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9-year old girl run to death for lying about eating candy bars

9-Year-Old Savannah Hardin Dead; Forced to Run for 3 Hours
Savannah Hardin forced to run for 3 hours, dies; Jessica Mae Hardin and Joyce Hardin Garrard charged

RIP Savannah


Savannah Hardin was probably just like other girls (or boys) her age and liked candy bars. I have my very own 9-year old girl at home, so I know firsthand her love for sweets. I also know that if she sneaks too much or has 4 cookies instead of 3 and I catch her, she’ll lie about it. Not because she’s a bad kid, she’s a great kid. But kids lie, sometimes about the stupidest things ever.  Well Savannah doesn’t sound too different than my 9-year old and she lied to her grandmother about eating a candy bar and the punishment she got was death.

Savannah’s grandmother, 46-year-old Joyce Hardin Garrard, forced her to run for 3 hours after she found out that she had lied about eating a candy bar. Also involved was Savannah’s step-monster,  Jessica Mae Hardin, who was a part of the cruel and unusual punishment.

Well, after running for 3 straight hours nonstop, Savannah finally collapsed. She had a seizure and a few days later died in a Birmingham, AL hospital.  The coroners office says that she was severely dehydrated and had very low levels of sodium.   The pathologist declared her death a homicide and her grand-breeder and step-monster were arrested and charged with her death.  They may upgrade the charges to capitol murder, which could carry a death sentence. We should all be so lucky, right?

In an interesting twist, 27-year old Jessica Mae gave birth to a child the same day she was arrested for Savannah’s death. Her 3-year old son has been placed in the care of a family member and that family member will also likely take the new baby once he/she is discharged from the hospital.

Savannah’s father filed for divorce from Jessica Mae over the summer.  It looks like the grandmother and stepmother cared for her because her dad, Robert Hardin, is a  contractor with the U.S. State Department and was working overseas.  He took a total of 8 flights to get home just hours before Jessica died.  He had to make the decision to pull the plug on Savannah’s life support.

No word on bio-mom.

RIP sweet blonde-haired Savannah. I’m sorry you were killed for being a kid. I hope and pray that the justice system doesn’t fail you and the 2 c***s responsible for your death pay and pay hard.

Thanks to all 17 tipsters who sent articles in.

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  1. Fuck.  She could be mine.

    1. or mine.   I have a blonde 9 year old who LOVES sweets

  2. Bio mom lost custody to dad last year.  There was another hearing coming up in a month to revisit the issue.

    Dad and stepmother were divorcing in 2010 but later asked for the petition to be dismissed.   Dad claimed that stepmom was bipolar and refused to take medication.  They both claimed that the other was abusive.

    So he says stepmom is abusive and unstable and yet he leaves his children with her and takes a job overseas.

  3. My daughter decided to take her Nintendo DS to school (which she wasn’t supposed to do) and lie about it.  She’s grounded to her room for 2 days and has a week without video games.  I think that’s about the extent of that punishment.  I would NEVER force her to run like that and anyone who thinks that forced jogging of a CHILD is an acceptable punishment, well I hope they do get the death penalty.  IMO Lethal Injection is too good for them, let em sit on Sparky.

    1. That’s what I always read about effective punishment.   You make it fit the transgression.  She wasn’t supposed to take the Nintendo so she can’t play with it for a week – perfect.   So maybe Savannah should have been told, okay no dessert tonight after dinner, you’ve already had yours.

      Making her run for three hours has nothing to do with eating chocolate (which they said she wasn’t supposed to eat because caffeine was bad for her medical condition).  It was sheer sadism.   They wanted to exercise power and hurt her.  She must have been exhausted and thirsty and utterly miserable.   Death penalty is fine with me too!

    2.  Or make them run on an ‘electric treadmill’….

  4. I read about this yesterday, and could not imagine the depravity needed to do such a thing.  I have kids, and they sometimes sneak sweets – but I take away their Wii or make them go without a sweet snack for a few days – I don’t kill them for it.  What a couple of cruel twits these two are!

  5. I read about this yesterday too. My heart snaps just seeing a picture of the beautiful girl and being reminded of what happened to her. In a Yahoo article, one neighbor even says her grandson had a crush on Savannah and asked her to be his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. She said yes. Oh, poor boy. And poor Savannah too. Rest in peace, darling.

    I think she must’ve been terrified of these monsters if she ran for three hours, non-stop. Not trying to blame her, of course, but most kids would probably stop after 15 minutes or maybe shorter than that. Running for three hours straight isn’t an easy feat for professional athletes, let alone a nine-year-old.

  6. Oh my god, the poor, poor little girl. :'(

    And she was so precious…

    What enrages me most of all, is that the girl had health issues PRIOR to this incidence and the old witch of a grandmother knew it!!!
    Not that a three hour long sprint / jog without rehydration wouldn’t have brought everyone down, but that makes her crime even worse imo! 

