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What do a claw hammer, a golf club and a space heater all have in common?

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Anti-child abuse movement started
Isle of Wight man faces first-degree murder charge in daughter’s death
PIPER MOLINSKI – 4 Months – Isle of Wight/ Smithfield VA
Father charged in baby’s death
Dad charged with murder in baby’s death

No, they’re not items used for home improvement, nor are they all items that can be used for sporting events (but I think that a ‘claw hammer toss’ category in the Prison Olympics could be an interesting addition). Apparently they are all items that can be used to torture and kill a 4-month old baby. Or two. At least in Virginia…but that doesn’t surprise Trench, I’m sure.

Fortunately the authorities were able to rescue Ella Molinski from the clutches of her tw*t-rotting egg donor and the snatch-filler she allowed to impregnate her. Unfortunately, Ella’s twin sister Piper Molinski was not as lucky. While both infants were taken to the hospital with skull fractures, broken ribs, multiple bruises and burns on the bottoms of their feet, only one of them survived the injuries – Ella. Piper was taken off of life support on Valentine’s Day, and she will never be able to do all of the things that other babies get to do when they grow up…like, grow up.

EMS was dispatched to the home of Leann Webb, 23, and Robert Molinski, 22, on the evening of Sunday, Feb. 12, in response to a 911 report of an unresponsive child. I REALLY hate to see those words. What they usually signify is that a child has been beaten to death, or near death, by a parent or caregiver. As happened in this case. These girls, at only 4 months old, had been so severely abused that they both sustained multiple skull fractures, multiple broken ribs (in various stages of healing – meaning the abuse was not a single occurrence), numerous bruises, and their little feet had burns that were attributed to a space heater being placed too close to their feet. Items seized from the house as evidence included the aforementioned claw hammer, golf clubs, space heaters (yes, more than one), and bloodstained bedding. Two space heaters? WHY? WHY? WHY? I guess because they wanted to be sure they could torture both babies at the same time, and in the same manner, with as little expenditure of energy on their part as possible. Because it would put a serious strain on their time management options if they had to move the space heater back and forth between the babies, I guess. Piper died form blunt-force trauma to the head. I don’t even WANT to know which of the parental playthings was used to inflict the fatal blow – but I do hope someone returns the favor while the two useless scumbags await trial.

Both of these worthless individuals have been arrested. However, while the sperminator has been charged with first-degree murder, Eggzilla has only been charged with felony child abuse and neglect. Why is that I wonder? Did she convince the authorities that she only participated in the torture, but the mean, nasty dung-dad was the one who struck the fatal blow? I don’t give a rip if all she did was watch – she is just as responsible for that child’s death as he is. She should have taken that claw hammer to his head, and played a couple rounds of golf with the balls the good Lord provided to the sperm donor. Placing the space heater on his crotch and turning it on high would not have been remiss, either. After all, everyone enjoys a good weenie roast, right? You could place the balls on sticks and call them marshmallows after the golf game ends, too. Just to complete the campfire scene, you know.

The witch’s father is apparently attempting to secure a good defense for his little girl, when what he should be worried about is attempting to secure a good home for his granddaughters. But since the whole fam-damly was living in his house, I suppose he’s already trying to protect HIS ass(ets) as well.

And, according to Sheriff Marshall, who was one of the responding officers, the house was filthy. There were animal feces everywhere, soiled bedding, and “The inside of that house was a wreck,” as Marshall put it. Why does this not surprise me? He called it one of the worst abuse scenes he has ever encountered in his 27 years in law enforcement. *shudder*

What DOES surprise me is that Webb’s 4-year-old daughter, from a previous relationship, was completely unharmed. Usually these walking piles of excrement like to kill the previous snatch-filler’s offspring before turning on their own young. Maybe the older child was smart enough to stay out of his reach, or maybe she was able to out run him – or outsmart him, since he doesn’t look like the freshest sandwich in the picnic basket. Thank the Lord for small favors, anyway – at least one of the angels was left out of the sadistic activities. I imagine she probably saw a good bit of it,though,and will have her own demons to deal with as she gets older.

