40-pound, 12-year old boy resembled a concentration camp survivor

Michael Marshall And Sharon Glass Kept Malnourished Son Locked In Closet, Cops
Police: Fla. couple locked malnourished boy inside closet as punishment for stealing food

Señor Crazy Eyes

Is it just in the water in Florida? I would ask if they teach a special course on child abuse, neglect, murder, rape, torture, abandonment, etc… in the schools in Florida, but I know that not to be the case since I went to middle school and the 1st year of high school there. Maybe it’s more of a senior year elective class?

38-year-old Michael Marshall and 48-year-old Sharon Glass of Titusville, Fl, have been charged with three counts each of aggravated child abuse and three counts each of child neglect after cops found Marshall’s emaciated 12-year old son lying on the floor  inside a locked bathroom at his home. Punishment for? Can anyone guess? Stealing food, of course. What else, right? He also had been strapped to a bed or locked in a bathroom for days or weeks at a time over the past year.

Police were responding to a report of a child being caged up and suffering from abuse inside the home and went to check things out. That’s when they found the boy and two other kids (not starving and emaciated, or caged up for that matter). The two other kids have since been removed from the home and are in the care of Fl DCF.

Apparently, Marshal pulled his son out of school back in 2010 after he’d been investigated for concerns about the environment that the boy was living in. No better way to hide from prying eyes that you’re abusing your kids then to yank them from school and begin to “home school” them.  A neighbor says she saw the boy last year sometime and he looked slim and that of an 8-year old, but didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

No word on his current condition, or where he is – although I assume still in the hospital and eating a lot and gaining weight.  The 2 piece of shit breeders are being held without bond. Also no word on the boy’s bio-mom.

Thank God someone called and the police went to check it out, that’s the silver lining to this story.

Thanks to my BFF Becky and all the other tipsters that sent this one in.

  • Chris

    What the fuck is wrong with Florida?

    • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

      Where do I start?

  • Jadecrowe

    holy shit….tweaker much???

  • Amym2580

    The POS mom was on crack when she had the little girl, who at birth nearly died. Then the mom took off, leaving the children with that maniac. I am thankful I got out when I did.

    • Angel

       “I am thankful I got out when I did.”

      You knew them? Lived there? Knew the mother and the murderer? Please explain.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YUK3UU7UVN2UUOYUMWY4PE6AA4 Debbie

        I am hoping that she meant that she was glad she got out from under the dome.

        • Angel

           OK. I didn’t even connect those two comments. O_o  Brain fart…

        • Danielle

          but then how did she know the mother was a crackhead and all that? There was nothing on bio-mom that I could find?

  • Amsfast

    Does anyone know where the mother of the kids are and why this sorry fucker had the kids? 

  • Fiffyn

    My six year old boy is something like 45 pounds and one of the skinniest of his class. He is a good eater, but we go a little lite on the unhealthy snacks.(he can eat more than me at times). At one point the school sent a etter home saying that his Body Fat Percentage was 4%. My 14year old nephew is about 115 pounds, taller than me and also a very slim build. He is athletic, but truly skinny. I can not imagine how they tortured this poor boy, but as a mother of any child, how could she stand for that happening in her home. I truly believe this was the woman’s doing, because no real mother would accept that.

  • Eweknow

    I couldnt even imagine doing this!  My 16 yo son loves to eat and gets so hungry since hes growing so fast.  He doesnt kiss his mother very often..but I get the sweetest kiss from him when Im cooking a dinner he likes

  • Pcoans

    I cannot comprehend withholding food from anyone, especially a child and your own child at that! :( I have a 13 mo who weighs 30lbs and my 7 yr old is a whopping 103! He stands 4’4 and wears size 12 husky pants and I couldn’t even consider starving him no matter what he did. I didn’t catch a pic of Senor Crazy Eyes ( lol! Good one) sadistic other half, but dollars to donuts shes a hefty slag if not a complete cow. Off the subject is my rant on the mental illness excuse…i am bipolar amongst other things, my son is ODD & ADHD and VERRRRRY difficult to deal with but I have never entertained thoughts of abusing him in any shape, form, or fashion. I am certain there are some legitimate psychos out there but the rest of you are just plain lazy, selfish, hateful, ignorant, evil, P.O.S And need to have your life force terminated with extreme predjudice.

  • Angel

     40 pounds???? I have a six year old who weighs more than that, and he is considered small for his age (not malnourished – he is still well within the accepted range for weight and height – just a little shorter and more petite than others his age).

    These two idiots need to be taught what hunger feels like….

  • greywintersky

    To: Your_Pal_Nancy……Yes, you read it right.  If they are considered adults (over 18 or 21), they should also be charged for failing to notify authorities (or failing to help this boy in any way that they could). In my opinion, they are just as culpable.  When Sharon Glass’s ex-husband (who is fighting for custody of his minor child that was also living there) was asked if he was concerned about his two adult children, he didn’t have an answer.

  • Your_Pal_Nancy

    I really think the two children who are over 18 and were living there should be in trouble…or at the very least be shunned by society for life. Did I read that right? A 15 year old and two others over 18 were living there too..and nobody said anything about the 12 year old slowly starving to death?

  • Clevo

    Another asswipe with the whole Charlie Manson stare thing going on. It’s a miracle the buy was still alive. This crazy perp & the moronic birth vessel who did nothing to save her son should both be tied to the nearest pier at dusk, and small cuts made all over their bodies. They should be left there until the sharks and/or crabs finish them off.

  • http://dreapenndragon.blogspot.com/ Drea Penndragon

    Extra links for you guys
    The ex-husband of this moron of a mother is fighting for custody of their child, that was present during this abuse!

    Additional charges going against them now

    And found a picture of both of them in case anyone was curious, as I was.

    • Anne

      Hard to tell, but judging by the jowls I’d guess she’s not exactly emaciated herself.

  • http://dreapenndragon.blogspot.com/ Drea Penndragon

    Again … Florida needs to be fenced off.  A big dome over it would be nice, and locked.  Everyone inside fully psychologically tested, and then move out into the normal world those who are sane and normal.  Everyone else stays locked in, fighting each other for resources, until they are all dead.  And pump in gases that sterilizes them so there are no children born under those conditions.  

    Harsh opinion – check
    Disgust at total assholes – check.

    • Pcoans

      Awesome idea! Best one i’ve heard yet. I would definitely vote yes!

    • Amsfast

      Harsh opinion………dont judge everyone living here just because most people abuse their kids here. lol I live in florida but I do have to admit there is a lot of inbred, child abusing, pill popping, dumb mutha fuckas here.

      • http://dreapenndragon.blogspot.com/ Drea Penndragon

         If you is one of the good ones then you can come out of the dome and live happily away from that mess LOL