you read the girl’s statement she states that she chose not to eat, and the website confirms that when it states that she refused to eat. Her choosing not to eat (Which again she stated on her own free will) and her not partaking in breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also on her own free will. As both her and the website have stated. You’re going off of what you believe, I see nothing wrong with that. But you’re not going off of what has been stated by the victim nor the website. She says she chose not to eat and the website confirms it. Therefore her weight was self inflicted.

          11. Here’s one for you – The child was OBVIOUSLY under weight. As a mother, I know I would have recognized this as a problem. Why didn’t these two beasts get her the help she needed. If she’s lying, it’s to protect her “parents”. They didn’t get her help for a reason, let’s face it. GUILTY!

          12. He/she bores me too.

          13. I bore you? Ouch. I’m assuming you replied to me on accident. If not, I’m sorry I’m so boring. I suppose I could dance naked and fling poo at unsuspecting passers by. But… That’s just weird.

          14. Get over yourself already. So you’re a psychology major. Big deal. I’m sure I’m older and wiser than you anyway.

          15. For the record Sirkissa is a friend of mine and fellow blogger. I believe she’s replying to the defender and not to April. 

            As far as the defender goes you bore me as well. Just because you’re more literate than most of the abuse defenders on here your arguments are all the same. You’re trying to justify abuse and or neglect. That doesn’t hold water here. 

          16. Thanks Trench, I was replying to the defender.

          17. You Already Know

            What I’m doing is bringing up facts that have been pointed out in the case. There are medical records that the DA doesn’t want brought up in their defense. Why wouldn’t a DA want that? Oh yeah, because that would help them in the case. DA doesn’t want things to help them in the case. If they’re worried about medical records coming into play then it’s obvious she was being seen by doctors, therefore neglect is out of the question, unless you can prove otherwise.

          18. If there was strong evidence proving that they were neither neglectful or abusive, they would have been released. Why waste money on a triel if the evidence proves otherwise?

          19. I didn’t think she meant to respond to me, but you never know. I’m not loved by all. Most… but not all.

          20. You Already Know

            I also never said that you told her to bitch me out. Your reading comprehension compared to mine is looking pretty weak right now.

          21. You Already Know

            meant to put the whole bitch me out in quotations. That was my fault. but you did state that you never told her to bitch me out. Which is true, but it has nothing to do with what we’re talking about. I never stated that you did tell her to bitch me out what so ever.

          22. Boy, you really love to argue. I don’t, so take your high and mighty attitude somewhere else. Stfu.

          23. You Already Know

            Never said you did. In fact I never told you to jump in nor did I drag you into this, you brought yourself in this on your own free will. Malevolent on the other hand would love for you to put me in my place, I was simply siding with you. I have no problems if you don’t want to state your opinion. Malevolent on the other hand would love for you to argue with me. Like I said, I don’t mind debating. And this is good practice for my Psychology class. Finding a good argument will help. You don’t have to partake if you don’t like.

          24. “Psychology class” = arguing? Um…. I’ve taken many Psych classes and arguing never was a part of the curriculum. It’s been about 10 years, though. And, as a Psych student, I’d think you’d recognize that a malnourished child is not a lying child. Some medical profession would have had to have made that determination. I’m calling stinky on your Psych bullshit. Have a nice night, though.

          25. You Already Know

            Okay the Psychology part comes in on the mental illness’s that the family is using in their defense. The website states the mental illness’s and how the mental illness’s could have came to play. The arguing part is on my own free will. I stated that I like to debate. Me liking to debate has nothing to do with psychology. But her past and what she’s been through will put a lot on a young child, which would in fact cause some mental illness. And that’s where the Psychology comes in.

          26. Anorexia would constitute as a mental (and medical) illness. Again, her parents should have recognized that she had a problem. Most prudent parents do. And they act on it. Not wait for their child to end up dead. If they didn’t starve her, they are still guilty of neglect. Again, I think the fact that they failed to reach out to her or seek medical help shows that they are likely guilty.

            Are you a parent? Would YOU let YOUR child continue to not eat and waste away to nothing?

          27. You Already Know

            There are medical records for her that do prove that she was indeed hospitalized for these things. It’s already been brought up in court, the medical records do exist. And if medical records exist then that must mean they did seek help. A parent who takes their child to a doctor and a Psychiatric hospital is a parent that’s doing their job. Correct me if I’m wrong, but but if there are medical records that do in fact prove that they did seek help, wouldn’t that mean that they didn’t neglect her? Wouldn’t that mean that they had in fact sought for help?  