The surviving twin is still listed in critical but stable condition, according to one article, but another article mentions that she has already been released. That came from the Bishop at the church the walking incubator attended in the past. I guess none of that “do unto others as you would have done to you” sank in on her, huh? Unless she likes being beaten with hammers and clubs herself, in which case I say – let’s give her what she likes! The bishop also says that the poor mother is hurting, and reached out to him over the weekend. I hope she IS hurting! I hope it tears at her guts every day that her baby is dead, and she is the reason for that. The good Bishop went to see her to “help bring some healing to her”. I know that is his job, and I commend his motives, but I would much rather have seen someone bring some “healing” to the baby who now calls a coffin her home. I cannot work up any pity at all for this FBO who sacrificed her child’s life for a worthless neanderthal she was shacking up with. Not a drop.

I am now thoroughly disgusted, and will leave the rest of our readers to draw their own conclusions. I’m sure they’ll be quite entertaining.

Thanks go to Deena, Rachel and Korin for tips they sent in. And thanks to Malevolent April for supplying me with that information. If I locate any other articles, I will be sure to post an update.

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  1. He’s a stone killer. It’s the eyes that give that away. Neither of them are looking particulary remorseful. Both of them should be executed by whipping until dead in the public square. This story is too heinous for me to formulate any other appropriate wors.

  2. Why am i thinking maybe they werent biologically his

  3. Do the world a favor and just kill them both.. Poor babies only 4 mos.old Bless these children.

  4. I hope someone beats them both retarded. She kind of looks like someone already has, actually. I can’t fathom what those precious babies could have possibly done for anyone to think they deserve treatment like that. Wtf is wrong with the world? Has it always been this bad?

  5. “Mother” looks like she might have been born w/ fetal alcohol syndrome.  Not that it would excuse her behavior.  Just an observation. 

    1. @Mihalinka…I was just going to post something similar. She looks like she may have a tad of Downs to me. 

  6. The babies probably screamed and cried, which is what babies do even if you feed them, change them, etc, and then they got tired of it.  Yes a constantly screaming baby can be annoying, but NEVER enough to warrant putting your hands on them and hurting them. My little sister used to punch (and kick) me in the balls all the time, and I never once beat her for it (generally because I was doubled over in pain from her tiny fists of fury, and our mom scares the the shit out of me.)

  7. I sent in a tip about this one, not that I want any credit–I wish I didn’t “see” these stories at all, but now they pop out at me everywhere I look.  I think I sent a link to a recent article from our Virginian Pilot (based in Norfolk, VA) that states that Hampton Roads is one of the areas in the US with the highest incidence of child mortality at a caregiver’s hand.  Maddening.

    Kind of OT, but I’ve been doing a lot of research lately into the legislation that brought about the ban of drop-side cribs.  30 children over 12 years died as a result of drop-side cribs, so now they’re banned.  Legislation has been passed so that we can’t resell or even donate them.

    I just think that it’s shameful how much time and waste is spent on drop-side cribs, meanwhile, children are dying every single DAY at the hands of their parents and they don’t get nearly as much attention.

    1. I sent all the tips to her late. Sorry.

    2. The laws against doing THIS kind of shit are already on the books!

  8. This is like 10 mins from where I live now. We’re military and just transferred here and it’s sad to come here and see this so “close to home”. I have my own 4 month old and I’d die before I let anything happen to him…. Rip Piper

  9. I need to go throw up now. My goodness. When my boy was teething and I was up with him all hours of the night I would get stressed. Even threw his bottle against the wall. NEVER did it cross my mind to hurt him. I understand stress but that is just despicible

  10. I need to go wake up my kids and hug them all now. Poor babies. R.I.P. Piper, and hopefully Ella can find the loving home that she deserves.

    If they were living with the egg donor’s father, then why isn’t he getting charged also? He could not have possibly known that this wasn’t going on. Anyone that was living there, that is an adult, and did nothing to help those poor little girls needs to pay for what has happened.

