Philly boy killed after being returned to violent parents

Tina and Floyd Wimes

Boy Dies After Being Sent Back to Parents: Sources:

Boy, 6, beaten and starved to death by parents after court ruling put him back in their care:

One of the many things that I am thankful for in my life is that I’ve never had to go through a custody battle of any kind. However I would think that it would be common sense that a child not be returned to house full of violence after they have been removed, especially if a loving family was willing to adopt them. Apparently common sense is in short supply in the city of Philadelphia.

Khalil Wimes was removed from the ‘care’ of his Breeders, Tina and Floyd Wimes, because of a history of drug abuse and violence. Five other children were removed from the home as well. Khalil was placed in a foster home where by all reports he was loved and cared for. The foster family took care of Khalil for three years and were fighting for the chance to adopt him. They were being fought by the Breeders every step of the way. The Breeders won and DHS returned Khalil to them.

Since you’re reading this here you know there was no happy ending for Khalil. This past Monday his Breeders took him to the hospital claiming that the 6-year-old Khalil ‘fell from the tub’. 15 minutes later Khalil was dead. As an aside, as a youngster I was treated at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Back then and today CHOP is renowned as being one of the premiere hospital’s for children. If they couldn’t save Khalil it’s probably unlikely that anyone could.

As you can expect this was no mere fall from a tub. The medical examiner not only ruled Khalil’s death due to blunt force trauma but he only weighed 29 pounds at the time of his death. There’s no fall from a tub that can make a child that was healthy all of a sudden be malnourished.

We have to stop the culture in our legal system where the parents’ right of possession is greater than the child’s right to safety. Because let’s face it. This was all this was about. The scum sucking Breeders obviously didn’t give a damn about Khalil’s well-being. All they cared about was whether or not they had him. He was only a piece of property to them.

Khalil Wimes

I’ve got nothing more to add. I am so disgusted at the whole situation I can’t even be bothered with these two pieces of child beating shit. May they rot in hell for a thousand eternities.

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  • Shanna001

    They were convicted of 3rd degree murder. They deserve 1st degree but at least these vile people will be in prison for at least 20 years.

  • Bill Nelson

    You black people make me want to throw up the way you breed like animals and then you either kill your children, or don’t give them enough guidance to have a healthy productive life. You kill them or the thug life does. You live in the greatest country in the world and you just destroy each other and everything around you.

    • Trench Reynolds

      Is there a white hood in your closet?

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  • Your_Pal_Nancy
    • Jaleja999

      Great!! I hope they hit him with all that’s possible in the legal system, like he hit Khalil with all he had.  Too bad there’s no more electric chair, I’d love to see this guy fry.  Whattaya wanna bet the scum bucket plea bargains?  Wonder what she beast will get hit with by the legal system? Thanks for the update.

  • Suzanne

    I can’t even imagine what he must of gone thru, but where was the teachers at school he was 6 years old he had to attend?

    • Kimberly Black Wilmoth

      These disgusting lowlifes said that he was “home schooled.” Yeah, I bet.

  • Monique Boulanger

    Yet my friend, Derek, who’s Autistic daughter, Ayn has been in Foster care for over 9 months,  for nothing other than well NOTHING…he never laid a hand, or anything else on her. (MFCD took her to the hospital, they found NO evidence of abuse or neglect) 

    her mom posted pictures of her during their last supervised visitation.  THE GIRL HAS A BLACK EYE!  (not only that she put on like well over 50lbs due to the anti-psychotics they have her on)

    Kids like Kahlil die due to abusive fucktards and lack of foster care spaces, taken up by kids like Ayn, who are there because …who fucking knows..

  • Drug Rehab

    “We have to stop the culture in our legal system where the parents’ right of possession is greater than the child’s right to safety.” I agree with this wholeheartedly. The safety of the child should be the  first priority in this case. The parents were not even adviced to go to treatment for abuse.

  • greywintersky

    This poor baby probably had little or no memory of his life with these monsters.  He lived with a loving family (during his most formative years) only to be ripped from them and to be thrown into a hell on earth with demons he hardly knew. I can’t even imagine the horror this innocent child experienced. I have no doubts that he must have cried for  his “momma and daddy” …his foster parents (the only ones who showed him any love) when these two started to abuse him. How does the judge, who ruled in this case, sleep at night?  All the “authorities” involved in this case, who let this little boy down, should also face criminal charges…..and then a firing squad…… that seems fitting.

    • Rachel

      I can bet that if he was calling out for and wanting his foster parents and calling them “momma and daddy”, that just added fuel to the fire.  I’ll bet it just drove those two monsters crazy!

    • Tiffanycuffie

      To be technical his foster parent was abusing him that’s how they won him back. And Floyd is abusive not my mom look it up asshole

      • Angel

         Yeah, that’s why she was charged with murder too, huh? Cause she’s innocent.  Hey, I’ve got some beach property to sell you in the middle of Siberia, but only if you’ll take your ‘mom’ with you and use her as bait when you go ice fishing.