          28. There is a reason they were arrested. If the medical records prove they weren’t neglectful, why were they carted off to the pokey? There are other allegations here. Consumption of bodily fluids. Locked in a basement. I would love to know who made all of that up? There had to be an investigation that lead to these to being charged.

          29. You Already Know

            There’s always more to the story. You must know that just as well as I do. She has threatened their life, she has admitted to lying, there was an alarm on her door. Yes. No one knows the true reason for why there was an alarm on the door. The girl says they were trying to keep her from eating which is why it was on. The family says otherwise. I’m not saying she’s lying and I’m not saying they’re lying, they’re both just as likely as the other. I’m just gonna argue for one of them, because I know that you’ll argue for the other. 

          30. It’s still abuse. If she threatened them, there were other ways to deal with her. I still think it’s all bullshit excuses.

          31. “There’s always more to the story…”

            The mating cry of the conspiracy nut.  Did you run out of tinfoil or what?

          32. But but but…. The kid is cuckoo and the parents have been set up. The medical record prove everything. Even if they ARE from 2007…..

          33. I believe the really important records were sealed in barrels and buried at Area 51, right next to the crashed flying saucer and the fake moon pictures.

          34. May I bask in your greatness?

          35. Only if I can bask in yours.

          36. A mutual bask? Kinky…

          37. Who says the records are from 2007? I never said they were innocent of abuse, in fact I said the exact opposite of that. I agreed they are guilty of abuse. But the fact that there is more than one medical record and that there is no proof of what year she was sent, that is enough to prove that neglect more than likely never took place and her statement about refusing to eat is more than enough to prove that starvation was self inflicted. Only a true dumb ass would say that it’s someone else’s fault for that person to refuse to eat. If I refuse to eat that’s my fault. Not my dad’s and not my mom’s. If there are medical records that proves they sought help. Simple as that. Now you’re just trying to argue with the evidence, but you don’t have any evidence of your own to back it up. And if you can’t provide evidence like I have, then I suggest once again that you back down because you have nothing.

          38. I was being sarcastic. Sorry, you must have missed that chapter in your psych textbook. Again, I will NOT back down. This is my kingdom and I will do as I damn well please. You have no prrof. Your argument regarding the records is full of holes. What year are they from? Who fucking cares? These two pigs are right were they bleong. True story.

          39. Someone who’s actually interested in the truth would care. If you don’t care then you obviously don’t care about the case. You told me to bring links showing that there are medical records and I have, now you want to try and say they don’t mean anything. That’s why you wanted me to prove there were records then right? Sorry but you fail, and this “kingdom” of yours has now just been conquered thanks to your stupidity.

          40. Hold the fucking phone, fuck head. You I care about the girl. I don’t care about your friends. You want to carry on about the neglect charges? That’s not all they were being charged for. That is the LEAST of their problems. Why are you defending them?

            This is my kingdom and I will not back down. Only Trench can make that request. What YOU can do is get fucked.

          41. Did I once say they were ever innocent of abuse and did I ever once say that Joshua was innocent of rape? No. You may want to check yourself. I have already covered every single last detail to all of it. The rape, the neglect, the abuse, and the eating of feces. Only thing I haven’t covered is the confinement, because I simply don’t have an answer for it. I’ve already stated why I’m protecting them. You got nothing. I’ve brought more to the kingdom then you have. Therefore your “kingdom” has once again been taken over, because it’s ruler is too fucking stupid to back his shit up. I myself have backed up everything I have stated. You have nothing. And for the record I NEVER STATED I WAS RIGHT AGAIN I HAVE SAID THESE ARE MY THEORIES. So in a way I wouldn’t exactly say I’m defending them. I’m just looking at the possibilities. I’ve explained myself about four times now, and you’re just too fucking retarded to understand it.

          42. You didn’t take over shit. You are still a piece of shit who is mother fucking a child all for the sake of defending fucked up asshole parents. You fail as a human being. You really should eat a gun.

          43. Would you say the Illuminati or the Bilderbergers are more likely to be framing your friends?  How does the Hollow Earth fit into all this, and is the Vatican really hiding the lost book of the Bible that would prove their innocence?

