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Mother tells daughter to lie for molester

Another day, another story of a worthless tw*t who likes her tube steak more than she likes her offspring. This sorry excuse for a mother allowed an even sorrier excuse for tw*t-rocket to molest her kid…and then took the molester along with her own child to visit the home of another friend (who had a daughter of her own), so he could share the love with others. I’m willing to bet she didn’t have the approval of the other girl’s mother, though. I also wonder why she felt she had to expose others to his sick tendencies – was he getting bore with just one girl to abuse, and she felt that providing him with more variety would make him stay with her a while longer? And it’s not like she didn’t know what was going on, either….she told her daughter to LIE for the bastard when the friend’s daughter reported him. Oh, and did I mention he was already a convicted child molester? No? Yes…he was. More on that piss-poor sentencing decision later – I’ll move back to the focus of this incident for now.

The nasty-looking pirate wanna-be up there is Jackie Wayne Robson, 48, of Porter, Indiana. He was apparently ‘dating’ a woman who has a child under 14, and molested the daughter. Fast forward a couple weeks. Girlfriend takes him to the home of a friend where he goes into the bedroom of the friend’s daughter, exposes himself, and propositions both little girls. He told them he would do something that would “feel good”, and that he would not tell their mothers. Because we all know that preteen girls only refrain from sex with old, ugly men because they are afraid of getting in trouble with mom. *gag, retch* Where did Popeye get that line from anyway? Is there some sort of handbook from which child molesters can obtain lame come-ons that are supposed to make children and young teens swoon at their feet? I think I need to puke…

As bad as the one-eyed wonder up there is looking to me, the mother sickens me even more. She knew the bastard had touched her daughter, and when her friend’s daughter ratted on him, she threatened her own daughter and made her lie for him. What a sorry, nasty whore. I’m not sure which one of these idiots I want to see punished worse, the pervert or his pimpette. They both need to be thrown naked into a pen of raging bucks (deer, not human), covered in doe-scent, and left for a couple of days…or until there is not enough left of them to identify, whichever comes first.

Luckily, the friend thought protecting her own daughter was more important than keeping skankbaby for a friend, and had BubbaOne-eye arrested. At least there was one sane parent available. Good job, mom.

Now, back to the criminal past of Robson. He has a prior conviction for molesting an 8-year old girl in 2008. For that little infraction, he received three years…but the judge, in his infinite wisdom, thought that suspending all but 90 days of that sentence would be a grand idea. Well, at least it worked out well for the pedophile – he got the opportunity to molest more unsuspecting children. Good job, judge. And if even one person comes here to tell me that this mother did not know he was a child molester, I may start swearing again. There are several reasons that this little bit of information would piss me off, and I’ll happily list them for you now.
1. It’s BS. She freakin’ knew.
2. If I’m wrong about the first reason, then she’s just a plain moron. Google, anyone? It’s free, and you can find out crap like that before you let some sick kiddie diddler near your kids.
3. Even after she knew, she freakin’ told her daughter to lie for him.
4. Any man who goes into a bedroom with two young girls at the home of a friend – there’s something wrong with that.

This case is just one more example of why I think child molesters should all receive the death penalty. They cannot be cured, and they WILL re-offend, if given the chance. One dollar, one bullet, no more children abused. Simple.

At least the judge in this case (so far) is demonstrating better sense than the last one. Robson is currently sitting in jail, charged with two felonies, with a $50,000.00 bond. Now, if we could get him to add a couple or three more zeroes to that, I’d be just tickled pink. And I hope the mother gets arrested herself for obstruction, pimping, lying to the cops, and child abuse – just for starters. Then we can work our way up to something that will really get her some time.

My heart goes out to the girls who were assaulted, especially the one who now has to live with the knowledge that her mother is a selfish beast too.

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  1. He needs to lose the other eye, then one nut, then his other nut, then his dick, and hands and well each bit by bit..while he’s awake n stuff..

    1. i say nail gun. starting at the feet.

  2. I am terrified of my baby girl even growing up to have consential sex when she’s like 30!!! With a decent, handsome(in her eyes) respectful human being…so it’s blowing my mind that a “mother” let one eyed pete up there touch her child without providing him the opportunity to get the matching set of eye patches! He would definitely be missing both of his other “eyes” if it was my daughter…stupid, nasty, c***!!!

  3. This is messed up on so many levels. Mum should go down with winky. How could she do that? Why? Why was he left to wander around the second little girls house? What is wrong with people? Arghhhhhhhhhhh I want them all to walk the plank.

  4. I get the feeling that she’s one of those women that think they aren’t worth anything unless they have a man in their bed.  In this case, it backfires – he’s ugly and he molests little girls.  How desparate do you have to be to take up with Captain Butt Ugly.  I know she won’t believe it but being alone isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you.  By the way, “tw*t-rocket” is my new favorite description.

