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Fake hit-and-run claims the life of a 3-year old boy

Mother, boyfriend are charged with beating boy, blaming hit-and-run crash
Accused child killer says he ‘lost it

Thomas Presley - alleged baby killer


The bathtub. The stairs. The glass coffee table. The hardwood floor. We’ve heard them all, huh? Excuses that baby killers/abusers use when trying to explain themselves out of why a child in their care died of BFT or other serious injuries. Staging a hit-and-run is a new one though.   But we all know too well that cops and investigators always figure that shit out. This is why I’ve never robbed a bank – they’d totally catch my ass.

Back to 3-year old Blake Litton of Missouri.  He was the 3rd born child to Jamie Litton, 25.  Her 1st 2 daughters (from a previous marriage) were removed from her care by the bio-dad because he suspected abuse and was able to prove it. Good for you, Dad! Jamie had 2 more kiddies, Blake and his younger sister.

Little Blake died at the hands of his mother’s boyfriend; Thomas Presley, 21.  Like so many other stories here on, she was at work when it happened. His little sister was able to tell authorities what really happened. The little sister said she saw Thomas punch Blake in the mouth because he “pooped. She said that after he punched him, she saw Thomas put Blake in the bathtub and “hit him with the bathtub a lot,” and Blake “kept pooping more'”.

She also had injuries. Bruises covered her little body. She had suffered previous head and liver injuries and had a broken left wrist.  Luckily, she survived Thomas’s attack. My heart breaks that she had to witness her big brother being murdered.  Blake died after his liver was lacerated and a blood vessel in his brain burst, according to the court documents. Bruises and lacerations were visible on his head, neck, torso, buttocks, legs and arms. Poor little guy.

So Thomas panicked, of course. He contacted Jamie at work to tell her that little Blake was in bad shape, that he thought he was paralyzed. So he rushed him to the ER right away to see if he could be saved, right? Nope, that is not what happened. Jamie asked her supervisor if she could leave because of an issue with her son, and her boss said no. So she stayed put. Thomas then texted her that he was going to stage a hit and run accident to explain the injuries, so that he wouldn’t go to prison for the rest of his life. Genius plan!

At 5:12am,  Thomas called 911 and told them that the boy had being peeing on the side of the road while they were on the way to his brother’s house when an out of control car hit him after he’d wandered into the road and then the car took off.  Police actually initially believed this bullshit and let Thomas and Jamie leave the scene of the “accident”. But once doctors determined that Blake’s injuries were from a beating and not a car accident, the little sister was taken to a hospital for her initial examination and questioning.

She has since been placed with Jamie’s parents.

Thomas and Jamie were both charged with second-degree murder, Jamie also faces two counts of first-degree child endangerment. They’re both being held on $100k bond.

Little Blake, RIP sweet boy. I’m sorry your mom didn’t care enough about you to protect you the way mom’s should.

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  1. I’m sitting in the waiting room of a hospital with my two month old son waiting for my husband to get out of surgery.. After reading this I looked down at my sleeping baby and cried. How could a mother allow a monster complete access to her babies? What a c***. I hope they both rot in hell.

    1. Because the penis of the week or day, depending on how whorish they are, is SO much more important than the life they created. Sad isn’t it?

  2. I wish they would start charging these mothers as well. Especially when it’s proven that injuries were sustained over a period of time. Negligent homicide at least. Something, anything. 

  3. This story makes me so sick.  What immature, selfish, evil people!  Kids poop a lot and that’s just life.  Deal with it…PATIENTLY.

    1. The kid pooped alot because he litterally had the shit beaten out of him.I hope these two asshats get the same.

  4. That is horribly sad. Poor kiddo. There’s just no punishment sever enough for these cum cubicles and jizz injectors that abuse and murder their children. And I will never get why fuckwads that beat their children to death can get lighter sentences when what they deserve is the harshest one available. A child can’t defend themselves, they look to their parents to take care and protect them, but when it’s that parent that’s hurting them, what the fuck can they do? The system has failed far too many children for far too fucking long. This is bullshit.

  5. Let me get this straight, she abused once and had children removed and was allowed to keep her breeding “prizes” the next time she got knocked up. Then she gets with a guy who is beating on her kids, which goes unnoticed, and then goes along with staging a hit-and-run so the bastard that killed her child wouldn’t go to prison? I have no faith in humanity most days. Hope they get the same treatment that was dished out on these poor children, and may that wonderful little boy rest in peace.

  6. Maybe the highway department should stage a hit and run for both of them…with those things they use to repave the roads. Dump hot tar on them, and make them part of the highway.  Then they could actually be useful for once in their miserable lives.

    I’m glad the first two of her progeny were taken somewhere safe (by the dad) – it’s too bad no one thought to do the same for the new babies. When I read this, I said a prayer for Blake…and then I said one for his little sister.  She will need all the prayers she can get from now on – this is likely something she will never be able to forget. I hope she finds a loving home.

    I’d also like to know more about Jamie’s parents (who have the girl now).  Did they know of the previous abuse? They must have since the kids were taken from their daughter by her ex.  If they knew she was abusive, why did they not watch out for the second two – before one was killed?

    1. If I read correctly in one of the articles that I found Jamie’s father called and warned her ex-husband to keep their girls away from the two monsters featured in this article. Makes me stomach churn that he didn’t have enough sense to call CPS also, if he didn’t, and report these two’s sorry asses before one of the kids lost their life. Or both losing their lives for that matter.

