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Parenting so bad, it's criminal

Mom hated her 1 year old, so she killed him

Neha Patel, alleged baby killer

Deputies: Mom said she hated baby, killed him
Polk County mother accused of murdering her one-year-old son captured
Mother who admits hating her son since the day he was born ‘left baby boy to drown in the bathtub and refused to do CPR’

She hated him from day 1.  In fact, reports say that when he would crawl towards her, she would smack him because she hated to be near him and wanted to discourage him from coming close to her.

Neha Patel hated her 1-year old son, Ishan, so much that on Thursday last week she smacked him around, filled up the bath tub half way, then left him in there for 10 minutes alone.  When she came back, he was unconscious and she didn’t perform CPR on him (even though she knew how). She then got him dressed, stuck him in the car and took him on a bizarre drive around the area. Starting with a drive to her local Publix (grocery store), then from  her Lakeland, Fl home to Ocala, about an 80 mile drive.  Then on to Tampa, another 97 miles away. She had planned to jump off of the parking garage roof of the Tampa International Airport, but found it too crowded and returned home.

Her husband had been looking for her for hours, he even called the cops to report them missing. When she got home at 2am on Friday morning, she put her son in his crib and told her husband that she drowned him. After her husband began to call relatives to tell them what she’d done,  she left and headed back to Tampa where she was going to attempt to kill herself again.  She told her husband on her way out that she’d be dead by the next day and that she’d rather be dead then go to prison. However, cops found her the next day around 1pm on the 4th floor of the airport parking garage. She told them that every time she went to jump, someone would walk by.

Detectives claim that her confession was very candid. She told them that she hated her son and blamed him for her “state of mind”. Apparently,  she suffers from postpartum depression and had been off her meds.   I won’t take that as a scapegoat, sorry. If you’re that depressed, get some fucking help. If her husband knew she was postpartum, he should have run with that little boy and forced his wife to get help. I’m not blaming him, I feel terrible for him. I’m sure he never imagined she’d do something like this.  Neha and her husband also have a 4-year old daughter who was completely unharmed, apparently not hated by her mother.

Polk County Sheriff’s office describe Ishan’s injuries as “torture beyond imagination”.  While Neha claimed that she drowned the baby, authorities are saying that he died from Blunt Force Trauma. I’ll update when the autopsy comes back with a ruling.

She was booked into the Hillsborough County jail on a Polk County 1st degree murder warrant.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the Polk County sheriff, Grady Judd… “Our love for children, and our desire to protect children, is unlimited — the only solace there is in this case is that Neha Patel will not be able to hurt another child.”

RIP little Ishan… you were given the worst fucking mother on planet earth, I’m truly sorry for that.  Fly with the angels and everlasting love in heaven sweet boy.

Thanks to Christina, DD, AJ, and Mrskelley for the tips.

RIP Little Ishan

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  1. How could anyone not love that little face? R.I.P Ishan 🙁

  2. He looks……sad  🙁

    1. he does 🙁

    2. Maybe because his mommy didn’t love him. Poor baby.

  3. he does look sad. poor darling. what is on his wrist and neck?

  4. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the coroner ruled his death a homicide. He died of drowning and BFT to his face. 


  5. What a beautiful baby.  RIP, angel.

  6. Oh my god. This breaks my heart. How can you be so heartless? Look at his sad little face…I’m so glad that heartless wench didn’t kill herself so she can spend a good long time in prison, where she didn’t want to be. Hell can wait. I hope darling Ishan can rest in peace. I can’t imagine how miserable his little life was. I would have taken him…anyone with a heart would have taken him and loved him!

  7. They should let the public slap her around for a while. That poor little angel was tortured by the C U Next Tuesday  who was supposed to love and protect him. I have a grandson his age and my heart breaks at the pain and torment that this beautiful baby boy went through. People like this should be tortured and then killed immediately, they are not fit to live or be in society. How could she look at that darling face and feel anything but love?

  8. I hate her and I don’t want her near me, can I drown her?

    1. only if you beat her with a bat first.

