“She was being a little (expletive).”

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Convicted Bartlesville child abuser charged again with abuse

Bartlesville man accused of abusing 6-mo.-old and 2-yr.-old 

Ya know…every story on here is bad, some worse than others but it is really infuriating when we read/write about children abused by some one the mother knew was abusive.

Case in point, Steven Moland (28) of Bartlesville, OK has been arrested and charged with two counts of child abuse. Moland, convicted of child abuse by neglect in 2003, was “caring” for his girlfriend’s two daughters (6-months and 2-years-old) while she was at work.   Around 5pm that evening, March 23rd, police were called by two sisters charged with babysitting the girls to report possible child abuse.

Police arrived at the home and noted bruising on the inside of both of the 2-year-old’s upper arms, bruising on the bottom and upper leg and red marks on the back of the 6-month-old.  The 6-month-old was also sporting scratches on her face and neck area, that appeared to be finger marks from grabbing.

When police spoke with the mother and Moland later, it was determined that Moland had been alone with the girls all day.  Why?

Of course Moland, being the “man” he is, denied he abused the girls and said he was not aware of any of the injuries.  But wait…he did say he “may” have caused the injuries while getting the girls ready for the sitters.  We know, Stevie…you “may” have caused the injuries…you DID cause them you know it and we all know it too…asshole!

Here’s Stevie’s explanation of the injuries, tell me if this sounds like a guy you want “caring” for your children.  He was trying to put a coat on the 2-year-old and she “was being a little (expletive)” so he grabbed her arms and pulled her up.  I think you have something wrong here Stevie… YOU are the little BITCH! Now on to the 6-month-old’s injuries, there’s a simple explanation for those, see Stevie was trying to put her in her car seat and she was upset and squirming, he said he “had her by the leg”… ummm what, by the leg…and had to grab her back to keep from dropping her.  Excuse me, but who in the fucking shit holds a baby by the leg?

Here’s the best part…ready? The girls’ mother later admitted to police Stevie had been angry at the children for being uncooperative while getting ready and that the 6-month-old was screaming and agitating him.  So, then I have this question.  Did mom know what happened and had no intention of handling it?  Would anything have been done had the babysitters not noticed the bruises and called police?  Something about that statement from mom doesn’t set well with me.

Moland is due back in court April 13th.   His bond has been set at $50,000.

Special thanks to the two sisters/baby sitters for making the call to police.

  • heather and keiara

    I am here to let everyone know my daughter was the first.victim of Steven I was 17 and he was 19 and my daughter was 2 months when he almost killed her by giving her 2 skull fractures but u best believe bf they had to life flight my daughter to saint Frances I was crawling over the hospital bed with a knife that they had. On the bedside trying to kill him for what he had done and the detective had to refrain me and you best believe I did everything in my power that I could to put him were he belonged. I worked full time had to go to court every other day it seemed like had to go to Tulsa every nite to stay with my daughter and go to domestic abuse classes and I did all that and still faught for my daughter and we won and I warned miss Monica about him and she said she did not believe that he did it and now look

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIQEELXU4QWTRJ7O4VTGS4D4XM Carey

    Time for an update on the baby abuser, Steven George Moland:
    Apparently, Karma has a way with people and it’s got it’s sights set on that POS.
    Steven has violated his suspended sentence probation so he’s facing 6 charges in all. Two oustanding warrants from Nowata.

    That’s from Nowata.
    Washington County has him for the prior child abuse, and now the new charges.
    He’s in jail for not paying child support and he cannot bond out.
    May he rot slowly in the arms of Bubba!