    And Savannah was so brave in overcoming the obstacles life was throwing at her.

    Here’s an very recent article:

    In there, her fragile health is mentioned TWICE:

    “Savannah Hardin’s life was in turmoil long before police say the 9-year-old was run to death by her grandmother and stepmother for allegedly lying about some candy she ate.

    Divorce and custody documents filed in family court over a period of several years reflect a history of fractured family relationships, with Savannah’s divorced parents fighting over her welfare; claims of mental instability and abuse between her father and his second wife; medical problems that required frequent doctor visits (!!!!!); and counseling for the girl who still somehow managed to remain among the top students in her third-grade class (!!!).”
    As I said, she was a brave and adorable girl (who also had the face of an Angel…).
    “Court documents also show Savannah had an unspecified medical condition (!!!) that required continuous medication and treatment, including monthly visits with her regular doctor and trips every few months to see a urologist in Birmingham, about 60 miles away.
    Authorities say the grandmother became angry when Savannah allegedly ate chocolate, because it contains caffeine, and the girl was not supposed to ingest caffeine given her condition.
    Sometime during the afternoon of Feb. 17, Joyce Hardin Gerrard allegedly forced Savannah to begin running in the yard outside their trailer. Barton said the grandmother was running the little girl “like a drill sergeant,” pushing her to keep running by saying things like “Keep going!””
    So, the grand breeder knew she had a condition and even that she (probably) needed a special diet – although she used it against the girl. (Anyone else is wondering why there was caffeine in the chocolate? I don’t know about the America’s, but neither in Greece nor Germany, where I both live(d), nor in any of the other European countries I visited, there was Coffee in my Mars bars… :P)
    And of course, the lawyers of both culprits insist that they are innocent and “society just wants to place the blame after a tragedy”! Innocent my sweet patooty! I guess the girl ran in circles for three hours until she collapsed just for fun, like a dog chasing its tail?! Sorry, but I’m to old to believe in fairy tales…
    Btw, not that it really matters, but why is it again a trailer they lived in?! This phenomenon is strange to me, we don’t have people living in mobile homes permanently in Europe (as far as I know). We only have camping grounds for the holidays.
    To remember sweet Savannah for the special person she was, I want to quote one more time, and let her friends and loved ones speak. Rest in peace, little girl.
    “Many who knew Savannah described her as normal and happy. She played and laughed with other kids at the bus stop, sometimes rode a four-wheeler with her dad when he visited, and was one of the top students in her class, they said. Her favorite colors were lime green, hot pink and ocean blue, and she loved horses, school officials said in a statement released Friday.
    “Savannah was an excellent student, earning A’s and B’s in her school work,” the statement said. “Her favorite subject was math; she enjoyed reading books to earn points in the Accelerated Reader program — and was very proud of always meeting her reading goals. … Savannah was a happy child at school. She always wore a smile, and often brightened the day of teachers and administrators with her kind comments.””

    Sent from my iPad

    1. All chocolate has caffeine it. Naturally. Maybe not to the level of coffee, but it’s in there. 

    2. We have people living in mobile homes here because they are poor, can’t afford mortgage or rent on a house/apartment, and either won’t utilize or just don’t quite qualify for housing assistance. We don’t really have quite the level of social care for the poors here in the USA as Europe in general. Because, you know, it’s all their own bad decision making and they’re scum. I don’t think that, that’s just the general sentiment and admittedly stories like this don’t help. 

      1. FYI…I live in a trailer. Granted, it’s on my own property right on the river (not in a trailer park), it has a permanent foundation, a front porch and a back deck…and it’s not filled with animals shitting all over the place, bugs, meth labs, or tons of unfed babies running around either.

        I am not poor. I make a very decent living. I am well educated and an artist. I have one little 9 year old girl (which made me think of her when I read about Savannah) and we have a very happy home with electricity (wow! lol), a fridge filled with food, cable tv and water.

        Granted, it seems people like this grandmother and stepmother flock to trailer parks. Along with pedophiles and meth labs. I cringe when I hear about these stories knowing full well how the idea of living in a trailer looks to other people in society.

        1. Not everyone who lives in a trailer is trash.

          And not all trash lives in trailers (the Trumps and Hiltons, for example).

          But that doesn’t change the fact that these two bitches are prime examples of TRAILER TRASH.

          1. I agree!  Thank you Shadow.  There is nothing wrong with living in a trailor, I myself have lived in a trailor and it was very nice and it was my home and I was very proud of it. You have to crawl before you can walk/run. You live in what you can afford at the time, and trailors are great starter homes! Lets keep this in perspective. Their home did NOT make these two women abuse/kill Savannah, it would have happened if they lived in a milion dollar home.

