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Pot smelling tot leads to grow operation bust

Mark Biondolillo

Kindergarten Student Smells of Pot, Father Arrested:

In Leicester, New York a 5-year-old boy allegedly went to his kindergarten class reeking of weed. This led police to investigate the home of his burnout Breeder, 41-year-old Mark Biondolillo.

Not only did they just find weed on the premises but they also allegedly found a grow operation that included over one hundred marijuana plants. Biondolillo was charged with child endangerment along with the various drug charges.

Now I know we are going to get the militant stoners in here who are going to say what’s the big deal and I’ll tell you. The first is a kid can’t reek of weed just from the plants unless he was rolling around in a Hefty bag full of weed. That means that more than likely that copious amounts of weed were being smoked around the boy. The second thing is that when you run a grow operation in your house it is inviting several other factions of criminal elements into your home. The house could have been in a home invasion of people looking to rob the Breeder or a competing dealer could have looked to eliminate the competition in a violent way. But the burnouts would have you believe that weed is some magical fairy plant that makes everyone fart rainbows and sing Kumbya.

The boy was turned over to his mother. I hope she regrets ever hooking up with that loser.

Thanks to Kim at the (P)BB Facebook page for the tip.

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  1. worthless POS father. It was a blessing for the child for the “father” to get caught.

    1.  Really? But if he were drinking it would be ok, right? And if the kid winds up in foster care where he is actually abused (happens all the time), he is better off than being in a home with Cannabis?

      Think outside the box. Small people with small minds are the reason this world is so backwards. If this were the 1400’s you’d be going on about how the world is flat and that anyone who thinks the world is round belongs in an insane asylum.

      1. That’s quite a mental leap you made there as no one on this site would say that a drunk who is an abuser is okay. It’s infantile and insulting for you to suggest such a thing as a defense of your interest in and use of an illegal substance. Think outside the box my ass! Grow up or move to the Netherlands with all the other stoners.

        1. I have to agree that saying if they’d been drinking it would have been okay. Personally, I don’t think it’s responsible at all to drink alcohol with children present. Even if it’s just one drink. No one is a perfect parent, and I’m not trying to portray myself as a perfect parent. That being said, if Tim and I drink alcohol the kids are never home. We don’t drink while they sleep, are out for the day with grandma and grandpa, etc. If they’re going to be home alcohol is not to be consumed. Period.

          1. Well once both my kids are asleep I’m breaking out a glass or two of wine. And I’ve had a beer in front of them as have their grandparents. I have no problems with marijuana and am for blanket legalization with rules similar to alcohol or cigarettes, but I gave it up. Even if I hadn’t I wouldn’t smoke it in front of them, not because I think it is wrong but because I don’t want them breathing smoke. I don’t even light incense anymore.

      2. It’s people that assume too much that make an ass of u and me. Good day.

  2. I could not care less if the guy flipping my burger is a stoner, yet I don’t want my doctor or my mechanic smoking weed! I would not have cared less if the moron in the story did everything he did minus the kid (this father is expendable), but once you have kids, you have to stop being STUPID.  

  3. I will also point out that Tori Stafford, 8, raped and brutally murdered, was murdered by people that met her when her mom took her to a drug house to buy meth and Oxy. I would NEVER put my child in that situation. Real parents don’t do drugs.

    1. D:  I did not know that.  I just goggled it.  What a disaster!  

  4. Smoking weed when the kids are out of the house is one thing, but smoking around children is another.  Yet another useless stoner who thinks, as you put it, “a magical fairy plant that makes everyone fart rainbows and sing Kumbaya.” Keep in mind, I don’t have a problem with folks who smoke when kids aren’t around and don’t give other people shit, but useless assholes like this shitty Breeder. 

    This motherfucker is lucky the poor child didn’t have asthma.  Fuck.  I hate marijuana and the people who smoke it around children or other people- yes, PEOPLE- who can’t escape.  It’s a shame the War on Drugs is failing, because I take more exception to weed than any other drug thanks to USELESS lowlifes like this one and think Alcatraz should be re-opened and turned into a colony for stoners who don’t give a flying fuck about non-stoners.  A child is a non-stoner by default.  Sterilize everyone who goes to Alcatraz too, because then you’ll see innocent kids trying to flee so they can get some fucking fresh air and because, you know, they actually want to do something with their lives. 