  • Goodgirl748

      i know for a fact that the mother only has 2 kids works her ass off an
    depends on no one. some shit happens an the whole world thinks they can
    just judge a person by what the fuck the paper says if this was you an
    trust me it can happen to you. did you know that the baby sitters one of
    them dosen’t even have her own kids cause she hid crack in the childs
    bed room. an the other is living off the state an will not get a job
    just keeps having kids an smoking pot while she is 8months along. that
    man was good to those kids anyone will fucking tell you people need to
    get the fuck off the bullshit an think be for you start talking about
    other people cause i bet if we went through here an cheaked everyones
    back ground an did a play by play of your lives you aint no kind of
    better god.  let  He without out sin cast the frist stone

    • Your_Pal_Nancy

      You’re an idiot, it doesn’t matter about the babysitters personal lives, those kids were being abused by that asstard and it doesn’t seem like mom planned on doing a thing about it. Also if you went through and “cheaked” my background you wouldn’t find a damn thing, least of all child abuse. Not all sins are the same, so stop quoting from silly books. Oh, and everyone..THIS is what comes from Bville…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rochell-Arnold/100000587657456 Rochell Arnold

       ” if we went through here an cheaked everyones
      back ground”….Some people that have kids do check people’s backgrounds, case in point myself. The world is a fucked up place, I trust no one, ever.  I have checked every sitter I have had their background and I did check my husband’s background when we were dating WAY before he came into my kid’s life. The place I subscribe to is 24.95 a month, maybe stupid to keep the membership, but I never have to worry about some fucked up stuff like this. P.S. My husband didn’t know I checked his background till this year (we’ve been together 4 years).

    • Deena

      OMG… could you be any more stupid? I seriously doubt it! “Some shit happens” excuse me dumb fuck but child abuse is not “some shit” and I don’t a flying rat’s turd what the babysitters have done…when they are the subject of one of these posts we will address their issues. As of right now they did the right thing by these babies which is more than I can say for their mother or you! But if you’d like to bring them up and put their business out there…let me tell you it really isn’t making your case for a “great” mother look any better if she chooses to leave her children with not one but 2 women who have drug issues and one that has lost her children due to those drug issues…just sayin’.

      Sounds like mom is a great judge of character and “REALLY” cares who has access to her children, drug users and child abusers…yeah she’s a great mother. I will update the post to reflect all the insight you have shared, no not really! You’re an idiot. TTFN

      • http://www.facebook.com/rissa.tuttle Rissa Tuttle

         To add on to Deena’s comment, which is dead-on:
        People hang out with people like them.   A woman who can only find druggies as babysitters must be pretty damned deep in the drug community.  I have found several excellent babysitters, and not one of them with a criminal history. 

        None of the injuries these child renhad were “some shit that happened.”    My son has  bruise on his knee because he feel off his scooter going too fast.  THAT is “some shit that happened.”  Multiple bruises and scratches from “grabbing” is abuse. 

        Also, feel  free to check my background.  It’s fresh and clean.    MOST people’s are.  

        Again, you must be pretty deep in human-garbage territory to think that “most” people have a fucked up background. 

        Go away.  You aren’t wanted here.

        • Your_Pal_Nancy

          Bartlesville IS “the drug community” it is also human-garbage territory. I lived there 11 years, anyone good who comes out of there hates that town.

    • The_Shadow_Knows

      “some shit happens…”

      Case in point: your parents failing to use a condom.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIQEELXU4QWTRJ7O4VTGS4D4XM Carey

    Steven’s court records.


    • Deena

      Is that PINK make up and lipstick in the 4th picture?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIQEELXU4QWTRJ7O4VTGS4D4XM Carey

        I photoshopped it but I think I laughed so hard when I did it, I must have burned a million calories or something. *wiping tears* lol

        • Deena

          I laughed my ass off too…in fact my co-workers probably think I am crazy. LOL

          Well…in my opinion, it’s a great look for him…I bet the boys where he’s going would agree. LOL

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIQEELXU4QWTRJ7O4VTGS4D4XM Carey

            LOLOL Oh man he will getting his. Someone will turn his frown, upside down! *highfives* LOLOL

          • Deena

            You should stick around…. you seem like fun! **high-fives**

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIQEELXU4QWTRJ7O4VTGS4D4XM Carey

             *still laughing* Alas, I must depart, all I wanted was to spread the word on a fallen soul, and in the end I win, again. He never had a chance, I just had to out wait ole George, and let him fall!