            I think I’ll call it “The Duh Vinci Code” in your honor.

          44. You’re retarded. Have you done your research? You fail, failure who’s failing.

          45. I’ve read the statement, I’ve read the articles. I know there are medical records, and so does the court. I know more than you about this case and you fail to provide proof that everything I’ve stated is wrong therefore you fail.

          46. Why are they still behind bars if there is so much proof of their innocence? You fail

          47. I’ve only provided proof of the neglect not taking place. That’s it, I never said they were innocent of anything else. 

          48. You haven’t provided proof that there was no neglect. That proof will come when the charges are dropped.

          49. Sorry, I can’t read all your posts in detail because they make me SO SLEEPY.  Fortunately, I can skim them and recognize the general nutty flavor of conspiracy theory: “there’s more to the story” and “something isn’t right” and “here’s one piece of evidence, please ignore the hundred pieces to the contrary”.  Call me jaded, but I’ve heard it all before; I can barely keep my eyes open when the tinfoil hat brigade starts yapping. Nothing personal (except the part where you’re an asshole).

            But you keep at it.  The truth is out there… somewhere.

          50. Bed…..Good night, Shadow. Thanks for the basking. It plum wore me out.

          51. Yeah, me too.  The troll can argue with himself for a while if he wants.

          52. I’m the asshole. No only asshole is you. You judge without actually looking for at the evidence. You judge by the looks and by what you hear, not what you’ve researched. It’s not a conspiracy theory, if it were then they wouldn’t have detectives looking for the same answers I am. Therefore you’re fucking retarded and you can’t state any facts in this entire conversation. You’re weak minded and a judgmental prick and that’s all you’ll ever be. You’re a worthless puke that needs to go jump off a bridge because you’re pathetic and it’s people like you that makes human kind look like dumb ass’s.

          53. I never once said they were framed. You refuse to see the facts. You can’t neglect someone if you’re seeking medical attention for them. That’s the exact opposite of neglect. And her past is more than enough to prove that she may have psychological problems. Look it up. You fail. I’d like to see you provide evidence proving me wrong.

          54. “I never once said they were framed.”

            Excellent!  Guilty as charged then.  Next case…

          55. Just because they weren’t framed doesn’t mean they’re guilty. Just because they’re innocent of one thing doesn’t mean they’re innocent of everything.

          56. So why are yoiu defending them?

          57. You keep bringing up the supposed psychological problems of the girl. What about the OBVIOUS psychological problems of her DNA providers? Again, more proof you are a sub-human piece of shit.

          58. Hey dont forget that the world is flat

          59. I’ve provided more proof than you have. Therefore you have no say. I’m done with you, you’re weak.

          60. I told you I wasn’t researching this. Dead babies are where my priorities are tonight. Now you? You still haven’t prov en shit. So, I think you’re the weak one.

          61. If you’re not researching this then you shouldn’t even be trying to argue about it. I say I can prove there’s medical records. You say prove it. I did with the article. Therefore I have proven something, you fail. Not me. You say it’s neglect because they never took them to a doctor or a psych ward. The medical records and website prove different. Which I provided, therefore I have proven you wrong. So once again you may want to correct yourself. You’re fucking retarded end of story. I’ve brought facts you’ve brought nothing, yet you still say I haven’t proven anything. You’re weak. Prove me wrong or shut the fuck up.

          62. I don’t give a fuck that there are medical records. You act like the records prove some sort of innocence. I’m claiming that they are shitty parents. What do I need to research? Angel did that for me and provided you with the links in her write up. Another this I can prove (since you’ve made it so easy) is that you are a fucked up asshole. You are not concerned one bit for this abused child. Just as long as we don’t accuse the fat fucks of neglect. Again, you should ingest a bullet. STAT.

          63. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this website was made shortly after the incident happened. Therefore it’s only got part of the story. I never said they weren’t shitty parents, and you can’t neglect a child if you’re seeking medical attention for them, so please explain to me where neglect comes in on this. If you can prove that there is neglect then I’ll leave. Until then, you got nothing.

          64. This website was made YEARS ago. If you are referring to this particular thread, I am responding via email You can see when it was posted. I really don’t care. The medical care? That would depend on the dates of treatment. She didn’t get to 70 pounds over night. So, I venture to say that the medical care didn’t occur in the months prior to their arrest.