  5. I know I already said this on facebook, but really, Trench, my cousin worked for an MMJ supplier and trust me, you CAN reek of weed without being around smoke. Oh my god, she didn’t just smell like she had weed on her, she smelled like she WAS a bag of weed. Again, not saying this guy wasn’t smoking around the kid, in fact I assume he was, but it’s not impossible to reek of weed just from being around the plants.

    1. Oh for sure. My good friend is a state licensed grower of MMJ and even though his grow room has a separate ventilation system from the rest of his home and the Door is air tight and triple padlocked every single thing in his home REEKS of weed… he ALWAYS smells like he is about to spout leaves.

                   I have never brought my kids in his home, even though he is 100% legal in his growing, but the sent of weed is only one reason. Rather he is legal or not it doesnt stop someone who doesnt care about the law who smells potent smell 10 feet from the door from busting in and taking it. 

  6. Cannabis is not dangerous to adults or minors. I think this story is unfortunate. So a child is better off with his father in jail than he is at home around natural plants.

    So backwards.  There is a book that I plan on reading to my children called “Its Just a Plant”. I suggest everyone check it out. Its a must read up there with “Everyone Poops”.

    1. I agree that pot has been vilified and it’s just a plant.  I do, however, think that raising kids is about logistics.  I wouldn’t do something that could jeopardise my keeping my kids, even if I believed it were the right thing to do, i.e. grow pot.  Prohibition is unfair and immoral but I gotta raise my kids in the right now, and in the right now, I wouldn’t risk leading a life of crime; however justified.

    2. Kendra while I will agree the marijuana is just a plant, but if you really want to get technical so is Coca, and the Opium poppy is just a flower.

    3. You are sadly mistaken. Marijuana is a psychoactive substance and saying it’s just a plant is like saying a shark is just a fish. It certainly can be just as dangerous as alcohol if someone uses it and drives or does other sctivities that require good judgement, good reflexes etc. Also it was proven within the last two years that prolonged or regular use causes breaks in the DNA of the user that can affect future children and also that it can affect future mental capacity much like alcohol. Foxglove is just a plant, belladonna is just a plant, hemlock is just a plant, gonna say those are okay too?  Seriously, all psychoactive substances should be treated with caution and not kept around children.

      1.  You are fucking retarded weed is a wonderful thing,  If you don’t like it don’t smoke it.  So you have never had a drink?  Alcohol is do much worse than Marijuana.  If you are one of those “I am better than everyone else good for you but ,  I don’t believe you at all  I am so tired of all of y’alls little click.  You are all full of shit.

        1. Excuse me Miss Mary Jane, weed ain’t such a wonderful thing.  People who smoke it have surprisingly little concern for others, and I’ve met many who have told me to smoke it EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW DAMN WELL I HAVE ASTHMA.  So fuck you, I don’t think I’m better than the folks who smoke up in private without kids around, but I do think I’m better than the stoners who don’t do anything but eat, sleep, and shit weed 24/7, can’t do a damn thing unless they’re high (and then they STILL can’t do a damn thing because they’re high!) and have zero concern for others.  Especially their own goddamn kids.  

        2. You are an immature, ignorant, delusional little pothead who assumes far too much in her quest to get off on her own filthy mouthed little rants.
          When used aorund children, by children both substances are dangerous as I believe I stated. OR in words you can understand remove your head from your ass & go fuck yourself biatch.

        3. This is not about alcohol vs weed. Do you not get that?

      2. LOVE this:  
         is like saying a shark is just a fish

        1. And I’m just fat and loney. sigh……

  7. Marijuana is 100% better than alcohol and anti-depressants.  You backwards people need to realize that weed is a good thing.  It is a plant.  Weed is the best medicine, my Mom passed away from breast cancer and weed was the only thing that helped her.  I suffer from depression and weed is the on;y thing that helps me. Open your mind and let go of your stupid hangups.  Oh and I hate April, she is a stupid, fake, fat,lonely bitch.  🙂

    1.  Weed IS a depressant, you eejit! Do some research before you go spouting retarded BS. If you are depressed and are smoking it, it’s probably not helping… it just makes you not care about the depression… which is NOT the same thing.

      Depressants do not cause depression, but slow down metabolic processes and bodily functions.  The evidence of marijuana as a depressant is seen in the weight gain, diminished reflexes and lowered blood pressure and pulse rate of those who use it.

      And nobody here cares what you think of April… she has more intelligence on her worst day than you have on your best…. go piss up a rope, won’t you?