    2. I’m wondering about her parents too.   I hope more comes out about this because it could just be that they have tried to get CPS involved and tried to get custody.   There was a woman in my church years ago who had lost custody of her first baby because of abuse (broken leg) yet when she had a second child nine months later, CPS did not take the child away because she hadn’t hurt that child.   “We have to deal with what is happening now” the worker said.

      1.  Because she hadn’t hurt THAT child??? My opinion is if she cannot be trusted with the first one, then why give her the chance to hurt another? It seems to me they are just giving these whack-jobs a chance to birth a ‘replacement punching bag’…. and often it turns out horribly, as this one did.

    3. He has said that he contacted both family services and the sheriff. He also tried stopping her from moving out of his house with the kids. He also talked to the kids dad abt it and he felt the same. But he passed only a month or so after they moved out of her parents house. It’s very frustrating how broken our system is for these precious babies.

  7. Wait….she asked her boss for permission toleave her job in order to tend to her son?  OMG.  I wonder if oneof those txts she received explained thather son was DEAD or even injured.  I would have bust a hole in the wall to get out ofmy job and get to my babies if something were wrong.  But, of course, I don’t leave my children with my “boyfriend” while I go work.  God this sucks ass, R.I.P. baby boy wish you had been mine.

    1. Apparently he told her he thought he was paralyzed then told her he was going to stage a hit and run

  8. Blake’s little sister must be pretty smart to be able to tell such a coherent story.  I guess watching out for abusive predators will sharpen the wits and reflexes even in a child that young.  She’s obviously smarter than her incubator.  I think the scientific designation for creatures like this is Px4 T P: Piss Poor Protoplasm Put Together Poorly.

    1. My daughter is 2 yrs 4 months and about 3 wks ago she said she wanted to use the potty so i removed pants and diaPer, she didnt want me to watch so told me to shut the door to the bedroom (we have a potty upstairs and downstairs) i kept telling her not to walk around and tO sit on the pot, then the whining started and pounding on the door mommy help me, lol she pooped on the floor and stePped in it and freaked out lol, the new dog did it 2 days ago and livy cant stop talking about the Nasty poop on the floor and how it got there both times in great detail lol, no one was harmed in these potty training incidents

      1. I know that had to be a mess but I can just picture the oh so sweet and innocent 2 year old telling EVERYONE about it and I can’t help but laugh!  I’ll bet she’s cute and look on the bright side-  When she starts dating, you can embarass her by telling her dates all about it- Mom’s revenge.

        1. Thats my livy in my avatar and she is so cute shes even cute talking about poop :0)

    2. It is really fortunate that the little girl was that verbal. Not all 2 year olds are. Hope she gets the help she needs to have a somewhat normal life after seeing this.

  9. They both need to be run over repeatedly by a large truck with those knobby tires with chains on them poor babies

  10. I went to cosmetology school with this woman just a few months ago before I moved far away. When I came across this story on my hometowns newspaper website I almost died. All I could think was oh my god I spent time around a murderer. Not a whole lot of time because she only showed up for class about half the time (which resulted in her getting terminated from the program). But that little time I did kind of know her was too long.   I didn’t know her well, but she seemed kinda like a bitch. From what I understand her parents (the ones who have Faith now) had placed several calls to the child abuse hotline, and the result? Nothing. And I saw other girls from our school talking on facebook about how before she was with this guy she was with a different one and CPS was involved a lot.  I just don’t understand how she could possibly let this happen. From what I’ve read and heard around town it since her boss wouldn’t let her leave she just told him to take the boy to the emergency room but the way the stories sound it seems like she wasn’t concerned at all, it was just another one of life’s everyday annoyances.  I hope whatever happens to her is horrible and she suffers severely.

    1. nonmame, she let it happen because the only concern she had is a guarantee of getting f**ked every night.  How many children have been murdered at the hand of mommies boyfriend just in the last year? 

  11. Wow. After reading all that he went through, I am picturing this guy doing it, and am thinking that this is more than losing it. After he hit him a few times,   you’d think he’d snap out of it, but the continuing of the abuse is what just astounds me more than anything. Do these people realize what they are doing? Why do you have to go to such violent extremes with a little child? That just shows the maturity level of this man, then to think you can concoct a ridiculous story and that the cops are just going to say “Oh, Okay” and walk away??? Even more crazy. Those poor little children, so sad  and the pathetic excuse for a mother should rot in jail.

  12. This is sick… this little guy looks a lot like my son Joey..they are the same age!! My heart breaks for Blake.. poor baby!!

  13. if these people go to prison , they will be paid for because prisoners  hate child molesters ,abusers, and child killers. NO DOUBT, THEY WILL EITHER BEAT HIM OR KILL HIM. MOST of them have been abused or molested. he will find out  the terror that little BLAKE went through!!!!!!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  14. her boss said no … and thus she stayed … ummm ……

    Just wow.  I am trying to think of something witty enough to really put punch into this post but that level of ‘tard is just a bit too easy to pick on.

  15. Blake and his sister where to be handed over to their father who was granted full custody if his little angel’s. The courts gave him custody but turn over date was not scheduled to take place tell Friday. Yes, one day to late.

    1.  So, maybe this is another case wherein the mother thought it would be better to let the baby die than give him to his father?  Revenge? Stupidity? Selfishness? My thoughts and prayers are with the father…

  16. I hope that this shitty excuse for a mother gets her uterus removed,so that she can never ever have any more kids.As for the mother’s boyfriend,I hope he gets killed by the other prison inmates.I am so disgusted by both of them.

  17. the father probably was beating her ass to thats probably why she didnt care to move fast enough

    1.  Does that have any relevance at all to the dead baby?  Who didn’t move fast enough? *scratches head*

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