Bradie Simpson is a Possessed Baby Throat Slittin’ Whack-job

9-month-old Missouri baby recovering from slit throat 

Mother slashes child throat 

I know this little tale of Possession and bad motherhood isn’t exactly breaking news, and for that I apologize, but let me first start by saying that if a woman comes to you with a baby and says “I’m possessed and I might hurt this child”…believe her, take the kid and haul ass.  If only the pastor of First Baptist Church of Camdenton did that back in October, Simpson’s infant daughter wouldn’t be in critical condition from  the throat slashing her “demon hosting” mom gave her.

It seems like Bradie Simpson has been doing a bit of drugs and going batshit bananas the last couple of months… The day before she almost killed her baby girl, Simpson called the cops to tell them that she thought her neighbor shot himself.  Uh, okay that’s great and all but (*Cue the Twilight Zone theme music), the neighbor was totally fine.  ….  A few hours later Simpson’s older son called to report his mom missing and after a 3 1/2 hour search (*Cue the Exorcist theme music)….they found Linda Blair…uh, I mean Bradie Simpson about 225 ft. from her mobile home with her infant daughter covered in blood. The little girl had lacerations to her neck and so did Simpson herself. Police found heroin spoons in her trailer and she was arrested for first degree assault and armed criminal action…should be attempted murder if you ask me.

Apparently when the pastor was confronted by this “possessed”, (eye roll) more like high as a friggin’ kite nut job, he did call the cops, the baby was placed with Missouri Division of Social Services, and was supposed to be testifying about the incident at the church. How she got the baby back is beyond me?…. What’s even more bizarre is that Simpson was under the states care before the hearing?….To quote the Church Lady “Hmmm…Could it be SATAN???”

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  • BooBooKittyFuck

    My thoughts on how to deal with the murderous mentals is the same for zombies. Shoot ’em in the fucking head. Medication does not help these fucking people. As soon as they get out of whatever loony bin they’ve been living in and back to their “normal” lives, without fucking fail, they get off their meds and start stabbing, hacking and gnawing on people. If they aren’t going to be locked the fuck away with the other batshits, they need to just go out fucking Dawn of the Dead style.

  • Durham Red

    I really admire the work Trench and the ladies of BB (to many to name) are doing.

    And I agree, endangering children out of whatever reason you may have or may think you have is just plain wrong.

    That said, I am considering myself pretty liberal, even left wing (in Europe, that’s called Social Democrat, I am not 100% sure which is the corresponding party / political view in the U.S.). But I am by no means “bleeding heart”. I can get very passionate and furious about injustice and I am always quick to jump in to help the helpless / oppressed.

    That being said, I respectfully disagree with the view some of you (or the commenters) seem to have on mental illnesses and drug addiction. I am a bit with Frances Bean. To me, it sure seems like there is a tendency here that EVERY culprit who claims to have a mental illness just uses it as a fake defense. And that whoever HAS a mental problem just has to “pull it together” and get over it. 

    Believe me when I say (and I am speaking from experience having battled depression myself, and having even been in stationary psychiatric treatment) that there are situations that a mental illness renders you just as helpless as a serious physical one. I tried to pull myself out, too. I succeeded twice in pulling back from the brink. I failed the third time. Luckily, I survived. 

    And psychosis, whether drug induced or not, is much more mind altering than depression. In the worst case, those people have NO relation to reality whatsoever any more. They simply can’t seek for help after a certain point. They are basically like children themselves. Clueless. Helpless. A danger to themselves and others.

    So, I would say that in this case, IF this woman had a serious psychotic episode, her environment failed her and her daughter. Luckily, the little girl survived.

    Concerning the drug addiction – yes, it takes a decision to start with any kind of drug. And it also takes a decision to end it. Both decisions can and will only be made by the addicted him-/herself. BUT in my book it is still a disease. You can catch STDs or Malaria, if you behave wrong / won’t take precautions. You can get addicted, if you take the wrong decisions.