    3. I agree with you completely, the 2 are shit and deserve to die slowly for what they did to that perfect little girl.  I just want to point out that caffeine is a natural component of coco and is in fact in ever piece of chocolate you have ever eaten…. this is from the Hershey’s web page……

      Caffeine is a stimulant naturally found in cocoa beans as well as in coffee beans and tea. The amount of caffeine present in chocolate and cocoa-based products differs depending on the type and amount of chocolate ingredients. Cocoa powder contains the highest amount of caffeine followed by unsweetened baking chocolate. Dark chocolates will vary considerably in the amount of caffeine. 
      milk chocolate contains relatively low amounts of caffeine. For example, a 1.55 ounce HERSHEY’S milk chocolate bar contains about 12 mg of caffeine – the amount of caffeine in about 3 cups of decaffeinated coffee. So while they are monsters and deserve to die I doubt they added extra caffeine to the chocolate just to make her suffer.

      1. Oh, thank you for this information about chocolate and  caffein. I did not know that (though I probably should have, having a father who has a Sc.D./Ph.D. in Biology and bombarded the family with science trivia tidbits ever since I can remember… ;o)). Well, always good to learn something new.
        And yes, the two female culprits (and, as it seems to emerge more and more, maybe even the bio dad) should be held accountable for the full extend of the law! I was very scraggly and small in (high)school, and terrible in sports. I can still remember vividly the excruciating hours I spent with track and field in the height of summer. If I imagine what that girl must have suffered, I feel physically ill. Seriously. :o/

  7. Child abuse starts out small and grows. It is probable that this was an escalating situation with the grandmother. The pubic divorce, custody, and abuse investigation records have been sealed apparently until a grand jury can convene and charge. Under Alabama law it will almost certainly be a capital murder charge because the death occurred during the commission of a felony (child abuse) or the death of a person under age 14 (double charge).  There is also a question of a pending child abuse investigation for this dead child in this home, the father taking the child from the biological mother and not returning her and then seeking custody when he was not even in the home most of the time, and allegations of mental illness and alcoholism of the step-mother by the father.  They may have committed perjury to gain custody to stop child support. The biological mother had a pending hearing to regain custody next month. It was a mess and the entire family played a part.

  8. Both of these bitches should be charged with murder. Anyone knows better than that. And the father…I can’t find the words to express what a piece of stupid crap he is.

    1. I don’t know why you would say that the dad is a piece of crap. He has a great job and took 8 flights to get to his daughter before she passed away. The man probably thought that his daughter would be safe with his mother. I can’t imagine what that father is going through. I think both women should be punished severely. I didn’t see anywhere that it said the father was a piece of crap. Maybe you are just jealous because he has a better job than you. I am a Soldier and I had to leave my 4 daughters with their paternal grandmother while I was overseas and I received a red cross message and had to come home for an emergency hearing to get the kids because they were abused and neglected. I never thought that she would ever allow anyone to hurt her precious grandbabies that she claimed to love so much but yet she not only allowed her son to hurt our kids, she tried to cover up for him. I not only took my kids back immediately, I pressed charges on both of them for abuse and neglect and am in the process of terminating his parental rights. I guess you would say that I was a piece of stupid crap also since I left my kids while I was off doing my part to serve our country.

      1. He had already said in a divorce petition that his current wife was abusive, alcoholic and bipolar and that she refused to take her antipsychotic information.   He got custody claiming his ex-wife was unfit, sending CPS out repeatedly without their finding anything wrong.   So either he is a liar who harasses wives after he is done with them or he was telling the truth and he  left his already traumatized daughter with an abusive, unstable woman.  Either way, he is a piece of crap.

        1. THANK YOU!

      2.  No, this guy was a piece of crap because he KNEW that his wife was an abusive monster (as evidenced in the prior divorce action), and he left his child with her ANYWAY! That’s why he’s catching flack.  Anyone who knowingly leaves his or her child alone with a known abuser is guilty of neglect – or in this case,IMHO, accessory to murder. Sorry if that bothers you.  Since my husband is military, and has had several tours overseas (and may again in the future), I understand your position.  But you said you had no idea that the person you left your child with would allow such things to happen.  The guy in this case – DID KNOW.

      3. Hey armyonfonebullshit,
        no one here is callingYOU piece of crap, but if you had read even half of what the articles said, he KNEW his current wife was a monster. He also took Savannah without bringing her back. Not cool. Read a little more before opening your mouth.Don’t be a dick-wad dude!
        BTW, if you really are a soldier, thanks.
        If your lying or not telling the whole truth, Fuck off! 🙂

      4. Okaaaaay, just saw your reply. I said the father is a piece of crap BECAUSE he left his child in the care of a woman who he knew had mental health and anger issues not to mention his mother who obviously is an abusive, moronic nutcase and was not around to see that she was well cared for. Not to mention that he probably did all of this to avoid paying child support. I doubt he has a better job than I do as I am an RN and own a CNA training program where I teach young people how to care for others. I was a Navy nurse during Vietnam, my father was Navy during WWII, my nephew was crash & salvage on the Nimitz and did 2 tours in the gulf for our ongoing war on terror. I would NOT say that you are a piece of crap for leaving your kids with a paternal grandparent while you are serving our country (and thank you BTW) but you are fortunate enough to have a parent who you trust and who has not abused your kids. That is not the case with many of the stories we see on these pages and this granny is not the only one to kill a child. Don’t try to make me a bad person here just because you are wrongly identifying with a parent (the father) who is not as righteous as you are.