          65. If you’ll notice her weight has changed from 70, to 82 to 90. No one really knows how much she ways. Look it up. Better yet click on the link I gave you it states her weight in there and it sure as hell isn’t 70 pounds. No one knows what the dates of treatment are. So yeah you could indeed get me there. That is true, we don’t know when she was last seen. But she was seen, so I still fail to see neglect. Although neglect within the last couple months sure, you could get me with that. We’ll just have to sit and wait. Until then I’ll give you that and I’ll go. If anything else comes up though then don’t be surprised if you see me back here. Thank you for actually bringing up a standing point. It’s about fucking time. Now if you would’ve actually brought up an intelligent answer before instead of being a dumb fuck then this would’ve been over hours ago. But thank you. Like I said before, only reason why I’m arguing for them is to see what other theories are. I don’t like them anymore than you and I sure as hell am not friends with them, so next time back up and state smart intelligent things, like you just did. That would save all of us a lot of time. But consider this bye, unless if something else comes up. If it does then please just provide evidence instead of trying to say I don’t have evidence which I obviously do and you have successfully proven a flaw in it. Like I said before, that’s the only thing I wanted and that’s it.

          66. I also never said she’s mentally ill, I said that there are accusations and possibilities. Which once again her past is enough proof to provide that it’s possible that she may have some psychological problems. Also if a psych ward felt they needed to hold her for a whole year, that also says something. You got nothing. Only thing you can prove at this point is that she may have indeed been abused and that she may indeed have been raped. That’s it, neglect is not a factor in this.

          67. I’m glad you are concerned for this child. It shows what sort of person you are. That’s awesome.

            FREE PETUNIA!!

          68. “I said that there are accusations and possibilities…”

            It’s like a blinking neon sign saying CONSPIRACY NUT CONSPIRACY NUT CONSPIRACY NUT.

            Who do you think really shot JFK?  Was it the Masons or the Men in Black?  Was Elvis involved in this case in any way?

          69. Tupac. He shot JFK and Anna Nicole Smith was just involved in a knnitting circle with Macaulay Culkin a nd Bubbles.

          70. The papers say they’re accusations, the judge says they’re accusations, the attorneys say they’re accusations. Guess that makes them conspiracy nuts too, huh.

          71. Every idiot featured on this site is “accused”……

            I’m sorry, did you have a point?

          72. You talk as if the records are fake. If they were fake then the judge and DA wouldn’t say otherwise. So you fail.

          73. You’re defending shitty parents. I think you’ve failed worse than Shadow.

          74. I admit I “fail” to find these defender tards very amusing.  I wish he’d come right out and say something really entertaining, like the police framed his asshole friends.  I could use a good laugh.

          75. Hmph. Trench said the same thing. The tards are more entertaining. This one is just boring. At least we have our basking to entertain us.

          76. You Already Know

            If the medical records did prove they were neglectful then why doesn’t the DA want them to use it for their defense in this case?

          77. I’m not a law major. Perhaps the evidence in the “abuse” charge was greater than the neglest. Let’s face it, abuse will hold a stiffer penalty than neglect.

          78. I agree the abuse is probably a play in it. But them actually getting convicted of it probably won’t happen. I say that because like I stated before there are no insignificant bruises or injuries, then again there is the scar she claims was caused by Joshua. So maybe they will get nailed with abuse. But neglect is out of the question. If they took her to the doctors and a psychiatric hospital then there obviously wasn’t neglect in it.

          79. I’m willing to be that the charges will stick. Either that, or these sacks of shit plea bargain for lesser charges. That’s what they always do.

          80. I really have to go to the gym, I will try to continue this from my phone. Otherwise, we can duke it out when I get home. I take back the c*** thing. Just don’t piss me off again. Deal?

          81. You Already Know

            Also an educated argument does indeed help someone learn. Having an argument about her Psychological state of mind would indeed relate to Psychology. Just because they don’t have arguments in Psych classes does not mean that having an educational argument on someones mental state of mind would not help someone learn. In order to learn you have to see it from every point of view. In order to do that you bring it up with people who have a different opinion then you do. In this case it would be you and everyone else on this website. Yes I do admit there is more to the story, but I’m not going to share that with you because I know for a fact that you won’t understand.