    When my depressions first set in, triggered by an increasingly stressful (and horrible, tbh) personal and professional situation in my life, I made the mistake to seek relieve in alcohol. And as most of you may know, that’s a terrifying and slippery slope. The irony in my case is that no one noticed until I broke down. And that was a long time later. I was a “functioning” addict. You would have never guessed. My apartment was spotless, I studied (straight A’s all the way) and worked half days (with covering ground for lazy team mates), I cared for my family, was in a relationship – the works. And I only slipped up a few times by drinking too much in company, most of the time I restrained myself.

    But of course, I didn’t have kids. That would have changed everything for me. 

    Luckily, I found a way out of this maze. I had support, but in the end, I had to find the strength in myself. And I lost opportunities and people in my life over it. It’s a constant uphill battle. My love for life and my family, especially my husband, help me keep fighting it. I have control now. I may loosed it some day in the future. One never knows.

    So, in conclusion: in my opinion, mentally ill can not in each and every situation be held responsible if they harm someone through their (in)actions. Of course, each case has to be monitored singularly and very closely. And drug addicts are in fact ill. But as any one seriously impaired, they should NOT be responsible for any one but themselves, because they are not able to live up to this responsibility until they overcome the addiction.

    I hope, you can accept my point of view, even if you don’t share it or are in the complete opposite corner. Because I really like the community of BB and I share the  outrage about every child harmed by which you are all driven. Thank you.

    • Debbie

      The main reason that I can accept your point of view, is the way you presented it. You did not call anyone names nor screamed that the person is innocent until proven guilty and that we don’t know the whole story.
      You gave a very insightful and meaningful argument and made your point without being offensive. Thank you and I do look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    • jj

      I agree, we do tend to jump down the throats of those that use the “mental illness” excuse, but with good reason.  Just because you have a mental illness does not mean that you are not legally responsible for your actions.  In fact, using the “not guilty by reason of insanity” defense is EXTREMELY rare, and is only used in less than 1% of all criminal cases.  In those cases, the success rate of using that defense is 26%, and 90% of those people have extensive documented mental health issues. 

      That being said, I do believe there are times that a person is not legally responsible for their actions, but rarely. There is only one story, I think, of the thousands on BB, that I honestly believe the mother was not responsible for the horrendous things she did to her child.

  • Marsha

    Of course she’s not a good mother but like Frances I cannot help but be haunted by this woman’s moment of sanity in which she ran to this pastor and asked him to take the baby before she hurt her.  She did the right thing and the pastor did the right thing in taking the baby and calling in child protective services.  Her act should have resulted in the baby and her son being permanently protected.

  • Quintin Jordon

    Look at that blank stare she is giving to the camera, that sums it all up.

  • Nell Torres

    If she had a mental illness, fine.  If she saw dead people and reached out for help…lovely.  I suffered from Postpartum Depression with my first born…yet I never imagined hurting her or myself, I just cried and stressed about how can I do this?!

    Also…pot really helped.  I was able to ease my anxiety and feel lots less nervous and more confident in my abilities in myself as a mommy. (No more pot for me, I’m happily preg with my third).  But this woman was smoking HEROIN.

    Once again…she was doing hardcore drugs while hallucinating and eventually hurting her infant.  No excuses.  Its her fault and none others, she can in no way whine about “I asked for help and no one helped meeee” all the while sparking up the herion pipe, or whatever it is they do. 

  • Morgan

    Sorry, but mental illness is no excuse for anything. If she knew she was going to harm her baby and herself, there’s a damn lot more she could do than just talk to her pastor. I had a baby five months ago, had some depression, and any time I felt super sad or angry or any other emotion, I took a step back. I sat my baby in his bassinet, left the room, and took a breather. Never ONCE did I let my emotions gain control of me. If a person can’t handle the stress of a child or can’t deal with their emotions, don’t have more. And better yet, give the child up. So sick of these women blaming mental disorders for murdering or damn near murdering their children. Pisses me off to the fullest.