  5. Not all “sex offenders” will offend again.  The reason for this is because all states are not created equal on what they call a “sex offense.”    We need a uniform system from state to state.  That original crime in my State would have put the man in Prison for 5 years or more.   IMO Any mother who would protect a man when she knows he has molested her child should spend life in Prison with him. 

    1.  DeDe, I hate to nitpick, but I did not say all ‘sex offenders’. I said all ‘child molesters’  (re: pedophiles)… and yes, if a person is sick enough to molest a child, he or she CANNOT be cured – by anything short of a bullet. All child molesters are sick, twisted bastards, and absolutely WILL reoffend again if ever given the chance. It’s not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ and whether they will be caught again.  Many of them are not reapprehended, not because they don’t commit the crime, but because they don’t get caught.  Let me take this opportunity to clarify my position, and state that I do not think a high-school senior with a high-school junior is a sex offender. That stupid law has done more to screw up the lives of normal teenage girls and boys than any other piece of legislation in the past 20 years. IMHO. But an 18 year old with a fourteen year old is unacceptable, just as a 30 year old with a 16 or 17 year old is.  A two year age difference (if both are over 14) is not quite the same as an adult with a child, now is it?

      All pedophiles will re-offend if they are set free. They simply can’t stay away from that ‘young thang’.

  6. A good vibrator would have prevented all of this. Since obviously “mom” only cares about getting fucked even if that means sharing her “man” with her eight year old! They make me furious!

  7. So let me get this straight: Barnacle Bill up here just happens to be in possession of Typhoid Mary’s pet trouser snake, who she not only allowed him to introduce said snake to her daughter, but tried to get her daughter to lie about it when he was reported for trying to get yet another girl to pet it?This is excusable how?…..Fuck it gladius to the base of the neck for both of them, after they have been given the Amanda Kruger treatment. For those of you who do not know wht the fuck I am talking about  Amanda Krueger was a nun
    (Sister Mary Helena) and was working at Our Lady Of Sorrows, an asylum
    ran by the church. She was locked in the hospital after hours by mistake
    by one of the guards when she went to give food to the worst inmates in
    the asylum. She was then systematically raped by all the male inmates.

    1. lol Steve, you tell that story like it’s true! You trickster 😉

    2. That is not true it was in freddy kruger movie lol goofball

      1.  Yeah but telling that way gets the point across much better.

        1. Lol

  8. He’s probably all “I can’t go to prison! Do you KNOW what they’ll do to my eyesocket in there?”

  9. Evolution already has all that covered. People who have sex with kids won’t pro-create, (& if they do have kids then that’s probably the age the law should be because i trust god’s science way more than political law), people who have sex with animals won’t procreate, people who have sex with their same sex won’t procreate, so give it time and these issues won’t be around. The death penalty for ANYONE is a joke… Life in prison with no parole is far worse punishment anyway, and costs less because the death penalty costs a fortune

    1. And when I say “won’t procreate” I mean over time. Everyone just wants an immediate solution to everything RIGHT NOW! Yes, child molesters have had kids, beasties have had kids, gays have had kids… But human beings have only been around for a teeny bit in the whole scope of things. And it wasn’t til about 75-100 years ago where our country decided that breeding with a 13-16 year old was horrible. It used to be u picked a young one and had kids til she couldn’t have anymore because many would die, and u needed as much labor help as possible. I’m not begrudging the change, cuz times change, but people need to “get a grip ” before they start talking about poking eyes out and stuff. That’s just reactionary hogwash

      1.  We aren’t actually concerned, right now, about children 30 generations into the future.   If I cut the danglies off a pedophile, i’m not trying to remove him from the gene pool.  I’m trying to stop the bastard from offending again.  If I kill him, it’s not a “punishment.”   Again, I’m preventing him from re-offending.  

        But, as to your “procreation” argument, there is one essential flaw:  you are assuming genetics has ANYthing to do with these behaviors.  I submit that it  is not genetics, but culture and society that produces most of these monsters.

        Are we reactionary abotu people hurting kids?  Yeah, but only because there are laws against our being pro-active…

      2. I second everything Rissa says and would like to add that it’s utter bullshit to group homosexuals in with child molestors and animal diddlers.

      3. Oh Puh-leeze.  You go on and on with your specious arguments, until I want to just barf.  Sounds like you may be a card carrying member of Pedophiles on Parade.  Actually, now I want to poke out YOUR eyes.  Nasty thing.

      4. Hey moron:  16 Year old is a totally different kettle of fish than an 8 year old.  Physically, emotionally and mentally.