        BTW, if she knew he was abusive and she still stayed with him, that makes her just as bad.  I win. You lose. Wanna come back and play the bonus round later? Think before you commit to an answer – I’m really good at this game.  Are you one of the ‘other five kids ‘ who was removed from her care?  Just curious….

      • Your_Pal_Nancy

        Is that why he only weighed 29 pounds? Because your mom was such an A+ caregiver? Right. I’m not going to cuss you out this time because I’m sure this is a lot to process, but if you come back I make no promises.

      • Kimberly Black Wilmoth

        Everything that I’ve read about the case states that “your mom” was the instigator of the neglect, the starvation and the beatings. But no matter, what Angel said is absolutely correct. Even if she did none of it herself, (which I highly doubt) she still stood by and allowed it and that is just as bad. In fact, I’m the mother of a 2 year old and if a man or anyone else even acted like they were going to harm my child, I would bash in their skull. That’s what parents do…love and protect their children.

  • Kim

    So he lived in a second floor apartment and no one heard a thing, right? Sure. Amazing how some abusers get lucky enough to have sound-proof apartments. Yeah, those neighbors are nearly as guilty!!

  • Veronica

     What a beautiful child!  I can’t imagine the pain that his foster parents must be in!  </3

  • JennW318

    First off I would like to introduce myself, I’ve been a longtime reader but never commented. This story, however, has me seething with anger.

    I am from Philadelphia, and this city is quite possibly the most corrupt city in every way possible. Almost everyone who works for the city is lazy and doesn’t care about doing any work because they are not afraid of being fired. This sadly reaches DHS. They are extremely well funded and well staffed (don’t want to hear that excuse), but the people who work there DO NOT DO THEIR JOBS! Why bother when you can do nothing and still get paid the same amount?

    Not too long ago there was a story about how a 14 year old disabled girl named Danieal Kelly was starved to death and her body ravaged by bed sores to the bones. She was supposedly under the watch of DHS but they faked reports and house calls while this went on for years. The worker ended up being charged with murder.

    Also there was a story about how a mother of multiple children was at a shelter with caseworkers around and had 2 month old twins who were starved to the point that one died weighing less then he had at birth! Both babies were extremely emaciated. All of this despite the fact there was free, yes FREE!!! formula available to her at the shelter! Disgusting.

    This is just a couple of things but the further you look, the more you will find on how lazy and incompetent Philadelphia DHS is.

    Another thing. The only reason this woman wanted this boy back? So she could get more monthly cash and food stamps probably. More kids = more monthly $$ given to the mother, regardless of how she uses it or how she treats the children she receives money for. This whole situation is disgusting and I hope this little angel is in peace and is treated to all the love and care he was never afforded here on earth.

    RIP Little Khalil

    • Anne

      The money. Okay. Makes sense.

      New York child protective services apparently also employs a number of buttholes as caseworkers who can’t be bothered to actually do their jobs. 

      I can well understand the frustration that causes a lot of people to say, “They’re all a bunch of ignorant, vicious, defective subhuman scum. Why should my tax money go to support them just so they can breed and make more of them?” But the way I see it, people like this are going to breed whether you give them food stamps or not. And maybe, MAYBE occasionally there’ll be a caseworker or teacher or cop that takes the job seriously enough to actually do it. I happen to think government run programs do the job more efficiently than charities, but if that’s the way you’d rather go, fine. Just so long as we’re doing our best to get these children away from danger and give them the shot they deserve at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    • Malevolent April


    • Schwags77

      Apparently if you think DHS is well funded and well staffed you need your head checked. Gov programs are being cut and social workers are paid pennies compared to wall street. Get educated before ranting and raving. There is no excuse for this child’s death but lets think before we talk if you’re competent to do so.

  • Anne

    I guess they wanted him back so badly because they couldn’t wait to finish him off. What a pair of ogres.

  • Jessica

    How do people forget that children (no matter how tiny) are people with feelings, emotions, and sensations of pain just like us parents/guardians. Seems like common sense (feed them, dress them, shelter them, love them, take care of any owwies that come along, protect them, did I mention love them, talk/listen to them, treat them with consideration, respect, and  empathy not just for “your” child but for the fellow human being they are). They are only children for way to short a time, then to soon they are adults that must be functioning members of our bigger society. These two monsters were dysfunctional down to the core, idiocy in bureaucracy, and absolute incompetence led to this angels death. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Rant over (saw this last sentence somewhere and it was so good I had to steal it…lol). 

  • Bobkatlynch

    you got that right and the judge who ordered him back with his parents should be put on trial

    • Alvin Tan

      Where I come from, and anywhere else in the civilized world, incompetent doctors are put on trial but I’ve never seen an incompetent judge put on trial. The “brotherhood” kind of thing?

