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“It is absolutely a brutal, brutal homicide”

WANTED: Juan Garcia - alleged baby killer

Police search for suspect in Phoenix boy’s death
Manhunt for suspect in child’s death

“It is absolutely a brutal, brutal homicide.” Those are not the words I want to hear describe anybody’s death, never mind a 2-year old.  But that is how Phoenix Sgt. Trent Crump described the murder of 2-year old George Rogel, also named Jorge I. Zamora-Rogel  in various articles.

Warning: the details of this murder are horrendous. Do not read if you can’t handle it. I can hardly handle reading and typing what is coming next.

George/Jorge’s 18-year old mother, Wendy Rogel-Pagas, came home on Friday night last week with food for her, her son, and her boyfriend; Juan Garcia, 18. When the little boy wouldn’t come out of his room to eat, Juan pulled him out by his ear.  When the child started crying; the dickless, spineless soon-to-be baby killer got enraged and picked up the little boy by his throat and began smashing his head against a bedroom wall.

According to the mother, she tried to stop him. So did she bash him over the head with a cast iron skillet? No. Did she pick up anything there was in sight to knock his fucking block off? No. Did she rush to call 911 so that someone could help her and her dying baby? No.  In fact, after Juan fled the scene, she was home an hour and half alone with her son before her boner-donor returned.  These two apparently don’t have 3 brain cells between them because when Juan came home, he tried to revive the boy by picking him up and dropping him on the floor. Yeah, ’cause that always works.

It was too late by that point anyway. Little George/Jorge had already stopped breathing and his little heart had stopped beating.

“She saw that this child was unconscious for some time. Had literally taken steps to remove and to evacuate froth and blood from his mouth,” Crump said.

Fucking sickening.  Who lets someone beat their baby to a pulp and then not call 911?  She has her son’s blood on  her hands and I hope that every day she spends locked away she pictures his smiling face and his light being extinguished by her trash bag of a boyfriend.  I hope the dick was good honey, I really do.

Since Juan is obviously no man, for so many reasons, let’s add to the list that he’s on the run.  The manhunt for him has brought back a big goose egg so far,  they haven’t been able to find him. In the meantime, the “mother” was arrested on child abuse charges. No word on her bond or bail or if she’s still in jail, which I guess she is.

Garcia is described as Hispanic, 5 feet 8 inches tall and 170 pounds. He is possibly driving a 2005 gray Nissan Altima with Arizona plate ANJ3755. If you know his whereabouts call Phoenix police at 602-262-6141 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

Before anyone blames this murder on their ages, save your breath please. My best friend had her 1st baby at the age of 19, and they’re both still alive. My cousin had her son when she was 18 and he’s a thriving 14-year old now. The fact that the mother was a teen mom and her boyfriend has also not entered his 20s,  does not make them any more capable of committing such an atrocious murder of a baby than a 40-year old. Browse through the thousands of articles in the archives here at and you’ll see that age makes no difference for baby killers.

RIP sweet baby boy… having a 2-year old myself, this story makes me break into pieces. I can only imagine your sweet, mischievous grin, your curiosity and the light in your eyes when you learned something new. Rest easy little man.

RIP sweet boy

Thanks to Tina, Jo Anne, Kim, and Deena for the tips.

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  1. I am so sick of people blaming their youth for the way they mistreat their babies! I was 17 when I got pregnant with my first child and she is now a happy, healthy 11 year old! She has never been beaten or neglected in anyway and is the top of her class academically. That is not to say that things have always been easy for us but my daughter (and her 10 year old brother) have NEVER and will never have to worry about their mother putting some random male before their welfare!
    I can only hope that these two oxygen thieves get what they deserve and then some!

  2. What kind of asshole beats the crud out of a small child for not wanting to eat right when he wants to?! If there’s any justice in this world, when they catch him, someone will offer the inmates of the facility where he goes a decent going rate of whatever ‘currency’ they use these days for every injury that puts him in the hospital for a week or more.

    And as for *her*; what kind of ‘mother’ leaves her child for three *hours* before calling the emergency services?! Remove her ability to procreate – without anaesthetic!

    1. The kind whose brain (and temper) is as tiny as his pecker.

  3. That baby was WAYYYY too good for his parents!  I hope she burns internally, for eternity, and can never have children again.  He’s probably in Mexico…maybe he’ll be killed by the drug cartels.  Soon.

