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Tot Placed in Dryer as Punishment

Dad Put 3 Year Old in Dryer

Man Stuck Son in Dryer and Turned It On

Jamial Bayly

40 year old Jamial E Bayly was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence and misdemeanor child endangerment for admittedly placing his 3 year old son in the dryer.

Police received a phone tip from a concerned relative and went to the home for a welfare check.  The jackass told police he had placed the baby in the dryer and turned it on as punishment earlier in the day.

Apparently, this isn’t the bastard’s first rodeo.  In 1999 he was convicted of domestic violence for assault on a 5 year old.

Luckily, the baby had no injuries.  He was released to the mother who was at work at the time of the incident.


You cannot tell me this is the first time this prick has been abusive in 13 years!

How could this mother not know he was capable of hurting that baby??  Evidently, relatives knew and were worried enough to call the police and ask for a welfare check.  Why the hell leave your baby with someone that, at the very least, you know is capable of harming him regardless of him being the “father”?!?

Hopefully, this will be her wake up call!  If she cares anything about this baby she’ll keep him as far away from this moron as possible!  He was unharmed this time, next time the ending may not be a happy one…


Thanks to Lee for the tip

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  1. Whoa whoa whoa.  Child endangerment is a MISDEMEANOR?!  WTF?! 

    At least he still got charged with a felony, but we all know he’ll only spend a year or two in the state pen for that.  

    You know what we should do for assholes like this?  Put them on a registry and severely restrict their access to children. Oh wait, we already do this for sex offenders!  Or, you know, we could just shoot them all.  

    1.  I like the second option….and we could line them up single file, use elephant rounds, and take out several with just one shot….quick and economical.

      1. Forget wasting good lead…why not perform the ancient Japanese rite of harakiri on them?  Only have someone else make the cut, not them?  Only cost is the cleanup.

      2. why dont you get a life and get off a decent mans life you dont know the truth about this man he would never do anything like this and your ready to hang him get your shit straight/

        1.  Translation: (with the use of proper grammar, punctuation and spelling)

          I am a friend/relative/bedpartner of this outstanding individual. You have no idea how good he is in bed (applies to any of the above relationships in this case), or how much fun it is to place a small child in a dryer.  It really is a lot of fun watching them through the glass bubble in the door, as they tumble around…. Furthermore, you cannot comprehend the veracity of such an upstanding parent. And since you can spell better than I can, you obviously spend much more time on your grammatical skills than you spend defending baby-abusing morons.  Oh, and I can’t read very well either, since I made a reference to hanging, when you were advocating the use of high-velocity lead poisoning.  You may also need to take some ex-lax, since I am questioning the quality of the fecal matter that exits your rectum….

          1. Ooohhh okay, now it all makes perfect sense! He’s innocent! (note the heavy dose of sarcasm) Thank you Angel for translating utter garbage into something that can be read without eyes crossing or head pounding. But then it is so sad that one needs a translation when a person tries to write basic English. The wonders of American public school education and No Child Left Behind.

          2.  Of COURSE he’s innocent! Where have you been? Don’t you know that every single person profiled here on BB is innocent? And so is everyone who currently calls an 8×8 prison cell home. They are all innocent. They are all pawns in a vast conspiracy to keep our courtrooms and prisons full….

          3. I hate conspiracies- especially when I’m not in on them 😉
            I actually had an inmate tell me “I am guilty of a lot of things, but I am innocent of this crime. I really don’t think I deserved 25 years for something I didn’t do.”

          4. I would do the “9 bowings and 9 knockings” usually reserved for the empress but I recently hurt my back.
            Please consider the thought as equal to the deed.

        2. Ummm…he ADMITTED it. To the cops.
          Letting your clitoris blind you to reality is bad enough. Adding stupidity to the mix isn’t pretty.
          It’s not pretty at all.

    2. you too fuck off you judging a man you dont know this will all come out and the truth and I hope you feel like an ass like you are

  2. I was wondering why I keep coming back to this site to read all these upsetting stories, and it occurred to me that something in me is satisfied by seeing these people publicly named and shamed, and even better that the suffering of their victims is also publicly acknowledged here.

    I’m not big on capital punishment but I think there’s an argument to be made that a person who’s capable of putting a child in a dryer is just as much a menace to society as someone who sticks up a liquor store, and in some cases the robber might be more capable of being rehabilitated and safely returned to society.

    1. your full of shit you damm people just love gossip dont you you better the the true facts before you put a good man down this is not true and you will find out soon enough so keep your damm mouth shut

      1. If all of us here could get a fucking nickel for every time someone has said this very thing, we’d be fucking rich. Listen dumbfuck, no one here wants to hear your stupid shit unless you have the proof to back it up.

        Oh, and if he didn’t do this, then why did he tell the police he did? If he’d never hurt a child then why was he previously convicted of doing so back in 1999 to another child? Get your shit straight.

