The Devil DIDN’T make me do it!


John Lotts

Admitted Satanist In Court For Child Abuse
Sex offender, Satanist accused of abusing boy
Self-Proclaimed Satanist Talks From Jail About Abuse Charges

Just when I think I’ve heard and seen it all, something comes across my computer screen to prove me wrong. This is one of those situations that would be almost funny if it didn’t involve the abuse of an innocent. Usually, the people we feature here attempt to blame their actions on God, Jesus, Satan or any other supernatural entity they can think of. THIS guy is actually DEFENDING Satan! Go figure! Like I said, it would be humorous if it didn’t involve an abused child.

On to the details…Goatee devil-boy up there is none other than John (Lucifer) Lotts Jr. He is an admitted Satanist, and apparently proud of his evil affiliation with Old Scratch himself. And while I have heard the term “card-carrying” used in reference to die-hard fans of any given topic, I found out during my reading on this case, that there is actually something to that claim – at least as far as Satanism is concerned. Apparently Beezelbub’s boy up there is a card-carrying Satanist. No, really! When he was arrested, he produced a ‘red card’ and intimated that it was proof of his membership in the Church of Satan. Of course, that fine organization could not confirm his claim, because the names of its members are private. Again, go figure…

Anyway, Lotts, 40, henceforth to be referred to as Mr. Minion, was arrested for abusing a five-year old boy. But Minion claims that the abuse had absolutely nothing to do with his religious beliefs. No, he just lost his temper – re: he’s simply mean as a freakin’ snake. What a novel concept on here, huh? Personal responsibility. Who’d have thought that of all of the fine, upstanding religious individuals we feature here, it would be a Satanist who didn’t try to lie and blame his actions on his deity? But then, maybe Satan told him to lie about his Master’s involvement – sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Among the injuries sustained by the little boy are multiple facial injuries, injuries to the backs of his hands, numerous injuries to the child’s entire body (in varying stages of healing), and internal injuries including kidney contusions and a lacerated liver. I think I’m going to go ahead and say that I believe Lotts – no non-corporeal entity caused these injuries. And although I don’t believe that Satan injured the boy, I certainly hope someone reaches out and smacks the HELL out of this walking waste of flesh. And the boy’s mother, too – but we’ll get to her later. Lotts said that the injuries he inflicted on the boy were done out of anger, and he admitted to kicking and burning the boy. Oh, and Lotts is a registered sex offender, too. What a fantastic find for any young, single mother!

Speaking of the birth organism, her name is Elizabeth A. Hoagland and she is 23. She admitted knowing that Lotts was a registered sex offender, and still she left her son with this guy. But wait! There’s more! She also admitted to coming home a few days prior to the hospital visit to find her son incoherent on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth. But since he seemed OK when he regained consciousness, she didn’t bother to seek treatment for the injuries at that time, and continued to leave the boy in the care of this monster. Good call, Elizabeast Hagster! But maybe we should forgive the poor woman, since she did later admit “she was wrong for not protecting (her son) or seeking medical treatment for him.” Who wants to pat her on the back and tell her everything will be OK? Maybe have a group hug? Yeah, me neither. She has been charged with failing to protect her son, but I think she should be charged with reckless endangerment, as well as mental abuse for leaving her son in the care of someone as scary looking as Lucifer’s lover up there. That’s enough to traumatize anyone!

Although no name has been released for the child, he is reportedly recovering from his horrendous injuries, and has been placed with a relative until further notice.

We always speculate that there is a special place in Hell for the abusive freaks we profile here, but in this case, I’m not sure that’s a deterrent for this guy – he’s apparently looking forward to going there. Well, maybe there’s someplace even worse than Hell for people who are buddies with the pitchfork-wielding master of pain.

  • Alexandra

    That kind of idiot thinks hell is just one big party.  He’ll find out differently…and he won’t like it.

  • Jemimabean

    Well of COURSE he’s not going to say that “Satan made him do it,” as far as I know harming a child is not considered acceptable behaviour amongst the La Veyan nutjobs, at least. But still- any 40 year old who is thick and dull enough to define themselves specifically by their religion should not be breeding or engaging with sentient society, they are ALL a recipe for disaster.

  • Trench Reynolds

    Was the neck tattoo mentioned? I just wanted to make sure that was pointed out. 

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  • Pmoore1

    By the way, this is my comment down here. :))

  • Pmoore1

    Each time I read these entries…and I read them all, I picture the little ones with the little light in their bright, beautiful eyes… I hope the little makes it somewhere really sweet too. You know, a place of love and protection. Just like they all deserve.

  • Cseal8

    That poor lil guy…. I hope he can have a bright future and block these horrible memories…. Maybe he would have better luck if they placed him with loving strangers instead of family members.

  • Soobs

    “Mr. Minion”….Angel, I love you.  As for Hagster – you KNOW that with that name, this would eventually happen.  Or something similar.  I hate these people.

    • Angel

       I love you, too! Personally, I thought ‘Elizabeast’ was appropriately descriptive for this brain-dead birth organism.

  • Dee

    He looks evil to me.
    As for the poor little boy, I hope he’ll be alright.

  • RobTaylor

    The Church of Satan is worse than a Satanic organization – they’re an Atheist group that believes in the “psychological” power of ritual to harness their “inner Satan” and such. It’s founder was a carny and it’s an elaborate con game where you buy memberships and priesthoods. They claim that’s because they want to measure your success in the material world before you represent them.

    The Temple of Set was formed by disgruntled members who were upset that they weren’t actually worshiping Satan.

    Long story short – I’ve never met a COS member who wasn’t a immature douchbag, drug addict, or sociopath and usually they were some combination of all three. This story does not surprise.