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Newborn Babies Aren’t Meant To Be Shaken or Stirred

Florida dad shakes baby to death

Father accused of shaking, killing infant

Jacob David Hartley killed 3-week-old son, Colton because CRIED interrupting  Xbox marathon

Jacob David Hartley, a double-chinned mouth breather fromLakeland,Florida, apparently loves his game time and is head over heels for his Xbox. In fact, he loves playing games so much he will kill anyone that gets between him and his console, even a 3-week-old baby. That’s right; Hartley is so crazy in love with gaming, that he shook his newborn son to death for daring to be helpless and crying in the middle of his game time. I love gaming as much as the next girl, particularly shooting up some Badass Bruisers or making pimp ass enchanted Daedric armor, but I think I prefer listening to a newborn bawl over making scrambled eggs out of baby brains and ending up behind bars, where there are no Xbox’s. Hartley obviously was not thinking ahead and his selfish gaming addiction robbed little Colton Hartley of his life.

The unfortunate chick that not only let Hartley ball her, but actually bore his child, Amber Newton, told Polk County Sheriff’s deputies that Hartley had been playing game from 10 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon and threw a mini shit fit when his crying son interrupted “Daddy’s” playtime for 30 minutes to be held. And impatient bastard, Hartley “allegedly” shook him and yelled, “Damn you Colton, please go to fucking sleep.”Newtonthen took their child away from him and Game Addict Hartley went back to his beloved game play until he left for work at Sam’s Club.

Hartley came home from work later that night, and not one to be parted long from his SexBox, he was back in front of the TV, turning on the love of his pathetic life and ready to finger hump the buttons of his controller all night long. And he would have too, if it weren’t for those meddling newborns and all their neediness. At around 4 AM, Baby Colton woke up, again interrupting Slack-Jawed Pa’s gaming time. According to what’s been reported, Hartley held the baby for a bit whileColton’s mother went to make up a bottle. Hartley said he fell asleep and woke up toNewtonholding his unresponsive son, whoNewtonsays she found bleeding from the mouth and nose. Baby Coltonwas taken to the hospital where he died at around 7 AM from head injuries that doctor’s say were consistent with having been shaken.

This baby shaken incident wasn’t the first for Hartley. He confessed to also shaking Baby Colton the week before, but who knows how many other times Hartley had taken his frustrations out on his child, using him like a Shake Weight to vent his anger. I would love to see Hartley used in worse ways, maybe as a One Way Street for dick, in prison, for starters. Hopefully, Hartley’s charges of aggravated manslaughter of a child and aggravated child abuse will make that twisted fantasy come true. I’m hoping whoever gets a crack at Hartley’s crack first doesn’t have the spit to lube up and keeping my fingers crossed.

***Special Thanks to Boo Boo Kitty for the write-up.***


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  1. That guy’s definitely no James Bond… I hope he gets to play the girl parts in the jailhouse renditions of the Bond movies, though.  They always get laid – repeatedly. 

    The baby was probably only crying because he caught a glimpse of gameboy up there, and it scared him.  I’d cry too.  RIP, Baby Colton.

    1. keep coltens name out of ur mounth nd learn how to spell bitch nd its all lies

      1. I’m sure Angel can defend herself but I’m here so Crystal, let me speak to you in your own language .. u dn kno wat ur talkin bout to. ur asshole frnd ‘confessed’. i no, its a bg wrd, it meens he sed he did it, okayyy?

        Damn, my keyboard hurts.

        1.  Thanks for having my back…but I think I’m gonna respond to dipwad myself too.  Her comment just BEGS to be responded to….

      2.  Wow! If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black! Me?! Learn to spell?! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Did you bother to proofread your own comment before posting? Because you misspelled almost 25% of the words in your post, you idiot. 

        It’s ‘and’, not ‘nd’;  ‘your’, not ‘ur’;  and ‘mouth’, not ‘mounth’.  Oh, and capitalize the first word in a sentence, and use proper punctuation at the end.  And you are also supposed to capitalize names. Like Colton.  BTW, I got the spelling of his name from the news articles, so I’m pretty sure I’m right about that one too.  Keep his name out of my mouth? I didn’t speak it, I typed it, you idiot. No lips or vocal cords involved.  Are you really as stupid as you are making yourself look on this site? You must be some sort of plant life.  Have you completed third grade yet?

        So which word were you thinking was misspelled in my post? Right. None of them. You’re a moron.

        Oh, and what’s all lies? The dead baby? The buttmunch who killed him? Or do you have your own little fantasy version of things that places the blame for Colton’s death on someone else? You’re pathetic….

        1. Well, Angel, I believe we’ve maybe solved the mystery of who would actually breed with this loser?  I’d say it’s probably Crystalnewton88, since the article calls the babymama by the name of Newton.  Apparently another sperm receptacle who wuvs sperm donor more than her own baby and will defend the baby killer to the end. barf.

          1.  Another brilliant deduction, Sherlock…..can I be Watson?

          2. I’m just floored that ole Crystal Newton would let this worthless piece of shit kill their baby and then come on here and try to say it didn’t happen that way.  What, the boogy man came and killed Colton, and Hartley had nothing to do with it? Please…sounds like both of them need to be up on charges to me. Crystal needs to be charged with criminal stupidity if nothing else. “nd its all lies” bullshit.