          82. I won’t understand? How do you know what I will or won’t understand?

          83. You Already Know

            Because part of my reasoning is personal and since everyone on here has attacked everyone who’s defended them for personal reasons, it proves to me that you’d be no different since you are indeed among the people on here who are against everyone who are defending them, a personal reason for defending won’t make that much of a difference to you. If I am wrong please do tell me, maybe I will then tell you all of the reasoning’s for why I’m on here. But please if I do don’t attack me or come at me in any way. If anything just continue with your arguments for why they’re guilty. But please don’t come at me for my personal reasons.

          84. Oh, we love the arguers. I think we call this a regular old Tard Bash.

          85. You Already Know

            I never claimed to know it all. Like I said before, you state your opinion and I’ll state mine. An opinion isn’t the truth. That’s fine, I don’t mind if you keep your opinion to yourself. your opinion is your opinion you can share it with whoever you’d like. I’m just defending based off of facts that have been pointed out and different possibilities with how it all has gone down. Since no one else will.

  76. You Already Know

    And if the girl was indeed as innocent as she claims then they wouldn’t have medical records of any of her psychological problems, which as you all may know just as well as I do that there is. 

  77. You Already Know

    Also there was no significant markings on her. Except for what the witness says that picked her up. “She had a gash on her nose.” The police never stated that and the hospital never stated that either. No one has stated that she has any significant bruising on her or injuries. If she had indeed been getting abused there would have been significant injuries. Which there weren’t.

  78. You Already Know

    The girl was malnourished. She says that she chose not to eat, that would lead to being malnourished. Not the parents fault she refuses to eat. There are medical records, if there are medical records then she wasn’t being neglected. She was being seen by a doctor because her parents brought her in to see them. There are medical records to prove it, therefore she wasn’t being neglected. There are no substantial bruises or injuries on her, so the abuse that has been claimed is far too extreme to have taken place. I could also be wrong on that yes, there could have been abuse, but not as extreme as what people are making it out to be. And no the abuse isn’t right regardless of how bad it is, you lay a hand on a child then you deserve to sit behind bars because you’re a punk ass bitch who has nothing better to do except for fuck with people who can’t defend themselves which is beyond wrong. So I can’t defend them on the abuse, extreme abuse on the other hand more than likely never took place. She’s admitted to lying about Joshua raping her in the past, so her lying about it now is likely. Not to mention she has been raped in the past by her step father. Which would result with trauma, which could cause mental problems. It’s not rare for rape victims to still have memories of their attack and blaming others for doing the same. Joshua could indeed be a scapegoat in this, whether she’s purposely lying or post traumatic stress is taking play in it. But just because I say this does not mean that he didn’t, he also could have, that is possible. So it’s a 50/50 on that one for me.

    1. Again, you bore me. 

      I’ll tell you what I’ve told every other defender that comes here. If these ‘people’ are acquitted I will remove the post. Since I’ve taken over the site I’ve only had to do that once. 

      1. You Already Know

        It’s nice to know that facts bore you. The fact that everyone is going based off of what one person said is wrong. Just because they claim to be a victim does not necessarily mean they are a victim. It’s also not rare for victims to be lying. And there are enough facts to take out the neglect. Not enough facts to take out the abuse and only half of the facts can point out that the rape is faulty. I never said you had to take this off, never wanted you to. Like I said. I’m interested in the case because of the mental problems that the girl may have, and because of all the possibilities of all of it. I came to see if anyone could prove my theories wrong (Which someone has yet to do). Because no one can argue my points, I think I can say that my theories are more than likely possible. Not that I’m saying they are, believe me that’s the last thing I want to say. I could be wrong on all of it. But that’s another reason why I’m here, to be proven wrong. In order to be proven wrong you need to talk to someone with a different opinion. You get a different opinion you get more possibilities, not only that but you learn more. This case interests me because of the mental illness that is claimed and the medical records that could prove it. Because mental illness is indeed a Psychological issue, it would indeed help me learn more. And getting other points of view would also help me learn more. I have put down educational points based off of facts that have been pointed out. As for you and everyone else on this page, you’ve only pointed out her being malnourished, but no one has explained why she stated herself that she chose not to eat. No one has argued about the medical records that do indeed exist. Therefore everyone here is pointing fingers based off of what they’ve heard and based off of the looks of the parents. In my opinion people who do that are weak minded. No one can prove my theories to be wrong and yet I’m the bad guy. People who accuse others without the proper proof are more of bad guys than the people who actually look into it. It’s called investigating, when you investigate facts come out, when facts come out the story comes together and when the story comes together then the truth comes out. 

