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St. Louis County family grasps for answers in deaths of 3 girls, mother
Missouri Campground Deaths May Be Murder-Suicide: Woman, 3 Children Killed

Woman, 3 daughters shot to death at Mo. campground

The photograph above is s one most people look at and think, “What a lovely family!” And they would be correct – at least until last Saturday, when Christine Adewunmi made her husband, Leonard, a childless widower within the space of just a few brief moments. Christine (allegedly) drove her three beautiful girls, Lauren, 8, Samantha, 6, and Kate, 3, out to a remote campground along the Meramec River, where she shot each of them to death and then turned the gun on herself. Out of respect for the father and family who might inadvertently find their way to this blog, I will refrain from my usual tirade against the mother. All of our regular readers should know by now what kind of feelings I have for this murderer, and can apply that knowledge on their own. To the father and family: My heart goes out to you, and you will be in my prayers for a long time. May God heal you and give you peace. That said, any family members who have been reading this should probably stop here – because the rest of this article will be dedicated to my personal views concerning this act of senseless violence against the children. And some of them may not be pretty.

From all accounts, the Adewunmis were a close and loving family. Both parents loved the children and each other, and the girls were well cared for. That is what makes this story so difficult to write. I actually ran across this story myself a couple of days before April sent me the links, and thought, “I would hate to have to write this up for BB.” Then April asked me to, and I just could not bring myself to tell her no. It took me another 36 hours before I could begin, and I’m still not sure I if I will be able to do it justice.

I will start with Christine, since she is, ultimately, the reason I am writing this. What in the name of all things holy happened?!?! Her friends, neighbors, family and church all said the same things – it’s like a broken record – she loved the girls, they were her life, she was a good mother. Only she couldn’t have loved them THAT much, since she killed them. And if ‘they were her life’, then why did she show that by being the death of them? As for good mother….maybe at one time she was, but any woman who kills her children ceases at that very moment to be a ‘good mother’. When she takes the life of her babies, she becomes a murderer. Yes, everyone knew she was depressed, so lets not get into that ‘mental problems’ excuse. I don’t buy it. If you are depressed, and want to off yourself, fine. Do it. But for the love of Pete’s panties, man, don’t take the babies with you!

I understand depression, people. I’ve suffered from it most of my life, and had it compounded by PPD for a few months after the births of most of my children. I know what it feels like to be in that dark, black place. I know what it feels like to think that nobody would miss you if you died, and that the world would probably even be a better place without you in it. I KNOW!!!!!! BUT – never once did I think of taking my kids with me. The world in general, and my life in particular, have been a much better environment since they were born, and I would not even think of taking their lives – of taking their light out of the world. How could this woman KILL her kids? Not only that, but how could she shoot them all, one after the other, and think her actions were in any way acceptable? HOW?!?!

I cannot imagine the terror those children had to be feeling when their mother shot them. Even if she killed the first one without warning – at the point she fired the gun, the other two KNEW what was going on! To watch the woman you love, the woman who raised you, loved you, and tucked you into bed at night, kill your sisters and then turn the gun on you: it must have been horrifying. I have cried buckets of tears for these babies in the past few days, and every time I see their pictures, I tear up again. She didn’t have to take them with her. Either to the river, or to her grave. She could have left them in the care of a friend or relative, and only taken herself out. Hers was an act of pure selfishness. It was all for her. She took something from everyone when she left, instead of leaving the best parts of her to continue their lives. I know that a lot of people say that a mother thinks her children are better off with her – even in death – than without her. What a load of horsehockey! My children are important to me, yes, but even more important for the great things they will do in their futures. If I had to choose between saving myself and saving my kids, they’d win every time. I would die a thousand deaths to save my children. And this selfish person put her own personal problems ahead of the well-being of her kids. She was depressed – so they all had to pay for it. What a waste of precious lives….

Apparently, I am not the only one who is confused about this heinous act. Most of her friends and neighbors have given variations of the “I never would have thought it,” statement. One said “they were very gentle, peaceful people,” and another was quoted as saying, “She was real happy.” Apparently not. Another quote from a neighbor was, “I’m just blown away.” No – that would be the children.