  2. Loser pig. 

  3. Stupid bastard had better be in prison so long that he won’t be able to reproduce anymore. I will gladly send some money to a guard or two to keep his death hush hush.

    1. he would killl foor his bbayy boy he would never hurt him k so dont talk in less u kno the thurt okay fucking dicks bitchs whores nd everything eles now shut ur fucking pieholes

      1. Yes we know he would kill for his baby………..after all he did. But I believe he killed for his lil x-box and did not want to miss any play time with it and little Colton was interfering with just that.

      2. Wow, you should take a deep breath and proofread before clicking “post”. It is impossible to understand your babble. For example “dont talk in less u know the thurt ok fucking dicks”…WHAT does that mean?! You make me sad for humanity, please don’t breed.

        1.  Have I told you lately that I love you??? I really DO!!!! Your comment made me smile….

          1. Thank you, my dear, I love you too! This has been a busy week for asstard defenders it seems!

      3. So if he didn’t kill then that must mean you did, is this a confession.

  4. But…  why?  I’ve been reading bb for about 2 years now, and I’ll never stop wondering that.  If I’m a douchebag who only wants to party/play games and I’m sick of a baby interrupting me, I leave my gf and never come back.  Freedom.  Now, he’ll never play video games, again.  I know ppl like to call guys like this ‘selfish’ but it’s just self-destructive!  Even if you don’t care about a baby’s life: don’t you care about your OWN life?  I should literally go interview these fools in jail and ask them.  I think, unfortunately, I’d just find they’re just fucking dumb.  Just dumb as paint.  :/

  5. What a selfish piece of crap!.dad needs to be shaken hard till his two brain cells fall out his nostrils.

    1.  You think he HAS two?? Really? I would have thought only half of one – maybe less…

  6. It’s called a fucking PAUSE BUTTON GOD DAMNIT.

    Look, I’m a gamer, my husband is a gamer.  We are also parents.  Know what, we play MMO’s.  Yeah those games without a pause function.  We have let our bunch of pixels eat dirt numerous times to tend to our children.  We don’t care, it’s just a game.  When we’re playing with people (We make damn sure we’re in guilds/SG’s with fellow parents or at least semi-mature people) we say BRB Kid stuff, and that’s the end of it.  

    This asshole deserves to be shot.  He gives gamers everywhere a bad name.  

    I’m gonna start up a facebook group or something “Gamer parents against irresponsible fucktards who make us look bad”  or something like that.

  7. I’m hoping whoever gets first crack at him has really powerful thumbs and forearms from making love to their SexBox!

    It is absolutely pathetic beyond reason how many children’s deaths are attributable to rage or neglect due to parents who cannot put down the remote and can’t separate real life from World of Warcraft.

    1. Truth.  If your raiding guild can’t understand that you have a family and other such obligations you need to find a new raiding guild.

      My guild is run by..a single mom.  Her two older kids are part of our guild too.  Her oldest son helps her pay the bills.  Pretty much all of our core raiding group are either parents, or have a brain and realize life happens.  I love my guild. LOVE THEM.  Dragons of Azeroth, Wyrmrest Accord.  <3

  8. I just noticed, I didn’t want to look at his face too long, but he has one epic neckbeard growing.

    1. Eeeuww!  Somebody had sex with THAT!  With a neckbeard like that you know his back must be a pelt!  I wonder how much xbox time the sorry douche will get in prison?

  9. Who would have a child with this fat, ugly, worthless waste of flesh? And who would live and breed with a fat, ugly worthless fuckwit who is addicted to gaming? ADDICTED! Not a gamer…addicted to gaming. It’s like any other addiction. That he couldn’t even love and care for his son says volumes about his lack of character, control, compassion and humanity. He should be emasculated with a rusty fork and then bound and dragged through the streets naked by a big guy on a Harley.

  10. One word: vasectomy.

    1.  Make that three words – add ‘frontal lobotomy’.

      1. agreed with the lobotomy.  Vasectomy requires some brain function to actually get over the fact of “Knife Near Balls”  My husband got a vasectomy after our son was born (2 kids was enough for us!) IMO, it takes a pretty intelligent and fore-thinking man to consider getting a vasectomy.  (oh and not selfish) That guy up there, has NONE of those qualities.  So Frontal lobotomy would work.  With a bullet…or two. bullet in each hemisphere of the brain starting with the frontal lobes.

      2. Angel, he probably doesn’t have enough brains to allow a frontal lobotomy.  He looks like that procedure would be redundant.

        1.  LMAO!!!!  You do have a point….

    2. Castration maybe?

  11. I do not agree with housing these people, they should simply be given the death penalty and retired permanently we kill millions of animals that are innocent for food, or becasue no one wants them, so why should these typed of people be given any status they are inferior life forms and personally I do not want my taxes to help them in any way, they have been given the gift of life and killed it so a life for a life when it comes to children the innocent, this is not accidental nor war! off with his head!

  12. It’s Obvious that Ms Newton banged that piece of work up there.  Going by her illiterate posts, I’m thinking she’s stupid enough, desperate enough, and probably fat and ugly enough to go for such a loser like him.  She’s so desperate for male attention, ANY male attention, that she would sacrifice her own flesh and blood, for just a little more penis.

    Was he really THAT good in bed? Or do you have daddy issues CrystalNewton?  You must have daddy issues.  Did he not give you enough love and attention when you were a kid?  Is that why you latch on to anything with a dick for validation?

    Oh sorry  these might be too big for you to read…

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