          • Danielle

            keep the high five alive! I know I do :)

          • Deena

            ***high five*** Danielle!

        • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

          I still fucking love you. Lots, even.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIQEELXU4QWTRJ7O4VTGS4D4XM Carey

    I will give you the back story on that piece of shit, Steven.  He was hired at my place of employment, and I usually shake everyone’s hand, but not him. I just knew something was not right. Fast forward a year, he’s threatened me 3 times because he is stupid and couldn’t do his job correctly (cooking at a restaurant).  I would give him the undercooked, disgusting food he’s trying to back so it could be made correctly, and he’d get all mad and threatening. The managers told him not to do it anymore, but that one last time, and yaaay, after working with that idiot for a year, he’s finally fired!!!! Now, during that reign at the work place, I saw him wash his hands no more then 5 times, and he also loved to squirt out the psoriasis from his elbows all day. Steven is so stupid, he couldn’t do simple tasks without getting angry and blaming people. His girlfriend broke up with him so he smashed her windows and spraypainted her car. He fat ho thing, Monica, is a fat black bitch ghetto mama who has 3 kids and probably knows all about being a welfare parasite. No wonder she didn’t care if Steven was around her kids, she probably smokes crack anyways because she’s stupid all the way around. Steven was sentenced to 10 years but did only 5 for child neglect when he cracked open the skull of another kid. He has  protective orders against him and was NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AROUND KIDS UNSUPERVISED so Monica, his ghetto poke, allowed that crap to happen. In the old days, this situation would have been very simple to remedy, he and his parasite queen need to be spayed and neutered and then given an ice pick labotomy to fix their heads. Too bad the kids had to suffer but chances are they won’t be anything to write home about since the apples won’t be falling to far from the ghetto tree as they grow up. I bet Steven and Monica have a combined IQ of 14.
    May they both rot in hell, and may Steven get bent over everyday in prison and shown just how much of a bitch he really is.

    • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

      Tell us how you really feel aboutthis shit stain.  I think you’re holding back a little.

      • Deena

        I was about to reply with the exact same comment…lol

  • http://twitter.com/SareaSnow Sarea Snow ♠ ♡ ♦ ♧

    Another shining example of a “mother” who fell out of the defective cock tree and fucked every branch on the way down.
    Dear women of the world: Close your legs and raise your kids. That is all.

    • Angel

       That’s one I haven’t heard before…defective cock tree…LMAO!!! I may have to borrow that from you one of these days – Can I? Can I? Pleeeeease?!?!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIQEELXU4QWTRJ7O4VTGS4D4XM Carey

       The mother is a 200 pound black ghetto mama with 3 kids and a shitty job at Rib Crib. She’ll take whatever comes along for the welfare check.

      • Goodgirl52710

         i know who you are an if you keep giving info on the mother you will be in jail

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIQEELXU4QWTRJ7O4VTGS4D4XM Carey

          Oops, I’m sorry. I edited my post and changed the amount of welfare babies that thing has from 3 to 2.
          Since everything else is true and or my God given freedom of speech/opinion, you take your jail threat and shove it.
          By the way, funny how all the roaches come out of the woodwork to defend that loser, Steven George Moland, yet “SOMEONE” broke out the windshield of his ex girlfriend’s car, spray painted derogatory messages on the roof of the vehicle just days after she dumped that piece of shit. Not to mention you and other losers who either had kids with that thing or are related, or for some God awful reason are actually “friends” with that abuser seem to IGNORE the FACTS that:
          A: He’s stupid.
          B: He threatens people for the lamest reasons ever.
          C: He’s a CONVICTED child abuser on probation for the first assault. *Already charged with assault to commit a felony*
          D: He has children and couldn’t hold a job because his brain is not wired correctly.
          E: He’s a liar and delusional human being.
          F: He’s in jail for the second time of abuse on a child.
          You expect normal human beings to believe anything you say?
          Are you that stupid? You should look into electroshock therapy, it would do you and all the supporters of said sub human a little bit of good.
          By the way, your post reeks of uneducated mongrel trash. I don’t think there’s a coherent, grammatically correct sentence in that prattle you pass off as English.