I am so heartbroken over this tragedy, and the fact that I think it was preventable makes it even worse. Many family members admitted knowing she was depressed, but none of them thought it might be a good idea to protect the children. I’m not blaming them, just questioning their judgement. The blame rests squarely on Christine’s shoulders.

The only good thing I could come up with was that, at least for the short time they were on earth, they were loved. By all accounts both parents doted on them and made them a priority. Small consolation though, since they will never be able to share that love with children of their own – or anyone else, ever.

Rest in peace, Lauren, Samantha and Kate.

Thanks for the heads-up go to Jennifer, Erin and our friends at Conservative Babylon. And to April who sent the links to my inbox.

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  1. Those girls are so gorgeous and they all look so happy. I’ll never be able to wrap my head around this one… 

    RIP sweet girls. 

  2. It is hard for SANE people to wrap their heads around such craziness so don’t feel alone in that aspect. I am right their with you! It is just too bad she didn’t have to “live” with the decision she made to shoot those BEAUTIFUL young girls. She got off easy if you ask me!

  3. my heart goes out to the family  and father of three beautiful angels. i can’t seem to understand why she didn’t just leave them with their dad and at least got help for whatever was happening.

  4. I’m just blown away.” No –that would be the children.

    Way to refrain from bashing incase the father reads this. Maybe it was staged. Maybe you should stop talking so much.

    1. OMG. Please go read another site if you hate this one so much. I will start deleting your comments if you continue to act like a c***.

      1. Don’t Delete!!!!! I have some errands to run BUT……I will be back to respond efficiently when I have more time! So, pretty please let them continue to post! 😉

      2. Do I need to repeat myself here????

        Get the FUCK lost asshole!

    2. “Maybe it was staged.”

      “Maybe” you should take the tinfoil off your head and ram it up your ass.

      This isn’t a movie.  No one framed her.  She was a murdering c*** who killed three beautiful children when she should have just ended her own worthless life.  “Maybe” you should save your anger for those who deserve it, like this baby killing bitch.

    3. She advised the family to stop reading after the first paragraph. Staged? Are you joking? You watch too much TV.

    4.  Staged?  Oh I’m sorry, when did real life become “Days of our Lives”?

      1. I love that show lmao

      2. He will always be Murphy McManus to me.

    5.  I would tell you that maybe you should kiss my arse, but you don’t deserve the privilege.  In case you have reading comprehension problems, I advised family and friends to quit reading after the first paragraph.  I clearly stated that after the first paragraph, I would state my views and they might not be pretty.

      Begone with thee, thou fool!

    6. Maybe you should swallow your tongue (or fingers in this case) and stop talking permanently. That would give you extra time to dig your head out of your descending colon, read up child abuse, find a new site to plague with your tripe and go fuck yourself!

    7. ooohhhh…my first swim in these comments….you should have just stopped here…have you not met our bloggers?

  5. Very respectful write up … and you gave ample warning that strong opinions would be taking place if read further.  I have to wonder, if she was depressed – where is the therapists view on this?  Was she on medication for her depression?  How was she able to hide it so well that it got to this point with absolutely no warning signs?  I don’t care how ‘sad’ someone is … if you feel it get help for it. 

    I am in no way down playing depression.  Mental health issues are a very serious matter and need to be handled the right way.  Like any other chemical imbalance in the human body, it should be treated and medicated.  But before going to the extremes of picking up a gun and blasting away at innocents WHY for fuck’s sake was no help sought to prevent this???

  6. In killing the children, that’s when she could turn the gun on herself.  In doing that, there was no way she could NOT kill herself.  You know what I mean?  Without having done something so horrendous, she would not have had enough reason to kill herself.  It’s so sad and I feel horrible for the Father.

    1. What an amazingly insightful comment!  It really puts the depravity of this crime into sharp focus.  To use your own children as a motivational pawn in your killing yourself?  Unspeakable.

  7. If she was mentally ill, like Andrea Yates level mentally ill, I think there would have been plenty of warning signs that she wasn’t in a state to be left alone with her kids.

  8. I must say it is so refreshing to see the articles now being presented with such professionalism, non-use of explitives, and they are very articulate, Congratulations on whomever is in charge of the new presentation style.