  9. I live in Alabama and most out here would say “lynch em”!  I can not stand child abuse in any shape or form.  I was unable to have children, so my ex and I adopted a 10 year old.  Yes it was challenging, and sometimes still is even though she’s 29.  But I would never hurt her in any shape or fashion.  No child, no matter how old, deserves abuse.  They are the future and until adults start recognizing that, the future is looking bleak.

  10. Heaven has gained another angel.  She’s is in Jesus’s arms where no one can ever hurt her again.

    Sweet dreams you adorable angel!

  11. I saw this on yahoo, and people who saw this young girl running said they thought it was a punishment that “got out of hand”.  How the hell do you keep a child running for three hours?   

    1. Some of the comments are worse. There are some blaming Savannah, saying she shouldn’t have lied and deserved what she got. The minds of some people…

      1. People seriously said that?! o.O How SICK and twisted!!!!!

        That’s the same reasoning like “He only beats his wife ’cause she’s mouthy / nagging all the time/ didn’t get dinner on the table etc.” or “Well, if she didn’t want to be raped, what was she doing out at night dressed like that?!”

        Way to lay the blame on the victim, folks!!!
        Makes me so sad. >.<

      2. If you’re reading Yahoo! comments you should expect nothing but racist, misspelled, sexist, barely intelligible rants written by the dregs of our nation. It is a rarity that anyone with an IQ above 60 posts there and if something sensible is posted they basically just start screaming “SOCIALIST LIBERAL!!!” as though that’s a bad thing. 😀

        1. Not all of us racist, sexist bigots are for abusing children.  (BTW I think my spelling is fine.)

          1. It was fine this time, but you are an idiot. Nor the forum for your antagonism.

          2. Picture me rolling my eyes as I type that.  *rolls eyes AGAIN*

          3. There was a great study done that links low IQ to those that are racist, conservative, and sexist.

          4. Really.  That’s funny, because I was in a GIFTED class in junior high, and accelerated classes in high school.  They tend to steer the smarter students into all this left-leaning crap and say that if you believe this, then you’re enlightened.

            Now back to our scheduled child-abuser-bashing….

      3. I would like to hear the grandmother, and step-mother’s excuses are for what they did.  I can’t imagine what they would say made them do this to her.

  12.” The attorney of the grandmother charged with killing her granddaughter,
    Savannah Hardin, by allegedly forcing the 9-year old to run for 3 hours
    says the child’s father–his client’s son– is supporting his mother and
    wife Jessica Hardin.” “Garrard’s attorney, Dani Bone, tells ABC 33/40 he has spent time with
    his client and Savannah’s father, Robert Hardin. Bone says the family is
    grieving the loss of Savannah and is united during this difficult time.
    The defense attorney says there is no division in the family and
    insists his client will be vindicated”
    “In a 2009 DCF report, an investigator wrote that Robert Hardin
    complained nothing was being done after abuse complaints involving his
    ex-wife.” “In Florida, DCF had received
    abuse complaints and investigated Heather Hardin at least four times
    between 2007 and 2009, records show.Each time, investigators found no evidence of abuse and said the girl did not seem to be in danger while in her mother’s care.”

    Robert has some explaining to do. He harassed his ex-wife with child abuse allegations, picked Savannah up for spring break visit, refused to return her to her mother, got legal custody when the mother could not afford an attorney, left her with his mother and current (and allegedly mentally ill alcoholic wife by his own statements) then left the country. Now he is going to stand by his mother and wife after they killed his child? He is consulting with his child’s murderer’s attorney and not the authorities? The public court records of his mess have been closed while prosecutors review them. Maybe he should be charged with perjury and neglect. Maybe his motives for wanting Savannah should be reviewed as it does not appear to be for her welfare. If he was aware of the abuse he should be charged also since he was so quick to accuse others.

  13. I hope these two murderous wastes of air are charged with capital murder.I hope they get the death penalty,though I shall say that lethal injection is too good for them.But I would be glad if these two monsters  were executed,no matter how the executions are carried out.It is really heartbreaking that Savannah was punished for something so minor in  such a cruel way that she ended up dead.Justice for Savannah,I say.Savannah can rest in peace,knowing that the justice system will give her cold-blooded killers the harshest sentence ever-death penalty.