    I don’t know if I’m the only one, but every story I read, I picture my son as the victim. And let me tell you, it makes me want to murder the parents even more. There is absolutely NO excuse for harming a child. Period.

  • Nell Torres

    WTF? I have no words to explain what I am feeling at the moment.  Homegirl was high as hell.  I can’t stand myself right now.  ::Throws herself on the floor and squirms all over, howling in frustration.:: Maybe the baby will come…2 weeks left.

    Love & Light to the babygirl, hope she heals quickly and she recovers from the grand-mal epic FAILURE of those around her.  Sigh.

  • Marsha

    One of the articles I read said that the Missouri Children’s Division returned the child to the mother after she got treatment.

    I suspect this isn’t just about drug abuse.   I wouldn’t be surprised if this mother isn’t psychotic on an ongoing basis.   And if that’s the case, then the baby was at risk because the mother might have stopped her meds or they might have become ineffective at any time.   Past behavior is predictive of future behavior.  1) She thought she might hurt the child in the past.  2) She had been ‘managing’ her illness with illegal drugs.  Care for those with schizophrenia  is not a short term situation, it’s life long and we have no provisions in place for protecting people who suffer from it or family members or the public.

    What stays with me is that she tried to do the right thing.   She  was afraid to hurt her child so she took her to the pastor so she’d be safe.  I strongly believe that when someone is psychotic like Andrea Yates was and responsible  people are warned about it and do nothing then they (Yates’s husband or in this case child care workers), then most of the responsibility lies with them.

    Of course if all of this is drug abuse and not psychosis, then the responsibility certainly does rest with Simpson.

    • Frances Bean

      Thank You! I actually stopped reading this site for a long time because of the blatant mental illness shaming that goes on by both the authors and the commenters. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I read into this case, and it is obvious that this woman was a good mother with a severe mental illness that was  no longer being treated effectively by medication. 

      When I had my younger daughter I went through a terrible period of postpartum depression. I never got to the point of thinking about harming myself or my children, but I damn sure would have sought help if I had, and I would hope that when I did I would have received the help I needed. 

      This woman tried to get help and she and her child were let down by their pastor and the state. That is eerily similar to what happened in the Yates case. The truth is our society has a track record of failing to take women’s mental health concerns seriously. 

      This one of thousands of examples if women having a difficult time getting mental health care. We’re simply told to relax, or that we’re being hormonal or on our periods. Even physical illnesses get dismissed as in our heads. It’s ridiculous that something as terrible as this story has to happen before people realize that something is seriously wrong.

      • Malevolent April

        Whoa. Hold the fucking phone. We DO not shame those with mental illness. Only those who use it as an excuse. There are plenty of people who suffer mental illnesses that DO NOT do the shit we read about here.

        • Deena

          Thank you! I was going to reply but you said all the things I was going to say!

        • Frances Bean

          I beg to differ. Of course, the instances I’m thinking of are from more than a year ago, because like I said, I stopped reading. 

          There was more than one post where the parent or parents involved were either mentally ill or (worse) slow or mentally retarded. The other day there was a post about the four month old twins being abused, and sadly one died. While that was obviously horrific, there was more than one account of the story that mentioned the mother’s downs syndrome. Of course that doesn’t excuse what happened, but the question should have been, why wasn’t anyone else there for this family, and depending on the severity of her condition, why was she having children at all? 

          Honestly, I don’t even blame the authors or the commenters. It’s a common problem, especially in the US (where I live). I used to work with mentally ill women, and some of the things they did to get where they were when I met them would certainly rival the things on this site. Rarely were they the depraved, horrible people a lot of people assumed they were. 

          My point is that I’m not trying to condemn anyone on this site, I’m trying to open people’s eye to the fact that mental illness comes in a lot of forms. 

