13-year old boy forced to kneel for 9 hours a day, for 10 days.

Lakeland couple faces child abuse charges after allegedly forcing a boy to kneel 10 days
Florida Teen Forced To Kneel For Nine Hours Straight, Eat Only Meat Shakes, Police Say
Couple forced boy to kneel for days, Polk deputies say

Albert and Nancy Cusson, aka bad grand-breeders

Another story out of Polk County, Flori-duh (last week was poor 1-year old Ishan whose mother drowned him).

Albert Cusson, 57, and Nancy Cusson, 47, of Lakeland have been arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse. They were arrested after Albert’s  13-year old grandson escaped their house and hobbled over to a neighbor’s house for help.

Seems that Albert and Nancy punished the boy for misbehaving by having him kneel on the tile bathroom floor, hands tied behind his back,  from 7am – 4pm daily – for 10 days. If he moved, they’d whip his back with a stick.  At night, he slept curled up in the bathtub. The only daily sustenance he had was a protein shake devised of meat, vegetables,  and “whatever else they could find to throw in there”. Blech.

The boy was punished for being bad at school. So they removed him from school to be “home-schooled” and the punishment began. The Cussons claimed that this was the only sort of punishment that he responded to.  The boy told authorities that they had told him this punishment would last for 20 days straight.

Unfortunately for him, this wasn’t his 1st run in with abuse. According to Albert’s ex-wife (the boy’s grandmother), his own mother moved him to his grandfather’s house so that he could escape his step-father’s punishments. Which included him being cut with a knife in between his fingers. What in the everloving fuck? I have an idea for his mom, how about you have your fucking husband move out of he’s abusing your son, you twat?

Family members and neighbors are reporting that they are glad to see the abuse finally come to end. They’ve reported the Cussons to the authorities before, although I could find no details about why nothing had been done up until this point. The next door neighbor claims that the boy asked her if he could stay with her, “please don’t make me go back there” he said to her. He hopped her fence once, wearing an adult diaper and told her that they had duct-taped the toilet shut. He also told her that he’d been made to sleep in the closet and they’d keep water and food from him. Why the fuck has nothing been done until now? If the neighbor and the grandmother and the aunt knew – why weren’t they causing a fucking stink to get him out of there? That’s the million dollar question today.  The neighbor had notified DCF and  I can’t find why nothing had been done.

Hey Florida DCF – step it the fuck up!

The Cussons are also possibly facing charges for a 9-year old girl in their care (no word on the relation, if any) after she was also forced to kneel for multiple hours a day for 2 days.

Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd spoke up after their arrests;

“Jail is too good for them,” as a cell will be “more comfortable” than the conditions experienced by the boy. “There is no excuse for this type of deplorable behavior,” Judd said in an emailed statement. “People who mistreat children are the worst of the worst.” Amen, Sheriff, amen.

Silver lining, neither the 9-YO or the 13-YO died and the are no longer with these inbred mouth breathers.

I found this tip, so thanks go to me on this one.


  • Lena60

    That poor little boy.maybe he acted up in school, because A.he was not fed well, B. He was abused . c. He had to sleep in a fucking tub.Grrrf! I hate people like this.

  • Clevo

    Dumb & Dumber up there are just two more monsters in the pantheon who torture & kill children. WTF even gives these asswipes the idea that they can get away with this ugly and heinous BS? They should be forced to kneel on gravel, hands tied behind them along side a river in Fla until the gators get them.

    • DreaPenndragon

      Kneel on gravel … na, make them both kneel for a double number of hours on legos ROTFL

      • Clevo

        Good point. Have you ever stepped on one of those barefoot? Eeeeeeyow!

        • http://www.wix.com/belsymne/anampara Drea Penndragon

           I wonder why our systems never think of that as punishment … not the legos necessarily.  But full retaliatory punishment seems sensible to me.  If a man rapes a child and then strangles the child, then allow it to happen to him in return.  Those who do that aren’t something I want in our future gene pool to begin with! But those that don’t kill, only hurt (Yeah as if the word only makes any sense when applied, but I digress) … well let them feel the pain in return.  If they still don’t come up miraculously cured then feed them to the mobs of angry parents.