        1. Let me know how that works out for you. 

          1. Well so far I haven’t gotten an intelligent reply back so, it could be better. But then again, it was probably my fault for choosing this website. Since it seems it’s filled with senseless idiots that don’t go based off of fact but go based off of what they want to believe instead of looking at all the possibilities of it all.

          2. Okay, if you are going to refer to me, Trench or any one else who frequents this site as a senseless idiot, I will reinstate the “c***” title. Fuck you and your freakish looking, child abusing, fuckhead friends. Feel free to go fuck yourself.

        2. Facts? The only facts you’ve posted are “your facts”. Link proof that the child was seen by doctors. Link proof that she lied and threatened and starved herself. Show us that she was her own abuser. Put up or shut up. It’s that simple.

          1. Look at news articles. Go to court hearings. I have. They have already accomplished that there are hospital records, but the DA doesn’t want them to come to play. It’s all over the papers. And if I’m not mistaking her statement has already been posted on here. Go though the comments and find it. She stated it herself in the statement. And that website that I posted earlier says that she has admitted to lying. 

          2. I’m sorry I didn’t clarify what she stated in her statement. She had stated that she chose not to eat. Don’t believe me look through these comments. You’ll find the link to her statement. Look at news articles, you’ll see that hospital records do indeed exist. Like I said I’m going off facts. And those facts do exist. You obviously haven’t been looking into this, if you had been looking into this then you’d already know all of this. If you haven’t even been following with this then I suggest you back down. Because my knowledge on this case is more than likely even greater than yours.

          3. No. I won’t back down. Link your proof. You want to scream how innocent they are, back your shit up or bounce.

          4.…  I don’t know if it’ll work. Not working for me. But for anyone who’s been on here earlier and have clicked on the link before they’ll know all about her statement. This was at one point her statement. 
            “During discussion of a motion by Hayes to seal medical records to be used in the case, Moeser told Genovese the website also contained information from medical records. Genovese ruled that any medical records submitted to the court would be sealed.”

          5. Let me be honest with you, unless there is an update worth my time on this one, I’m not searching for it. I have HUNDREDS of murdered children I keep track of. This one barely made it on my radar. Now, that may make me sound like a heartless c***, but dead babies trump nneglected teens. Just saying….. It’s a happy ending on BB when they make it out alive.

          6. Now that I’ve proved that there are indeed medical records. I think I can stand my ground when I say neglect is out of the question.

          7. Because they took her to the doc once doesn’t rule out neglect. If she had an ongoing problem, she needed ongoing treatment. It was their job to see to it she go it.

          8. You don’t know how many times she’s been to the doctors. You’re simply assuming that she’s only been there once. Do you have proof she’s been there once? Who says they were framed? I didn’t. I’m just saying the police didn’t notice anything significant about her, they didn’t see that she was malnourished or abused, they had no suspicion of it. Why notice it now? Because a witness actually picked her up this time? Did they refuse to do anything about it? There’s numerous different questions that come to mind for me as in to why the police handed her back over. Also brings more suspicion as in to how she was even picked up or why if she’s “Confined to the basement” then there would have been no need.

          9. Do you have proof that they didn’t do the things thay’re accused of?

          10. Have I not already stated my reasoning? Do you have proof they did? Her statement and the website have already proven that her starvation was at her own doing and the medical records have proved that she wasn’t neglected. What do you have to bring to the table? I fail to see your proof.

          11. There are allegations other than the starvation. And she wouldn’t be the first child to lie in order to protect her parents. Holy fuck. I lied, once, to protect an abusive dickhead I lived with. Your argument is lame.

    2. Bruises are not always an indication o abuse and abuse isn’t indicated solely by bruises. Abuse takes place in various forms. So… Riddle me this, she who knows all – are you prepared to come here to eat crow when these two beasties go down for how they treated their daughter?

  79. 15, 2009: Police sent to the home to retrieve a juvenile girl. She is returned to her father. 
    Hmm. Interesting, the police retrieved her and sent her back home in 2009. Sound a little fishy. Don’t ya think?

    1. Oh, totally fishy. These two have been framed. What a shame the way the law doesn’t protect innocent parents like these two.

