Toby (Mo)Lester – Likes ‘em young

Police:Louisvilleman admits to raping 6-year-old girl

POLICE: Louisville man raped, sodomized and abused 6-year-old

Sorry to be so blunt, but 35-year-old Toby Lester is a sick fuck.  I’ll skip calling him a pervert, child molester, sex offender, misunderstood, or what the fuck ever other politically correct bullshit the author of what the fucker ever hate email or comment we get will be.  Anyone who ADMITS to raping a 6-year-old is a sick fuck.  Plain and simple.

Lester admitted to having “sexual contact” with his girlfriend’s 6-year-old daughter last month.  Sexual contact?  Psht…. He fucking raped her.  Contact of sexual nature with a child is rape.

Lester is being charged with rape, sodomy and sex abuse.  His bond is set at $250,000.  Sadly, he’s still wasting oxygen.

Thanks go to my darling, Deena, for this tip.

  • kal98

    off with his head both literally and physically he should be executed  we should not tolerate such two legged monsters and most can neve be reformed thay admit it so they should be put down we kill thousands of innocent animals a day for food, because no one wants them, and they are innocent why any problem putting down these types how many go on to rape and kill again and again and again most!

  • Angel

    Sorry I’ve been away so long. I read this the day April posted it, and had to take a break.  Stories like this always get to me, but for some reason, this was the final straw for the month.  I hope this guy gets all that he deserves – gang rape, castration, and death.  In that order.  Hell, if we still lived back in ancient Greece or Rome, we could all go and watch the festivities at the Coliseum. 

    I try not to hate. I really do. But people like this….I just can’t help myself.  April, you called it like it really is – thanks for that.

    • Malevolent April

      Hi Angel, baby. Missed you.

      • Angel

         Missed you too.

        • Malevolent April

          Are you back? Or just teasing us?

          • Angel

             Back. Mostly. Still have a lot going on around here. I check in more days than not…

          • Malevolent April

            I’ve been wonder how you are. Not sure when a good time to call is. Email me. Let me know.

          • Angel

             Things are going pretty well. I’m usually available anytime before 3:00 PM (noon your time), or you could call tonight.  What time are you off work? I should be up till ten or eleven (seven or eight your time).

          • Malevolent April

            I have a date tonight. Tomorrow is collge info night. Friday?

  • Pissed off Canadian

    There are no words to express my disgust at this “thing” I hope you have a slow and miserable death not even the worms and bugs will enjoy eating your left overs!!!! i hope someone makes you scream until you can’t utter a single syllable!!! Twisted Fucktard!!! 

  • princessgrandma

    “Sick fuck” almost seems inadequate when talking about monsters like this.  I think there should automatically be a no bond issued on child molesters.  If anyone poses a danger to the public (especially kids), it’s these creep-asses.

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    The only color I see when I read these stories is blood red…

  • understandingoverignorance

    Stories like this is why I hate when some black people try to paint this picture that only white men do shit like this….All these fuckers need to be put to death plain and simple.  

    • Malevolent April

      Nope. All colors do this shit. The proof is all over this fucking site.

  • Dee

    He looks like an ape from the side view but an ape wouldn’t do what he did.
    Poor girl!

  • Anne

    Scary. Imagine having THAT coming at you. Poor little girl.

  • Jalejarman

    Disgusting slimeball, I hope he gets raped and sodomized so bad that he bleeds out.  Nasty ugly perverted piece of shit.

  • Rochell Arnold

    What a piece of shit. What I would give to beat the crap out of him and tie those dreads to the bumper of a car and roll out doing 80 miles per hour on a dirt road.

    • Steve Weiss

       Rochell, no, no! That would kill him far too quickly. I say we introduce him to fire ants……after we restrain him and drop a concussion grenade by the nest of course.


    just give me 2 minutes alone with this piece of shit, and one of my swords in hand, and i can guarantee two things; first he will not be capable of sticking his depravity in anyone else ever again and second; he will be alive to become bubba’s favorite little sex toy and unable to defend himself from bubba as he will no longer have working hands either!!!!

  • Eccentric_Lady

    Jeez, April, so short and sweet like a stiletto!

    The PC crowd need to grow a pair – protecting his worthless ass and candy coating the hell he put his victim through needs to stop. Really.

    If they really want to whine and enable assholes like that, they can fuck themselves with the one they’re ‘protecting’.