          No idea if this is true or not but thought it was amusing… found it in a book once long ago.  Once there was a little known tribe in the amazon who thought that witchery caused headaches.  So the headache victims family ran out and killed the one they thought was a witch.  In tribe law the witches family could seek retaliation and kill the people who killed their family member.  What happened was a medical miracle! Suddenly no one got any headaches!

          • http://www.facebook.com/pandora114 Monique Boulanger

            In Sh’aria law,  a victim of a crime can either accept monetary repayment or,  eye for an eye. 

            I remember the story of a woman who had acid thrown on her face by a stalker,  and her family managed to get the guy charged and convicted, and she opted for the “eye for an eye”  That man had acid poured on his face…

          • Suzee

            Oh how I wish we could hand down the same kind of punishments in the US.

          • http://www.facebook.com/pandora114 Monique Boulanger

            Unfortunately too many people would have a problem with bringing in any aspect of sha’ria law into the US justice system.  You know the whole 911 thing and all..

          • Suzee

            I know. Still, I wish that “eye for an eye” justice could be executed here in the US or monetary repayment as a second option.

          • Alexandra1973

            Sharia law runs contrary to the Constitution…is that what we really want?  No.

            I say lock these idiots up for a long time…in general population.

          • http://oddlyunfocused.blogspot.com/ Eccentric_Lady

            Only if it’s fully known to the rest of the population what the shitheads did.

  • Mandy Elliott

    Some people were not meant to have kids, or grand kids or even pets for that matter. I am so sick of hearing stories where the abuse was reported and known about and no one ever did a darn thing to help these children. Come on people wake up if you see that or any abuse on a child report it and if that doesnt work, do something more. Anything would be better then sitting back comfortable and ignoring the pain kids are going threw when you know about it. I wish people werent such chickens. I went threw Florida dcf when I was a kid and they dont have time or funding to care, so someone else really needs to. I will pray for these kids nightly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pandora114 Monique Boulanger

    Hmm…Chinese solitary confinement style for them.

    Kneel on a broomstick for 23hrs/day , until the day, unknown to them, to be dragged out, shot in the back of the head, then have their family billed for the bullet.

    • Suzee

      I like the sounds of that, but what about having them kneel on some red hot coals instead?

      • http://www.facebook.com/pandora114 Monique Boulanger

        too much effort and human contact needed for the red hot coals for 23hrs.  Kneeling on a broomstick though..THAT HURTS like a mofo.   My stepgrandmonster used to make my mom do that when she was young.   

  • Alexandra1973

    If my son misbehaves in school, he doesn’t get to watch TV.

    And watch these idiots give homeschooling a bad name.

    • Jenny R.

      Here here! I must admit, I started to wonder about my neighbor and his really quiet, shy boys… All homeschooled. I hate that I think of it first now, when there are some genuinely fantastic home-schoolers. It’s this mental message that’s like a foul image…. Can’t get it out of my head; can’t “unsee” what’s been seen.

  • Your_Pal_Nancy

    Day-um. That is some seriously cruel punishment..though it’s not really even legit punishment, just torture if you ask me. These assholes need to be punished the same way they punished those poor kids. I’m so glad they’re out of that situation!

    • Jenny R.

      In a way, torture could be upgraded to attempted murder. Even the most illiterate mental midget is bombarded with messages about DVT, I just don’t see how they could *not* know about it. Even a healthy person can suffer DVT under the right circumstances, nevertheless a malnourished, traumatized child in a circulatory decelerating position for days. Poor boy… His legs could have started dying or worse! I have poor circulation and the other night I was sitting on my legs, leaning forward to use the iPad, one elbow on the bed, the other resting on my left knee. My elbow was there for thirty minutes or less. When I sat up, I had a bruise on my knee so nasty it was beyond purple in the middle–it was black. I can’t imagine days of that! Poor boy. He must be extremely strong to have not fainted during any of this.

  • Jemimabean

    What a miserable excuse for a family. This poor boy, how can he ever be expected to grow up knowing any better if this is the kind of shit generations of these cum- dumpsters subject their offspring to? Human beings are truly a disgusting bunch- too many fuckheads and too few people to care enough to make a difference, like passing legislature that would mandatorily sterilise people like this before they have the chance to procreate and ruin more lives.