  14. All I can imagine is this poor child, crying and begging to be allowed to rest and her unspeakable tyrant of a grandmother forcing her on and on.  Savannah must have been utterly terrified of what would happen if she dared to stop.

    Am I dreaming or does it say that the grandmother (nothing GRAND or MOTHERLY about her) is 46?  I’m not very good at math, but I think that means that grandmonster was 36 or thereabouts when Savannah was born?  Which means that SHE had her children very young too.   

    There are certainly some very young parents out there that do a good job, but it sounds to me like the problems in this family didn’t start with Savannah. 

    RIP poor girl. 

    1.  My own mom is only 47, and a beloved Granny- Bubs to my three gorgeous babies (4, 8 and 9) and no, not one of us have ever raised our hands to our kids. Sure, there are plenty of rubbish younger moms, and the good ones are the exception, but I know how I was raised (by an angel!) and I try to do the same for my own littles as far as possible. But it’s obviously not recommended to be a young mom, and stoiries like this are negative for all of us who actually do a really good job. It’s sad and frustrating, and it just reinforces terrible stereotypes.

  15. Even more details about this one. Makes me feel even more for this poor girl.|main5|dl1|sec3_lnk2%26pLid%3D138492

  16. The grandmonster is a sullen, ugly behemoth. I hope she gets made to run a few miles, then buried up to her waist and covered in flesh- eating ants (sorry, I saw it on Sons of Anarchy a few nights ago and I can’t get the idea out of my head for some of these morons you feature on this site.) Bury her useless piece of shit son alongside her, the man is obviously a fucken tool.  Who leaves their child with someone they claim to have anger issues etcetera? Oh, wait, almost every single sterling breeding apparatus on this site. Poor baby, she didn’t seem as if she had a chance anyway with that family.

  17. According to the lawyers for the two women, dad is going to stand by them.  So again, dad is a piece of crap.

    1. That government contractor welfare recipient should have been more responsible with his ejaculate. He should be charged as an accessory to murder. He knew she was bad news beforehand.

      1. Was he a welfare recipient?  How did he pull that off when he earned a good salary?

  18. Put both these bitches on a treadmill and run them until their hearts explode like cheap firecrackers.

  19. they should be made to run over hot coals for three hours straight. if either one of these creatures stop, whip with them on their backs.

    1.  “run over hot coals for three hours straight”…….and naked.

      1. Except for the naked part. Anyone who viewed these cows running naked would be blinded for life.

  20. Running for three hours, even if you’re properly trained and well-hydrated, is a drag. You get tired no matter what. If you’re undertrained, not to mention failing to rehydrate…it can be excruciating. That poor, poor little girl.  Those women who forced her to do that are monsters.

  21. Those two maggots couldn’t run around their fuckig trailor with out puking their nasty guts up. Poor Savannah. I’m so sorry baby girl that you had to put up with those two. Your daddy let you down by thinking with his cum stick and not the head on his shoulders. We will think of you often, little one. RIP

  22. The court records of the father have been made public. Link:
    Mr. Hardin appears to have a problem with controlling women and children. If compared with the Florida DCF filings it may have to do with not wanting to pay child support. He also had trouble with keeping a lawyer working for him and committing real estate fraud, stalking, and claiming everyone is mentally ill but him.

    1.  “and claiming everyone is mentally ill but him.”

      That’s a prime example of the old adage – “The guilty dog always barks first – and loudest.”

    2. Thanks for the links.   It is very clear that the father is a controlling jerk and a liar.  I wonder if he got this controlling trait from his mother who thinks killing a child is fit punishment for sneaking a candy bar.  No wonder he is standing by his mother; with Samantha dead, her mother Heather doesn’t have her and he, Robert, doesn’t have to pay child support.  I fear for his other two children with Jessica.

      1. Marsha, I know that Robert is NOT a controlling  jerk. He was doing the best he could, and he thought his Mother was taking care of Savannah. He trusted his Mother and he had to work to support his family. I know that any one of our sons’ would not think twice about leaving one of their children with us if they had to work out of town and their was no Mother in the picture. Robert is NOT on trial here. He has lost his daughter SAVANNAH, he is not guilty of anything and deserves nothing less than our support and prayers. He is in a no win situation. It makes me thankful for our sons’ and their choices in wives.

        1. Do you know the father personally?

  23. She had kidney problems, and keeping her running without adequate hydration would kill her.  (Urologist = Kidney and bladder issues  and male waterwork stuff)  Caffeine is a diuretic therefore bad for someone with kidney issues in any amounts.  So forcing someone who has kidney issues, without adequate training at that, who just had a diuretic type drug in her system (that’s what Caffeine is) to run for ANY amount of time without water is criminal,  3hrs is insanity.  🙁  

  24. Step mom has a hearing scheduled Thursday. It was not announced what it was in reference about and grandma does not have one scheduled. Both of their hearings were previously scheduled for April. After reading the Florida DCF files, divorce pleadings and custody battle I would bet that step-mom is going to plead out, get bail, claim she was a battered and abused wife, and testify against her mother in law. The father will be un-indicted but on trial also. There is also the possibility he could be in trouble for perjury or abuse depending on what all of the lawyers that quit and step-mom can prove. I would love to know what his lawyer honestly thought of him. There are glimpses of what Florida DCF thought and it was not flattering.

