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Man  charged with throwing 3-month-old from porch

People do crazy and stupid things when they are upset. That’s a given. Raised voices, harsh words, a little door slamming, that’s a pretty standard reaction to being seriously pissed off. Even tossing an inanimate object, like maybe a shoe or a cell phone, at the person ticking you off is understandable when you’re throwing a conniption fit. And if you really care and have your anger semi-restrained, you’ll purposely aim for a spot next to their head, instead of directly at their head. Now, have you ever gotten so blind-with-rage furious at someone that you chucked your child on the ground to emphasize just how mad you were at them? Probably not, but I know at least one dude that has.

Carl C. Honorable, whose last name isn’t exactly fitting for a man child who hurled their kid, has been arrested on quite a few charges, including felonious assault and felony child endangering. Back on the 24th of March, Daddy Dearest here got into a heated exchange with the mother of his 3-month-old daughter. While arguing, Honorable went inside and put his baby girl into her car seat, but didn’t strap her in. He then took his daughter out onto the front porch with him and told the baby’s mother that he was leaving and taking his daughter with him.

The argument continued to escalate and apparently Honorable went Planet of the Apeshit mad and tossed his baby like fecal matter. In layman’s terms, in case you don’t get monkey poop references, he threw his daughter off the top step onto the ground, car seat and all. His daughter ended up tumbling out of her seat and onto the ground and the authorities were called shortly thereafter. The baby girl cursed with an irrational moron for a father was taken to the hospital for treatment where she was treated for her injuries and it was discovered that she also had a broken leg that had occurred prior to being tossed off the porch.

Police say Honorable is expected to face additional charges for the less than honorable treatment of his daughter. I certainly hope so. I’m all for letting your anger out and not bottling shit up, but harming your child in the process is totally uncalled for. Child chucking is not okay. Whatever happened to counting to ten and punching your pillow pet?

*** Special Thanks to Boo Boo Kitty for the write-up.***


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  1. what an asswipe.That poor little baby.If the mother was smart, and i doubt it, she will never let him see the child again.

    1.  Yep, total asswipe….You would think that any mother would do that, Lena60.  I have a feeling if the girl had a broken leg before being used like a human hammer by a Dad who just couldn’t say “serenity now”,  that the mom has shit for brains and knew this fuck was a dangerous abuser. 

  2. Great write-up boo boo kitty.

  3. God, I can’t stand the ones that say something about a child living with a “prior injury”, like this one’s broken leg.  I’ve had a broken arm and it hurt like hell…I was on some serious painkillers.  It just kills me to know that this poor little girl was already living in some hellish pain when her dear old dad decided to use her like a javelin…

  4. I just do not understand things like this.  Prior injury – untreated.  Didn’t Mom know her child had a broken leg?  How can you NOT know?  And what is the deal with flinging the baby on the ground?  WHY??  What did big, bald and ugly hope to prove?  The proper way to pitch a temper tantrum is to throw yourself to the ground, not your baby, but I guess he’s too dumb to know that.  I hope Mom takes the baby to a safe place and I hope Dis-Honrable gets his ass kicked by someone much larger than he is.  Oh, and I hope he gets it kicked while suffering from a previous injury like maybe a broken leg.

  5. Great write-up, BooBoo. 

    The guy has a sort of smug look on his face in his pic.  I hope that changes when he gets his new accommodations at the Gray Bar Motel, and is bunked down with some big guy who really loves his own kids and is pissed about not getting to see them.  Maybe Honorable will get duct-taped to a cafeteria chair and used as a free-weight in a moron-chucking contest.

  6. they should toss him from a plane with no parachute  off with his head! he needs to be retired permanently!

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