  9. Look at his precious face, poor little one!  He looks so lonely and unhappy…I’m hoping that his father somewhat made up for his unloving mother.  RIP Ishan, now you are out of harm and with someone who loves you without measure.

  10. I want to give him a hug.  It’s a shame he was never hugged in his life and will never get a hug again.  I hope he’s getting hugged by Angels… 🙁  He needs so many hugs…

  11. I think the police that found her should have encouraged her to go ahead and jump off the garage. Maybe helped her a bit by putting a bullet in her first. A little BFT (bullet fired trauma) to the face.  

    I cannot understand how a woman can give birth to a child, and then NOT love him/her.  I loved all of mine even before they were born.  And would have died to protect them.  I still would.

    Ishan is adorable! How could she not love him? And how could the father have missed the extent of animosity she felt toward their child? If she hated him that much, you would think there would have been overt signs that the father would see. Maybe she was a really good actress???

  12. This story hit me hard.  Really hard.

    He even looks sad in his picture. I don’t have ANY pictures of my son looking sad.  In fact, if my son looks like that (and he’s not in time out for acting out) it becomes my sole purpose in life to make him smile again.

    WTH, lady?  If you hate your son, give him to someone to love.  There are LOTS of us out there… 

    1.  Plenty of parents here who might not be wealthy but certainly have the space in our hearts for another little person to love. 🙁 Poor little angel boy. I wish he had a mommy who thought that he was the moon in her sky.

      1. Your comment made me tear up even more, so well said

  13. I actually know who this shes lived in Schdy ny, realives are involved in criminal activity this just proves guynease are scum, just read today one kept one without a visa as a slave in a mansion I could live in a mansion too if I didn’t have to pay taxes get the fuck out of the US you take advantage of the system

    1.  Was any of that in English? A few words looked vaguely familiar, but the organization of even those was perplexing.  Can anyone translate? It sounds like we have a bigot who is trying to blame every crime in the known universe on a specific ethnic group. But I’ve never heard of a ‘guynease’ group….

      1. “Guineas” used to be a slang term for any foreigners darker than Carrot Top.  I would guess that’s what the moron bigot was trying to say.

        Without regard to this woman’s race, religion, or national origin – I would like to see her finish what she started and do a concrete faceplant from about five stories up.

        1. Go get a globe and go read a book. Guyana is in south America guyanese or however it’s spelled is what there called and there all over not everyone who’s dark skinned is what I think you were trying to say was a Ginny which was slang for Italians. And if you really want to look more into it no one really likes them cause of there attitude to others

          1. I love it when someone who can’t spell, punctuate, or write a coherent sentence tells me to “read a book.”

            First of all, you badly misspelled “Guyanese” in your original post, if that’s what you were trying to say.  I was just making the best guess I could as to what your retarded sounding racist babble meant.  Second of all, what makes you think this woman is from Guyana?  She could be, but I can find nothing that indicates she is a foreigner at all, let alone specifically from Guyana.  Third of all and regardless of where she’s from, you’re a bigot and a moron.  I’m sure there are plenty of assholes from Guyana – just like everywhere else – but I’m also sure that most people there just do the best they can to get by – just like everywhere else.

            Fuck you very much for playing, now crawl back into your bunker full of guns and brush both your teeth.

          2.  “brush both your teeth.” *snicker*

          3. Wow! Another bigoted comment! That’s two in one thread…how about you leave race/ethnicity out of the equation… she didn’t kill him because of her heritage, she killed him because she’s a selfish freakin’ waste of oxygen.  Get off of your hate-mobile, and pay attention to the story!

          4. The thing is, if you break down rates of abuse according to race/ethnicity, you’re going to find a lot of differences–it’s not the same all across the board.  It’s not bigoted or hateful to point that out, but Nyork could have expressed this in a different way.  (Okay, much different.)


            You also have to break it down further…Blacks are like 13% of the population, yet 25% of child abuse victims are black (think per capita here).