  4. Age has nothing to do with it…….I had my first son at 15 and then my second son at 18 and my daughter at 21……….They are healthy productive loving people today at 28….25 and 21…….Police or CPS has never been to my door and nor did I need to abuse physically or mentally any of my children at any time in their lives to get them to eat….behave………selfish sick people who should never be allowed to procreate are doing this!!!!1  I dont believe in exscuses either…I came from a abusive home with alcohol and drugs…..I didnt need alcohol or drugs  to live my life and raise my kids…….take out to the country and shoot them in the head and leave for animal food……its really all they are good for!!!!!!

    1.  Nah….might poison the animals – then we’d have the ASPCA and PETA breathing down our necks…instead, cremate, box up the debris and sell it for rat poison. Use vermin to rid the world of even more vermin. It’s a win-win situation.

  5. My husband was 18 when we had our son, and I will admit we had our problems directly related with his immaturity and our age difference, but he has never, never even come close to trying to hurt our son, and if he had you better believe he’d be long gone. Age is just an excuse for the ones who want to excuse this bullshit. What a beautiful baby boy, that little smile makes me think of my boy’s smile.

  6. I am just speechless. Why is there ever a need to beat the shit out of a child when they are crying? My youngest is two, he has cried because he’s had to do something when he doesn’t want to, but I have never had the thought to harm him in anyway to try and get him to stop crying. R.I.P. Sweet boy.

  7. Let me get this straight – Dr. Douche grabs the child’s ear and pulls and then gets angry because he cries.  And the only way to respond, of course, is to slam the baby’s head against the wall.   The sheer level of stupidity and cowardice on the part of the penis and the incubator is unbelievable.  What a pathetic waste of protoplasm.   I am just sick.

    1. Dr douche? Good one…. I like you.

      1. Thank you, “boner-donor” is my new favorite name for the murderous boyfriends of useless incubators.  I refuse to call women like this “mothers”

  8. Agreed. Age has nothing to do with it. My fiance and I are 19 years old and our son is almost 6 months old. Never have we once thought to harm him at anytime no matter what he is doing, ie crying, not eating. Age isnt accountable for people being so damn stupid and heartless. The mother needs shot in the face, but maybe that would put her out of her misery. How could you just sit there with your dying/dead child?!? And don’t get me started on the dickfuck who actually did it… it makes me wonder about this planet we live on. Horrific. This child was a doll, absolutely adorable. I hope Heaven is treating you better than your despicable parents, little one. <3 ):

  9. I hope they find asshat above and he “accidently” has his head bashed in by a wall, foot, flashlight, brick, or car.

    I hope the c*** has her snatch sewn shut and can never ever ever have any more children.

    RIP sweet baby. 

  10. The incubator says she ‘tried’ to stop him? What did she ‘try’ to do? PLEASE him to death? Give me a freakin’ break. She could have found something in that place with which to knock him out – I bet they had a flat-screen TV that would have done a pretty good job of it.  In the background of the pic, I see both a baby swing and a crib. I have owned several of each, and I know that if I needed to I could snatch one apart in a New York minute and use the parts to squash a bug like that one.  The crib could serve a second purpose too – after using the wood pieces to kill him, she could use it as kindling to build a fire and destroy the evidence.  I like to get the very most use I can (out of any item) for my money.  I’m stingy that way.

    1. That’s my thought. If anyone even looked like they were going to harm my baby, I’d come at them screaming like a maniac, fist and feet flying. I’ve noticed screaming like a lunatic can really unnerve someone and helps when your attacker outweighs you.

  11. Omg…2 year olds can be the crankiest, stubbornest, most difficult babies to care for, the stage is a mixture of independance and clinginess that can drive anyone crazy. I have one, and to think of someone hurting my baby boy, to experience blood and froth coming from his mouth and having him die in my arms…my brain would die. This woman…how can this be? And she didn’t claw his face off when she saw him bashing the baby’s head? I’m in shock, this little boy’s gorgeous smile is forever extinguished.  I hope the dick was good too, cuz honey where you’re going they will have no mercy on your soul. And I agree, screaming like a banshee and coming at someone crazily usually stops them intheir tracks.  Senseless tragedy, R.I.P. little one.