    1. Please allow me to be the first person representing the site to tell you to go fuck yourself. You don’t pay for the site, I do, so my writers can say whatever the fuck they want. 

      1. Can I be the second to tell the troll to fuck off? Can I, huh… huh???

      2. Trench, you are just the best! The very best.

        1. Nah, I’m just an asshole with a big mouth.

          1. You are far far more than that and all of know it. That you created and maintain this site and others to spotlight crimes against chidren is amazing and worthy of praise. You are a truth teller Trench and those are rare. Kudos.

          2. Unfortunately I can’t take credit for creating this site. I sort of inherited it. 

          3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. We know your worth however humble you want to be. Just doing what it is you do makes you a remarkable man.
            Take the compliment. You deserve it.

          4. I will take the compliment and disperse it to the fine ladies who write this site on a daily basis. They deserve the majority of the kudos. 

          5. Nope. It’s YOU. You da man.

          6. Bravo. A gentleman too. Whoda thunk?

          7. Yeah, I’m fuckin classy wit da broads dat way.

          8. Fucker. I thought I was the smartest ass here. Why you gotta try and top me?

          9. You know why. Say it…

          10. Is this your version of “on your knees, bitch”?

            Because… You’re Trench… Baby.

          11. What the fuck. I wanna phrase I can toss around like that.

          12. Watch a bunch of 70s cop shows and movies. It’ll come to ya.

          13. Cop shows… So… “Up your nose with a rubber hose!” won’t work?

          14. Do you really want to be a sweathog?

          15. Miami Vice? She could also probably find one in who killed Roger rabbit or Dick Tracy.

          16. Roger Rabbit. I’m more like Jessica. I’m not bad…. I’m just drawn that way.

          17. I sort of picture you as a cross between Reese Witherspoon and Tinkerbelle.

          18. That’s comedy. You totally nailed it. Trench. Did she nail me, or WHAT? Bloody hell. How’d you come up with that? Are you Facebook stalking me?

          19. Nope, don’t know how to find you on facebook, can’t get on facebook because I won’t register. Just the mental picture I have of you after reading your comments and quipping with you this past year and a half.

          20. That’s comedy. I’m not pixie – ish. I have really long hair. But I have a tinkerbell ‘tude. Full of piss and vinegar. Plus I’m not very big. Just…. fit in the palm of your hand.

          21. Being a woman with plenty of Chutspah myself, I loooove women with spirit, spunk, sass, guts. And you, my dear are certainly one of those. You should meet my daughter…tall, lanky, blond with eyes the blue of a country sky, your age, lawyer and iron bitch. Love it, love it.

          22. Oh, I have blue eyes. Big ones. With lots of lashes to bat my way out of speeding tickets.

          23. Love it. I see you as being dangerously cute. People will underestimate you yes? No one would underestimate my daughter. She’s gorgeous like an aristocrat. Takes after her father. What she got from me was her golden skin ( my grandson has it too, definitely not a white boy), her ‘don’t fuck with me attitude, her strength and her stone cold temper.

          24. Damn, chick. You have me pegged!

          25. Reese is on my shit list right now. 

          26. Why is that? I don’t really look like her. Maybe from behind. My face isn’t that Gremlinish.

          27. She’s doing a movie that supports a trio of convicted child killers. 

          28. Ah. I see. But still. I don’t really look like her. Not in the face. Who do I look like?

          29. Damn. I do sort of look like that bitch too.

          30. Let’s all pass the word to boycott it. Give us more info and we can all e-mail everyone we know to boycott.

          31. It’s not quite that simple. There’s a whole ‘innocence’ movement behind the killers that Hollywood has bought into. 

          32. Did I read about that case on your other web-site? Still, that won’t keep those of us in the know from boycotting and telling everyone else to as well. I’ll look her up on and find out the name of the film anyway.

          33. Most of her movies are pretty lousy anyway.  You won’t miss anything if you boycott them, at least not in my opinion.

            (Although if you boycott every movie containing idiots who take positions on things they don’t know anything about, you won’t be watching very many movies.  I’ll leave it to you to decide whether that’s really much of a problem.)