  25. Signs you may be trailer trash – if you live in a trailer AND have any of these additional traits, then you should probably seek help:

    1. You have more pets than furniture for them to crap on.
    2. You have piles of animal dung that double as end tables.
    3. You have a bunch of naked/hungry/dirty children running around.
    4. You have more food on the floors/walls of your trailer than you do in the fridge.
    5. You have items in your refrigerator that could double as pennicillin, and a sick child with no medicine.
    6. You have a meth lab in your trailer.
    7. You have more garbage on your lawn than the local landfill.
    8. You have only two teeth left, and your claim to fame is that you can whistle the “Simpson’s” theme music through them.
    9. You have your pit bull babysit your kids while you go have your nails done.
    10. You dress your little girls like ‘hootchie mamas’ because you think it’s ‘cute’.
    11. You think running a child for 3 hours is a good punishment for ANY reason.

    I’m sure there are more, but that’s all I could come up with right now – feel free to add any more you can think of.

    1. don’t forget about the car on blocks and the washing machine in the yard.

      1. Or, if people mistakenly stop at your trailer because they think your having a garage sale.

        1.  Nah….that’s called Redneck chic….

  26. This kind of child abuse makes me sick so what the little lied about eating candy bars their was no call for this. I hope the ones that made her run to death get life in prison and never see the light of day! this is so sad’

  27. The charges against the grandmother have been upgraded to capital murder.  GOOD!

  28. The grandmother now faces capital murder charges and could get the needle stuck in her arm if convicted

    1. The needle is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too good for her.

  29. The description in today’s hearing of a nine year old 65 pound girl running for three hours carrying 8 to 15 pounds of wood being forced by her grandmother to continue until she collapses, cries, vomits, and starts convulsing lapsing into a coma is one of the most horrific torture descriptions I have heard. Adult prisoners used to be forced to walk on treadmills  as punishment for up to six hours in the 18th century. The grandmother was caught on the school bus surveillance saying she was going to force her to run “till she can’t run no more”. Savannah had deep scratches on her arms from carrying wood for hours.

    The fury of this grandmother and the insanely out of proportion reaction to the eating of a candy bar and its affect in a minor and common bladder issue of a young child suggests other highly significant issues that she was reacting to. The hearing scheduled 03/2012 to determine permanent custody and probably child support that could impact the household standard of living may have been the trigger. Where did the grandmother live? There is no spouse mentioned for her nor employment which may suggest child support would impact her also if she lived there. The step mother talking on her phone or using her laptop while this is happening for hours. The father’s continued allegations regarding a pending child abuse case in Florida against the biological mother that had repeatedly been disproved by state authorities and the fact that she had lived in his home for almost two years, the continuances by the father month after month to delay the custodial hearing, his working out of the country and seldom being in the home, his leaving the military service and potentially earning much more, and finally the judge refusing any further delays. They were facing a possible outcome that they did not like and may have chosen to take it out on the child.  And they apparently left out the fact of her abuse when telling medical practitioners that she just fell over and went into a coma. They will not get bail. 

    1. Too bad the school bus driver couldn’t have intervened. Wonder if she/he heard the comment or if it was found later.

  30. A woman who child was in the next bed to Savannah in ICU reports that the grandmother and stepmother showed no emotion and mostly left her alone to go outside and smoke.

    1.  Well, one would assume that to show emotion, the animal would require a heart. Stands to reason. 🙁


    Grandmother punished her by running and carry sticks/fire wood all the time apparently. She also took her out of school early to take her home to punish her on the day she died. She was a serial abuser and finally killed her. Capital murder charges are appropriate.

    1. I can suggest some places that “Granny” can put that firewood.

  32. Shanisewhitaker66

    sad sad sad should make there ass run

  33. We have four sons’ and eight grandchildren, I just cannot believe that this grandmother meant for Savannah to die. That being said, “Who in their right mind would make a child run for 15 minutes (much less 3 hours) as punishment?” My husband is a Teacher/Coach and School Bus Driver it is mandatory by the state that the players get gatorade/water whenever they feel they need it during practice or games. This poor child, her Daddy left her in the care of his Mother while he provided for her and she abused the child and her sons trust. He also has two other children with the Step Mother. He has  a long hard road ahead of him, we all need to keep him in our prayers and his children. I don’t know how he will manage leaving them to go back to work, with any kind of peace. This situation is so heart wrenching,  Robert, One Day at a Time Baby, God Bless You and Your children.