    2.  Again Abeene …

    3.  Oh by the way Abeene … you don’t know April, you only know what you read from articles that she is posting based on her opinion and outrage and shock at certain actions being taken where children are involved.   For that matter I don’t know April, nor does anyone else reading these most likely.

      You seem to have sweeping judgements against her based not on who she is, but her opinions.  Tired of the little click?  Well … she is a writer here, so she is fully entitled to her opinion and the right to post it.  Don’t like it, then stop coming here and reading it.  GAWDS how simple is that and yet morons with a false sense of outrage just love to post instead of thinking to themselves, “Gee this is shitty, I don’t agree with any of this.  Perhaps I should not be reading these articles since they don’t interest me in the least, and my own opinions are counterproductive to the view of the majority of people who visit this site. Hmmm” Then clicking the little X in the top right corner and happily moving along. 

      But nooooo instead you post absolute idiocy, spouting off in personal attacks with no basis or grounds for those attacks.  Only the smallest minds of the human race reduce their arguments to personal attacks … and usually only because they have no valid debate or argument to offer, and instead it turns into, “Yeah well you suck!”

      : patting Abeene on the head :  Go on honey, I’m sure there’s a nice shiny object you can find to go play with instead.  That should keep you occupied for a few hours, swatting at it joyfully.

      By the way … anyone else thinking that maybe Abeene, Jhannon, and others posting defensively might all be someone accused and on this site?  Hiding behind fake names for the sake of getting what they consider ‘revenge’ for slurring their names?

      1.  I do know April. She is a good friend of mine, and we talk frequently.  We have exchanged family pictures and Christmas cards, and have even sent text pics back and forth from vacations we have taken.  Since we live on opposite coasts, we have never actually met, but from the texts, I know for a fact that she is who she says she is.  And we are planning to actually get together sometime this summer when she has vacation time (hopefully).  I can tell you she is absolutely stunning, and her husband looks like a movie star.  Her son is a little cutie, too. 

        In addition to all of that, she is one of the best people I have ever known, and has ‘been there’ for me on numerous occasions when I needed someone to talk to.  She is a rare find, and I consider myself lucky to call her ‘friend’.

        1. Well, you left off how much prettier than me you are. And that your daughter and my son will some day be married and give birth to little perfect super humans.

          Btw, I used to think it was cute how this person with several personalities was fixated on me. Now it’s just creepy. Like… Single white female creepy. Do you think it cut its hair like mine? Wears the same perfume? Name it’s ferret after my son? Eeeeek. Nightmares.

          1.  Prettier than you? April, April, April… you know I’m just a fat, ugly loser with no husband and a healthy fantasy life!  Don’t you read the comments posted by our illustrious trolls????

            I may not be as svelte as I was at 18 anymore, but I can still fit into some of the clothes – and not look like a link sausage when I do… and as long as my man still likes what he sees, I’m good with it. 

            But, yeah, our kids will make beautiful genius children together some day!

          2. Well, darling. I think you look amazing. I’d tap that.

          3. Makes me think of: “It rubs the lotion on it’s skin.”
            Don’t help anyone with a cast……

          4. Right? I mean, I have had people obsess over me before, but this is getting old. I know I’m amazing, so do most people… but DAMN!


      2.  That is so like you retards to call me a child abuser because I do not like you or agree with what you have to say.  The Bad Breeders Nazi Crew that is your new names.  Everyone has the right to an opinion, that does not make me a horrible person.  I have been called every name in the book on here for speaking my opinion and saying that I am tired of all the “April is awesome” bullshit.  I really don’t get why this is a public site anymore.  Oh yeah because you old bittys have nothing better to do than kiss each others ass and slam anyone with a different thought process.  I love getting you guys riled up ….fun for hours

        1.  All that, and you still cannot figure out how to construct a proper sentence.  You are in dire need of a thesaurus and some remedial English courses. Come back when you have at least a fifth grade education, please.

          Oh, and in response to, “that does not make me a horrible person”… no, your refusal to recognize the intent of this site makes you a horrible person.  You do not come here to defend or speak out for abuse victims – you come here to stir up sh*t. Perhaps you need to get a job with a sewage treatment facility in your area. Then you can do what you love, and get paid for doing it.

          If I give you a quarter, will you go buy yourself a life with it????