          5. What then IS the point of citing these statistics, if not to indict some racial or ethnic group?

            You need to be careful about drawing conclusions from differences in rates.  First of all, child abuse and domestic violence goes up during periods of recession and unemployment and is higher in those who are economically stressed.  Does that mean that poor or unemployed people are likely to hurt their children?  No, most economically disadvantaged people love their children and take good care of them.   It means that people who are unemployed or who have low income because they are abusing drugs and alcohol are more likely to be child abusers.  It also means that people who are inclined to take out their stress levels
            on scapegoats are more likely to abuse children in a bad economy because they are stressed.   And to the extent that particular groups fall into the low income category you will see disproportionately more abuse.

            Second, these statistics are based on arrests not actual occurrence and arrest rates are quite likely to differ from incidence rates. Child abuse is frequently covered up and denied.   People who live in nicely decorated middle class homes can fool neighbors and teachers and CPS workers and can hire high priced defense attorneys.   If you look at the documents that get released after a child’s death, you often see CPS reports that say that the house was neat, there was plenty of food in the refrigerator, the children had their own well furnished rooms as if this means that a child in that home couldn’t possibly have been abused.

            I read about the case of a white, middle-class mother who was starving her young teenaged daughter.   Nobody believed the daughter even though she was losing weight rapidly!   The mother was actually allowed to follow her daughter around in school to prevent her from eating!   And then she placed her in an eating disorder clinic for binging and somehow they never noticed that she looked like a concentration camp victim.  The only reason she was rescued was because the mother called the police to complain about the child and they noticed her emaciated, bruised appearance.   There is no way in hell a poor family could have gotten away with that with the school, school workers, and a clinic.

            So in short, you cannot use aggregate arrest records to draw any conclusion about any groups.  And since we KNOW that abuse can occur poor, middle class, and wealthy families of any racial, ethnic, or religious background, there really is no point in trying to figure out if one group is any worse than any other.

          6. A huge number of abuse cases don’t even get to the statistics as they are never recorded as such. AND statistical analysis is not being racist or bringing accusations against any one race. Saying it is is just another cop out that lets people shirk their responsibilities to their children, communities and society. It’s like having to pat down the grandmas at the airport yet being intiminated not to scope out the guys who look arabic and paid cash for their tickets. It is political correctness pushed to the point of absurdity. Statistics can help us if we are willing to heed what they impart.

    2. Much like someone’s age has nothing to do with things, neither does someone race. I’ve seen white, black, and polkadot murder their children. 

      Take your bigoted remarks elsewhere, we’re all full up here.  

  14. I enlarged Ishans photo, from what I could see, he appears to be wearing a bracelet on his right wrist. What got to me were what looked like bruising around his eyes- they looked a little greenish. Like I stated what it looks like to me, is the bruising, but then I could be looking for the guilt.

  15. What a gorgeous child. Poor little thing to look so sad. I hate this bitch! I want to see her stripped. caned then tied by the ankles to to bumper of a truck and drug through the streets until dead! If you don’t want a child then don’t have one, if you can’t love a child then give him up or get a nanny or get a divorce and support yourself and leave the child with the father or a relative, whatever, just get away from him. This child deserved to be loved and nurtured, not slapped every time he wanted him mommy, not beaten and drowned. Send this evil bitch to hell in the most painful way possible. And I just bet her attorney pulls the insanity defense due to PPD. Blah! She needs to die.

    1. That is what I thought too when I saw the picture of him. 🙁 Poor little man, so sad 🙁 I wish she would have just given him up, if she “hated him from day one” then why the hell didnt she use Safe Haven when he was an infant and saved him from being abused and hated by his monster until she eventually killed him 🙁 …. at least then he would have had a life and been adopted by someone who loved him and didnt smack him away every time he wanted some love from his mommy. 

  16. Heartbreaking 🙁

  17. That poor little baby.His dad stands idlly by and watches, the mother do this to him. Could he not tell his wife was off of her rocker.

  18. I’ve read so much bullshit on here. All of it makes me sad, but this is the first story that actually made tears roll down my face.  How can you carry a life so precious in your belly for nine months, and hate it? I cannot wrap my brain around that. She is sub-human. That little boy deserved so much more. My heart goes out to him.