          • Deena

            You’re back…. I love it!

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIQEELXU4QWTRJ7O4VTGS4D4XM Carey

            Hi Deena, I’m back with one more game of connect the dots!
            Goodgirl748 message sounds like another one posted on the newspaper site of  the city this happened in, http://examiner-enterprise.com/sections/news/local-news/man-arrested-child-abuse-charge.htmlThe message is clearly written by the same stupid she thing on Bad Breeders, defending ole Steve Mole Land and it reads:who are you to judge anyone when you have no pssible idea who the person
            is? for the record those kids mother is a very good mom who is
            responsible works hard and takes very good care of her children. If you
            knew the facts behind the situation you would see you are very wrong.
            Besides the concerned sisters who reported this are not the most
            reliable people to get your information from when one of them has had
            both of her children taken away. while the other isnt a very good mom
            either maybe they should be taking the time to fix their own familys
            rather than destroying others. Basically dont judge others its not your
            place thats what GOD does.

            She-Thing even put the part about God in the end as well.
            So which one person is female and defends Mole Land on 2 different sites?
            It’s the She-Thing “mother”.
            The very person who’s kids were abused is trolling news sites trying to defends the POS actions.
            Since she will undoubtedly read this, the troll might be interested in what others have to say about her maternal failures in life:

  • Veronica

    I don’t know if I’ve told this story here before but, when my baby was 8 months old my husband started to snap at her, to get mad.  He did this two days in a row, maybe three.  And, at first, I felt this DREAD, this trigger, my dad had always yelled at me too much, he was always angry, I was terrified of him.  A little part of me said, ‘it’s happening again’, it felt like a victim, totally passive, unable to speak up.  Well, by day three, I said to my husband, ‘Listen, the baby is a baby, you cannot and will not get mad at her for being herself.  If you are mean to her or me, I will divorce you.  I grew up with an overly critical, overly mean dad and I will not put up with this one more moment.’  At first he was a bit defensive but as I stood my ground and did not blink, he said he was sorry and that it would never happen again.  And it hasn’t.  My husband is a great guy who would never hit our kid, he’s nice, he’s sweet, he’s employed, I trust him with my life.  The thing is you gotta have standards and the self-esteem and strength to uphold them.    

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    Drop his useless carcass in a pothole that needs patched and pour on the blacktop.  Then he would be doing at least one service for society.

  • Your_Pal_Nancy

    He’ll get a slap on the wrist and she’ll get a visit from DHS to talk to her about proper disipline, then they’ll be back to quietly abusing the children is my guess.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIQEELXU4QWTRJ7O4VTGS4D4XM Carey

       Steven already got a slap on the wrist after he cracked open the skull of another child years ago. He got 10 years but only did 5. He’s still on probation too for it so now he gets the new charges AND the old charges.

      • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

        Holy fuck…..

  • Muggle

    How the hell can anyone call a child any sort of expletive?  Especially a two year old?!  What does a two year old child do to deserve that kind of insult?!

    I hope Bubba makes Mole-land his little bitch in prison.

  • Rachel

    I’m trying to give up swearing…but I guess if I type it and don’t say it, that’s okay, right?  What the FUCK?  Same old story on BB, some woman with no backbone and the inability to keep her legs crossed, letting her snatchwarmer “watch” the babies while she’s at work!!  How are you dating a guy when you have a six month old?!  What kind of guy dates a woman with two little kids and then expects it to be like the Brady Bunch?  WHY?  There are plenty of women out there with no little ones…choose one of them.  And then you expect these babies to act like perfect little angels. 

    Grrrr.  It makes me so mad.  Mothers, I don’t care how fucked up your life has been, if you have two little babies by the time you’re 20, whatever.  TURN IT AROUND.  Dick has caused you nothing but problems so far…why not try a new tack?