          34. Film is Devil’s Knot still in pre-production, due out in 2013 as of now.
            I ALWAYS take a stand whenever given the opportunity. Won’t buy from Amazon because of the books and other material they carry that encourages and instructs pedophiles, write state and federal elected representatives about the issue of crimes against children and won’t vote for any who do not respond or vote in an appropriate manner, e-mail all my friends telling them what the scoop is and not to vote for the scum either, donate to women & childrens shelters, donate to international organizations fighting to rescue girls in asia sold into sexual slavery by their families etc etc. All it takes is my time  & a little $ and I’m willing to give that. What I can do is very small but what many of us can do together is huge. I say we boycott.

          35. Probably.

            The film is called The Devil’s Knot. 

          36. Smartest, sassiest, cutest.

          37. I have a pretty cute ass. Actually, I have been on an crazy diet and exercise kick. I really don’t have an ass any more. Damn. Now what?

          38. I guess you’ll just have to wiggle that much harder to strut your stuff?

          39. That’s my specialty,

          40. That and spotting fake designer handbags.

          41. 🙂

      3.  Awwww…..and I wanted to tell him thanks! Never mind – I don’t need his appreciation, I have yours!!!!! And April’s, Deena’s, Danielle’s, Drea’s, and etc. and etc. and etc………….

    2. New presentation style? Are you half retarded or just stupid?  The presentation of this site hasn’t changed in the years and years that I’ve  been coming here.

      Angel chooses not to curse, and God love her for it.  She can express herself by saying things like “for the love of Pete’s panties” and it suits her and she gets her point across.  We love her because of this too. 

      The rest of us? Notsofuckingmuch – we love expletives, naughty words, and calling people cum bubbles. 

      Know why? Because it’s a way for us to express how motherfucking angry we are that a child was hurt, raped, killed, neglected, etc.. .

      …………and because Trench says we can. 

      ps – if you’re congratulating someone on writing articulately you should trying using periods instead of commas in your ridiculous run-on sentences. 

      If you don’t like colorful language, head over to CNN to read the news. 

      1.  ROTFLMAO!!!!! And thanks for liking me just the way I am…..I love all of y’all too, and it makes me giggle when y’all say all of the stuff I am actually feeling.  I get to live vicariously through all of y’all.

    3. Another garden variety troll.  Why are you here?  For attention?  Well, you got it, c*ck sucker.  How’s about you find another site to troll while burping your worm.  Or, walk away from your computer, take off your mother’s panties and go outside.  Maybe, if you stand on the curb long enough, the city bus will take you our quickly.

      Have a nice day, mmmmkay.  Thanks for stopping by.

    4. So, I guess I have to be the fucking 3rd, 4th, or is it the fucking 5th person to tell you to………….GO FUCK YOURSELF! We fucking like this site the way it fucking is and if you don’t, then what in the fucking fuck are you fucking doing coming here? Is that enough explitives for ya?

      Now for Professionalism: Well, kind (repulsive) sir, I offer you my humble apology (not a chance) and would greatly appreciate it if you would swiftly eradicate your abominable being from this site. While we appreciate (adhor) your opinions, I must advise you to make haste in your departure.

      How it is presented makes no difference to me (and shouldn’t to you). The point you seem to be missing is that we would like for you to SHUT THE FUCK UP and DIP THE FUCK OUT!

      THANK YOU in advance for your cooperation!!!! 🙂

      1. This is not a sir. This is a woman. I suppose she didn’t think I’d figure out who she is, but I did. Wasn’t hard.

        1. WOW! Odd name choice for a “woman”! Of course “woman” isn’t exactly the word I would use to describe such a “being”!

          1. May be her husband’s name.

          2. You mean someone of her caliber would have one of those?

          3. Yes. I got to know this crazy person well.

          4. You have my sincere condolences. I truly apologize for you immense misfortune. For real……seriously, lol!

          5. OMG, you have no idea. She’s batfuckingshit cuh-RAZY! This comment is just an ounce of the idiocy we will rpobably be subjected to now.