  19. Oh man, I’ve been thinking of Ishan all night and all morning. Every once in a while one of these stories just haunts the hell out of me. I know, all of them are awful, but some of them just stick. Like Jeanette Maples, this little man will always  be in my heart…

    1.  That story about jeanette maples will haunt me as well…I honestly just dont understand it..I have a 3yr old daughter and i am looking so forward to her teenage years to get her ready for school dances and sports and whatnot..I just cant comprehend it…

      1. Me either, I think of Jeanette almost every day. I can’t understand why that woman hated her daughter or why this woman hated her son. They’re not human.

        1. I also think of Jeanette and wonder how a mother does not care for her kids. I can tell you- she is NOT a mother. These women are dubbed other names and appropriately so.

          It does not have to do with age, race, wealth, stress, etc. I was a victim of child abuse and had my son at 18, daughter at 20, & now have my third child at 28. It only made me realize how previous, sensitive, and loving they are. Not to hurt, torture, or neglect them. I am a mother.

  20. Makes you so sad to think that such a gorgeous baby couldn’t get love, much less even fake affection from the one person he needed itfrom the most…his mama.  I can’t imagine why Dad didn’t do a better job getting Mom help.  The older child was fine, she must’ve had ppd like I can’t even imagine.

    Both times I was post partum I was lucky to have some sort of ecstatic emotion.  I can’t imagine not loving them, much less wanting to hurt them simply for wanting your love!

  21. why didnt this bitch just kill herself if she was so miserable. why take it out on the kid. fucking coward piece of shit. plenty of people would have loved to have this beautiful child. heartbreaking…

  22. and i know you are supposed to supervise kids in the bathtub but he was one years old, not an infant. i highly doubt he just drowned on his own. she drowned him…

    1. Mmmmhmmm. Seconded. Obviously he was able to sit without assistance. Additionally, he is in the life stage where swimming is actually instinctive… It’s something babies are born with but vanishes as they get older. My littlest is almost 19mo. I had her in the pool the other day, and was giving her a little more freedom (instead of clutching my chest or being in a baby float) With a new lifevest, so i could hold her vest and keep her up with a little wiggle room.

      When she kicked out away from my side so that i was just holding onto her vest, she was kicking like crazy, without having seen anyone else do that before (former competitive swimmer, i like swimming under the water cause im all kickstroked out). then somethine really amazing happened… she was moving her arms too, in a near perfect breaststroke motion. if my older child is capable of that on rote instinct alone, theres gotta be something to the water-baby theory.
      I’ve even heard of babies swimming at water births.

      All that aside, there’s the fact that he was probably also capable of pulling himself to a stand…
      i digress…

      Forced drowning might explain the facial trauma. She probably knocked him out against the side of the tub or the faucet.

  23. Well, when you’re drunk and driving, there’s that little voice that will tell you that you should pull over somewhere and make a phone call to a cab company or a friend. If one has a child and are in a psychotic state and feeling violent, i believe there’s also that voice. You choose to listen or not. A mother who was remorseful about killing her child would WANT to die or go to jail, but this one would rather die than go to jail. Well she care nothing for the child and did not stop herself from her hateful, evil act so NO pity here.
    Poor precious Ishan, there’s no telling what he had to endure before this macabre finale. Smacking him for crawling to her???? Maybe someone should smack her for just existing. she doesn’t deserve to.

  24. On second reading, I’m wondering how/if she took him into Publix with her.  A little macabre, but I’m wondering if she did take him, why no one noticed…

  25. How sad for this little man, i cannot imagine smacking my child away from me when he or she reaches out for me, that alone seems devestating

    1. I feel exactly the same! When I would try to lay my baby daughter down, and she would wake up and start crying to be held right away, I felt like pure dogshit over her distress. Especially if I had to let her cry it out (for school or tending her big sis). Her wails were like a sucker punch to the stomach. Reading about the baby being smacked away, when im emotionally “done in” by sound alone=absolute horror. What the fuck? A crawling baby needing mommy? That sweet face being blindsided with violence? My throat is literally burning, because I got so close to puking over this tragedy that stomach acid came rising up.

