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Crazyass Chinese father bites off his son’s penis

Crazed Father Bites Off Boy’s Penis
Angry Father Bites Off 6-Year-Old Son’s Penis In Shenzhen, China

Well, we’re going to file this under Bat Shit Crazy.

From both articles above, “Cops say the father is likely to have a mental illness” is written. That gets a big {facepalm} and a “no fucking shit” from me.

I’m not trying to make light of what happened to this 6-year old little boy, please forgive me. But I couldn’t believe I read that in BOTH articles.

32-year old (unnamed) father was walking naked through the streets of Shenzhen, in the Guangdong Province, with his 6-year old son and 4-year old daughter, also both naked. Witnesses said the father became angry and was yelling at his son to bite his penis off. When the boy refused, the father then bit the boy’s off. WTF?

Passersby were able to subdue the father and make him spit out the boy’s penis before the authorities got there.

The reattachment surgery was successful, but it is too early to tell if the boy will have permanent damage to his boy parts.

I am guessing this man was arrested, and hoping that he was stoned or something else that is equally as awful as what he did to his son. I hear in places like China, they don’t fuck around and pass out punishments that fit the crime.

More details emerged about the man’s life… that he was in debt after a failed business venture and often seen gambling. He was also recently seen pretending to strangle his son on the balcony of their home.

Relatives stepped forward and are caring for both children. From what I read, in 2010 the father “lost his business and his wife.” So I am assuming that their mom is no longer with us?

Thanks to Marshalette for the tip.

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  1. Holy shit!  Relatives have come forward?!  A bit late, isn’t it?

  2. Strange that he has two children. China’s one-child policy is pretty strict, unless he was divorced and remarried(?) Anyway, sad all the same. Probably had mental illness and no one around him wanted to step forward and urge him to get help. It’s a different culture there regarding mental illness. Not as accepted to need help.

    1.  It´s really not true that they can´t have more than one child. The thing is that if they decide to get more children, they have to pay more tax.

  3. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!  Thats the first thing that came into my head when I read the title of this.  The police in China are “sooo observant”.  Obviously this man has a mental illness, as I’m not sure, but I believe normal people don’t bite anyones penis off, let alone their own childs.  I feel really bad for this boy, and can’t even imagine the pain he is in.

  4. It’s a very shameful
    thing. We don’t expect such kind of incident. I think no father can do
    like this things without mental sickness. Thanks 🙂

  5. “lost his business and his wife.”???? That’s apparently not ALL he lost!

    If he and both children were walking naked through town, and people heard him screaming at the boy AT ALL, let alone screaming at him to bite off his penis, then why in the depths of BLUE HELL did someone not intervene before he bit off his son’s penis? I think if I heard a parent speaking to a child in that manner, I would intervene first, and ask questions later…

    I hope the boy recovers, and has full function of his penis when he gets older, and I also hope someone in the jail does for the ‘dad’ what his son would not do.  Only, instead of teeth, I hope they use a rusty bedspring.

    1. FeministFrozenWatermelonGal

      Well, I hope I don’t get hate for saying this, but I kind of sypathize with the
      father here. I mean, not that I condone violence towards a child, but would if
      the father wanted his son to be a daughter, and 1 day felt so strong about it
      that it made him want to remove the part that symbolizes what he didn’t want. He
      even wanted his own bitten off. What it looks like to me is that he just wanted
      femininity among his family and himself. If you here had enough
      feminist spirit, you would understand this. Most moms with sons at least some
      point deep inside wish their penises weren’t there (i.e why they choose to have
      them circumcised). That’s probably why he had his children nude. He looked at
      his daughter and then at his son to compare and realised how much he didn’t want
      that penis of his there or his own penis. It’s not that I condone what the
      father did, but I understand what he must have been going through. Anyways, I
      hope the boy will be OK and that he will recover soon enough. Since they were
      able to reattach it, he will still be able to have children even if his penis
      doesn’t erogenously function well. That just means that his parents won’t have
      to worry about him masturbating when he gets older 😉

      1. What? Where is April on this absurd ideation? Or Trench? Or Jennfromm? Your assertions are not only absurd but scarey. Really? Are you serious?

        1. I have had my fill of dummies lately. I let this one slide.

          1. This was so insanely convoluted and obtuse even for a rabid feminist that it made me dizzy just reading it. But I understand your point and sympathize.

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