    As for this dicktard, tattoo him like Lisbeth Salander did in “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”!  I AM CHILD ABUSING FUCKTARD!

  • http://talkinshitwithshannieandboo.blogspot.com/ BooBooKittyFuck

    It’s shitty when a “mother” chooses her “man” over her children. It’s infuriating. And I think the only reason they ever finally come out to say their “man” was abusing their child after saying there wasn’t any abuse, is because they want to save themselves at that point. They see their “man” is going down for what her did to the child and the “mother” is like, “Well, I don’t want to go to jail. I’ll just throw him under the bus and save myself.” Sure, maybe in some case the “mother” is also being abused and is afraid, but even then I just can’t get over the fact that they chose cock over their kids. I don’t have sympathy for women who cover for their abusive boy toys. They know about the abuse, so they’re a part of the problem and in it with their partner 50/50 and both should be punished. Along with anyone else that knew about the abuse. Bravo to the babysitters that turned this future semen receptacle in and hopefully mom gets the stupid knocked out of her with charges of her own.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIQEELXU4QWTRJ7O4VTGS4D4XM Carey

       The “mother” is just another black statistic. 3 Kids, shitty job, needs welfare. Parasite. Uneducated. She’s a ghetto scrub and shoot be put down like a dog, just like Steven.

      • http://badbreeders.net/ Malevolent April

        I like you, but don’t be racist.  We see some pretty shitty white mothers too.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIQEELXU4QWTRJ7O4VTGS4D4XM Carey

          Sure, but in the end, the statistics add up, and they don’t lie.
          I edited it.

  • http://talkinshitwithshannieandboo.blogspot.com/ shannie

    Wow…2 years old little girls being bitches to mommy’s boyfriend…that reminds me of the child molesting douchefucks who say the 5 year old girl was “coming on” to him , “flirted” and “asked for it”….mother of all shitbag excuses. 

  • MrsKelley

    Oh and I’m sure he’s going to find out what being a little  b…h is all about.

  • MrsKelley

    IMO that guy is not a great caregiver  and the “mother” is not a good mother.  So my suggestion is inflict the same injuries on each of them, sterilize them, and drop them in Death Valley with one canteen of water hopeful that they will just give up the ghost so our society has 2 less bad breeders.  I realize its not likely any court would take me up on my suggestion but one can dream.

    I give huge appreciation and warm awards to the sitters.  If only all child care workers/babysitters would do the right thing.

  • Mihalinka

    It is truly pathetic how many women are unwilling/unable to make their children a higher priority than their “man”.  This guy looks like a total loser; what could he have to offer a woman that is more valuable than her precious children?   There are entirely too many of these stories where the boyfriend “caretaker’ abuses the kids while the mother is at work.  WTH?

    • digchild

      Exactly.I don’t understand this weird phenomenon.

    • The_Shadow_Knows

      I know.  Obviously it would still be wrong to let a handsome, successful, rich man abuse your children.  But at least it would be “understandable” to a ruthless, callous, selfish mind.  But the boyfriends on this site have NOTHING to offer.  They’re pretty much all ugly, sawed-0ff, criminal, unemployed, junkie losers who probably set a new land speed record in the sack with their pathetic excuses for manhood.  These women aren’t choosing between their children and Prince Charming – which would be bad enough – they’re choosing between their children and NOTHING.  And making the wrong choice!

  • Your_Pal_Nancy

    Yikes, this is from my hometown! It’s a hell hole all the way around.

    • http://talkinshitwithshannieandboo.blogspot.com/ shannie

       Are you still there? I will scrape around for the bail money, if you stand outside the jail with a wooden plank ready to swing for the fences…deal?

      • Your_Pal_Nancy

        No, I don’t live there. Nobody could pay me enough to ever go back. I’ll bet anything he’s on meth. Poor kid, and any kid who grows up in that godforsaken town.