          • Malevolent April

            I think I know the story you are referring to and the references were made by commenters. Not the writers. Correct? As for past stories, I can recall several where the stance of the writer is that mental illness is not an excuse to commit the crimes that we are reading about. It could be argued that anyone who commits ANY crime suffers from some form of mental illness, but (in my opinion) mental illness is really not an excuse for any wrong doing. Not when plenty of people suffer for similar “issues” and live productive lives without harming anyone.

          • Frances Bean

            Yes, for the most part I was referring to the commenters, though I remember at least one instance where the writer also diminished the parent’s illness. This was well over a year ago, and I’m not sure if this person still writes for this site or not. 

            Obviously I’m not trying to say that every person who cries mental illness should be absolved from responsibility when they commit a crime. I’m simply saying that their illness should never be belittled. Especially when they made a point of trying to get help. 

             As someone who suffers from bipolar (and you’re right, not all of us go on a crime spree) It does bother me to hear  some of the derogatory comments that are said about someone who is mentally ill. There is a difference between this woman (who was diagnosed as schizophrenic according to my aunt who lives in that area and knows  the woman) and some of the truly evil, careless, awful parents who are also reported on this site. 

          • Malevolent April

            I just want you to know that everyone here (as far as staff) takes mental illness seriously. We would never take such a thing lightly. It’s just a shame that it is so often given as a reason for acts of assholery. In all honesty, it should NOT be used as a bargaining tool in court. Not when so many people NEVER murder, rape, abuse, etc.

          • Monique Boulanger

            that’s because those people are getting actively treated.  My aunt, who has paranoid schizophrenia, attempted arson on numerous occasions before she got treated.  She said the voices told her to do it…She’s now living in a halfway house as a productive member of society now, because she’s getting treated.  UNTREATED mental illness, that’s when things start to get dicey and people start doing fucked up shit.  

            I’m friends with a mental health nurse, she used to work at the max security mental health facility in Ontario.  She worked with some of the most dangerous people in this country, and even the USA since they shipped some of their Criminally Insane up here…remember hearing about the Greyhound killer?  The Schizophrenic who decapitated and ate some poor soul on a greyhound bus outside of Winnipeg?  Yeah, she worked with him.  Kept him right doped up…He wasn’t treated for his schizophrenia before then.

            If you look at it,  Schizophrenics and those with serious Postpartum psychosis, aren’t in their right minds, and CAN be unpredictable when left untreated.  That’s where the system comes in and other people.  If they don’t step in and get the person help (They don’t realize they’re ill half the time…my aunt thought it was perfectly normal to set her slippers and trash bin on fire)  then bad things can happen.

            I have depression and Pre Menstural Dysorphic Disorder.  I can get downright psychotic during 1 week a month because  of compounded issues.  I take my medication and use the techniques I learned in therapy to help me through.  Unfortunately too many people who have mental illness fall through the cracks, or stop taking their medication as soon as they start to “Feel normal” and blammo…they become symptomatic again.

            That’s why you don’t see many criminally insane people.  It takes a huge leap for the courts to get that way, and trust me it is NOT a get out of jail free card.  At least here in Canada.  Once you get that label you’re shuffled off to a hospital FOR LIFE.  Do not pass go do not collect $200. You are stuffed in a padded room hopped up on Haldol and Seroquel until you die.

      • Danielle

        Mental illness is not something I specialize in, studied or know a lot about, so I’ll just keep my opinions to myself – but I can definitely see your points. 

        I’d agree that this story does ring the “mental illness” bell in my head as well, but all of that is thrown out the window when I read that they found heroin paraphernalia on her. 

        That’s just what they found…. it’s quite possible that she was using drugs,  hallucinogens, that they didn’t necessarily find on her.  Drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine,  PCP, crack, and meth can cause a person to be categorized as in a “drug-induced psychosis” and they can hallucinate,  have delusions, or just plain go nuts.  Meth can make you violent, agitated, and crazy. 