    1. I totally agree.  Grandpa should be charged too. 

  11. WTH is wrong with these two pieces of dirt.This story really disgusts me.Worse still,I’m now beginning to wonder what the world is coming to when good parents are replaced by trash like them.

  12. I bet they beat them because they were crying…twins = double crying.  Why don’t some  people have any patience with crying babies anymore??  Hello! Babies cry…A LOT.  Even animals are more patient and protective of their young than these evil monsters.

  13. I’m agreeing with the “she looks like she has a congenital abnomality” group.  Looks like Down’s to me.   Doesn’t excuse a thing.   Actually implicates her parents.  Most young women with Downs have parent who protect them from psychopaths like that ass-wipe.  And, yes, I’m pretty sure he’s a psychopath.  They often prey on the weak (like girls with Down’s Syndrome).  Agreeign with Clevo – you can see it in his eyes.

  14. “What do a claw hammer, a golf club and a space heater all have in common?”

    They all need to be rammed up various orifices of these two fuckers.

    1.  Hmmm….maybe I should add that to the story in place of my original first paragraph….  😉

  15. I don’t think she has Downs or any sort of congenital defect.  She’s just the typical squinty-eyed trash you usually find out in the middle of buttfuck nowhere.  Though I’d agree she probably is pretty damn stupid.  

  16. There was also a 4 year old in the house but she showed no signs of abuse. Also the father has a public Facebook page and the twin that died had been in the hospital before. Also on his page, he talked mostly about how he and the mother fought all the time cause she thought he was cheating on her.

  17. This is horrible…are people being overrun by evil energy that makes them disregard the most precious blessings on Earth?! Seriously, I am so depressed with these stories.  Especially when there are mother’s all over the world losing their babies to illness, starvation…not to mention the endless lives lost to parents through out history. Now we have such an increase in monsters deliberately hurting, killing, maiming babies…..reality check! These are just soul-less empty husks of flesh which have invaded our world in the guise of human beings. Kill them all and rid our world of these imposters, slimy disgusting poor excuses for people. They are breeding far too quickly.

    1. Nell, nell, nell…. Precious? Blessings? Whatch it. Those are words once spoken by she who shall not be named. It causes me to randomly type words like PENIS! And WAKE UP CALL!!!!

      1. How the eff did I miss this? Good one.

        1. I have no idea. Did you laugh?

          1. NO!!! 

            Umm, yeah.  And then Angel’s PENIS PENIS PENIS.

            Idiots (said with love and doNUTS)

          2.  You liked that, did you?

          3. Yeah baby, I need more PENIS!

            Is that like needing more cowbell?

  18. Maybe if you’d post the story minus your bullshit rants an raves no one cares about and everybody hates to read, I’d actually have read the story. Like you have to read paragraph after paragraph… just to get the maybe 2 lines of the whole story. In a nutshell …post the story an stfu. nuff said. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR BS COMMENTARY…JUST THE STORY. i BET YOUR SINGLE CAUSE NOBODY COULD PUT UP WITH A SIDEWAYS FUCK LIKE YOU.

    1. Fuck Off….. Nuff said!

    2. I personally enjoy the rants and raves…seems like we can put into words what most of us are thinking.   And April…have I offended you?  Please accept my deepest apologies if I have. Just a bit confused by your post is all :/  

      1. No. You didn’t offend me. No one but old regulars would have understood. We used to be plagued with the tardiest of tards who had several catch phrases. When I read your comment, it made me giggle. I loves the stuffin’ of of you. Don’t you DARE go ANYfuckingWHERE!!

        1.  PENIS! PENIS! PENIS!

          1. Precious penis and what not.

      2.  Thanks for the vote of approval, Nell. 

    3. No one cares about your one-sided bullshit opinion. In addition, I’m sure no one would give two fucks if you volunteered to play in traffic. Well, except maybe your cats. Please arrange for someone to feed the fur fuckers if you ever get an urge to fuck off and die. Nothing sucks more than a neglected pussy.