  34. I can’t be the only one wondering this … because this one is hard to wrap my head around.  When running for all those hours were there no witnesses?  Not one person in the entire area saw this happening? Maybe I just haven’t had enough coffee yet today… but anyone who witnesses something this odd and obviously cruel needs to take the 3 minutes our of their lives and make one phone call. That’s all it takes. ONE phone call to ask for a welfare check on a child.  I’m failing to understand why this is so hard for people to do

    1. I got the impression that the police have various witnesses that happened to see her running, each at a particular time, but no one who actually saw her running at multiple times and realized that it had gone on for hours.

  35. Yes Marsha, I do know Robert, personally. He was doing the best he could, and due to insurance regulations he could not take a 9 year old child with him to another country. Roberts’ only mistakes were his choice in wives,(Jessica Mae & little Savannahs’ Mommy) but, he was/or had began the divorce process. And, the other mistake was leaving Savannah with her Grandmother. But, he honestly believed that she was taking very good care of his little angel, and what young man would not entrust the life and care of his child with his own Mother? I do understand why he is standing by his wife/ex-wife and Mother in court, from what I can tell from the little time I was around Joyce, she was very dominant, controlling, you might even say she was a bully. But, that is NOT THE OBSERVATION OF ANYONE BUT MYSELF. And, how could he not believe in her care taking, after all Savannah had been in her care since she began living with her Daddy. Joyce, used very poor judgement, her choice was deadly for Savannah and very possibly will be lethal for her. I know from living in this tight knit, mainly Christian community all my life that Robert will receive all the support, comfort & love  he so desperately needs right now and will continue to need in the future.  His main concern right now is the well being of his other two children. We are praying for Gods’ will be done and not the will of an enraged community. She was very much loved by everyone who came into contact with her, she only wanted to be loved and accepted. What she needed and deserved, is what every child needs, their Mother, and I truly believe that Savannah would be alive today and enjoying playing outside in the sunshine, drawing pictures of her beloved horses, IF SHE HAD BEEN WHERE SHE BELONGED, with her Mother, being cherished the way all children should be. Now, she is in the arms of Jesus, and she has her wings. All we can do now is Pray, for Robert and the other two children, and yes for Joyce Hardin Garrard & Jessica Mae Hardin. How can we expect to be loved and forgiven if we ourselves cannot love and forgive, yes,  I know it sounds crazy and it will take a long time to accomplish but, it is something we all need to pray about and ask for Gods’ Grace, humble ourselves, on our knees, until we can see the light again, shining brightly through this very dark time. Savannah, is now free from all abuse, mental or physical. Thank you to all of you for allowing me to vent. Bless and Be Blessed!!!

    1.  “what young man would not entrust the life and care of his child with his own Mother?”

      I may be a woman instead of a man, but I can tell you – I would not leave any of my children in the custody of my mother, simply because of the way she raised me.  I cannot believe that this woman (his mother) was an exemplary parent and suddenly turned into a monster where her grandchildren were concerned.  It just doesn’t make sense.  If that is the case, then, yeah, maybe he thought his mother would be a good guardian.  That still does not explain why he left her with his wife – WHO HE KNEW WAS A MEAN WITCH!  He should have exercised better judgement. 

    2. “I do understand why he is standing by his wife/ex-wife and Mother in court…”

      Well gee, I don’t “understand” that at all.  They tortured his daughter to death.  They murdered her.  And yet you “understand” why he is “standing by” them?  If that constitutes a “good dad” in your mind, no wonder you believe he qualifies.  I, on the other hand, believe he was and is a piece of dog shit, and his sick embrace of his daughter’s KILLERS only proves it.  I hope both these hags get the needle and the father vomits up his guts with guilt over his daughter’s death every day for the rest of his miserable life.

    3.  Have you read Robert’s nasty reports on his ex-wife to Florida DCF? They are located here: None of it was true. The social services workers said he was “coaching” the child unsuccessfully. They were trying to get her to say bad things about her mother. The state of Florida suspected it was about child support he was supposed to pay.

      Have you read the divorce pleadings, restraining orders and illegal property transfers of Robert and his second wife? Those records were released by a judge and can be read here:   This is not a nice guy who cares about his children. This hellacious divorce was going on while he had custody of Savannah and was telling a court that the biological mother was abusive and negligent (unfounded) and could provide a more stable home.

