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Baby killer #1Baby killer #2
Two arrested and charged in the abuse and death of 2-year-old girl
Couple arrested in child abuse death
Investigator’s Report on Mom & Step-dad’s Capital Murder Case of Infant

The two pissed-off puppies above have been arrested in Monticello, Arkansas, for the murder of the she-dog’s 2-year-old daughter, Aubriana Coke. Daniel Pedraza, 23, and Victoria Pedraza, 21, apparently decided that it would be fun to punch a two-year old so hard that her small bowel would tear apart. Among other atrocities committed against this defenseless baby were multiple bruises in the abdominal area, plus bruising to the chest, arms, legs and face. Upon further examination during autopsy, bruises were found on little Aubriana’s scalp – some old, some new.

What excuse did the birth vessel and her cooter-shooter attempt to pass off as the cause? No, it wasn’t the bathtub, the bed, the stairs or any other household fixture – it was the ROCKS! They claim that Aubriana fell off of a dock on to some rocks, and that’s what must have caused those deadly injuries. Does anybody here know if the authorities believed that? OK, y’all can put your hands down now. We all know that the doctors and medical examiners are smarter than a couple of brain-dead child killers. They called BS on the dock-rock story, and the police arrested the two abusive oxygen thieves.

Both of these upstanding individuals (and I mean that only in the sense that they are bipedal and don’t drag their knuckles when they walk) are currently being held in jail and have been charged with capital murder, although no bail amount has been listed. They apparently took the time to get their stories straight before calling for an ambulance as well, since their stories were eerily similar in all of the fairy-tale details. They also claim that after the baby fell onto the rocks, she got up and laughed and then played for another four hours or so, and that they saw no injuries. Then they said they tried to heal her with ‘natural’ remedies. Which is it? Did she have no injuries, or did they try to heal the injuries she sustained? You would think if they were going to go to the trouble of synchronizing their stories, they would at least refrain from contradicting their own lies.

The natural remedies they employed included using such items as an egg and a purple onion to heal the bruising. While those items might be the beginnings of a good omelet, they are virtually useless at healing internal injuries. When the ‘natural’ practices failed, they tried prayer and holy water. That’s rich – two demons sprinkling holy water and praying. They were probably praying that they could make the doctors believe their skewed version of events. That didn’t work out very well for them did it?

The two had been previously investigated by CPS for allegations of abuse and neglect. Another shining example of the reason CPS workers do not double as pro-football players – they keep dropping the freakin’ ball!

Both of the accused murderers say that they now wish they had called an ambulance sooner, but they were afraid that the previous allegations of abuse would look bad. I think death looks even worse….

In addition to the injuries found at the time of death, the parents admitted to using various ‘punishments’ including spanking her with a belt and making her do push-ups. PUSH-UPS!?!? She was only two years old, for heaven’s sake! The male animal said there might still be marks from the last ‘spanking’ she got (two days previously) on her lower back. Here’s a bit of info – punishment that leaves marks is not punishment – it is abuse. Inside the home authorities also found a closet that was empty except for a pillow on the floor, and a cord draped over the clothes rod. I don’t even want to contemplate the reason for that arrangement….although I think a similar arrangement should be made for each of the killers in their respective cells….

Baby Aubriana - an angel

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  1. Poor baby. Who else here bets that the arrangement in the closet was for tying up the poor child and making her sleep in a locked closet?

    R.I.P. Aubriana

  2. I wish i hadn’t read this. So sickening and disturbing. Poor little one. All she knew was emotional  pain and torture and fear.

  3. sick sick sick

  4. Hopefully the “boys” are soaping up the shower room floor just for him.  And the “girls” are getting ready to feed her some box lunches and knuckle sandwiches.

  5. Push ups? Are you fucking kidding me? Dear god, that poor child.

  6. They said they didn’t call for medical attention because of past reports by relatives that the child was being abused.   So we have concerned family and an ongoing CPS investigation – why couldn’t the child be placed with a caring family member while the investigation was being completed instead of being left in the home to be murdered?!!!!

    1.  Marsha I always wonder the same thing … if the authorities know there is a potential problem why do they keep leaving these poor children in the hands of the people they believe should have their parental ability questioned??  It’s as if your boss at work says, “You job has faltered and your work ethic really sucks but we’ll investigate and keep paying you anyway while you continue to suck immensely until we decide if you are good for the job or not.”

      CPS … a little common sense goes a long long way and this poor baby didn’t deserve to be a case lost.

  7. Totally useless, no good wastes of skin! Poor little thing. Seriously we need licensure in order to breed and people like this need to be removed from the gene pool. I think CPS workers need to be held criminally liable as well. Arkansas does not have the best record in these cases. And that eff you look on the mother’s face says it all, no sadness, no remorse. I’d like to remove it with a chain saw!

  8. In the state of AK, does Capital Murder mean Capital Punishment if convicted?……or even life in prison w/o parole?  Anyone convicted of a crime like this should be sterilized (before they even hit the prison steps) in the unthinkable chance  that they might ever be freed…..and on their foreheads tatooed..CHILD MURDERER for all the world (or prison inmates) to see………..I wish.