          1.  Why would I need a thesaurus?  I do realize the purpose for this site.  I used to be an avid reader, until I was slammed for having my own opinion.  You people attacked me, my sister? my dead mother?WTF .  This site is a joke, nobody reads this blog anymore because you people are ridiculous.  All it is now is a slamfest.  It is a “who can come up with a better word for tw*t?” site.  Sad but true, you lost all your old readers .  I only come here when I am bored. 

          2.  You need a thesaurus because you used a word inappropriately (or maybe you just misspelled it). ‘Bitty’ (from your previous post) means small. The term ‘old biddies’ is the one you should have used. Biddies are cackling hens, which I believe is what you intended to call us.  Hence, the need for a thesaurus.

          3. you are an oxy moron. you are bored so you come here. you don’t read b/c you don’t want to have your own opinion? o-kaaay. maybe you should read some true crime about what happens  when mothers who are too young/inexperienced, no support system, boy crazy or just plain too lazy to care for their children. What happens to those little ones is a crime. True Crime. Start there, hun. You won’t be bored and you will learn vocabulary and reality.

        2. Seriously? Do you have to use that word like that? I hate when people use it for an insult. Heck, I hate when I make the mistake of using it in such a way.

          You haven’t gotten anyone riled up here.

          You are also the one who started in about April.

          Kiss each others ass? Most of us have been here for years and have become a very close knit group. I wouldn’t call that ass kissing. Not to mention, if one of us is wrong, we’re not afraid to tell them so.

          We don’t slam everyone with a different thought process. Some have gotten slammed yes, but there have been others who didn’t get slammed. You know how you don’t get slammed? By presenting your thoughts and opinions in a respectable manner if it is different. Might not always work, but that’s just how it is sometimes.

          1.  You must be joking.  I hate that word.  It is used on this site a lot.  So is vag filler, cum dumpster,and so on…. It is stupid.  I did come here(originally) with a respectful difference of opinion and I was told to “eat a dick”.  So all the bullshit you are saying is pointless.  You must be reading a different blog.  I have never heard so many derogatory terms for a woman in my life. Yes you all do slam everyone that has a different opinion , I have seen it time and time again.

          2. I’m not joking about that word. It makes me cringe whenever anyone, including myself, will use it as an insult. I hate slipping and using it. I really do. Moving on, you have seen it time and time again. I did say that some have gotten slammed for it, but also there are others who haven’t been slammed. Not many, but there are some. I also said presenting your thoughts respectfully might not work every time, but you missed that entirely. I am reading the same blog, but I may not have read the comment thread from whatever article(s) you posted on that you got slammed in. So many derogatory terms for a woman? How about the insults that are shoveled out for men on here? More often than not the insults have had merit for both sexes, but for some reason most people who have come here to complain about the insults only bring up the insults used for women.
            So, do you come here when you’re bored just to stir shit up? Isn’t there a better hobby you could embark on?

          3. So here’s a non-argumentative argument… if you originally came here to read about the horror that happens to children written in a blog-forum… then why not just read the articles and stay out of the comments? 

            I’m a writer here and to be honest, I don’t like getting in big arguments with people in the comments – its pointless.  For example, I don’t think that doing drugs, ANY drug (including getting shit canned drunk or smoking some weed) in front of your kids or in the home you share with them is ok. I believe once you’re a parent, you stop that stuff. But I know that I’m not changing the mind of someone who vehemently disagrees with me. It’s like trying to convince you to be pro-choice if you’re pro-life – it’s just not going to happen. 

            We are a tight-nit group – the writers and the regulars. 

            I also personally know April and I’m lucky to call her my friend. Forget about what anyone looks like or the words they use… she’s here b/c she has a passion about children, just like all of us. I don’t care if she weighs 300 lbs o r a svelte 118…. she writes about murdered, abused, raped, neglected, tortured kids. Just like me… and Trench, Deena, Dodia, Cyn, and MamaEagle, and Angel and the other regular writers. 

            We’re all here b/c we care. We get upset when people defend abusers, when people think its ok in any capacity – whether it be about drinking, smoking weed, mental illness, post-partum, etc… we’re passionate, we can’t help it. 

            And we’re passionate about each other – we’re friends. Just like if someone were to attack one of your friends in real life and accuse them of being someone they’re not or insulting them – I bet you’d go to bat for them too. 

            I can’t agree with much of what you wrote, but I will agree that the focus of the write-ups, comments, etc… need to focus back to the children that we write about. All those babies that don’t have a voice, that we feel connected to, and cry tears over. 