      Scratch that.
      I just threw up 🙁

  26. Why do ignorant ass people even post on here..? A one is dead waay b4 his time thanks to the waste of uterus really doesnt matter what fucking color she is where she is from…because demons take all kinds of shapes and forms..and clearly that is where she crawled from..the depths of hell..

  27. What the flying fuck?  Such a sweet little boy!  I hate this bitch right now.  Gawd, I hope she roasts in hell and DAMN why didn’t she jump???  Pussy…balls big enough to torture your little one but not enough to save us the cost of supporting your worthless ass.  Send her back to where she came from and let her own countrymen deal with her.  Stoned to death would be perfect.

  28. I suppose this will be blamed on post partum depression as well?????

    1.  In all likelihood…

  29. I have to say this story touched me so very much. I am giving birth to my third child in less than 24 hours and this will be number seven for my house (his/mine/ours deal). This little boy has been in my prayers every night. I can not believe that a person can call themselves a mother when you read what they have put these little lives through.

    This case of all the ones on here so far has haunted my thoughts and made me more aware of the children around me. I wish we and the people could do and say more to save these children. I never want to see that look on a childs face again

  30. My heart hurts for Ishan. BTW, postpartum depression does not make you want to harm your baby, but postpartum psychosis can. It is real, and happens. It is hard to imagine that no one noticed the mother struggling to be normal. Everyone says, “how could she, I would never”. Of course you wouldn’t, you’re not mentally ill. I am not defending the mother; just trying to clear up the PPD confusion.
    I have 5 sons, and have made it through PPD a couple times. I am grateful for a wonderful husband who helped me get help. I only wish that someone had stepped in to save this sweet baby.

    1. I had postpartum depression and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt my child.

  31. He looks so sad. I would have gladly gave him all the love he deserves. My heart hurts for him.

  32. He looks like about the saddest kid I’ve ever seen. And he’s sitting in a classroom. Sad that no one in his life could have seen how neglected and unhappy he was and been able to do something about it. I do blame the father because he should have protected this defenseless child. If his wife needed help and refused he should have removed the children from the situation, the boy for suffering like that that and the 4-year old for having to witness it. I’m sick of adults who put other adults before the well-being of children.

  33. My heart just breaks….I am so fuckin tired of b*tches topping out with the post parting defense….being pregnant with my fourth child, I can say that that postpartum psychosis crap Is just that….shit.

  34. You know… A little boy just fell down a well here, locally. We didn’t really do much more then sit around for over 24 hours and wait for news. First he was missing only to come to find out a little over 14 hours later that he was possibly in the well. I, like nearly everyone in this town stopped all day Sunday and waited for news. (They got him out Monday morning.) This wasn’t a case of someone hiding the little boy. This wasn’t a case of neglect… This was just a tragic accident that just happened.

    But it pisses me off more then anything that a child whom is loved and cherished is taken away from a family who did nothing wrong other then turn their backs for a few seconds is forced to be taken away from their family… While people like this willfully kill or hurt their children. I’m sure this local family would give anything to have little Sammy back and this you-know-what kills her child for what amounts to a brain misfire. It’s not fair, not at all.

  35. Oh my goodness some of the comments on here. Apparently none of them have ever met anyone named Patel, which is as common  to its area of origin (which is nowhere near South America)  as Smith is to the white western world. Oy oy oy.

    I love these “go back where they came from” people. If this story was about me nobody would be saying that because I’m white, but I’m actually as foreign as any other immigrant – maybe more so because I have chosen only to live here legally as a (tax paying) resident and not become a US citizen.

    Of course this story wouldn’t be about me because as dark as my moods have ever got – and that has been pretty dark at times – I would never have dreamed of pushing my child away from me when she needed me, never mind harming a hair on her little head. I cannot imagine feeling anything like hate for my own child.