  3. This child was his son? Who, I ask, would let Crank the crater face anywhere near her? OMG is the mother nuts? A meth head? She had a child with this guy when he was previously convicted of domestic & assault on a five year old? Another stupid sow endangers a child. Go figure.

    1. this man did not do this  to this boy or to any other child the dam media sheriffs office and all you nasty people should know better. hell he wont even correct the child . he is a good husband and father and works every day to frovide them a good life get your stories straight before you ruine and mans life you asshole

      1. If he didn’t do it, why did he admit that he did?  If he’s a good man, then why was he previously convicted of assaulting a 5 year old?  Do you think that the police didn’t have enough to do so they  just went out to a random house to accuse someone of child abuse and they just happened to have a child?  Or just maybe the concerned relative had a reason to be concerned.

        1. He did not admitt to anything He works 8 10 12 hours a day for his family and he is a decent person as far as his wife do you really think she would stand by him if he did this? use you head She wouldnt let anyone hurt her child and yes I do know once going on and I wouldnt be afraid to leave him with any child. If he hurt the boy why is the boy crying for him all the time even waiting up at night ceying for him?you people are nuts. I  wished I had every one of your name and address Id like to lool up your backrown your all probably dope heads and sexual  purvits.

          1. 1) women leave their children with abusers all the time, they also stand by the same abusers after they have harmed/killed/raped their babies, click around this site a bit and see for yourself.

            2) Nice attempt at coherency, but you failed in your last sentence…miserably.

          2. Omg, this post made me laugh so hard on so many levels…
            What exactly is a “purvit”?! Sounds like some kind of pet… Can I get one?
            Or was that a subconscious glitch and what you intended to write was “dimwit” – meaning yourself?!

            On a serious note: I am not a native speaker, and I guess I make my fare share of mistakes. But when I compare myself with Mr.Cooper’s style of writing, his spelling and punctuation, then I am pretty proud of myself… 😉 I just hope he isn’t in any way representative for the school system in the U.S. ( what I seriously doubt, as most of the regulars have amazing writing skills).

            Just to answer to the only real argument you had in your rant: women stay with partners who abuse them and/or their children all the time. And children, especially small ones, love their adult caregivers, whether they deserve it or not, meaning even if they are abusive. Because they don’t know better and they fear loosing the only stability in life they have. Both facts are no proof that your friend hasn’t been abusive. Please be aware of that. ).

          3.  Unfortunately, Cooter’s …oops! I meant Cooper’s…writing skills Are indicative of the quality of education most public school students receive in the US these days.  The fact that most of the writers here are able to construct a proper sentence/paragraph means one of two things:

            1. The person is over the age of 30, and/or received an education before the implementation of the ‘No Child Left Behind’ fiasco, or…
            2. The person had a parent or caregiver who took an interest in their education, and provided the extra instruction necessary for them to develop a good vocabulary and proper writing skills.  That’s why I home school my children.  My elementary school children are writing on a college level, and have been known to point out/correct the spelling/grammar mistakes they notice on street signs, store signs, or in books they read. I give them extra credit points when they point out mistakes in assigned reading material. 😉

            BTW – for a non-native speaker, you do an excellent job! Most native speakers don’t write as well as you do.

          4.  Oh, and ‘purvit’ – purple civet??? If so, I want one too – I love civets! But if I could get one in aqua blue, that would be even better…I could call it an aquevet.  Nah, that sounds like an underwater animal doctor…maybe a bluvit….lol

  4. The movie “Serenity” has a pretty good scene, Rachel, inwhich a character does exactly that.  I like it.

  5. Oh, dear, Copper’s been at the moonshine again Aunt Mae.

    Fucking hicks.

    1. moonshine my ass. I know the facts and you will too soon you dick head

      1.  I waited, with baited breath, because at this time of the month, I have run out of Listerine.

        1.  HA! LMAO!!!! P.S. Scope tastes better….

          1.  No such thing as Scope in my one- horse country- we have one horse, and Eugene TerreBlanche kept falling off of the poor thing. ;P

    2. ROFLMAO. You just made my day, Jemima, thank you very much! 😀

      Way to put a guy in his place…

      It was a miserabl day today and I was moody (“that time of the month”… :P) – you really yanked me out of it.

    3.  I’ve had some of that stuff before.  I could still reason better than this guy… But then, most of us here are smarter asleep than this guy is awake…..

  6. EVIL!!

  7. We got this email.  I thought it was funny enough to share:

    “Mr. Bayly went to court July 17th for a 4th degree felony for putting his child in the dryer Mr. bayly was found inncent no fines no jail no nothing so now will all you low lifes quit talking and running your mouth on him?”

    I was unable to find an update on this loser and the rocket scientist who sent this email didn’t offer any sort of proof, so I will the the thread up.  Enjoy your Wed. giggle.

      According to the court records, it’s undisposed, but maybe they are late updating the online records?

      1. You may need to copy the address into your browser to get there.  Not sure if it will actually act like a link.

      2. Good find. Well, we still don’t know.

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