  • Bad Kitty

    This should of NEVER happen!!! Why CYS gave that baby back is beyond me and probably all the rational people here and in the world. They yanked that baby out of a wonderful home that gave him what he needed. I can’t look at those two pieces of shit. They deserve the worst most painful and humiliating deaths possible!! Where was CYS did no one from that piss poor agency go and check on him??? Excuse me while I go and vomit!!

    RIP  Khali you are an angel too soon. <3

  • Rachel

    My 2-1/2 year old weighs 28 pounds!  My thoughts today are with the couple who fostered him for so long.  Three years–half his little life.  I would love to get into foster care at some point, but it’s the stories like this that terrify me.  I feel outraged reading the stories on BB everyday, but to actually LIVE through it, to be a foster parent who has devoted love, time and energy to a beautiful child only to be forced to return him/her to the monsters that sent him into the system in the first place?  I cannot imagine the pain and horror they are feeling.

    God, that Tina looks mean as a snake…

    RIP Khalil.

  • Suzee

    What a precious little boy! My heart breaks for him and the family who actually loved him and wanted him. For shame on DHS in Philadelphia for returning him to such vile people. This makes me sick to my stomach. Only a year older than my oldest. :( Wish I could give him a hug right now. Rest in peace sweet heart. 

  • Benighted01

    This is one of the saddest stories I have ever read on BB and that is saying a lot. Why on earth did Khalil get ripped away from people who were trying to do right by him and placed back with these junkie scum, especially after so many other children were removed from their “care” (I use the word loosely)? Parental rights – hooey. You lose your right to the title of “parent” if your consideration for the child ends at birth. POS, the pair of them.

    • Trench Reynolds

      This is one of the saddest stories I have ever read on BB and that is saying a lot.

      Something I left out of my post because I didn’t know how to fit it in there but this story made me do something I haven’t done in a very long time because of writing these kind of stories for 12 years. 

      I actually shed tears over Khalil’s death. 

      • Suzee

        Amazing how numb we become after writing these for a while isn’t it?

        That poor boy deserved so much better than he got from those two beasts, and those that helped to facilitate the continuation of his abuse will probably go unscathed.

        A big question that is always on my mind with cases like this is, where was the family? Did they not care also? Did the breeders of this sweet child keep him hidden away from them and that’s how they didn’t know? Too many questions that will go unanswered most likely.

        • Trench Reynolds

          Amazing how numb we become after writing these for a while isn’t it? 

          Which is why I had April bring more writers  on board. I’ve become way too numb.

  • Your_Pal_Nancy

    Wow, little Khalil looks just like my son except black. Seriously, the nose, the cheeks, the look on his face. I bet he was so sweet and loving. What the hell is wrong with this world? Taking him from people who loved him to people who would kill him. All for the sake of “the family unit”. It’s utter bullshit.

    • Trench Reynolds

      I hope the male Breeder has his family unit removed in prison. 

      • Drea Penndragon

         I return to my previous visual for you all … remove the unit and use it as a frisbee. 

      • Angel

         Which one? They both look like guys to me. Maybe someone should check into the possibility that they kidnapped all of those kids because they couldn’t have their own (two sperm + no egg = no baby).  And if it turn out one of them really is a female – hers needs to be stapled shut.  Sans anesthetic.

    • Clevo

      As long as children are considered property this will continue. I have written every elected rep I have and both political parties about this issue and crimes against children with only one positive repsonse. The problem is that more people don’t do the same. I’m just 1 person. If more would e-mail them perhaps something would get done. Crimes against children should carry the hate crime tag just for starters. I am also displeased that the right to life folks screech continually about Roe v Wade and will not weigh in on this issue. A life is a life right? Why should children not be as important as those not yet borne?

      • Clevo

        Also charges of wrongful death should be brought by the folks hoping to adopt and the state against the judge who returned this child to the two subhuman trolls.

      • Pcoans

        I’m right there with you Clevo. Don’t get me wrong I feel for the situation in Uganda with Josef Kony, however, America needs to wake up and tend to its own backyard or we will be that #rd world nation seeking assistance. I’m working on putting together a movement of the same caliber as the Kony movement to shed some light on their plight.

        • Trench Reynolds

          I would recommend being a higher caliber than the Kony movement since they turned out to be deceitful con men. 

      • Alice Hennen

        I don’t know about child abuse being a “hate crime”, I think it’s more because children are seen like possessions (like animals) so abusive parents think they can do what they like to them. Children aren’t attacked because people hate them or have preconceived notions and fears about them.

        • Malevolent April

          Some people are monsters that hate “their” children.

    • KathyK

      He was adorable.  Those cheeks just scream “Pinch me.”  RIP Khalil.