            That is the whole point. 

          4. I weigh 300 pounds and you know it. And I have 50 cats. And a hairy back. And my butt crack…. it goes all the way to …………………………………………………………………………………………………there.

          5.  Those are some of my favorite things about you! Between you and your cats, I don’t even need a blanket on cold nights anymore……

          6. Awwwwww. So you DO love me?

        3. Who’s riled up? Oh… YOU ARE!!!

          We think you’re funny. For a loser and all.

        4.  Abeene, I’m new to this site.  I don’t see you posting opinions or trying to back up your stance … at ALL.  What I do see you doing is coming on just to jump someone and come up with insults towards her. 

          As for calling me personally a retard for calling you a child abuser … When did I do that?  And unless you’ve read through my IQ test scores you have no idea what you’re saying in the least.  I have total acceptance of different thought processes but you have yet to show any … so, yeah.  Good luck with your lil rant.  It’s quite adorable really

    4. You hate me…. Yet you’re obsessed with me.  Hmmmm.  Go smoke some more pot.  It seems to make you a fucking rocket scientist.

      Oh, and notice how your insults aren’t hurting my feelings?  Because you aren’t even close to being right.  Not even a little.  The only people here who know my weaknesses are Trench, Deena and Angel.  Really, they are the only ones who would know how to hurt me.  Try a little harder pot head.  MAybe you’ll get closer to bruising my ego next time.  Personally, I think all the dumb shit you’re posting as your “opinion” of me is all just a reflection of you and THAT’S why you are so bitter.  I’m not fat, lonely, fake or stupid.  But I’d be willing to bet YOU are. 

      1. Ape, I take offense – I know you pretty well too! I larve you and all 🙂 and miss u these days!

        1. Sorry. You weren’t posting. You know how to hurt me. Throw a cheesecake in my pen then take it away. BITCH! You know my fat ass loves me some cheesecake.

    5.  That’s OK ,at least she has friends.

    6.  April is one of the greatest people I have met. Pot is illegal for a reason, it is addictive and makes you an idiot. My c*** birth organism was a pot head as were her husbands….they were all abusive. Fuck weed and the morons that smoke it. It smells like ass and if I get with in 100 feet of a person smoking that shit I get a migraine…..Thanks assholes for making my head hurt 🙂

  8. Jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick, what the hell happened to this thread? Also, why is everyone so obsessed with April? Honestly, the trolls put more attention on her than anything. Interestingly enough, I don’t care what April looks like, I picture you all as cartoons anyway, for some odd reasons.

    1. You’re funny. I don’t look like a cartoon character, but my voice is kinda squeaky.

  9. I think we all know my somewhat lenient position on weed, I’m from Colorado and the amount of MMJ stores rival the amount of churches in my town. I don’t think theres a problem when weed is used responsibly, responsibly meaning if you have a kid,he doesn’t see it, he doesn’t EAT it, he doesn’t come second to it and he doesn’t get taken away for it. However, this story has all the signs that this guy was in no way responsible. When your kid reeks of weed, theres a problem, when your kid gets taken away because you don’t want to earn an honest living, yeah, you’re just a crappy parent. I feel so sorry for this poor boy, I’m so glad he had his mom to go to and didn’t have to stay in foster care. Like I said on the fb comments, whether it SHOULD be legal or not is not the issue here, the issue is NOTHING is worth your child staying even one night in DHS, no matter how “silly” you think the law you’re breaking is.

    This was my attempt at getting the comments back on subject.

    1. Nancy…. You took the words right out of my mouth.

      1. Thanks 🙂 I try to throw a meaningful comment out there from time to time!

  10. Hey, I understand that pro-pot people and anti-pot people can get heated but let’s just look at this calmly.  The issue here isn’t if someone can be a good parent and be an responsible pot user.  The issue is having an illegal grow-op, in your home, during prohibition.  So, it’s like if in 1920, your dad decided to make moonshine in the basement and sell it, thus opening your life up to criminal activity and the risk of incarceration.  Think what you will of the current pot prohibition but do not bury your head in the sand about the douchebaggery of the move of being a single parent while running a grow op and not even ensuring your kid doesn’t smell like weed when he goes to school.

  11. if being high is your thing, parenthood CAN NOT BE. There is no middle ground folks. One must decide what their priorities are before practicing unsafe sex. When I say PUT ON YOUR THINKING CAP, you know what I mean. 

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