        While heroin isn’t usually categorized as a drug that causes people to hurt other people, its more commonly known to make you twitch, and tremble and itch and seem pretty out of it. It’s not uncommon for a heroin user to also have hallucinations, mood swings, and be mentally unstable as well.

        I’m not saying this woman DOES do any or all of these drugs, its just another theory much like your theory of her having a mental illness. 

        • Frances Bean

          I have family in that area and it’s well known by most of her neighbors that Bradie has diagnosed schizophrenia. Obviously doing heroin doesn’t help the situation. I’m not trying to suggest that she shouldn’t be punished for her actions. All I’m saying is there needs to be more help available for people with mental illnesses, 

      • KathyK

        “it is obvious that this woman was a good mother”

        I wasn’t aware that good mothers kept heroin spoons laying around.

        • Frances Bean

          Oh, so I guess every single drug addict parent in the world is a bad parent. Nothing is that black and white. 

          When I worked with female mental health patients, many of them self medicated their illness with illegal drugs, whether on purpose, or inadvertently. Quite a few of them were mothers, and most of them were good mothers who suffered from debilitating addictions and diseases. 

          Obviously this woman had serious issues. But I think the fact that she sought help at one point shows that she was at least trying to be a decent mom. 

          • KathyK

            Anyone who slits their child’s throat is a not a good parent.  Black and white.  Mental illness or not; drug addiction or not.

          • Trench Reynolds

            Oh, so I guess every single drug addict parent in the world is a bad parent.

            Yes they are. They put the needs for the drug ahead of the needs of their children. Drug addiction is not a disease. It’s a weakness. 

          • Angel


        • shannie

           KathyK, you’re talking to someone who has Courtney Love as a mother…:)

      • shannie

        ‘ This woman tried to get help and she and her child were let down by
        their pastor and the state. That is eerily similar to what happened in
        the Yates case. The truth is our society has a track record of failing
        to take women’s mental health concerns seriously. ‘

        How is this case anything remotely close to the Yates case? Seriously? 6 kids to one mom with serious mental issues , compared to an infant, an adult son, and apparent heroin use? Please. 

  • Angel

     OK…. if the baby was taken because Fruit-bat Simpson up there had already mentioned that she was (possessed? dangerous? crazy as an outhouse rat?), then why was the baby even with the FBO? 

    And the pastor was supposed to be testifying at the church? I thought they did that in a courtroom… oh, I re-read it and I guess you meant he was going to testify in court about the mother’s chat with him at the church…

    And what was the mother under state care for? Prior vacations with the state mental health services division?

    Finally….where did she find someone to impregnate her? She looks kinda rough to me.

    • Danielle

      In comparison to ALL the other nasty ass hose beasts we feature, she’s beauty pageant ready. 

      • Angel

         I guess you have a point there…

    • shannie

       I would have wrote this story up for you guys earlier, and all apologies if  it was hard to follow…you see I have a BadBreeder for a sister (this week was “domestic violence with the new Bf week”..yey!), and to make  it all extra fun she tops all her shenanigans and shit off with a healthy dose of “convenient”  Bi-polar/schizo/depression.  And that’s the  band-aid for when she really just came off a 3 month crack binge.  I find it hard to figure out what came first the drugs or the mental disease… it’s all about feelings, group therapy and anti-depressants until a kid gets it’s throat slashed. I feel for the mental ill, but the minute the mentally ill is calling the shots, someone dropped the ball….or handed them a baby.  I can say she is truly nuts though,  because  anyone using heroin is off their rocker… shooting dope with a kid is even more insane.

  • Monique Boulanger

    Was gonna say Post Partum Psychosis until I read that bit about Heroin Spoons.  Then she lost all shred of whatever compassion I might have had for her.  (Post Partum Psychosis is a real deal  doesn’t EXCUSE the fact but it does explain it and untreated it can and does lead to infant deaths…and mom deaths when they crack and kill themselves.  Mental illness sucks)