      Have a nice day, fuck head.

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          1.  No . It was aimed at your ‘generic ego… meaning you have no character and that you try to emulate others. Need I say more (-:

        2.  OK…you didn’t insult anyone, or bring up sex….soooooo…. just exactly what does this mean?


          That was a direct quote from your first comment.

          It sounded sexual to me, and it certainly didn’t sound like a compliment – but I could be wrong, I guess.  I really don’t care either way, though.  My ego is even less fragile than April’s is.  I’ve been called a lot worse by much better people than you, my dear.  That little red X is still waiting for your attention, I see.

          1.  No . What my comment implied : is that your always nagging. And when people nag, people stop listening to them. However, weather I like your commentary ..or not.. at the end of the day means nothing to the fact  that you do create awareness that the worst part of abuse is that we as a society  in fact choose to become enablers when we turn a blind eye  and do nothing to help…So I will not push the red x because I don’t have to. As far as banning me….Why because I don’t like the commentary? Because I ‘ll come back with an insult?? Really ?? Are you men or mice (-:

          2.  Oan that comment about you being called worse by better people??? Are you serious??? You don’t even know me (-: So that just sounds childish to me.

          3. No, you are being banned because you are hijacking a thread with your bullshit. You obviously don’t like the content on the site, I gladly aided in your decision to stop reading. Well… maybe not reading, but commenting.

            Buh-bye – you ass bumping fuck face.

          4. Your comment in no way implied anything about her nagging. Whether (not weather) or not you complimented this site on what is does when it comes to child abuse doesn’t take from the fact that you had to bitch about the way the blogs here are written and also insulted people here. We’ve had several people like you come a long and pull this bullshit that got told the same thing. If you don’t like how it is written then stop reading it.

    4. I’ll bet you’re even more single than she is because a sex toy wouldn’t even want to bother with you.
      Shut the fuck up and stop reading if you don’t like how the blogs are written here.

    5.  If you want a news story, go to or buy a newspaper, you worthless biotch.  This is a blog.  If you don’t like the way it is written, well, there is this little red X at the top right-hand corner of your screen. Click on that, and all of your worries will disappear.  Unfortunately, mine won’t, because for every eejit like you who actually leaves and never darkens our doorway again, there are ten more to take its place.  I would tell you to kiss my butt, but you don’t deserve that privilege.  I’ll let you kiss my dog’s butt if you like, though….

      1. I think that’s animal cruelty. Much like pussy neglect.

        1.  OK! OK! I lied! My dogs won’t even have me.  All three of my dogs are female. It was actually an immaculate conception. LOL.

      2. I freakin love you!!!! Haha

        1.  Why, thank you! April disapproved of my mating practices, so I had to tell the truth and alleviate her apprehensions about my ‘babies’.

      3.  Lml!!!! I don’t even know you. The only trashy insults directed at you are the one from your own keyboard to yourself. I’m not so superficial as to base a persons worth based on such attributes.

        1. Yawn. But you are quite the skank. And not a pretty one.

          Have a nice day.

        2.  Oh and just in case you are still reading this thread out of morbid fascination, let me remind you of a few things…

          Your comment: “The only trashy insults directed at you are the one from your own keyboard to yourself.” –

          Do you not read your own comments, or are you being intentionally obtuse? I’ll refer you to your first comment to prove the one above a lie:

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          And in your comment: “Oan that comment about you being called worse by better people??? Are
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          I don’t have to know you – your commentary speaks volumes.  Anyone who would open a conversation with the kind of comment you used has precious little respect for others, and probably even LESS self-respect.  I actually feel kind of sorry for you.  I know street-bums who have more class than you do, and probably a better vocabulary as well.

          Finally, the comment: “What my comment implied : is that your always nagging.”