          6. Well, she can bring on the idiocy. I have two whole days off to have my fun with her, lol! What is her malfunction (besides belonging in the looney bin)? Boredom? Does she actually believe the bullshit that is coming out of her pie hole?

          7. She hates me because I accidentally ignored her. And she’s just a freak of nature.

          8. Some guys are mighty fucking desperate.  That’s obvious from the fact that the sea cows featured in these stories were able to find someone to (gag) impregnate them.  I’m guessing the troll has a face like a donkey’s ass and a significant other to match.

      2. REVISION: Please take note that I have since learned that “Keith” is of the female gender. I would like to replace the word “sir” with the word “person” (a long shot, I know). Thank You Malevolent April for clearing that up! I would hate for HER to become all offensive because I mistook Keith for being a name used commonly among the MALE gender. 🙂

        Gosh, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, when the idiots of society come to call.

    5. Congratulate this…find a different site bitch. We don’t need you here, don’t want you here, find your smug, self serving comments to be a sign that you are intellectually and emotionally immune to the atrocities committed against these and all children and visit only to try to prove your (erroneous) opinion that you are in some way superior. Let me guess…narcissitic personality disorder?

    6. Keith, go back to sleep dear. 

  9. Well first of all I must say this story is fucked up to the 9th degree. What the fuck was going on in that woman’s mind that she thought that this was the only option left for her and her 3 BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS SWEET AND WONDERFUL little princesses. I wish I could have met these children and taken them home and protected them from the worlds evil last week before this tragedy befell them. This kind of shit never makes sense to me.

    Second of all, you stupid nasty ass rotten tuna stanking crusty ass vermin covered brain dead miserable tw*t faced puss filled trolls need to get a fucking life. This website isn’t here to make you bitches happy or fulfill your overly P.C. guided life.

    I’m fairly new here and all I gotta say is these bitches rock. Don’t expect the world to change because your a candy ass and can’t take it when someone’s opinion offends your sensitive nature. If your that sensitive then go find a cave far away from mankind to live. The world will eat you up and spit your carcass out otherwise.

  10. WHY? WHY? WHY?  This bio-bitch….and you’re right Angel.  Regardless of whether or not she was a loving and doting mother, the second she killed her gifts….what a fucking c***.  I hope she is in hell.  Fuck.

  11. So being childish is another trait we can add to her already tarnished personality!

    1. Now. We new she was childish. Read this here:
      See if you can figure out who she is.

      1. Holy Shite (misspelled on purpose)! That bitch is a fucking headcase! Lord help us all, lol! I didn’t even read the whole thread because the bullshit was becoming mind-boggling. I was going cross-eyed from reading nonsense. That crazy hag has a condition that I like to call…….diahhrea of the mouth! **SMH**

        1. Well, it was after that I made nice with her. Then I accidentally ignorred a friend request on FB and all hell broke loose. She tattled on me to Dodia and…. Whoa. Just…. She got a little Single White Female is all.

          1. It sounds like she has the mental capacity of a teeny bopper!

          2. She’s like…60. And doesn’t even have the mental apacity of a fruit fly.

          3. LMFAO!

          4. That was capacity. Damn my lack of proofing.

  12. Ok, I think we played bash the tard long enough. Let’s not take the focus away from the story. 

    1. You suck. Fun sucker. Sucking fun. Suckish. Fuck.

  13. Honestly I can’t really believe that anyone who would ever call themselves a mother would ever do something like this! Then again I have been reading this site for quite a while so unfortunately I know that not everyone takes the job of motherhood as seriously as most of us that take the time to read the unfortunate lives and deaths most of the children featured here have.

    Just wanted to say that while I dont post that often on the site I do really appreciate the time and effort and also emotions that must go into each and everyone of these write ups!

    Also I personally like it when we call the fuckers like you see them!!

  14. Sometimes no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. I wonder what demons she was running from. Poor babies. 

    1. I don’t care what demons she was running from. I only care that she murdered her kids and I only hope that the demons she is now engaged with give her nothing but pain and fear forever! Murderous, cowardly bitch!