      Then there are his custody machinations which are also in the link in the prior paragraph. The statements and allegations with what we already know are stupefying. A more stable home. He wants child support that he is already receiving by paycheck withholding. Leaving out the recent custody agreement that he did not like in Florida. Claiming the child’s mother was unstable as he did with Jessica when she was running away from him because he told her to get out of his house repeatedly. Taking all the money out of the bank so Jessica could not care for their toddler. Transferring community property by forgery to his mother to deprive his wife and child a place to live. Taking Savannah to a mental health professional and telling that professional that her mother was dangerous. Continuance after continuance to keep her away from her mother. Telling the court and sheriff’s dept that there were pending abuse charges against the child’s mother that had all been unfounded. His lawyer quit him in this and it takes a lot for an attorney to quit weeks before a hearing.

      I am glad that Robert was nice to you. You seem like a decent and kind person, but after reading all of this if you continue to view him as blameless you are being willfully blind. He is supporting his wife and mother because he was a part of it all.

  36. Kimberly, I don’t understand your response.  You said that you thought that Savannah would have been alive if she’d been with her mother and that Robert had done nothing wrong except pick the wrong wives.  But it was Robert who refused to bring Savannah back from a visit, Robert who got filed for custody and got it because the mother couldn’t afford a lawyer, Robert who repeatedly called CPS with unfounded allegations about the mother and Robert who told the judge that Savannah’s mother wasn’t paying child support when the payments were taken out of her paycheck and sent to him automatically.  I read the unsealed court documents and they are very revealing.

    I don’t know any of these people, but something isn’t right here.  As soon as Jessica wanted a divorce, Robert started treating her the same way, making allegations that she was bipolar, abusive, and a bad mother.  He even forged her name on a document giving their home to his mother!   Then they reconciled.   So either Robert harasses wives with false allegations once the marriage is over and plays hardball over money or he uses very bad judgment in choosing women to have or leaves children with.   If Jessica is abusive and unstable and his mother is a bully, he should never have left Savannah alone with him.   He didn’t need to be out of the country, he’s not in the armed forces, he has a civilian job and he could have gotten a different one.

    And his mother IS a bully.  She announced her intentions to the bus driver with no shame at all and it did not bother her in the least when Savannah collapsed and vomited, she just made her get up and run some more.  I cannot believe that she just suddenly developed a desire to use torture as punishment.  You say that Robert believed in her caregiving because she’d been taking care of Savannah.  Wasn’t she meeting out abusive punishments before he went overseas?  What about Robert – how did he punish?  At least one woman who knows the family has given an interview in which she expressed concern – too late – about how severely Savannah was punished.

    What good is it to live in tight knit Christian community when no one called Joyce on her behavior, when no one told Robert to stop acting like a jerk towards his wives every time he didn’t get his way?  A divorce isn’t a fight to the death; parents who divorce should continue to work together for the good of the children.  Everyone minding their own business in your community resulted in Savannah’s preventable death.

    How is child abuse or any type of crime to be prevented if our immediate response is to offer forgiveness rather than demand justice?  Savannah is dead so we are supposed to close ranks and love and forgive those who wronged her?  Even God doesn’t forgive those who are not repentant and even if Joyce and Jessica become genuinely repentant, there is no where in the Bible which says that people get to escape the consequences of their actions here on Earth.  

    1. Marsha, I have no response, your right. I stand corrected. But, I still believe Robert is a good Dad and did the best he could in his circumstances.

      1. I believe he is a manipulative selfish bastard who is indirectly reponsible for his daughter’s death which he basically caused because he didn’t
        want to pay child support. Seems pretty clear. he took the child from her custodial mother, accused her, took her house from her by nefarious means and gave it to the abusive sow that bore him and killed his daughter and now is engaged in said sow’s defense. In no way does that speak to a good man and a good father. AND his standing with her killers defiles her memory. NO loving father would do that.

  37. On Friday, a grand jury indicted grandma for capital murder and stepmom for felony murder.   The felony murder charges carries a maximum penalty of 99 years in jail.  The prosecutor announced yesterday that he is seeking the death penalty for grandma.   The sheriff is pleased with the indictments, commenting ““Well, by golly, we’ve done a good job in this county on this case,” he
    said. “Everybody has, to make a difference in this child’s life. Nobody
    else cared about her, but we do.”  And I believe he does.

    I am going to be haunted for a long time by the image of that precious little girl, collapsed on the ground, vomiting, and begging to be allowed to stop while grandma tells her she has to run some more.  Savannah apparently looked at Jessica, hoping for intervention, to which grandma said, “Don’t look at her.  She won’t help you.”   I am just so angry at this senseless destruction of a beautiful life I cannot calm down.

    1. I’m with you sweetie. And YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for the Sheriff & the indictments.

    2.  Marsha thank you for that update, hun.  At least something is being done to punish this horrible wench woman!  Chalk one up for proper punishment if they do indeed get the death penalty.

    3. I’m glad that Joyce Hardin will get death penalty.But I think Jessica should get the same too,as she is just as guilty of murder as Joyce Hardin is.

  38. The only reason why they aren’t killing her is because she just had a baby I’m guessing.

  39. I do not think the running alone caused this child to die.

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