          That comment is referring to YOUR first comment, which was directed at me, a person who had thus far not said a single thing to you, directly.  So how was I nagging? I couldn’t have been nagging you, since I had yet to address you…and if you are implying that I was nagging in my write-up of the story, then that further displays your lack of comprehension concerning blog writers.  I don’t have to be brief, nice, concise, or stick to “just the facts, Ma’am” – I write it the way I see it, and if you don’t care for my brand of writing then that’s your problem.  The blog owner likes it just fine, and he’s the only one whose opinion I have to concern myself with on this site.  Learn the rules or stay out of the game, please.

          Oh, and the colon in the last comment of yours that I referenced was also improperly used. Therefore, you should probably check on the rules of punctuation as well, if you are planning any self-improvement projects in the near future….

          1. Oh Angel stop the nagging. Between your nagging and Aprils narcissistic pd, I just can’t get anything done! Besides, it’s all about me anyway. Didn’t I tell ya’ll that I was Queen, Empress and goddess of the universe? I even gots the t-shirt.

          2. Listen, bitch, this here is a cult of nagging narcissistic, know it all assholes and we are rilled by the king of all egos, Trench. Like us or get the fuck out. BOOFUCKINGYAH!!!!!!

          3. So it’s not all about me? But…but…momma says, my momma says….momma says that I am the center of the universe……. that’s wot momma says.
             yeah I’ve been watchimg The Waterboy. besides I don’t like ya’ll I FREAKING LOVE ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!  kisses and huggies

          4. We all loves you back. Even Trench. I’ll tell him he does.

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          9.  I would say that your momma listening doesn’t mean much, cause they have to….but this site is all the proof anyone needs that momma’s DON’T have to listen.  They can be abusive pieces of dung instead. Congrats on the good mom….

  19. ::Blush::  =D

    And I agree, the extra commentary is what I believe sets this blog apart from others, which I simply adore.  And honestly, people like these fine folk deserve every nasty comment they can recieve. This just sucks, R.I.P. lil one I wish you had been mine.  

  20. Pretty vile.  But this is the same state that tried to cover up Michael Vick and elected Bob McDonnell (and Ken Cucinelli).

  21. Fetal alcohol syndrome people can be screwed up in all sorts of ways and even with the best of nurturing can have very serious psychological and social problems. Given a background of abuse and neglect, I can see they might not make the best parents.

  22. Can’t we just ban MISHOLINE and delete her comments? 

  23. Ummm….sorry if this comment has been made already, the first time I read the article, the pictures of the breeders were very small;  these two fucktards look sub-normal.  I’ve spoken my piece and counted to three.

  24. You’re all a bunch of fucking idiots. Kill yourself.

    1. wow, what’s your issue

    2. Is that the best you’ve got?

    3. Youre a shit stain. Let’s play follow the leader. You kill yourself first.

      1. April, this made me laugh so hard.  I really needed that today. 🙂

        1. Shoulda hung out with me last night. You’d be smiling today.

      2.  *snort* *spew* Thanks for the coffee bath my computer just got…

    4. Dang- what crawled up your ass and died?

      1.  Apparently the witch he’s looking for….

  25. I personally know both of these pieces of scum, rob has always been a loser! He was messing with many other GIRLS not women and leann knew about it. He was incarerated while she was 5 months pregnant and said she knew he would not be a good dad and he has hit her namy times, even punching her in the stomach while she was pregnant. Neither of them wanted these kids in the first place he pleaded for abortion or adoption(or home killing). She kept these children thinking he would stay with her. Should check to see if the kids were moleted because his drunk mother told me that rob was molested by his father and then he turned around and molested his sister anita, and lord knows about his 7 yr old sister. I know rob did these killings but leann is just as guilty because she watched the abuse happen. Rip Piper and i hope the best life fo ella and haley. 

  26. I don’t care about how old the woman and her boyfriend were,whether they were 23,43 or 90.Both of them were abusive animals to the twin babies.As for the woman’s 4-year-old daughter,I feel bad that she had to live with all this going on.I just hope she gets the therapy she needs and can live a normal life.

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