  36. this bitch is from india,  where the name patel is common as smith here. i am a grandmother from india, and am ashamed as hell to see the shame this bitch has brought on our country. Motherhood is considered a great blessing here, and a woman incomplete without a child to nurture, even if u are stark poor.This poor child’s face haunts me, day in and day out, i keep looking out for an excuse to open my lapltop to look at this angel’s face, i am becoming as mad as this bitch .I pray to god to look after this tiny love and give him all the happiness that he deserves.Ishan love rip

  37. All he ever wanted was his mommy’s love and attention like any baby would. He looks so sad in that picture like he knows that she hated him. Being a mother I can’t understand how you can hate your baby that much and hit him because he wanted to be near you. I’m pretty sure he did not ask to be born so if the bitch didn’t want a baby than sh should of use birth control.  I mean the bitch was a pharmacist which takes a lot of schooling and pays very well. So we are not talking about some poor under educated piece of crap that didn’t know any better. So their is no reason for her to be off her meds, not going to get help and my favorite finding a better way to kill herself. She had no plans on jumping off  that parking garage. I hope and pray she gets life in prison with NO chance of ever being paroled. I want her to be torcured by the women in general pop and becoming the wife of Big Birtha!!!

    RIP Little Man you are loved and wanted in heaven.

    1. Sadly, Big Bertha won’t get a real crack at her. She’ll be in protective custody. But, fear not! It WON’T be fun.
      I worked 7 years as a social worker in FL…4 in a psych hospital and 3 in the woman’s jail in Pinellas County. We once went to neighboring Hillsborough County for a “professional friendship” to meet our counterparts at their jail. Trust me, it’s not Disney World.
      She will never be alone, never sleep in the dark. She’ll sleep, eat, eliminate in the light from the corridor, where anyone can see her.
      Even in PC, BB & Friends will scream obscenities at her. They’ll throw food as she passes down the corridor. They’ll throw feces & urine. The cooks will spit in her food or mix it with feces & make sure she knows it “through the grapevine”.
      The guards will be really hard on her. She’d better not put a foot wrong. During our tour, I heard a guard say to an inmate who had helped her boyfriend rape her 8-year-old, “You get NOTHING from me that the law doesn’t require me to give you. NOTHING. (None of the little perks that make doing time semi-bearable.)
      That parking garage will soon assume the form of the Promised Land. I guarantee it.

  38. That poor little face baby Ishan is making is haunting me. He does look very sad…he doesn’t feel good to be hated by even strangers, let alone your own mama! He felt it, I am sure of that.

    I wish so bad that his sweet little face could be smiling, I hope it is now. I would have crawled over broken glass for miles (and still would) just to see one toothy grin from my little girl. And even when she is in trouble, she manipulates me, because she knows that if she only asks that I will always stop and “pay the sugar bill”. That’s what we call giving love. “Mama, it’s time to pay the sugar bill!”, with her arms outstretched and lips all puckered for a kiss.

    I desperately wish someone would have paid little Ishna’s “sugar bill”!!

  39. what beats me is when she held the child in her arms any time during his short life, when he first smiled at her, when she gave him bath, when she put him to sleep, when he gazed at her as she gave him his feed, didn’t she never feel any tinge of love for this helpless tiny angel, i am shedding tears as i write this.oh, what a feeling it is to hold these babies close to you, to hear them gurgle with laughter,to see their shining eyes….i am a grandmother, my eyes well with tears even when i see anyone else’s kids, as i miss my own grandchildren. By the way, someone was wondering in this forum about the thread around the child’s neck and wrist.In india,you tie this blessed thread to ward off evil. what an irony …the kid could not be protected from his own mom. another thought is though this bitch is from india, my feeling is her ancestors might have migrated to guyana,or whatever, as this patel community is known for extreme mobility, starting businesses and acquiring hotels and properties. that might be the reason some body said her people are from guyana or whatever, and supposed to have been involved in criminal activities.

  40. You can tell he was never loved.  His poor little sad face!  I would’ve loved him as my own.  :'(

  41. oh! the boy is so adorable, why would a mother with a right senses hate such a child, if she was truly miserable why dint she go ahead with killing herself, why did she have to try two consecutive times without success to kill herself to show that she was in her collect senses when she was doing that which she did, i doubt truly that the child is hers, she deserves to be sentenced to death by hanging so that she can thirst a little from what she did to an innocent child. she is not just a child slayer she is a brutal killer i am sure she can also kill another persons child.

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