No, Screws Aren’t On The Food Pyramid

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Cops-parents charged after son forced to eat screws and do 1000 push-ups   

Mother charged in case of child beaten, forced to eat screws

As an adult, have you ever caught a whiff of some yumminess baking in the oven or simmering on the stove and suddenly found yourself transported back in time to a memory of your mother’s cooking? You know, how the sweet smell of chocolate chips brings back a moment from your childhood when your mom baked you cookies and watching you enjoy them was reward enough? Whatever happened to those moms that made those kinds of memories for their kids? I haven’t got a clue and unfortunately the mother in this case is the kind whose child won’t be remembering her fondly whenever he has a cookie or passes a hardware store.

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society…oops, I mean Bad Breeders…I call this story “If You Wouldn’t Eat It, Why The Fuck Would You Make Your Kid?” In a town I’ve never heard of in Illinois called Belleville, Lashawn Jennings allowed her adoptive 12-year-old son to be forced to eat crumbs and screws off the floor, punishment for the heinous act of eating cookies and not noticing some of the above mentioned crumbs had missed his mouth. The 12-year-old was also beaten with a wooden paddle and forced to do somewhere between 700 and 1000 push-ups by his stepfather, James Jennings.

Police began investigating after the boy reported the abuse and impossible-to-digest snack to a nurse at an elementary school on Scott Air Force Base, where Lashawn is stationed. It’s being reported that when the boy was checked out by medical staff, X-rays showed the screws inside his stomach. I vaguely remember eating pennies and dimes as a child and that they passed pretty easily, but coins are not the same as screws. Screws twist and turn and poke and destroy your drywall, so I hate to think what they’re doing to this child’s insides. I imagine the kid is going to be alright, but the fact that his “caretakers” made him eat screws and inflicted this abuse on him simply because they could, has probably done more damage to this child’s self-worth than that hardware is doing to his tummy.

Lashawn is being held on a $20,000 bond charged with misdemeanor child endangerment, while her husband has been charged with aggravated battery, domestic battery and child endangerment. He’s sitting in jail and making a fashion statement in some scrubs on a $400,000 bond. As usual, I’m wishing the best for the child and hoping the worst for another set of shitbag parents that will never live up to the title of Mom or Dad.

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**Special thanks to BooBoo Kitty for the write-up.**


  • kal98

    off with their heads, notice the pattern here these monsters will not ever be normal ok they not human they monsters so we should terminated them, we do thousands of innocent animals a day for food, and at shelters cause no one wants them, well I do not think people like this are equal to me and demand they be euthanized as well, if it is good enough for poor dogs and cats then it is good enough for these human monsters!

  • Ashnallen4eva

    What is with this ever growing trend that you adobt to abuse and that it’s fine UNTILL someone gets killed,maimed, seriously hurt ect.. I just don’t for the fucking life of me get it. I’ve started attending chruch for mine and my daughters sake, and In order for her to be even allowed to ATTEND SUNDAY CLASSES I had to fill out a form that was 5 pages long with everything about her, doctors, dentist, grandparents, phone numbers and cells and work number of all the above, photo id’s of all the above, and this all goes into the computer with her photo, then when she is signed in I have to have the sticker with her parent id number for that day and if I lose it I HAVE TO HAVE proof that she IS my child, and to go along with all that the care takers all have been BACKGROUND CHECKED. My point? If I chruch who has no where nears the means or the funds as the goverment(foster parents) or adoption agency have why are so many children being tortured right under their noses, and all anyone can do is point fingers and say not my fault?? It just blows my fucking mind to pieces. Where there is a will there is a way. IF THESE AGENCY WOULD STEP IT UP AND ACTUALLY CHECK IN ON SOME OF THESE PPL THEY DEEM FIT, I THINK THE WORLD WOULD EXSPLODE!

  • Anne

    Deena’s lead-in reminds me of the time my sister, who is a professional baker, made for her eldest son’s birthday party an elaborate ice cream sheet cake  with a handcrafted dinosaur-filled landscape complete with palm trees (pretzel rods with green icing fronds) and an erupting volcano. She was really rushed and I asked her if she couldn’t just pick up a Fudgy the Whale cake from Carvel. “NO,” she told me. “I CAN’T. He would remember all his life that his mother the baker bought him a Carvel cake.” It was always a sore spot for her that our mother never gave her a birthday party and I think she’s typical of her generation of moms who perhaps go a little too far the other way to make up for the hurts and deprivations of own childhoods. You do see a lot of spoiled kids these days, but you also see parents enjoying the company of their children in a way you very seldom did when I was a kid.

    They could easily have killed this child this way. They’re getting off easy in my opinion.

  • digchild

    These two give adoption a bad reputation.Adoption is intended for people who love kids and want to raise them,but may have difficulty conceiving or for those who want to add to their families without having to go through more pregnancies.Seriously,this story seems to give me the impression that the adoption agencies need to do more stringent background checks on prospective parents,so that the adopted kids are loved and cared for in the best way possible.

  • Clevo

    Well it’s obvious these two were eating their share of cookies. I’m thinking the majority of those crumbs came from them. PERHAPS SOMEONE SHOULD FORCE FEED THEM SHARP METAL OBJECT…i’M HOPING STEAK KNIVES.

  • Risskia

    I think screws would make an EXCELLENT snack for these two.  I think 2 screws with meals daily and as many “screws” as the general pop inmates want to give them in prison.

  • Artistjams

    Excellent write-up, Deena!

    • shannie

       LOL….Deena, BooBooKitty…same smartass different day? Whatever it takes!

    • Deena

      I’d love to take the credit for it but, BooBoo Kitty wrote it I just posted it for her. Thank you though!

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    I’m going to have to recommend a knuckle sandwich with a side order of teeth for each of them.  Then see how many pushups their fat asses can do (use of whip or cat o’ nine tails strongly suggested) before their rotten hearts explode.

    • Steve Weiss

      I’m sure by know everyone has seen Starship Troopers. Remember how they “kept pace” with the hasp? Alternately chain them in the forward leaning rest and put a collection of stunguns in key location for when they collapse.

      edited: Anyone know the minimum range on one of the shock collars used to keep dogs in the yard? Forward leaning rest, and if the collapse they are out of range of the transmitter and remain so until they get back into the forward rest.

      • BooBooKittyFuck

         All I remember is the vagina alien…