  12. All you need to shutt the fuck up about the mom you guys werent their at the moment. All you people just belive anything someone says just like US mexicans say las noticias les pone mucha crema a los tacos! It means the news adds to much shitt to a crime. I know this girl and this is absoloutley wrong what all these news people are saying. SHE WAS ACTUALLY CHOKED BY THIS BITCH ASS GUY WITH A CABLE WHILE TRYING TO SAVE HER BABY AND LOCKED IN A ROOM AFTER. THEIR IS MORE TO THIS BUT I AINT GUNNA WAIST MORE OF MY TIME EXPLAINING. O Nd She Had Bearly moved into that House.

    1. Um, yeah, if that were true she would have had ligature marks on her neck form being choked by a cord. If she got locked into a room afterward why didn’t she try breaking out of it? If she had, there would have been evidence of that too. Oh, and how did she get out of the locked room after the fucker who beat her child left? Did he conveniently unlock the door to the room she was held prisoner in? Let’s not forget the fact that she did not seek immediate medical help for her son either. She waited an HOUR AND A HALF. Obviously she didn’t fucking care. Unless you can prove your fucking bullshit don’t come back spouting some more of it. 


      Thank you for that act of mercy. Reading that post caused my eyes to cross for a while…how bout if you learn to spell and punctuate properly before you come back here spewing your garbage.  Better yet, just don’t come back at all.  Nobody here is buying that load of horse excrement you’re selling anyway.  Go find a farmer – they always need fertilizer…

      On a side note – do any of our regular readers read/speak Spanish (Mexican?)? I’m curious to know if she butchered that language as badly as she butchered ours.  Just wondering…

      1. “las noticias les ponen mucha crema a los tacos” literally translates into “the news puts too much CREAM on the tacos” whatever the hell that means. I’m pissed off, ugh.

        1.  It seems to me that if Wendy had cared a little less about the ‘cream’ George was supplying for her ‘taco’, and a little more about the baby that came out of her ‘taco’, we would not be having such a stupid debate with such an idiotic person.  But that’s just my opinion. 

        2. I read your comment, and thought of this….it kinda reminds me of all of us here when we read about this kind of stuff, and then have to put up with comments from idiots like these…

          1. I read your taco comment and was so flared up again…seriously stories like these give Hispanics a horrible image in our country.  Anyone remember the baby Brianna story? 

            But then I clicked on the link…good one. Teehee. 

      2. She probably did.

        1. I hope they catch his dumb ass and he did not run off to Mexico.RIP little baby. 🙁

    3. That dosent explain why she didn’t CLAW HIS FACE OFF LIKE A TIGER.  Sorry but most mother sout here experience unusual rushes of adrenaline with almost super human strenght when faced with the death of her child. Dumb bitch should get the chair thrown ather then shot on the courthouse steps as an example for parents out here! Children come before any piece of ass PUNETA.  Me le cago en la madre a esta puta. (I shit on the mom of this whore ::spit::)

  13. Just wow! Poor little angel. I am always sickened at these stories, but rarely comment. Little man’s smile moved me. I would have died protecting him–
    He would have literally had to beat me to death to be allowed to kill that angel…

    She is very young- and that is no excuse and makes it no better- but this will haunt her for the rest of her life….She will undoubtably have another baby. ..My hope is that she understands what happened here, and understands what is important on this earth, before it is too late for another one.

    “Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children”

  14. Age never has anything to do with what these dirt bags did. I have my daughter @ 15 and my son @ 20 and they are both still alive and well. This piece of shit and his incubator are just monsters plain and simple.
    I hope the police catch his ass quick. I also hope there’s a “mix up” in the prison and there both sent into general pop.

  15. Hey April, did you give dirtchild the axe? I’m suprised he/she isn’t all over this one.

    1. No. I like having her come back. She makes me feel better about myself.

  16. I just don’t get it. Why can’t someone just state what they believe, how they feel and/or what they see as right or wrong. Instead of regurgitated crap over and over, plus making statements to try and appease what the majority may want to hear.
    I just don’t get it.

    1. They just get a rush from seeing that someone “liked” their comment, lol

  17. I’m thinking about going out and hunting down this pussy myself….I’m gonna channel Marcellus Wallace, and call a few hard pipe hitting n*ggas, to go work on him with a pair of pliers and blow torch.  

  18. If you are in PHX they are holding a car wash on the corner if 19th ave and Dunlap  today (3/11/12) to raise money for the reward to catch this piss pot and to help out the family of little Gorge….. 

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