      1.  Maybe so, its a very shitty situation.

  15. Maybe she was trying to punish the husband for something.  If so, she certainly did.  RIP beautiful girls.

    1.  Maybe she felt she was protecting them from something. Granted, she was wrong, very wrong but it doesn’t make sense.

  16.  Wasn’t hard to figure out…..KT.

    1. HAHA, Angel…I just saw the link to the past comments with this fuck tard….and you’re right….very easy.  

      1. Crasy has her fighting panties on this morning. I love it!!

  17. What beautiful children.  Breaks my heart. 

  18.  I have a pretty cute ass. Actually, I have been on an crazy diet and
    exercise kick. I really don’t have an ass any more. Damn. Now what..
     Why is this included on this site? Perhaps it takes away from the integrity. If this was my child/relative…screw it..children died, and your fishing for compliments is included in dialogue about them? I used to really like this site…and I know there are too many that have endured, read, reported this abuse..but it comes from the readers mostly. It is boring now. Every fifth comment is April talking about how she looks like a Barbie and the female contributors blowing some smoke up her arse…keep the perversion to your FB page, not for me, I’m done, but for future readers..many who have been abused sexually and do not deserve to look on a site that is meant to inspire, but instead…promotes part of a huge perversion. Internet porn. 

    1. It’s called being part of an online community. If you don’t like the community then you don’t have to stay. 

      1. Nope. I’m willing to bet that’s the same loser who’s obsessed with me and has been for a while now.

    2. Blah blah blah. Are you the same troll obsessed with April? Because I’ll admit I thought of you when April mentioned her cute ass. It’s not “every fifth comment”, in fact, it seems you would know since you attack her anytime you think she may be fishing for compliments, it’s like you scour the comment board to find her. You’re creepy. I’m glad you’re done, I hope you’re done stalking April and commenting about her as well. If you aren’t the same troll, I extend no apology since you are an asshat anyway. Also, if you’re lucky enough to think internet porn is a woman talking about her non-existant ass, stop clicking now, clearly you’re a sensitive soul.

      1. It has the same ring as the other troll. All the obsession points to me. Little do they (it) know, I love being hated.

        1. I liked the “Internet porn.” part. So serious and matter of fact. Draaaamaaa.

    3. Same person, new name. Not har to figure out. Jealous much?

    4. Oh yeah? Really? You are just so full of yourself aren’t you? It was a slow night, not many commentors on. I started the quipfest with April, she didn’t. We had a quick confab between girls and you’ve just got to stick your fugly nose in. Well eff off fugly moron. Good riddance to bad rubbish as me old Mam used to say.

  19. She is a mudshark. She must have woke up one day to realize it.

    1. Second racist comment I read from you. You’re done.

      Sorry, Trench. You can lift the ban if you want, but I can do this racist shit.

      1. I liked his comment, but I took it back… with my magical liking powers…..

        I didn’t know mudshark was a racist slant? Hmmm
        Me being the immature jerk-off I strive to be thought it was a really good digg at the thing up there.  But now that I think of the word in correlation to it being racist against blacks, I get it…the mud part.  No likes from me anymore, Chris!  And my likes are the best! Ask April.

        1. Lol, I thought it was just another crazy name for a breeder, then I thought “better google this…” He said something racist on another story too a few days ago.

      2. Nope, the ban stays.

        1. Thanks for backing me on that one.

  20. Being married to an african would make you wanna kill yourself. They are the most evil people on the planet!

    1. If you want evil just look at yourself in the mirror. The woman wasn’t black and did an evil deed much worse than her black husband. I will give you the suggestion that maybe you should take a short walk off a long cliff but don’t take any kids with you.

      1. MIchelle, darling. This was nothing more and an ignorant troll. Let’s hope it never has a life threatening illness and the only doc available to help its sorry ass is black….and its ignorance prompts it to refuse treatment.

  21. I’ve been depressed my entire life, And had an abusive childhood…and I have never once thought to myself “i’m just going to kill my daughter and myself today!” :/ There is no excuse at all in any way shape or form to hurt your children. Period. 

  22. Well, you know, even if she did not take the lives of her children, a certain way of suicide would have been selfish. My boyfriend’s father shot himself in front of him and his sister while they were still young children (he was 5), and he was traumatized by the incident ever since.

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