        For starters,  an adult male penis cannot fit inside an 8 year old vagina without causing significant pain and physical (not to mention emotional) trauma to the girl.   

        Secondly:  a 16 year old is physically mature to have children with little to no risk to herself.  an 8 year old hasn’t even started mensturating yet! *usually*     Ephebohilia is what you’re talking about.  That is a serious shade of grey with me (I personally think that as long as the teen knows the risks, how to prevent them, and the whole 9 yards, and is NOT coerced via power play…it’s their choice to have sex) .  PEDOPHILIA, what that sick fuck is,  is the attraction to pre-pubescent (IE UNABLE TO REPRODUCE) children.

        So, if you want to go into YOUR (fucked) logic,  pedophiles do NOT want to reproduce, because they want to go for mates that are incapable of reproduction at that point in time.  So, how about we relieve them of the burden of these urges to reproduce without reproduction, and take their gonads, and amputate their genitalia.  

    2.  What misinformed individual did you get that erroneous information from? “People who have sex with kids won’t procreate”? Are you serious?!? In case you were in doubt, he was also sexing up the child’s mother, who, BTW, is perfectly capable of having kids (as evidenced by the one she already has…) They sure as hell WILL procreate! And they do – with frightening regularity.  The man who raped me as a child had four children of his own.  He raped his own daughters. You are a freakin’ idiot.

    3. You have some cognitive deficits or are you just some offshoot fundamentalist child bride raping moron? If the death penalty was actually carried out like it should be it wouldn’t be so expensive. Not that I am against life in prison but I would like to see the perverts publically whipped first. Some girls begin their menses at age 10 or 11. They are not then of an age that they should be bearing children. I’ve seen an 11 year old give birth & never want to see it again. They haven’t even reached the end of their growth cycle but if a girl hasn’t finished growing when she becomes pregnant then her growth plates will have closed by the term of the pregnancy. Not something most people would consider attractive or reasonable. So much for God’s plan. But then God’s plan wasn’t for grown men to stick their dicks in a child either I’m pretty certain. Get a clue dumbass!

    4.  I say bring back the way they executed people back in the day:

      Rope to make noose $10.00 (reusable)

      Burlap Sack to cover head: $2.00 (also reusable)

      Justice for the victim: Priceless

  10.  I don’t know. I’ve been covering crime long enough to know that child molesters have no age of attraction and people who exploit teens for sex are just as likely  to rape an 8-year-old just as they’re just as likely to have sex with adults. The FBI studies conclude that most “pedophiles” are morally or sexually indiscriminate – in other words just perverts. Also teen mortality rates due to pregnancy are much higher than adults.

    Sexual exploitation of teens is driven by the same criminal desires as molesting any other child.

    That being said evolutionist arguments about criminal deviance are asinine. People commit crimes because they are bad people, they are evil, selfish and self-entitled. With sex crimes the common factor from in my humble opinion is an inflated sense of entitlement and desire to “transgress” boundaries. This nonsense certain cretin like to spread about things fixing themselves over time is more hug-a-thug nonsense designed to abdicate society’s responsibility to enforce moral boundaries through culture. That’s what BB helps do.

    So I’d like to see more painful punishment talk please.

  11. OH FUCK NO Cap’n Crunch. Get your ass to my house and try to go into one of the kids’ rooms. You’ll wish whatever claimed your right eye would come back for the next one.

    I’m thinking drawing and quartering, but with a twist – one rope around the neck and one around the dick – see which comes off first.

  12. Furthermore, who in the sweet merciful fuck gets this dickwhipped by a guy with an eyepatch??

    “Oh I just can’t imagine my life before my one-eyed Romeo came and swept me off my feet. I’ll just die if I can’t come home to his (insert desirable quality here) tonight.”

    Puke. Same punishment for the mother, but replace dick with beef curtains.

  13. both of them off with their heads we need to send a message to these two legged monsters and death of their own precious lives is all they care about, they need permanent  retirement! they all seem to be collecting some form of welfare as well they had children for two reasons sick and money

  14. Regardless Campbell

    I understand that the mother wanted to have a relationship but still like all of y’all said in your own ways? your child comes first and apparently this woman didn’t think about nobody but herself and put herself and that sicko before the child which is sad, I hope they proscute her ass as well and I hope they keep that girl AWAY from her forever, I know that’s her mother but because she was selfish? she put the child in harm’s way!

  15. There are too many women like this “mother.” I remember my own mother letting my step bastard choke me. When I woke up after passing out she looked down as I struggled to get up off the floor.

    “You’re not an abused child. Abused children don’t ask for it, like you.”

    I am willing to bet my house that this poor girl’s mother said something along those lines. She probably thinks her kid seduced her poor victim of a man. Ugh. This makes me so angry.

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