      1. They say there are medical records (plural) RECORDS. That means there’s more than one record, therefore she’s been to the doctors more than once. And if they’d bring the records out I can guarantee that they’ll find the records of her being in a psych ward for a year like it states on the website.

        1. We get it. She’s loco and thw pig duo is innocent. And I’m fucking Anthony Keidis later tonight.

  80. “What a shame the way the law doesn’t protect innocent parents like these two.”

    I think you mean “what a shame the law doesn’t stuff fat, ugly, inbred looking motherfuckers who abuse children into burlap bags and drown them in the river.”

    1. Once again, thank you for correcting me. I should start paying you for fixing my fuck ups.

  81. Hey all- I dont have time at this moment to finish reading the comments. But I do have a question for YouAlreadyKnow….. How many Psych hours have you taken? There is a reason for asking and I will be happy to continue this after I get home from work.

  82. And you’re a psych major? So am I. I did research this case. I even employed critical thinking before coming to the conclusion that these two adults are usefully incarcerated, and I am willing to bet you know them personally, otherwise you wouldn’t be so passionate about proving their innocence. Even if the girl conflicted her own statement, these two adults still failed her by not protecting her from herself. When you are dealing with a bipolar child (her symptoms display as cyclothmic bipolar nos, my oldest has the same thing) you need to remain consistent with psychiatric care, medication, etc.,… These two deserve to be in jail for that neglect.

    1. Thank you. That was my point EXACTLY! She may be bipolar. Admitting she was starving herself is an indication of an eating disorder. That should have been treated. The parents failed. There is all sorts of neglect going on here.

    2. i have a very good understanding of psychology- yes a BBS and MEd in psych. So I was wondering where youalreadyknow was in the education field.

      1. Deb, Shady was responding to the troll. She’s not the troll. Be nice!

        1. I know- I was adding my 2 cents- sorry Shady- kisses??

          1. Whew. I hate when regulars fight. Thanks for behaving!

      2. Everyone who took some classes thinks they’re a shrink…

        1. And you’re still a troll.

  83. And I meant justfully not usefully, damn autocorrect.

  84. You have no idea what you are talking about. I can’t believe you would sink yourself to the level of spreading the filthy lies that have been spread about these kindhearted people. All of you…are you actually thinking about what you are saying? I can’t believe I live on a planet where people are this horrible…meaning you comment typers. You are the ones that make me sick.

    1. Ho hum. Another trash defender. Go away, you are boring me.

      1. I can’t believe that someone still thinks these POS are innocent. Didn’t they get sentenced?

        1. Not yet. Piggy step monster scheduled for April 8th. Loser piggy sperm donor scheduled for February 25. The sick step fuck was supposed to start January 7 but I didn’t find any updates to what the verdict was or if it even started.

    2. The trial must be close to starting. Keep defending them you tard. The truth will soon be heard and Petunia and Porky will then be roasted with a stick up their asses and an apple in their mouths.

      After they are convicted will all you trolls go back under your bridge?

  85. Glad to see this nasty, disgusting, fat POS bitch pled guilty and will be serving hard time. So much for all the bullshit conspiracy theories by “Observation Report” and other two-bit armchair detectives. I take great pleasure in saying “I told you so” with a side order of “go fuck yourself”. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long until someone drowns this filthy sow in a toilet – her face already looks like something that belongs there, so it should come naturally.

    In other good news, the fat bastard has been convicted and will soon be taking a trip to Bubba’s Asshole Stretching Day Spa. In June the rapist son will face trial and hopefully he also will be sent up the river so he can “enjoy” the same treatment he gave others. Then the good citizens of Madison will finally be safe from this fuckhead freakshow family. Unfortunately, “Observation Report” and other dimwitted dick-deficient defenders remain at large…

  86. I’d love to see these fat fucks get strangled with a tie wrap. They deserve no less.

  87. Dad was found guilty on felony charges and stepmom pled guilty to felony charges. Stepbrother is still awaiting trial. Where are Jake and Observation Report now? BTW there are plenty of news stories that are continuing to name the family members.

    1. I just came across this and I was wondering which Jake it is that ur talking about. sure as hell hope its not me, cuz idk wtf ur talking about. I know this family and I haven’t tried to stick up for them. I would really like a last name for this Jake

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