    1. My apology to the state of Alaska. The postal abbreviation for Arkansas is AR.

        1.  Thanks, Deena. I’ll put that in the story.

          1. You’re welcome…. could she be any cuter?

          2.  She IS adorable…or WAS. Those two morons make me sick….

  9. It’s beyond all imagination….to think of what this baby (or any other child of any age) suffered at the hands of those she trusted most.  There has to be some thought (even at the age of two) as to why the people she depends on would cause her so much pain…..”Why are you hurting me?”    I just want to cry for all of them…..  🙁

  10. How do people this loathsome exist? I am appalled when  I think of all the good and decent people out there who are desparate to have children and can’t while the skanks of the world breed and kill their babies.  I’m also gobsmacked at the depth of ignorance that still exists in a supposedly advanced and literate society- an egg and onion and if that fails, try prayer and holy water?   They obviously knew that beating a child so horribly was wrong since they went to such lengths to cover it up.
    I have to say though “cooter shooter”  is terrific.  Where do you get these names?  

    1.  “Where do you get these names?”

      I have a little devil that sits on my shoulder and whispers into my ear.  Most of the time I smack him down or wash his mouth out with soap because the things he says are too filthy for me to write; but occasionally he comes up with one that even I can use….

      Oh, and my older daughters have also given me assistance from time to time.  I actually have a couple in reserve, that I am just waiting for the right moment to use…  😉

  11. Unfortunately CPS was busy at my house, calling my 14lb 4 month old underweight, after using my sons ASD as a foot in the door to check my bedroom for serial killers weekly. Don’t worry, they don’t waste any time checking my kids for neglect, or my cupboards for food. They just like to nitpick issues like weigh,t and repeatedly asking me if my tenants cat belongs to me, while other children are being murdered. 😀 

    1. Wth? 14lbs is not small for a four month old. Mine was 5 lbs 10 oz (i just checked his baby book lol) but he’s always been on the big side.

  12. Omg, that pic of her made me feel kicked in the stomach. Sweet, beautiful baby did not deserve this.

  13. Exactly! She is, and LOOKS huge… but they’re grasping at straws. That’s the only thing they had to say so I arranged for a well baby nurse to come weigh her at the next scheduled “visit” I had. The nurse said she was 1 lb over her curve and healthy… and that was just when she was 13lbs somewhere in her 3rd month. For whatever reason this CPS worker decided it was her mission to try to scare me into exclusive formula feeding, when everyone else in the planet looked at my daughter and saw a big healthy baby.

    This is the kind of petty shit they spend their time on while kids are dying for their “services.” It pisses me off. I see them drop the ball left right and center with kids in real danger, and they’ve been on me for more than a year now and haven’t found anything to raise an eyebrow at. Except the fact that my son has Autism, so if someone WERE abusing him he couldn’t verbally say so. I’m not going to abuse my kid just because he couldn’t tell anyone with words. And their biggest mistake anyway is that they think he cannot communicate, just because he doesn’t do so verbally! I understand him almost all of the time. 

    1. Yikes! I’m so sorry you’re going through that, it really pisses me off. My irresponsible child neglecting/abusing cousin was barely on the radar after over a year of calls from neighbors and families to Dhs. It took me actually MOVING two states away and living in the hell hole I call my home town and actually going to DHS in person to have those children removed, then it was another year before they finally terminated their parental rights. If it weren’t for me uprooting my whole life and going down there, I guarantee those kids would be dead. When I went down to file the complaint they said “oh, we closed that case” and I said “well open it back up, I have a lot to tell you!”

      1. I am glad that you were responsible and reported child abuse and neglect when you were certain that  it was happening.Thanks to you,those kids will get a chance to lead the lives that should be theirs.I’m so proud of you!

        1. Thank you

    2. A lot of times I think DHS is like the proverbial schoolhouse bully – if they don’t get a reaction, they lose interest in you.  Let’s face it, many of the horrid parents here don’t DO anything to try to get their kids back. The courts just eventually decide that an intact family is better than having to find foster care for the kids. Parents who actually give a rip about their kids will fight tooth and nail to prove their innocence, thereby putting money into such programs as parental classes, as well as providing cash flow to the lawyers, judges and other government agencies involved.  It’s all about who will provide the longest ‘run’ of active involvement.

      I may just be jaded and cynical, but it seems to me that my theory is at least as plausible as any other.

  14. These two are so sick and evil that I hope they die in prison.

  15. I guess that poor little puppy in the picture is probably abused too. These people get their rocks off on dependency.

    1.  The sad thing is that if they prosecuted these two oxygen thieves for animal abuse as well, they would probably get more time for the animal cruelty charge than they are likely to get for the murder of this baby.  ASPCA and PETA don’t screw around! We should have PETA aid in the prosecution of child abusers from now on, maybe….

  16. Abriana, you are a beautiful, beautiful child. If you were mine, I would have just loved you. I think about you and what happened to you everyday. The picture of you just breaks my heart. I wish that you were given a better life, then the one you were dealt. May your mother and step father pay for this for the rest of their lives. May God hold you in his loving arms. Rest in peace beautiful child.

  17. I think of you often princess. I was never blessed to meet you, but I love you and my heart hurts for you.
    I wish that I could have taken away the pain that you felt while here and more so, taken away any pain you endured. It’s not fair, and it’s not right. With such pain in my heart, I know that you are gone. But you will never be forgotten.

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